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Learn Digital Marketing on Your Android with These Apps

The usage of modern tech has helped in achieving the unthinkable. Digital media is playing a huge role in making business promotions globally. There are many platforms for marketing but learning the process first is very important. Users will be able to Learn Digital Marketing On Your Android with These Apps.

There are many ways to learn digital marketing for users. The applications we will be sharing today are going to be the most commonly used ones. All these platforms will offer proper ways of learning extensively about the skill. This is a skill that can be very profiting once it has been mastered.

The world is gradually starting to shift towards digital means. There are numerous professions as well in the digital field. Among all the professions, Online marketing can be the most long-lasting and profitable profession to be in. There is a lot to learn and explore in this simple-looking field.

There are different types of marketing as we mentioned in the beginning. Each type requires different sorts of skills. The platforms we shared here will help in learning about how each type of marketing can be carried out. This is a very extensive field with a lot of opportunities for interested people.

The most commonly used use type of online advertising is Pay Per Click and Search engine optimization. There are many more types like Social Media, Content, Email, Mobile Marketing, and more. The shared platforms will surely help the viewers in learning properly about the desired type.

So without any further due, let’s get to the highly anticipated list. Keep in mind that these applications are offered on the basis of service. Some of the platforms might offer in-app payments. There might be completely free as well. So here are the apps to learn the skill:

Learn Digital Marketing on Your Android with These Apps


This itself is not only meant for online marketing or any other specific skill. Although the platform will share immersive knowledge about different sorts of programs. Most of the social media users must have come across the Ted Talk videos.

This is the official mobile application for that. Here users will be able to find information and videos about any desired topic. It offers an endless library of videos and podcasts. The videos and podcasts will provide in-depth insight regarding any skill.

The best part of this application is that it is meant for global users. To prove the statement right, the creators of the platform have added subtitles to all the videos in more than 100 languages. So this for sure can be used all across the globe and that without spending a single penny.

Key Features

  • Get advice from the best people in their field.
  • Curate your video library as desired.
  • Video Subtitles in more than 100 languages.
  • Save or download the video for offline watching.
  • Get inspired by the role models.


If anyone is interested in getting a proper university degree online, then this platform is

the best option. Coursera is an online platform where users from around the world get a chance to get an online degree. There is numerous famous international university where the degree can be completed.

This educational facility is providing degree programs in hundreds of fields. There are many programs available that are related to online-Marketing. Users have to get enrolled in their desired course by submitting the course fees online. The app usage is going to be completely free.

This application does not only educate you but it provides proper proof of that. If anyone is looking to get a day job in a company. The degree will surely come in a lot of handy. It provides content regarding any topic the user wishes. Get more information about starter linux hosting with cpanel

Key Features

Multiple Course options.

  • Get a degree from famous institutions.
  • The app is free to use.
  • Interactive interface.
  • Learn from Experts.
  • Many more…

Learn Digital Marketing on Your Android with These Apps

Google Primer

This online platform is offered by Google Learn Apps. It is going to be extremely useful specifically for those who are interested in online business promotions. As we have discussed the types of marketing above. This app will help them learn the skills individually of every type mentioned above.

It will help the users in getting to know more about online businesses and the online markets. It will help the users in keeping track of progress made over time. There will be different sorts of courses offered to learn and practice the skill on daily basis.

As mentioned in the beginning, there are many opportunities available for money-making. Now all the user is required to do is to learn and master the skill. The opportunity will automatically fall in. But mastering the skill is going to be very important.

Key Features

  • Meant especially for online business promotions.
  • Completely free to use.
  • In-app payments are not required.
  • Officially offered by Google.
  • Many more…

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is the most platform where people get jobs. This is the biggest online marketplace where recruiters get their ideal employees. Now there is a subsidiary app of the parent platform. LinkedIn Learning was formerly known as Lynda.

The app will help users from around the world in learning their desired course. It is offering unlimited courses on hundreds of subjects. There will be some really interesting content available related to Digital-Marketing.

This is the opportunity for the interested users to learn the skill and easily find jobs as well. The courses here will not be completely free.

There will be monthly and yearly premium membership. Users can start by buying any of the subscription plans offered.

Key Features

  • Access to over 16000 courses.
  • Course completion certificates.
  • Personalized recommendations.
  • Downloadable content.
  • Watch later option for videos.
  • Many more…

This is the list from our side of the best apps to learn digital marketing. Each App offered here will offer the best services and the users will surely be satisfied. There might be other sources as well on the internet. But these listed ones are a must-try.

Final Words

Here is the end of this article and the readers can now get to choose what App they want to use. We hope that the information shared will be helpful to every reader.