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How to Set Up a VPN on Your Smart TV: A Simple Guide

Smart TV has become an undoubted must-have for most people around the world. The opportunity to easily view your favorite content on the big screen is what has become an engaging pastime. However, you may encounter some difficulties, for example, with a geo-restriction for viewing content or downloading apps.


Another problem is that every Smart TV is different. Some models have unlimited access to popular apps. Others come with installed apps with the geo prohibition. Hence, a VPN is something that can help you avoid possible restrictions, so below, you will find tips on how to install a VPN on your Smart TV.

Top VPN Providers for your Smart TV

Before we start to discover the possible ways to install a VPN on your computer, let’s briefly note the VPN providers that you can turn your attention to.

  • ExpressVPN. It is suitable for US residents, serving 94 countries. It opens up access to blocked apps.
  • NordVPN. There are over 5000 servers here, and the app is suitable for unlocking Android and Amazon apps.
  • Surfshark. This VPN application provides over 3000 servers and can be a good choice for unblocking popular streaming platforms. 

How to Set Up a VPN on Your Smart TV

So, where to start installing VPN on your smart TV? For owners of the latest models, this will not cause any trouble. But if we talk about the owners of earlier TV models, this process can take a little time and effort. By the way, in case when you need help with a smart TV setup, you can contact the Howly team. Experts can help you with complex technical issues regarding your smart TV.

But as for VPN installation, everything should work simpler, and you can do it with easy steps. Here you will find the guide that will work for the latest Smart TV models. 

  1. Find the VPN app you need in the market. The only thing to remember is that the assortment of available apps may vary depending on the TV model. Therefore, it is worth choosing apps based on the available ones.
  2. Install the app and open it.
  3. Select Required Server in the country context. For example, to unblock BBC iPlayer, you will need a UK server, but for Netflix US, an American one will work.
  4. Test how VPN works. Open apps that were previously restricted in your region.

The Other Ways How to Install VPN

If the model of your smart TV does not provide access to Google Play Store, then there are several options that you can try to get access to VPN. Use the following tips when the above guide is not suitable.

Install VPN with Ethernet

When there is no way to use the Play Store, you can use an old method that is still actual today. All you have to do is remember how to use Ethernet. Of course, this is not the most practical way, but it can be a good solution when you need to deal with regional blocking.

You can do this on both Windows and macOS. How to start? Just “share” the connection from your device onto the TV. Please note that you can also try to do this using a Wi-Fi connection.

Use a Home Router

There is another way that you can use VPN. What is more, it is an opportunity to secure all your home devices. All you need to do is to install a VPN on your home router. But there is a pitfall! It is one of the most difficult ways, and the router must have compatible firmware.

But let’s go back to how to do it. You need to follow the instructions from VPN providers. Or you can purchase a router with a pre-built VPN. In the last case, all you need to do is select a server to connect to.

Wrapping Up

So, as you see, there are various solutions on how to set up a VPN on your Smart TV. Use these easy tips to solve this issue most simply and forget about some problems with apps or content availability.