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Join The Bandwagon and Create Cute Videos of Your Pets too

Join The Bandwagon and Create Cute Videos of Your Pets too, Here Are Some Tips To Get You Going

Let’s face it! Our pets sometimes perform award-winning roles right in front of our eyes, and we want to capture that moment forever. But, pets, being the animals they are, foresee our intentions and spare themselves the embarrassment.

If you are someone who wants to create eye-catching videos of your pets, this post will definitely help you!

The demand for cute pet videos is at an all-time high. People from all over the world are sharing their pet videos on the world’s largest video-sharing website, YouTube, as well as social media, and the demand is showing no signs of slowing down.

Everyone loves watching adorable pets in action, and in this post, we will give you some effective pet video creation tips!

Tips For Creating Adorable Pet Videos

Here are a few tips that can help you in creating pet videos that can garner millions of views on social media and YouTube.

1. Practice with your pet

Just as human actors, pets too need to practice for their acts. They need to be trained to take cues from the video creator and perform specific acts in front of the camera.

Your pet takes behavioral cues from you. So, if you look or act stressed, they are most likely to do the same.

Before you shoot the final footage to share on your social media page, you may perform the act a few times so that your pet is comfortable in front of the camera.

Be calm and maintain a playful atmosphere around your pets, and they are very likely to reciprocate the same.

2. Ensure a properly lit environment

A properly lit scene will improve the overall video quality and the impact that the scene has on the audience. Try to ensure a properly lit environment before you shoot the video.

This makes your subject easier to see and enhances the overall appeal of the video.

Backlighting the pets is not a good idea and may even lead to difficulties in spotting the subject.

If, by any chance, you are shooting in a dimly lit environment, you can invest in camera lights that mimic natural daylight and ensure maximum visibility.

3. Choose the right shooting gear

Modern smartphone cameras are just right for shooting videos of your furry buddies. They are non-intrusive and come with an expansive feature, such as autofocus, motion blurring, OIS, etc., and can help you in shooting that perfect video.

GoPro’s have been gaining popularity, too, as these are less intrusive and do not distract your pets.

If you want a professional, Hollywood quality video, you can opt for DSLR’s and focus-blur various video elements. However, owing to their size, they may seem non-friendly to your focus character.

4. Understand your pet

Some animals love being on camera, while for some, it is intimidating and scary. You have to understand your pet’s behavior and decide upon a reward system. You can give them treats when they perform specific activities and train them to take cues.

Dogs are easier to work with as they can be trained effectively and are more likely to perform tricks when required.

Shooting Cat videos, on the other hand, are an entirely different ball game. They will do the trick when they want to, so keep your camera ready and take the perfect shot, whenever it happens.

5. Choose the right location

The location where you choose to shoot your video plays a crucial role in how your end video will turn out.

Usually, outdoorsy locations with an ample amount of natural lighting are perfect for shooting videos, but you can also choose to shoot at home.

Just keep in mind that the surrounding environment is clutter-free and is devoid of any objects that you don’t want in your video.

If shooting outdoors, make sure that the sun is behind your back, unless you want your subject to disappear in the lighting.

6. Keep the video length short

Keeping your video just a minute or two long can help you in garnering millions of clicks. In fact, some of the most viewed videos are usually just seconds long, but attract millions of clicks and eyeballs.

Short videos perfectly portray the cuteness of your pets and also leave your viewers wanting for more.

This way, you can generate high levels of engagement as viewers are on a constant lookout for your next video.

7. Edit videos effectively

If you are looking to post your video on social media or YouTube, it is highly recommended that you edit the video before posting.

An intro or a youtube end screen for video can help your videos to stand out and also gives it a professional touch.

Once you have the final footage ready, you can edit the videos using one of the free video editing software available.

This not only enhances the charisma of your pet but also gives you the chance to integrate effects that can improve the appeal of your video.

Final Thoughts

This post might come in very handy when you are looking to shoot videos of your pets. There are millions of cute, funny, and adorable pet videos out on the web that garners millions of clicks every day.

If you have ever wanted to create videos of your pets too, now you know all the tricks involved in shooting a perfect video.

Remember, tricks and treats go hand in hand. So, reward your pets when they do the required activities and teach them to work for higher value or quantity of treats.

Pets work for treats, so if they perform a good enough job, compensate them with delicious treats!