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Build a digital marketing strategy for your smart laboratory – Stay ahead of your competitors

As per a recent analysis, smart labs are being considered as the main drivers for digital transformation in the field of diagnostic laboratories since 2020. There has been a sudden rise in the demand of smart tools and instruments that are required in the academic, diagnostics, and commercial research labs and this is a strong sign that the smart lab market is here to rise like never before. 

The thriving smart laboratory market is predicted to double, touching around $4.79 billion by the year 2023 from a $2.35 billion in the year 2019. This double-digit growth is at a compound annual growth rate of 18.4%. The fallout of the pandemic has had an adverse impact on the industry since 2020 and this has stressed on the urgent need to automate and minimize costs.

Build a digital marketing strategy for your smart laboratory – Stay ahead of your competitors

Amidst this uncertainty, if you’re looking forward to designing an effective digital marketing plan for your smart lab, here are the few steps you should keep in mind.

  • Recognize the place of your lab in the market

Yes, to start with, you have to do some market research. Your digital marketing plan should have a SWOT analysis that includes all the details like weakness, strength, threats, and opportunities of your business. Define the best services offered by your lab and recognize the challenges associated with smooth growth in business. Challenges could range from not being familiar with new rules, increasing competitors, lack of certification and unawareness of the community. 

  • Design new personas for target audience

Once you have a clear idea the strengths and weaknesses of your business, you are supposed to design personas that represent the varied customers your business has. The imaginary profiles of the customers should have details like location, age, challenges, and job title. There should be different profiles for municipal and residential customers or separate personas for all aspects of the customers. They should answer questions like ‘How do they gain information?’ ‘What are the social media platforms they use?’ ‘What are the key pain points and how does your smart lab address the issues?’

  • Define your digital marketing principles

Next you have to set specific market goals and what results you wish to attain. You should be highly specific during this calculation as this is what helps you measure your success. Expert digital strategists recommend you to break down and categorize your goals utilizing the SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely approach. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to achieve all goals immediately. Instead, be realistic about the list of things that will help you attain your milestones. 

  • Be clear about your USP

You have to highlight the unique value or the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of your smart lab before you move on to highlight your promotional efforts. Be specific about the reasons why your clients will prefer you over the other competitors. Do you offer the fastest turnover? Do you specialize in any particular new method of diagnosis? Make sure all these differentiators are mentioned clearly to ensure getting more target customers. 

  • Select marketing platforms wisely

What is the ultimate goal of social media marketing? It is to make sure your lab stays right at the top of the mind of your prospective clients. Is your website properly optimized for the search engines to crawl? Take out time to determine whether or not you require changing your overall website as the main marketing goal. Based on the personas of your customer, plan for a continuous social media presence on all channels that target your customers. Social media channels have to be chosen thoughtfully.

The infinite scalability of digital marketing makes your business goals easily achievable. Your knowledge and your budget can be constraints but can be easily resolved. Investment to marketing is inevitable but to get the effective results you have to invest in the right expert.

If you don’t have a whole lot of cash to start with, you may begin small and develop your virtual advertising and marketing campaigns as you growth sales. Really, the most effective restriction in your achievement is your personal desire. Your advertising and marketing ought to pay for itself. Digital marketing is vast ocean of opportunity and if you think by just fidgeting a little you have done enough then you are wrong and you might be swimming in the surface only.

Yes, maximum humans intuitively recognize a way to use Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, however there’s no assurance that you’ll be capable of discover ways to run powerful commercials on those systems or preserve your expenses low. You really do not want to overpay as you must note that every bit of money that you saved is the money you have earned.

You as a beginner to this digital marketing spectrum when you move to an expert stage you will always have an opportunity to learn new things. It does not matter in which stage expert you are in. Your knowledge of digital marketing and its strategy should be the driving force of your business. Digital marketing is still not over though it has come a long way of 20 years.

It has long way to go as more younger generations are venturing this field and taking this way as their career success. It will grow more prominent and vital in the coming years. Please do note that digital marketing is not only about SEO, PPC (Pay per click), display advertising, re-targeting, social media and content marketing but other than these critical components there are other facets to the digital marketing mix.

Therefore, if you’ve secured a budget, recognized your team members and completed the above listed steps, it’s time to execute the digital marketing plan. Allocate your resources carefully and determine the total number of hours your team will need for marketing every month. To get effective result and to achieve success you will always need well planned digital marketing strategy.