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How to Outsource Link Building Process

Search engine optimization of commercial websites is a prerequisite for successful business development and obtaining new clients. Competition in all business areas is increasing, so entrepreneurs are looking for new ways to promote their company on the Internet. Many methods of website promotion have ceased to work. Relevant backlinks on reputable websites are still effective. This will increase the credibility of your website and improve the search results. But how to build your backlinks correctly?

Experienced SEO-specialists assure that it is rational to outsource this task. Otherwise, companies have to hire in-house marketers, copywriters, several SEO-specialists. It is much more expensive than to use the services of a trustworthy backlinks agency and transfer link building for outsourcing.

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Now, when you have decided to use the outsourcing services, it is worth determining the key conditions.

How to Understand That Link Building Process Needs to be Outsourced

There are many reasons why the link building process needs to be outsourced. Let’s have a closer look at each of them.

Lack of resources to build links on your own

A few years ago, one SEO-specialist was able to create links for a website. This was possible due to the presence of directories and aggressive methods of adding links to different sites. After a while, search engines have changed the searching logic, and now backlinks should be relevant to the site’s subject, and the content should be unique and engaging. Free directories no longer work but only exacerbate the situation. How, in this case, to manually place dozens and hundreds of links on prestigious and thematic sites? This will require a whole team of SEO-specialists, who will, among other things, personally agree to place with moderators. How long will it take? A lot of time.

If you do not have the opportunity to pay for the services of a staff team of SEO-specialists, you will have to pass the link building process to outsourcing. This will free up SEO time and allow them to take care of other essential tasks. For example, compiling a semantic core, creating tasks for unique content, prescribing tags, and much more.

Lack of experience in Internet Marketing and SEO

If you have a small Internet project, it is not reasonable for you to hire a team of professional SEO-specialists. Basic search engine optimization tasks can be performed on your own, but link building is a complex and time-consuming process that requires experience. You may not have the skills of complex Internet marketing, and this is normal. If you do not possess proper skills and experience, it is better to trust the specialists and get a guaranteed result.

You are not ready to overpay for expensive SEO tools

Professional SEO-specialists use special services or software. Licensed versions of such tools are usually expensive. Why do you need to spend your project’s annual search engine optimization budget on licensed programs when you can save and pass on link building to experienced professionals who already have the required tools?

Your current work with SEO and backlinks does not bring results

You may have already tried to create backlinks yourself and add them to all kinds of paid or free resources. But what if it does not bring the desired result? In this case, you need to trust the specialists. Surely you have made some mistakes, or your toolkit is not enough for professional link building taking into account the actual Google search algorithms and other systems.

How to Improve the Result of Outsource Link Building Process

Many entrepreneurs do not know what should be the result of a high-quality link building. Therefore, it is crucial to take part in the work and answer any questions that may arise. You need to prepare several theses, which will help in link building on outsourcing.

Before you start the process, you should determine: 

  • Who is the target audience of your business (gender, age, interests of potential customers);
  • Which websites you want to avoid when building links, and which are more preferable;
  • What content with backlinks is most suitable for you (topics of articles, their format, etc.).

Owners of Internet businesses often have exaggerated expectations of link building by professional SEO-specialists. Even if you delegate this service, you should not expect the results to arrive immediately. Reverse links are a long-term investment, which gradually increases your site’s credibility, and improves its position in the search engine only a few months after the start of work. Page and link ranking last for months, so you should be prepared to wait. Do not collaborate with companies that guarantee a suspiciously rapid boost of new users and customers just a couple of days after you start building links.

Another essential factor for improving link building results on outsourcing is the availability of quality content to which links will be maintained. You need relevant pages, which should interest the visitor or potential client. You will not be able to link to the main page. First, you need to prepare high-quality and engaging content. Many eCommerce websites have a blog with different articles for this purpose. Remember that articles have to be 100% unique. Their subject must match the specialization of your business.

If you have properly prepared and entrusted outsourcing to a proven service or professional marketing team, it will attract new customers in a few months. Users will follow the link in search of valuable content. If they find the answer to their request, the chances are high that they become clients of your business.

In order to get the desired result, you must ensure that the selected backlink service or marketing agency has the right experience or qualifications.

Checklist at the choice of an outsourcing company or service

  • Availability of examples of successfully completed works for eCommerce;
  • Transparent pricing, which depends on DA (the authority of the domain of the site that refers to your web resource);
  • The service or company has many positive reviews;
  • Make sure they have a professional approach to link building (specify how the work happens and when to wait for the first result).

You should not throw yourself at suspiciously low prices and promise quick results. There are a lot of private bots on the Net that place links on free sites or directories at low cost. With such an approach, one cannot count on positive outcomes.


You need to outsource link building if you don’t have resources or the ability to create backlinks yourself and place them on prestigious websites. Before starting outsourcing, make sure that you are well prepared. Create unique content that is useful for readers and potential clients. It is necessary to place links to it on relevant sites.

Basic recommendations for effective link building:

  • Search for keywords with the best ranking to build backlinks (professional SEO tools will be needed);
  • Invest in the creation of unique content;
  • Cooperate only with the professionals.

When choosing an outsourcing service or Internet agency, pay attention to their portfolio. Do not believe those who promise a quick result. It may take several months for quality backlinks to start yielding results.