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SpinOne SaaS Backup Platform Full Review

 SpinOne is a sophisticated platform that helps private entrepreneurs and global businesses build a reliable strategy for data security and protect them against ransomware. Get more details in our SpinOne Review. 

In the modern world, all data must be strongly protected so that it cannot be stolen. Plenty of businesses try to find the best solutions for data security and leak prevention. And hundreds of respected companies use the SpinOne platform for this purpose. Please continue with the article to get details on this effective data security solution. 

What Is SpinOne?

SpinOne is a SaaS backup platform and a security administration tool. It was founded by Spin Technology in 2016. To date, more than 1,500 companies and over two million business users in 30 countries have already been using SpinOne solutions. SpinOne carefully monitors and backs up Microsoft 365 and G Suite while protecting the data against any type of ransomware. SpinOne also specializes in improving compliance significantly and, thus, decreasing IT costs. 

Main Features of SpinOne

SpinOne has been actively used by plenty of organizations that need to have effective threat intelligence. The platform’s solutions shelter important SaaS data against insider threats, shadow IT, ransomware, and human mistakes. Compared to other alternatives of SpinOne, the reviewed platform helps businesses construct more reliable tactics for app security and leak prevention using strong data encryption. 


SpinOne SaaS Backup Platform Full Review

SpinOne provides flawless backup solutions for business activities of any type. Organizations must be sure that their sensitive data is protected and can be recovered. SpinOne’s tools daily back up all the privileged information to safe cloud storage services, such as Microsoft Azure, Google GCP, and Amazon AWS S3, or custom storage centers. Moreover, the platforms can restore a single file, several folders, or 99.99% of all deleted service data. 

Ransomware Protection

SpinOne provides reliable 24/7 backup and protection from ransomware. It helps individuals and companies to secure sensitive data, important documents, video/audio content, and any other vital info from being deleted or infected by any type of ransomware attack. SpinOne offers AI-driven instruments for all-day-round ransomware monitoring.   

Apps Security

SpinOne comes with impeccable technologies to render cutting-edge SaaS application security services. Its revolutionary solutions help assess and manage possible risks connected to any type of browser extension and OAuth applications. SpinOne collects and evaluates data from multiple sources to summarize all possible security, business, or compliance risks they can be exposed to. Based on the results, SpinOne solutions robotically create rules for allowing or blocking any app type according to the predefined criteria.

DLP (Data Leak Prevention)

SpinOne offers customers a special technology that helps prevent any data leak. Such cloud DLP solutions provide organizations with the opportunity to fully control all shared files inside and outside the companies. All unauthorized attempts to share files are detected. The platform allows setting permissions on a single file or a group of files. SpinOne features designed for DLP help avoid any possible threats connected with passing a company’s sensitive data to any third parties.   

Main Products Offered

Among the main products of SpinOne, Google Workspace and MOS 365 must be mentioned. But let’s have a closer look at each product.

Google Workspace (G Suite)

Google Workspace is a compilation of various productivity tools and software products fully developed by Google. Primarily, these suites include Gmail, Calendar, Chat, Docs, Meet, Photos, and Contacts. SpinOne solutions are used to reliably store data of Google Workspace for individuals and legal entities and protect backups from ransomware.

Microsoft (Office) 365

SpinOne is a reliable solution for the best data security of Microsoft Office 365. It provides the complete restoration and backup of data units of all sizes, as well as leak prevention and overall ransomware detection. SpinOne allows monitoring people who share Word documents outside a company and stop their activity instantly. 


SpinOne solutions are widely used to safeguard a company’s sales based on AI-powered platforms for Salesforce data protection. This sophisticated technology entirely guards the company’s sales against any fraudulent activities and data loss. SpinOne recovers and backs up both sales entries and their classifications.    

How Exactly SpinOne Cloud Data Loss Prevention Works

Cloud data loss prevention is aimed at protecting organizations from ransomware attacks. SpinOne immediately identifies possible data leaks using artificial intelligence and stops them while they are in progress. Admins are notified of possible data leaks, and all files which might be leaked are double-protected at once. 

Pros and Cons of SpinOne SaaS Backup

SpinOne SaaS data protection has numerous advantages for everyday use. However, drawbacks also exist. Let us itemize the key ones.


  • guards a company’s data against being stolen by any third-parties
  • reliable SaaS ransomware audit
  • risk assessment of applications
  • industry leader trusted by over 1,500 businesses worldwide
  • automatically recovers and backs up all data 
  • a single interface for Google Workplace, Salesforce, and Microsoft 365
  • Salesforce data shield
  • immediate customer support 24/7


  • Problems with data backup and recovery may occur when Internet access is lost.
  • Only a 15-day free trial is available.

SpinOne guarantees impeccable cloud backup for businesses and provides complete SaaS data security and leak protection. SpinOne entirely protects all sensitive data of a company and immediately detects and stops attacks. Various types of security alerts help protect your data instantly. Therefore, data protection solutions provided by SpinOne can be used for the seamless functioning of your business.