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Everything You Should Know About Inverter Price, Features & Advantages

Do you feel irritated, or do your day-to-day activities get affected due to the frequent power cuts? If yes, then getting a power backup system, i.e., an inverter that can help you and your electronic devices run safely and work during frequent power cuts.  

An inverter is a power backup device that converts Direct Current (DC) into Altering Current (AC). The inverter accomplishes this conversion by rapidly changing the direction of DC input back and forth. It is the best solution during time-consuming power cuts. An inverter is used to power electrical appliances with ease. You can find various categories available in the market that you can get your hands on. Since it offers numerous benefits, one must not only look for the inverter price before buying. 

Types and Features of Different Inverters 

  • Pure Sine Wave Inverters 

These inverters are designed to work optimally on sine waves, power large appliances, and allow their users to be more independent and resilient. If you are willing to buy an inverter that can power sensitive appliances like the microwave, refrigerator etc., then you must get your hands on pure sine wave inverters. Pure sine wave inverter price is a little higher in comparison to other inverters because of its high efficiency and long life.  

  • Modified Sine Wave Inverters 

These inverters work best with a frequency above 60 Hertz and can effectively power most of the devices but are unlikely to function optimally compared to pure sine wave inverters. However, the modified sine wave inverter price is comparatively affordable and best for all those who prefer budget inverters. 

  • Square Wave Inverters 

The square wave inverters are indeed the simplest form of inverter that effectively converts DC into AC, but the output voltage waveform is a square wave. Compared to the other types, this inverter form doesn’t have much application as most of the devices cannot function in the square waveform, and this inverter price is considerably low. 

<strong>Everything You Should Know About Inverter Price, Features & Advantages</strong>

Benefits of Inverters 

Having a power device at your home can help you stay stress-free during important work hours. Below listed are some of the advantages that will help you avoid considering the inverter price: 

  • Smart Features 

With the advancement in technology, the inverters have also become smarter. New inverters with modern features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity are introduced. These modern features allow the users to connect their inverter with the easily downloadable mobile application. This further helps to make the process consumer-friendly to monitor the inverter easily. 

  • Efficiency and Durability 

Efficiency and durability are what inverters are known for. A good quality inverter has a long-life cycle and is capable of delivering optimum performance to the users without any chaos. Good brand inverters usually have a long life and offer the best performance under every condition to ensure continuous power supply. 

  • Noiseless Operation 

The inverters are gaining huge popularity because of their noiseless operation, which helps ensure that the users of inverters can carry out their workday with all ease, without constant background noise. Noisy power systems like generators cause interruptions during calls and meetings. In fact, the inverter price is significantly lower compared to noisy power backup operators like generators. 

Inverters come in handy to keep your system functioning, guarantees the security of your crucial data and even safely shut down your system. So, what are you waiting for? Head on to Luminous India’s website today to check their wide power backup solutions available and the inverter price to buy as per your budget.