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TLM to WAX Exchange Prospects This Year

TLM and WAX are two different tokens. The former is a game that features a DeFi metaverse, while the latter provides a blockchain platform for creating/trading digital assets and NFTs. With the relationship between the coins being specific, should you consider the TLM/WAX swap? Both currencies and their price forecasts are the topics of our guide below, so let’s see if this trade is a wise move!

Understanding TLM

Alien Worlds is a decentralized finance metaverse that uses NFTs. It’s a game that features a play-to-earn concept. You take the role of an explorer and receive NFT packs or Trilium (TLM) tokens for playing Alien Worlds. It’s also possible to stake TLM in Planet DAOs to vote and progress through the game, as well as win NFTs by battling other participants.

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From the launch in 2020, Alien Worlds attracted loads of attention. The metaverse has numerous planets and chances to receive daily boosts or even become a leader by pursuing the position of a Councilor. TLM token is available on Ethereum, BSC, and WAX chains, but all NFTs are on the WAX blockchain.

At the moment, around 3.65 billion TLM tokens are in circulation, which is 36% of the maximum supply set at ten billion. The project’s market cap is $35 million.

TLM Price Prediction

Alien Worlds is currently worth $0.0096, which isn’t good news for owners. The coin hit an all-time low in August 2023 when it was valued at $0.009571. That happened recently, indicating that it’s not quite likely to regain significant value, let alone reach the all-time high of $7.19, which was set in 2021.

The predictions vary from pessimistic to encouraging. Cautious experts don’t believe that the coin could go beyond $0.011 by the end of 2023, but optimistic forecasts put it up to $0.02. For 2024, you can find estimations that the coin will only be at $0.008 and those who place it as high as $0.044.

If we look at a long-term forecast, the coin might reach $0.049 by 2028, and those more certain of the token’s success put it at $0.13. As for 2033, some forecasts go as high as $0.66, indicating that TLM could be a wise investment.

WAX Review

WAX is a blockchain established in 2017 with the main goal of making e-commerce transactions better and more accessible. The platform offers NFTs and dApp marketplace, but also Cloud Wallet, OAUTH support, and other features that aim at improving e-commerce processes.

Delegated PoS is a consensus mechanism that contributes to optimal security. Speed is another feature of the WAX blockchain since block time is only 500 milliseconds, and customers don’t pay any transaction fees. WAX offers rewards if you vote on improvement proposals, encouraging the community to decide where the platform will go.

WAX doesn’t have a maximum supply, and the estimation is around 3.34 billion tokens are currently in circulation. The project’s market cap is $130 million.

WAX Price Forecast

The current value is $0.039, making a single WAX coin more valuable than TLM. WAX was at an all-time high in 2017 when it crossed the $5 threshold, but it’s still far from the all-time low from 2019, which was $0.015.

Before 2023 ends, WAX could reach $0.05, while some even predict it will be $0.089. Some less encouraging predictions believe it will lose value and drop to $0.0362. For 2024, the value could remain at $0.035 or move as high as $0.01.

In 2028, WAX could be worth $0.197, while optimistic forecasts put it at $0.37. Before 2033, the most promising predictions put this coin beyond $1, but that’s just bold guessing.

Potential Challenges and Risks

As with any game, Alien Worlds is susceptible to technical glitches and issues. Some known problems include not portraying lands in the user interface, postponed daily resource allocations, and some features missing on mobile, such as teleport.

WAX is famous for its decent security level, including measures like decentralization, DAO, and encryption. However, with many crypto thefts and bankruptcies happening, you can’t be too sure that won’t happen to this blockchain. And if WAX blockchain goes down, that will automatically pull down TLM, too.

Another potential challenge is market volatility. It’s common in the crypto world, so this is a matter of making smart business decisions. If you need more info, consider reading the Jasmy price prediction or looking for other suitable alternatives.

TLM to WAX: Looking Ahead

It seems like a no-brainer that you should go ahead and swap TLM for WAX. Apart from WAX having a higher value and more encouraging predictions, it seems to have more viable use cases. Finally, WAX has been around longer, and this token has a decent reputation in the crypto world. Although this trade seems like a good move, don’t forget you are the one who makes the final call, so make sure the swap fits your strategy!