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Best Tools For CPU Stress Test for Stress Testing Your PC


Every PC has an amount of stress that it is built for. A CPU stress test is the one way to know what your computer is capable of.

What is CPU stress testing

This term sometimes referred to as torture testing is a form of intentional intense or thorough testing. It is used to determine system stability.

CPU stress testing will normally entail testing beyond normal operational capacity, many times, even up to a breaking point, in order to observe the results.

The reasons why you may want to stress test your computer could include:

  • Knowing your systems safe limits and breaking points.
  • To confirm that the specifications one intends for a computer are actually being met.
  • Find out the different modes of failure of the system.
  • Confirm that the mathematical model is accurate enough and can predict correctly breaking points or safe usage limits.

With this in mind, I will work you through my list of best tools for a CPU stress test in 2018. Note that this list is in no particular order.

Here is the List of the Best Tools For CPU Stress Test 

1. GPU-Zcpu stress test

This is a very sleek tool. It does not monitor the CPU, but rather the GPU. This tool allows one to monitor the following on the GPU:

  • The temperatures and load on your GPU
  • GPU’s clock speed
  • Onboard memory clock speed0
  • Fan speed
  • Amount of memory being used.

GPU-Z Can Now Detect Fake NVIDIA Graphics Cards. You can see an example of how a legitimate NVIDIA card and a fake one would appear in GPU-Z below.

cpu stress test

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2. HWMonitor

This tool is one of the best free tools to monitor PC component temperatures. It’s easy to use UI is a top-selling point. HWMonitor provides real-time information on

  • Utilization
  • Temperature
  • Clock speed
  • Power usage of the onboard components.

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3. Core Tempcpu stress test

This tool is nice and lightweight. It provides real-time readings for the temperature and the load percentage of the processor.

For Intel processors, this light-weight tool provides readings for the temperature and load on each individual core on the CPU. With an AMD processor, however, it provides only a single temperature for the entire CPU. A selling point for this tool is the availability of plugins to expand its capabilities.

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4. Prime 95

This is one tool that has been in the market for a very long time. Its mode of operation is to utilize the CPU in finding Mersenne prime numbers. This process generates a very heavy workload on the CPU.

The requirements for this tool is an uninterrupted 6-hour run. This will confirm that the CPU is good and will not have issues over its usable lifetime.

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5. HWiNFO64

cpu stress test

On a list of tools for CPU stress test, HWiNFO64 ranks as one of the advanced ones. It supports monitoring of multiple core components in your system.

This tool provides features to track temperatures and other information on your CPU, GPU, RAM, and motherboard. It is also capable of tracking details like fan speeds and component loads.

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6. Memtest 86+

This tool is one of the few tools that test the system RAM. This is one of the components that is sometimes overlooked during a test.

Most systems will show a Blue screen of death when there is a memory fail. This makes a memory test very vital. Memtest86+ still remains the top tool for this.

This tool unlike most is not a windows application but can be loaded onto a bootable USB drive using an automatic installer.

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7. Aida64cpu stress test

This tool is often preferred to Prime95. Its approach is a mimic of real-world processes that place a 100% load on your processor to test how it will function.

Unfortunately, this tool is not one of the free ones. A basic license costs $34.99 and can be used for up to 3 computers.


This roundup consists mainly of tools for CPU stress test that are free. Running a test is very important and becoming more necessary with applications and services that require a lot of computing power. These tools though mainly free will help get the job done.



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