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What is WiFi Repeater? Wifi Repeater Vs Wifi Extender Guide

Over the years, the want for fast internet has changed to the need for fast internet. The demand for Wifi has increased exponentially. That’s...

Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It? – My Honest Review

So you are a young professional trying after seeking wisdom you are seeking for a job. Or you are an experienced candidate looking to...

How To Ping a Website To Test The Availability

So, you are having a hard time logging in to a website or think that your router is having some trouble lately. Therefore, you...

What is FTPS? What is the difference between FTPS and SFTP?

FTPS(file transfer protocol with support for Transfer Layer Security)  is an updated version of FTP, with extra security. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. FTP,...

How To Check RAM Speed on Windows , Linux and Mac

As the world is getting more and more digitalize the demand of Gadget’s specs to be high is increasing day by day. And your...