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Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It? – My Honest Review

So you are a young professional trying after seeking wisdom you are seeking for a job. Or you are an experienced candidate looking to upgrade your post.

Congratulations! First of all, you are looking at the right place and for the right answers. In this article, I am going to lay all the facts that you need to make a decision.

LinkedIn is a platform that helps you in building a professional network. Although LinkedIn provides excellent free services. But at the same time, they keep promoting their paid membership plan as well.

Which might leave you wondering “is LinkedIn premium worth it?” And in this article, we are going to answer that we will dig deep into the ocean of LinkedIn premium and will find out is there any pearls down there.

What will you get in the LinkedIn free version?

Choosing the LinkedIn plan depends on your requirement. If a free plan is doing just what you need then there is no need for up-gradation. So, here is a list of the features that free LinkedIn will provide.

  • Let you create a professional profile.
  •  Search competence for peoples and jobs.
  • You can create weekly email alerts with the help of three default saved searches.
  • Let you provide and request a recommendation from others.

Cost of LinkedIn premium:-

Before going to buying a LinkedIn premium it is better to know the prices. The LinkedIn premium has four tiers, with each having different features and prices. 

  • Premium Career: $29.99/month
  • Premium Business: $59.99/month
  • Sales Navigate Pro: $79.99/month
  • Recruiter Lite: $119.95/month

Note:- The prices mentioned above do not include taxes, which might differ from place to place. Paying annually will give you some sort of discount.

Is LinkedIn premium worth it

Let’s discuss each of the tiers briefly:-

Premium Career: Premium Career is good for job seekers. If you want to get a monthly subscription it will cost you $29.99 on the other you have to pay $239.88 for an annual subscription.

Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It? - My Honest Review

In this plan, you will get three InMail messages(messages that can be sent to any user) + details on the peoples who viewed your profile + tools that will help your profile in standing out from the crowd. 

Premium Business: Premium Business’s subscription will cost you $59.99 monthly and $575.88 if you want to buy its annual package.

Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It? - My Honest Review

In this, you will be getting 15InMail messages + unlimited searches(in your extended network) + additional data of a company.

Sales Navigate Pro:- Sales Navigate Pro will cost you $79.99 per month and $779.88 annually. In this, you will be given lead builder tool + recommendation of leads + real-time insights + 20InMail messages.

Is LinkedIn premium worth it

There is a multiseat version of this plan as well, which will provide you with 30 InMail messages + 10 PointDrive presentations +…..

Recruiter Lite:- Recruiter Lite which is a base tier of Talent Solution of LinkedIn comes at $119.99/monthly or $1,199.40/annually.

Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It? - My Honest Review

It comes with 30 InMail messages + advanced search + unlimited visibility(for your extended network) + automatic candidate tracking + integrated hiring( with a design specific for recruiter).

Every tier comes with one month of free subscription. Which will eventually give you an idea of what you are paying for?

What are the benefits of the LinkedIn premium?

If you are just getting started with Linkedln’s paid plans. Then it would be better for you to start from the first tier which is LinkedIn career. In this section, we are going to discuss just that. Is LinkedIn a career worth your money?

Is LinkedIn premium worth it
Syed Balal is the chief technical writer of this website

The LinkedIn career will assist you in building your professional network and at the same time finding a job. Isn’t that what you need at the moment? So, this reason only makes LinkedIn a career worth your investment.

The insight will give information about the people who sneaked into your profile, with which you can text them and pitch your service.

Knowing who viewed your profile is very crucial in a professional environment, you can reach out to the recruiters who viewed your profile as there’s a very thick chance that, the person might be interested in your service.

The InMail will help you in building a network by connecting you to the people who work for that company.

Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It? - My Honest Review


One of the biggest limitations of the LinkedIn free version is that in the free version if you view someone’s profile, you will see a padlock near about the message button(if you haven’t connected with them).

But in a LinkedIn premium career that lock will be unlocked with the help of the InMail. Therefore, you will be able to message them without having a prior connection.

Top Benefits of LinkedIn premium:-

There are dozens of benefits of the LinkedIn premium, but we are going to talk about three of the most important benefits of them all.

1. LinkedIn Learning

If you are a premium member of LinkedIn. You will be provided with an array of different courses to learn. LinkedIn gives its premium member access to 1500+ videos from Lynda.com.

Lynda.com has been an integral part of LinkedIn after being sold to LinkedIn for $1.5 Billion in 2015. These videos will help you and your organization to acquire new skills like business, creativity, and technology and excel in that.

Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It? - My Honest Review

How can a business use LinkedIn Learning?

If you have a business and you want your employees, to learn new skills and be up-to-date with the current requirements of the market you should try sending them to LinkedIn Online school.

LinkedIn provides its users with different types of courses such as Building Dashboard for Excel, Customer Insights, and Consumer Analytics for Organization and thousands of more courses. 

2. InMail

The term “InMail” was used several times in this article. This might leave me wondering “what is an InMail?”. InMail is a tool in LinkedIn premium which allows the users to message other LinkedIn members directly without being connected.

