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What Is a Link Pyramid in SEO & How to build it?

Link Pyramid is an important aspect of SEO strategy. A link pyramid helps signal to a web crawler that another website finds your website contains valuable and relevant content. The more link pyramids and backlinks you get, the more Google will rank your website on search engine results pages (SERPs). However, if you want to improve your SEO efforts, it is best to deploy a link pyramid strategy.

What Is a Link Pyramid in SEO & How to build it?

Today, we have a different backlink management tools like Hyperchecker that helps people solve the complexity of tracking tier 1, 2, and 3 backlink pyramids. Hyperchecker allows you to upload link pyramids and allow you to access a report on your backlinks. So, in this article, you will be learning what a link pyramid in SEO is, how to build it, its benefits and how you can track a link pyramid.

What is a link pyramid in SEO? How do link pyramids work?

Link Pyramid in SEO is a strategy that is used in websites to build backlinks and also send pyramid backlinks to other backlinks. Link pyramid is one of the methods used for improvements in ranking a website in the search engine results pages of Google. The build link pyramid is one of the earliest strategies developed when backlinks were put a value on by Google. The amazing thing about this is that it is easy to implement.

Should You Use a Link Pyramid?

When other websites with high domain authority and relevant domain link to your website, they automatically tell all search engines like Google that your website is a trusted authority website. And trust is one of the most important factors regarding search engines and web ranking.

However, the more trust, authority, and expertise your website has, the more the benefit of link building. So with all these, let’s see some of the benefits of the link pyramid:

Improves Website Traffic

Everyone with a website aims to have more traffic and build backlinks through link pyramids for your site; you can enjoy this benefit. In this case, the benefit is not only for old websites but also for starters. For starters, the more your other website links back to your website, the more you will likely get more links from their visitors.

For old websites, these backlinks help boost your domain authority, expertise, and trust. So the more authoritative, expert, and trustworthy Google and other search engines consider your web pages to be, the more you are likely to rank in search engine results. And the more your rank, the more traffic you will have on your website.

Better Credibility and Reputation

A link pyramid helps to establish your website’s reputation and reputation. In cases where you are browsing a popular website for some things, it shows that you trust the website. And if the trusted website shares links to some websites, there is a 90% chance that you will also trust the website. This also shows why links from high-quality and well-ranking websites are more beneficial than websites with less reputation and credibility.  

Increase Sales and Revenue Generation Opportunities

What Is a Link Pyramid in SEO & How to build it?

If you are a person that is exposed to influencer marketing by browsing on blogs, you will notice that some website links will direct you to some social media handles. This is a form of influencer marketing that helps you increase sales and revenue generation opportunities. However, when you use pyramid link building by making other people’s websites lead to your website. In the process, their visitors are likely to pay for your services or products, which automatically increases sales.

Continual and Sustained Referral Traffic

Today, we have much digital marketing that requires regular updating to be successful. For example, if you set up an advertisement on Facebook for 30 days, you must take some action at the end of the 30 days. In this case, you can decide to stop the ads, run them again, start afresh or tweak them. But with the link pyramid, you will be able to sustain referral traffic without needing to update backlinks as a permanent link on a reputable and authoritative website. This means you can reap the benefit of pyramid link building without checking constantly.

How to Build Different Tiers of a Link Pyramid?

Tier 1

The backlink at the first tiered backlinks is considered to be the best and most quality links. The first tier is a quality link that comes from a credible website with high authority. In this case, you can consider writing guest posts or insert the backlink to your website. Most importantly, the backlinks on tier 1 should be similar to those you gain with the outreach strategy.

However, there might be different links coming to your website from different web pages, but you need to consider the quality one on the pyramid. So ensure you choose at least 2-3 links in this first tier. There is no offense in choosing more, but remember that the number of backlinks on low levels will increase. You would need more time and effort to build the right-tiered backlink pyramid.

Tier 2

At Tier 2, the quality of the backlinks decrease and do not look like that of Tier 1, which is the highest level. On Tier 1, there should be at least 8-12 links on each backlink. In cases where you have 3 backlinks at Tier 1, ensure you have around 30 or more backlinks at Tier 2. This is simply because Tier 2 is meant to strengthen Tier 1 backlinks.

Regarding quality, Tier 2 backlinks shouldn’t be the greatest. But when creating it, consider forums, social media pages, and blogs as places you can start from. At this stage, also consider manual backlinking because it will benefit you even though it may look exhausting as a starter. Most search engines practice this because they can detect automation traces.

Tier 3

When you are done with Tier 2 of backlinks, the next to do is to have a short break. But during this break, consider how you can build the tier 3 of the pyramid. At this stage, you will need to create and maintain many links. In this case, you can have around 10 backlinks on Tier 3 so that it can strengthen the links on Tier 2. However, if you have 30 backlinks on Tier 2, it is best to have 300 links on Tier 3.

At Tier 3, consider different methods that will save your time and present quality backlinks. In this case, you can partner with backlink management tools. You can also use automation tools but ensure you think twice because search engine algorithms evolve daily.


A link pyramid and tiered link-building strategies could greatly benefit your website if you are committed and know what you are doing. As simple, complex, and powerful as link building can be, people can abuse it by creating tier links that make their backlink stick out. This could lead to a site penalty when Google notices this. But one method is true, and that is if you build links naturally.