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What is the Best Thermal Paste for Your CPU?


Are you Looking for the best thermal paste to Cool Down your PC CPU?

Our team spent 48 hours on research and tested out all thermal paste by own then we come with this post for you. Well, in this post We are reviewing the thermal paste in 2019 which is most suitable for your need.

Systems are only efficient and effective if they are on the right temperature. While it depends on how you are using your CPU, a cooling system is integral for the effectiveness of your computer.

Whether you are using it for gaming or mere administrative duties, the processor is running. The number of tasks at a time wears down the processor; it heats up; just like any system, it won’t perform optimally at high temperatures.

Cool it down!

best thermal paste

Obviously, you know how to use your laptop with regards to thermal regulation. Do not cover the vents, to allow the fan to help in cooling the processor. If the vents are covered, the system will overheat and automatically shut down.

Shutting down is a safety measure to protect your processor, otherwise it you will need to replace it every time it overheats.

It is the same thing with CPUs, where and how you place the CPU in the office or in your living room matters a lot. While all systems come with a fan for the cooling effect, it might not match the task complexity and engagement of your processor.

As mentioned, the type of tasks you run every day determines how much of cooling your system needs. This is where a thermal paste comes in; a fan may not be sufficient on its own.

A thermal paste and fan complement each other’s function. While a fan is usually fitted directly above a processor, cool air is lost within the small distance difference.

A thermal paste is applied on the processor, it has a significant and fast cooling effect than the fan.

The two should not be compared because they complement each other, without the fan, a thermal paste can overheat because of inadequate airflow in the system. Air circulation is crucial for a cooling process within a system.

There are multiple brands with different components that determine the effectiveness of a thermal paste, here are the top products for your system cooling needs.

Here is the List of Best Thermal Paste for Your CPU in 2019

1. Noctua Nt-H1                         

best thermal paste
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This is ideal for compressed and liquid cooling systems. The thermal paste is renowned for overclocking.

If you are running a PC at 90 degrees, application of this paste guarantees you at least a 10-degrees reduction in the temperature. If your PC is heating, there is no worry because overclocking is the answer. You can regain your system’s performance to optimal levels without much expense and hassle.

The Noctua thermal paste is affordable and easily available in local stores. If you are keen on your purchases, you can order from the manufacturer’s website.

The shipping cost will depend on your location. It is the safest way to buy any products, especially if you are rebuilding your PC. You have to be sure of the quality. This thermal paste guarantees you smooth performance for years. You may never need to check on your processor anytime soon.

Taking care of the processor means your system is functioning smoothly and faster.

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best thermal paste
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We all want a high perfuming PC whether it is for watching movies, coding, administrative functions or gaming.

You might have invested in a powerful system, the best you can think of in the market. Sure, it will serve you for as long as you can think of as per manufacturer’s specifications but machines are prone to wear and tear.

After prolonged use, you will need to invest in maintenance practices and take precautionary measures for the longevity of the service. The efficiency is bound to get low with consistent use and this is why you need this carbon-based high-performance paste.

best thermal paste

The thermal paste is compatible with nitrogen and air coolers. Also, it is not electrically conducive hence safe. No risks of damage because of short circuits from mishandling. Overlocking temperatures can easily be tackled with this product.

The paste comes with an 8-year warranty. The carbon component increases its thermal conductivity. Unlike most pastes, ARCTIC can be used in all types of CPUs.

The paste is compatible with silver, plastic, and metal. There are no worries of damage to your processor or CPU cover irrespective of the material. It is worth the cost because of its effectiveness; it is a one-time maintenance tool.

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3. Gelid Solutions GC-Extreme     

best thermal paste
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It is popular in laptop maintenance and cooling properties. Suitability of this product is based on its high conductivity ratings.

It is safe for your system; your laptop is safe from short circuits whenever there is an electrical fault. The thermal paste is relatively cheaper but performs in the same manner with products of higher conductivity ratings. Contents of the Gelid Solutions must be the secret. The conductivity rating is said to be 8.5 W/mk.

The product is friendly; hardly corrosive with a non-electrical conductive compound. While you should be careful with its storage, Gelid Solutions GC-Extreme is non-toxic and non-curing.

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4. EGC High-Performance Thermal Paste                  

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If you are wondering how to fix a CPU heatsink, here is your answer. The paste is both available offline and online. It is probably the best fix you can find for your CPU. It includes silicone compounds, Metal oxide as well as carbon compounds.

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Below Youtube Video will help you to how to properly apply thermal paste on your CPU.

A cooling system is key for the performance of your CPU.


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