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Top 10 Apps to Learn and Practice Programming

Learning to code has become accessible these days because of the advancement of technology. Know where you can easily learn and practice programming. 

Programming skills can open doors of opportunity for people. In the past, learning to code and program can be painstaking, expensive, and tedious. But thanks to the advancements in technology, learning to code and program can be easy and readily accessible.

Top 10 Apps to Learn and Practice Programming

With this, more people are acquiring the knowledge and skills of programming and turn it into a lucrative career. There are now apps that teach people coding and programming. Through these apps, a lot of people can easily learn how to program and even practice their skills. In the long run, they can easily gain profits from it by getting programming jobs.

Students who want to be programmers can learn from their school courses and the apps as well. Aside from having more courses in school that tackle coding and programming, more colleges offer these courses which open its doors to more students.

The apps can help students easily learn programming without devoting all their time to it. Keep in mind that it is not just coding and programming that students need to do. They also have other school work to accomplish like essays, assignments, projects, and others. 

With essays and other written works, students can find creative writing help from websites and apps that allow them to order the essays they need. This helps them save time and effort and still focus on learning programming. With the apps and sites available, students and even employed individuals can just go now and order the paperwork they need. When other works are accomplished, programming will become their main focus. 

It is just important that people know which apps can help them become good programmers. They need to find one that will guide them step-by-step from a beginner to an expert programmer. People these days are lucky as there are a lot of apps where they can learn and practice programming.

Top Programming Apps  

  • Udacity

This app provides theoretical materials that will teach even a beginner to code and program. It has practical tasks so the learner will have the chance to practice what they have learned. This app is helpful to any level of learning an individual has. This is conducted by professionals which is why learners can be assured that they learn only from the best.

  • Enki

This app has different coding courses to choose from. It offers courses in Python, Airtable, and others. It is accessible and has attractive interfaces so the learners will enjoy their time learning to become programmers.  

  • SoloLearn

This is a popular app for people who want to learn to code because it is downloadable for free. However, the monthly use will have its corresponding fee. With this app, learners can enjoy almost everything they need to learn in coding and programming. It also has a community where learners can communicate with one another and learn together.


This is an app where learners learn Java Programming from scratch. This is a beginner-friendly app for those who want to learn how to code. It has mini-lectures and tasks that will give practical tasks to prepare the learners for the job of programming and coding. 

  • CodeHub

This coding app is available for Android users. It takes on lessons on web fundamentals, CSS and others. This is a convenient way to learn to code especially if the learner is always on the go. 

  • CodeMurai

This is a programming app that lets people learn to code while having fun. This is created so the learners will not feel any pressure learning. This can be used by beginners and even those who wish to improve their coding skills.

  • Programming Hub

From the name itself, it is a house of programming where people can technically learn coding. It presents its lessons in a story format so they will be easy to understand and follow. 

  • Mimo

If you want to learn to code on mobile, then this is the app for you. It can run Android and iOS gadgets. Its lessons cover programming languages from Python, Ruby, HTML, and many others.

  • Grasshopper

It is a great app for beginners as it teaches programming lessons through games. The learners will go through levels of challenges to make sure that their skills are improving. It has puzzles, problem-solving games, and others.

  • Encode

This is an app perfect for those who have zero knowledge of coding. It offers an easy and friendly user interface. It has tips, tricks and tutorials so the learners can easily learn coding in a more fun environment.

These apps can make a beginner an expert programmer. The best thing about it is that these are easily accessible and available plus learners can learn at their own pace. These apps are available to students, working individuals, or just about anyone who would like to acquire coding skills.