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8 Jobs Where You Can Make Use of Your Degree in Marketing

Many students have thought about their choices at least once during their studies. It’s totally normal to wonder what your career and life in general will be after graduation. Luckily, there are some professions that will always be in demand, or at least in the nearest observable future! Marketing is one of such majors that will only get more popular.

Since you are probably already getting a marketing degree, you know that this profession has many career opportunities. This field constantly changes to adapt to new trends in social media and the business environment. Basically, your most important duty is to increase awareness of the brand and to convince the clients to spend their money.

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What Are Your Options With a Marketing Degree?

Graduation will come faster than you expect, and soon it will be time to find a job. Even when graduates already have some experience or internships, they can have some doubts about their future careers. So, here are eight jobs where you can make use of your degree in marketing.

Social Media Manager

  • Top salary: $80,000.
  • Average salary: $52,000.

Since everybody is on some sort of social media site today, businesses get out of their way to have their online presence. In this position, you will be responsible for online content that your brand releases on the Internet. Also, if you get your own department, you will be managing your staff to promote your corporate view online!

Advertising Sales Representative

  • Top salary: $73,000.
  • Average salary: $40,000.

As a representative of the company, specialists in this area have to deal with the clients on a daily basis. You will need to combine many aspects together to improve customer satisfaction. Advertising sales representatives need to assure the consumers that their concerns will be addressed. This way, the public view of the company will also improve.

Data Scientist

  • Top salary: $150,000.
  • Average salary: $113,000.

This position might be a little tougher as compared to others on this list, but the pay certainly is worth it! You will need to have some technical and programming skills as well. Here, graduates are expected to understand channel optimization, segmentation, and lead divisions. Also, data scientists have to track the preferences of the consumers and create forecasts.

UX Designer

  • Top salary: $110,000.
  • Average salary: $75,000.

Traditionally, this is a job for programmers and designers. At the same time, your marketing experience can help solve some client-oriented issues. E-commerce websites need to run smoothly to attract new clientele. Your marketing insights can really come in handy! Besides, this is a great profession for testing the limits of your creativity.

Digital Copywriter

  • Top salary: $75,000.
  • Average salary: $53,000.

Do you have a knack for writing? Well, this job might be perfect for you! Your main responsibility will be creating great posts for the products and services you sell. Digital copywriters have to understand their target audience and follow some leads so their texts would really sell.

Event Promoter

  • Top salary: $73,000.
  • Average salary: $50,000.

This job is exactly what it sounds like. You will be responsible for planning and promoting different events. Experts in this profession need to reach out to the venues, celebrities, potential audience, and press. Good media coverage can increase sales and brand awareness, and your interpersonal skills can attract new investors.

Digital Marketing Executive

  • Top salary: $100,000.
  • Average salary: $69,000.

This is a job for those graduates who have a master’s degree and many other qualifications to back it up. Executives in this area will have authority over whole departments, overseeing marketing strategies, digital content, and sales leads. Also, you would be in close contact with other teams to boost productivity to the max!


  • Top salary: $85,000.
  • Average salary: $52,000.

You might have a very glamorous impression of fundraisers. People in fancy suits donate lots of money and drink champagne. In reality, this job can be really stressful. For the reason that you would need to deal with non-profit organizations, the donations might not be as big as you expect. Also, finding donors and allocating more money can be pretty tough.

What Is Included in a Marketing Major?

It’s wrong to think you will deal only with ads and clients after graduating. Sure, advertising is a big part of marketing. At the same time, the business environment can accommodate many professions that will be related to marketing. Your future career also depends on the level of the degree you got.

  • Marketing bootcamps provide an intense training course over a short period of time. Learners can receive college credit or even some sort of diploma here!
  • A bachelor’s degree is more than enough to kickstart your career. Most of the places that hire graduates are looking for this level of education or less.
  • A master’s degree is the top-tier option for graduates. Often, learners try to improve their chances of hiring with some additional courses or internships.
To Sum Up

So there you have it, eight jobs where you can make use of your degree in marketing. As you can see, there are plenty of options for the graduates. It’s always better to start looking for a career when you are still studying. This way, you can really get an advantage over other graduates.