If you don’t have a membership plan you will only be able to message the people you are directly connected to. Therefore, if you want to increase your network and make contact with members outside your circle.

How to use LinkedIn InMail (to increase conversions)

After knowing all this one question might throttle your bran “can InMal get me a job”. This question is wrong in itself as it is your dedication, hard work, and talent that will give you success.

Although, InMail can help with prospecting. Because as compared to other contact options such as email, phone, or referrals. The traffic in InMail of Linkedin is less, therefore, will make your message more visible.

And not only that if they see your profile on a LinkedIn premium account they will know that you are a trustworthy prospect.

3. LinkedIn Badge

Buying LinkedIn’s premium membership will let you unlock the LinkedIn premium batch. The golden icon glamorizing your profile can help your profile to get more views.

The recruiters will assume that you are serious about working and are not someone who is just using LinkedIn as Instagram. 

You will be surprised by the attention that you will get once you have that badge. So, it is good to enroll in something that will help you in getting one step closer to your dream job.

Who should use LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn Premium is not for everyone that is the reason why it is paid. And if it is not for you then spending dollars on it is not a good investment. Here’s the list of people who should consider going for a LinkedIn Premium account:-


Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It? - My Honest Review

LinkedIn was primarily build to help people getting employed. LinkedIn provides job seekers with an excellent opportunity to connect to the recruiters and become a highlighted applicant on the job listing portal.

At the same time with the LinkedIn learning tool, one can easily learn new technologies and be up-to-date. That will eventually help them in getting a good job with good pay.

According to some statistics, LinkedIn’s Premium Career users have a 50% higher chance of getting a job as compared to the one browsing with free membership.


Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It? - My Honest Review

LinkedIn is a platform for job seekers, so isn’t is obvious that it is a good platform for job providers as well. Recruiters are able to connect with an array of talented candidates and are able to filter them accordingly.

There are custom tools to assist the recruiters in order to search, organize, and interact with the network’s many members.

Business Sales Team:-

Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It? - My Honest Review

According to LinkedIn research, the LinkedIn Business member experiences profile visits 6-times more than its free member.

On the other hand, if you are using a Sales Navigator, then the chances of your profile being selected are 3-times more than its free version.

You may like to explore our guide on 9 Of The Best LinkedIn Alternatives For Professional Networking.

How to see who has viewed your profile?

So, the phrase “will allow you to check who has viewed your profile” has been used quite a few times in this article. But in this section, I am going to show you how to check who has viewed your profile? 

There are two methods to check who has viewed your profile. Both of them are listed below:-

Log in to your account. You will see an option “who’s viewed your profile” placed beneath your profile. Click on that

On top of your LinkedIn homepage, there will be an icon “Me”, click on that. Then click view profile and finally click who viewed your profile.

Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It? - My Honest Review

It was just an example of showing how good LinkedIn’s interface is.

How to block someone on LinkedIn?

If my profile is visible to all, then aren’t I vulnerable to fake accounts. Do not worry I and LinkedIn got your back. If someone is making racist, homophobic, misogynist remarks or he/she is asking for money, LinkedIn gives you an option to block that person.

Here’s a guide on “how to block someone on LinkedIn?”.

Step1: Search the name of that person in Linkedin’s search bar or just find him ou from your list of connections(My network> connections).

Step 2: After entering his profile portal. Click on the “More” button placed below his/her profile picture. Select the report/block option from the appeared list.

Step 3: A list will appear on your screen with the title “What do you want to do?”. Below which you will see three options, click on the Block [name] option among them.

Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It? - My Honest Review

Step 4: Before blocking that person, LinkedIn will ask you one more time in the next slide by giving a follow-up box titled “Are you sure you want to block [name]?” Read the description and if you are ok with it click on Go Block.

There you go!. You have gotten rid of another toxic person from your life. 

How to unblock someone on LinkedIn?

So, you were in a rush and for whatever reason have blocked the wrong person. Or you are regretting that you were too harsh on that member. Well! Do not be underwhelmed. I got your back. In LinkedIn, you can unblock someone by just following these steps:-

Step 1: Press “Me” placed at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.

Step 2: Click on setting and privacy from the list.

Step 3: In the privacy tab click on Blocking and hiding, placed on the left sidebar

Step 4: Press Change placed next to Blocking on the list.

Step 5: Search for the name of the person you want to unblock and then do just that, click on Unblock. Afterward, enter your password and click unblock in the blue button.

If you still regret the decision of unblocking them, then you have to wait for 48 hours before re-blocking them.

Is LinkedIn Premium Worth it?

After roaming around, now is the time to conclude everything. It’s time to answer the age-old question “Is LinkedIn Premium Worth it?”

LinkedIn premium is an investment and you need to have the patience for it to work. If you use it right it can do wonders for your career. If you are a Job Seeker, Recruiter, or businessman, investing in LinkedIn Premium is worth it.