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What Is Adobe GC Invoker Utility? Is GC Invoker Utility Safe

Adobe is one of the most used software in the world. It provides an easy way to create and edit documents. There are also many pirated versions of Adobe, and the GC Invoked Utility is Adobe’s way of helping you recognize unauthorized versions of their software.

This article will explain what GC Invoker Utility is. It will also answer some of the frequently asked questions about GC Invoker Utility.

What Is Adobe GC Invoker Utility?

Adobe software is highly sought after and widely used. Almost every computer has Adobe software installed in it. However, not everyone can recognize an original, verified Adobe software.

This has given rise to the circulation of pirated copies and imitations of the original. There are dangerous implications to having and using these imitations such as susceptibility to malware and generally inferior service.

Adobe GC Invoker Utility, therefore, helps to verify Adobe programs, evaluate the compatibility with your system, and license validation. Adobe GC Invoker Utility or AdobeGCClient.exe is a process that runs in the background.

It is part of Adobe’s software integrity service validation testing. It checks if there has been tampering—including edits and pirating—of the software files or invalid or improper license.

The GC Invoker Utility comes as part of several Adobe programs.

Is Adobe GC Invoker Utility Safe?

People frequently ask if Adobe GC Invoker Utility is safe, or even if it is a virus. This is because it sometimes gets flagged by third-party antivirus installed in the computer.

You should note that the utility itself is not a virus, but it is possible that a virus with the same name, or disguising as the utility may be the cause of the problems. So, in this instance, the cause of the problem is not the Invoker Utility, but a virus.

There are however other problems that may be caused by the utility. In those instances, your concern is not safety per her, but reduced performance. Problems with Adobe GC Invoker Utility can cause the computer to act in suboptimal ways while consuming a large chunk of the system’s resources.

Causes Of GC Invoker Utility Issues

As we have seen, GC Invoker Utility is safe, though it can have problems of its own. There are many possible causes of problems you are experiencing, a few of which will be touched upon briefly below.

Problem with the Registry:

 The registry is where all the information about the software is stored after installation or updates. Sometimes, during an update, invalid or duplicate entries are made in the Registry leading to errors in GC Invoker Utility.


Malware is always a suspect when there are problems with your computer.

Disabled Security:

This is related to the problem of malware. If you mistakenly disabled security, or you have an out of date antivirus, problems are bound to happen, including errors with GC Invoker Utility, or viruses disguised as it.


You may have mistakenly made changes in the computer’s settings.

Blocked Systems Updates: 

If there were errors while updating Windows it can cause software and applications to misbehave.

Should I Disable GC Invoker Utility From Running At Startup

Adobe GC Invoker Utility does its work in the background. It starts up automatically when you turn on your computer. People often ask if a simple solution to issues related to the utility is to disable it from running at startup.

If you are not experiencing any problems with the application, then there is no need to. If also, the only issue reported is your antivirus flagging it, it may be a false flag.

If however, it consumes a large share of your computer’s resources even when you are not using Adobe then you can disable it.

Should I Remove Adobe GC Invoker Utility?

People also ask if they should remove Adobe GC Invoker Utility. If you don’t use any Adobe software, you can uninstall the application to create space for other applications.

If you use Adobe software, they won’t function properly without the utility, so disabling it is the last resort.

Note also that the utility may keep reappearing even after deleting because it is a part of most Adobe programs.

Troubleshooting Adobe GC Invoker Utility

If you are experiencing problems with the utility, there are different things you can try. If one of the fixes given below doesn’t prove effective, you should attempt others. 

Restart Your Computer In Safe Mode

Restarting the computer in safe mode is an often overlooked fix to problems with the GC Invoker Utility. Before you think about disabling or removing the utility, try this fix. The methods for doing this vary slightly depending on your version of Windows. For Windows 10, the steps are given below.

Open “Start menu”, and select the power button option to look through the different power options.

Click the reboot button while pressing the SHIFT key. So, reboot button + SHIFT key simultaneously.

GC Invoker Utility

Click Troubleshoot and select Startup Settings, then select the Advanced tab.

What Is Adobe GC Invoker Utility? Is GC Invoker Utility Safe

Select the Restart option when it appears on the screen, and select Enable safe mode with network.

Delete All Files Created By GC Invoker Utility From Registry

Since the issues with Adobe GC Invoker Utility may also be a Registry related problem, deleting files in the Registry can prove effective.  Follow these steps to delete Registry entries.

Press Windows key and R simultaneously to open the run menu, then open Registry by typing Regedit in the  Search bar.

What Is Adobe GC Invoker Utility? Is GC Invoker Utility Safe

Hold Ctrl+F, then enter the name of the utility to find it. Finally, select Delete all malicious files.

Disable GC Invoker Utility Using Task Manager

Takes manager is a very important tool on Windows. It helps you check how much of your computer’s resources an application is consuming.

It also helps you uninstall or disable applications. You can disable programs like Adobe GC Invoker Utility that launch during startup from the task manager. Here is how to do it.

Press Ctrl+Shift+ESC to open Task manager, and find Adobe GC invoker in the menu under the Processes tab.

GC Invoker Utility

Right-click on Adobe GC Invoker Utility. Select disable.

This process stops it from launching during startup.

Uninstall GC Invoker Utility Using Control Panel

You can uninstall the utility. You should try other fixes before attempting the more drastic measure of uninstalling the utility.

Note also that uninstalling GC Invoker Utility affects the way Adobe software works. You will be unable to detect similar but fake apps without the utility. Here are the steps to uninstall the application.

On Windows 10:

  1. Launch the Start menu.
  2. Click Settings, then Apps.
  3. Go to the Apps and Features option.
  4. Choose Adobe GC Invoker.
  5. Right-click on it and select the uninstall option from the drop-down menu.

On Windows 8:

  1. Hold Windows key + C.
  2. Go to the settings option.
  3. Go to the Control panel.
  4. Choose the Uninstall a program option.
  5. Look for AGCInvokerUtility.exe and delete.

Remove Adobe GC Invoker Utility Using Uninstaller

Third-party software can make many tasks easy to perform. With third-party software, you can delete Adobe GC Invoker Utility with just a few clicks. One highly recommended software is Uninstaller. Follow these steps to uninstall the Invoker Utility.

Download the Uninstaller program. (There are a couple of these. use a simple google search)

Install the program. Read all the information and click Next when needed. 

Finish the installation and run the program.

Find GC Invoker from the list of installed programs, select it, and press uninstall.

Run Antivirus

This is an important troubleshooting method, not just for GC Invoker issues, but for many issues with your computer. Run a system scan with your antivirus. 

After the scan is completed and the threats have been detected, follow the prompts to deal with the threats. This is particularly useful if the problems you’re experiencing are a result of malware masquerading as GC invoker.

If needed, update your antivirus, or install a different antivirus.

Uninstall Adobe Software

Since the GC Invoker is a part of the Adobe software, the problem you are experiencing may be as a result of an installation or update that was not correctly done.

By uninstalling Adobe software and reinstalling it, you would be eliminating the problem. You can do the uninstalling with third party software or from the control panel.

This fix is particularly relevant if you noticed the problems after a recent Adobe installation or update.


Adobe GC Invoker Utility is an important part of Adobe software. It helps you spot fake Adobe products and therefore avoid problems associated with them. Once in a while, you may experience problems relating to the Invoker Utility itself.

The possible causes of these problems, as well as solutions, have been discussed. Now you know how to solve Adobe GC Invoker Utility related problems.