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Inbound Email Marketing: How Can You Use It

Did you know there is an easy way to attract consumers to your company and make them your brand advocates, without having to spam them with flyers and mails? 

Yes, this method is called inbound email marketing.

In this method, companies send emails to potential consumers who are interested in their content or products. It is done to hook them more with their brand.

Lead generation and consumer traffic are two essential ladders that a business needs to climb, thereby earning a healthy stack of profits. 

Hence, the last thing businesses would want is to drive their consumers away from their websites by continuously annoying them with promotions. The traditional outbound marketing methods have been thrown off the rack as inbound email marketing is making headlines. 

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Simply put, inbound emails are an efficient way to generate leads and accelerate consumer traffic on your site. 

Different Use Cases of Inbound Email Marketing

B2B Industry:

The B2B industry is a challenging sector to please. Here, the sale cycle expands over a long time, making it necessary for companies to keep their target consumers engaged throughout this sale cycle. 

Identify your potential consumers, and an efficient way to do that is to purchase a potential lead list. This database provider needs to be very accurate in sharing statistics, whereby you can send catchy emails to your potential consumers. 

For undertaking the drip email strategy, you need an organized lead scoring system by considering the budget, online attitude, and the position of your potential consumer in the sales funnel.

SAAS (software as a service) Industry 

Unlike the B2B industry, the SAAS industry has a short-lived sales cycle, is highly customized and dynamic. 

  • The first step towards optimizing inbound marketing is to know your target audience. Your idea is to draw potential consumers ‘in’ and build a rapport with your existing loyal consumers. 
  • Use SEO to optimize your content through keyword search and produce the type of content your target audience would like to see. 
  • Collaborate with influencers who have a lot of followers resonating with your target audience. Ask them to promote your products, which will lead the potential consumers to trust them. 
  • Optimize your emails for mobiles because 75% of users open their emails on weekdays at 10 am. So, make sure your inbound email strategy complies with that. 

B2C Industry

The B2C industry has shorter sales cycles and narrowing margins, making its users very analytic and picky about the type of content they like to see.


It is the most crucial element for your company to generate leads. 

Give the consumers what they want to see through your emails, and they will not miss out on that opportunity. 

Your content should be of fine quality and include back-links from third parties that these consumers rely on. 

Tips and Tricks to Optimize your Inbound Email Marketing Skills 

1.Use Email Marketing Automation Sites: 

Using email marketing automation sites will ensure that your website will have a larger consumer base. The sole objective of any company is to generate leads and increase their consumer audience. 

Email marketing automation sites provide an easier alternative to crafting manual emails and sending them individually to each potential consumer. 

  • HubSpot is the perfect type of AMB solution for sending a small number of emails to potential consumers. However, it is the most expensive option out there, but it is very easy to operate.  
  • If HubSpot is too expensive for you, an alternative cheaper site that you can use is Ongage. It has a robust API capable of connecting with any CRM, DWH, or CDP you may use. Here, you can easily send bulk emails at once.
  • In case you don’t like HubSpot or Ongage, you can go with Mailchimp. It is not only cheap but also offers you decent services and features. Use it to send a small number of emails, but it may not be easy to use for some people. 

Get an email marketing software to perform your inbound marketing strategies better. 

2. Write a Killer Subject Line

Your subject line should instantly catch the attention of your potential consumers. When you are crafting emails for your clients, the first thing that they will stumble across is your subject line because that is the first thing that will appear when they open their inbox. 

These are the few seconds you have in hand to create the catchiest subject line that will compel your consumers to open the mail. 

The subject line will initiate the relationship process between the consumer and your company. What you can do to ensure such engagement is adding discounts, offers, and coupon codes to your subject line for products that have been reviewed by these consumers before. 

You can also use an email authentication link that will help you filter out redundant words and phrases. So, only the important stuff must go into the inbox of your consumers. 

3. Focus on adding immediate value 

It is the true motivator behind the consumer traffic increase on your website. There is no use in crafting emails that are of no value to your consumers. The emails have to be crafted in order of their preferences. 

To track this, you need to look into your potential consumers’ online behavior. Look into the kind of sites they visit every day, the kind of products they purchase, purchasing power, etc. 

Keeping all of this in mind, craft your email with your consumers’ most valuable products like viewing and offering offers. Your consumers won’t resist and will end up clicking on your website almost immediately, thereby generating the necessary leads. 

4. Track the audience behavior and connect it to your CRM

The Customer Relationship Management system is a great tool to notice your consumers’ online behavior and track their activities, strategies, social media, etc. and create a file on their preferences, dislikes, and activities. 

It helps you understand the kind of content and products your potential consumers may be interested in from your website and go through them. 

Keeping their preferences in mind, you can write emails to individual consumers and include offers on their favorite products or content. Something that they cannot refuse. 

Take inspiration from your competitors.

Are you lagging behind your competitors in the market? 

What are you doing wrong? 

Or rather, what different methods are they implementing to the business that is making them outshine you? 

It is okay to look into their methods and experiments, as long as you do not plagiarize their content. The idea is to get the basic information behind their success and implement that idea into your business strategy. You will see the difference, and soon you will cross them. 


I hope this in-depth guide on inbound email marketing and why it is imperative for your business helps you. Thus, use these tips and tricks to get your company on a successful business map!