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Use The Video Merge With No Extra Effort 

Use The Video Merge With No Extra Effort Image source: allthings.how 

One thing that makes videos get more engagement is their ability to evoke the emotions of their viewers. You get carried along by the contents of a video faster than listening an audio or scrolling through a couple of pictures. 

Businesses, corporations, and Brands are leveraging the power of video editing. There are lots of features you can perform, e.g, cropping, trimming, cutting, etc. All these elements are the brain power behind the videos we see online. 

One key element is the merging of videos. Merging has gone a long way in creating a video of short length carrying an hour length of information. 

Merging of Video 

Just as the name implies, merging simply means joining or bringing together a couple of elements to form one big element. It is synonymous with the merging of videos. You can merge a couple of videos, to create one single video. 

This feature is used by a lot of people today, especially content creators for brands who display their products in a short video. Videos of each product are merged under a time frame to create great content. It does not only apply to content creators of brands, it could be a vlog, or a presentation, etc. 

Finding the Right Video Merger 

Now you’re up to speed on how to take your videos up a notch, but then it could be a dicey situation finding the right software to maximize this merging tool. There are a lot of software and applications that allow you to utilize this tool, but they may need some extensions or some complicated criteria. Video Merger allows merge videos online seamlessly and quickly.  

Video Merger is the perfect tool you need to fully maximize the merge tool. It comes with no extra cost  with a friendly interface that you can easily navigate through. It is easy to use with no learning curve involved – you can master it in a matter of minutes. The following steps will show you how to merge your videos with ease. 

How To Merge Your Videos With Video Merger 

Upload Your Video 

This is the first thing you need to do. When you visit the website, a space with the words “Video Merger” will appear in bold. A blue button just beneath it instructs you to upload your video file. You can use it to navigate to the location on your device where you saved the video file. You can drag and drop your file there to avoid the stress of searching. 

Video Merger supports a variety of video file formats, including MP4, M4V, AVI, MOV, WMV, 3GP, and WEBM. Simply select the file and wait for it to be uploaded to the software. It can take a couple of seconds to upload depending on the size of the video or the speed of the internet connection. 

Adding Multiple Videos 

Remember you uploaded a video, the next step is to add videos to merge with the existing one. Immediately after the file has been uploaded, an interface will be displayed on your computer screen showing a preview of your video and a couple of other functions. To add a new video, click on files at the top left, a drop-down will appear instructing you to add files. Click on it and add any other video of your choice. You can keep adding depending on the number of videos you want to be displayed. 

Merging Your Videos 

Now that all the videos you need have been added. The length of each of these videos will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. You can move to the end of each video and trim it depending on the part you need to be displayed. You can also divide a particular video clip by using the scissors tool. 

There are a couple of tools you can maximize to make your video merge smooth. You can zoom in and out on your video, you can place text over the video, you can also place a canvas, can duplicate your videos, delete them too, and undo or redo your actions just in case you made a mistake. 

Once you’re done editing, you can preview your video by pressing play. This way you can spot flaws before finally saving your work. 

Encoding Your Work 

Once you are satisfied with your work, click on the gear icon to encode your, and choose a file format of your choice. It could be MP4, MKV, or MOV. These formats work for web, offline use, and apple devices respectively. When you’re done, save it. This will only take a few moments to complete. 

Saving Your Work 

Saving your work is the simplest of the steps you have to take. Click on the save icon. A drop-down menu will appear displaying video qualities to choose from. 480p and 720p are free to use, while 1080p is premium. Your video automatically saves on your device. 


Merging your video using Video Merger is a great way to give your content the boost it needs. You can loop videos, add music, and a couple of great functions in a few minutes.