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How to Use Video to Promote Your Business

Today video became a powerful tool for business promotion, and it’s explained by the fact that people now prefer watching bright and captivating videos to reading a text. Statistics show that 84% of respondents said after watching a brand’s promotion video, they were convinced to buy a product or service.

For many entrepreneurs creating video content means additional time and cost, but we know how to facilitate this process. By the way, you will increase brand awareness, number of clients, and revenue by using a proper business video. 

The most popular video types for business promotion are explainer videos, presentation videos, testimonial videos, sales videos, and video ads. The only prerequisite is to be creative, show strong sides of your business, and use a great online video editor. With so many advanced video editing tools, a person with no experience may face a challenge to choose the best program. 

In this article, you will make sure why you need to create this type of content and find out secrets on how to make and edit video properly for your business promotion. 

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Advantages of Using Video for Your Business

If you wonder about the effectiveness of video content for promoting your business on the Internet, read the list of benefits and make your decision. 

Increasing Brand Awareness 

People will recognize your brand once they see its name and logo in interactive videos many times. Try to post videos on different social media platforms that will increase your brand awareness and make people talk about your products and services. Catchy videos make your brand authentically connect with the audience and help your business grow. 

Boosting Target Audience Engagement

Your business video should reflect a positive user experience and the benefits people will get. Thus, your content needs to be an embodiment of potential customers’ lifestyles and habits. People will see that it’s your company that can satisfy their needs, so it boosts customer engagement and the overall business success. 

Growing Revenue  

Video production is a cost- and time-consuming process, but it can provide you with a good return on investment. We have plenty of affordable video editing software, ensuring great results for free or for a reasonable price. You can even use an app on your Android for creating video content that will promote your business and increase profit. 

Improving Conversion Rates

Business owners should not hesitate to add videos to their landing page and share absorbing content on social media as it’s a direct way to increase conversions. It’s your chance to influence people’s buying behavior and make video viewers become customers. Creative video content is a powerful tool encouraging more audiences to visit the site to get to know more. 

Establishing Trustful Relationship with Consumers 

Trust is essential for customer engagement so that your business video should present an individual approach to everyone hesitating in making a purchase decision. Compelling and useful data, reflecting not only benefits of your brand, but building long-term relationships with clients is a key to fostering trust. And that’s why 57% of consumers report promotional videos to give them more confidence to buy online. 

Tips to Create a High-Quality Video Content

Here we prepared a guide on how to make a great promotional video even if you do not have any experience. 

Plan the Video

Firstly, you should imagine what you want to present to the audience and make up a script. Consider that you have the first seven seconds to impress viewers and encourage them to continue watching in a positive mood. If you want to share some valuable, expert information, use the following 30 seconds to attract potential customers. 

Your video should tell a story, and there preferably should be a conflict and solution. Suggest to clients how your product and service can solve their problems. The Call to Action is an indispensable element of a successful promotional video for any business as it encourages people not to ignore content they’ve seen and explore your brand. 

Apply Creativity and Imagination

Once you create a plan for the video and its script, it’s time to add interesting facts and a personal touch. Present information about your company creatively and concisely. It’d be great to show all your best features but do not show off. Try to make your content live and entertaining, and graphic cards for video editing can make your content unique and appealing. Video content depends on your company’s specialization, and video should either promote the company itself or creatively present one of the products. 

Use the Right Video Editor

There is plenty of decent video editing software in the market, and it’s important to read reviews, analyze features and prices. You can choose a paid or free video editor depending on your business scale, budget, and your editing experience. Use a free video editor when creating a video for the first time. Creating a quality business for business promotion is easy with the proper video editing software.

Consider SEO

You should not neglect video optimization for search engines as it helps your content be visible on the Internet. You will attract more views using targeted keywords, phrases, hashtags, and a catchy heading. It works both for web browsers and social media as optimization is vital for business video promotion and success.

Choose Appropriate Music

Music can enhance your video content or distract viewers from the main idea, so incorporate music attentively. Add a type of music that will correspond to the scenes: add relaxed melodies to slow scenes and energetic music to the slow ones. Do not stick to one composition and combine different melodies, but of the same genre. Pay attention to video editing software that provides free music and images libraries for making videos. 


Now you can see that creating video content is the most effective way to engage an audience, increase profit, and achieve success. You can add the video to your landing page and share it on different platforms. It’s your time to show all the benefits of your business in a creative way and entertain people.