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25 Of The Best Stores Like Five Below

Everyone’s favorite pastime these days is online shopping. Some sites specialize in high-end goods, while others specialize in quirky products and bargains plenty.

Every day, new online stores like Five Below open up with stuff we’ve never seen before. However, as we consider the concept of internet buying, knowing where to begin is pretty challenging.

Five Below is a fun online dollar store with everything priced under $5. You can either visit any of the physical stores or access the online shopping store. Toys, technology, food, clothing, sports equipment, and party supplies can all be purchased online.

Five Below is a discount store chain, selling pretty much everything starting from school supplies to clothing, and even candy. Furthermore, most of the products are only for around $5. Five Below is one of the highly successful retailers, offering incredibly low-cost items. 

Best Stores Like Five Below: Our Top Pick 👌👌

Five below shopping store is among the most popular dollar stores. Furthermore, across the US, the Dollar-store sales rapidly increased from 30.4 billion USD to 45.3 billion USD between 2010 and 2015. Here is a list of the top 25 shopping stores, like the Five below, that you must check out!

1. Dollar Tree

You’ve undoubtedly been to a Dollar Tree if you’re familiar with physical dollar stores. However, the online version, like the physical store, offers a wide range of options.

With the services offered by Dollar Tree, you can either shop according to the category and department or explore the available digital catalogs at the online store.

Seasonal, catering classics, and floral favorites are among the categories. It’s simple to place an order. To better look at an item, click on it and then add it to your cart.

Best Stores Like Five Below

It may not be easy to pick when everything is only a dollar! Free shipping to a local store is an extra perk. This option allows you to order the things you desire without having to pay for shipping.

Moreover, for all the people who prefer staying at home while shopping, this is the perfect destination to get all the desired items delivered at your doorsteps. This is one of the most popular dollar retailers and online shopping stores like Five Below.

2. 99¢ Only Stores

99 Only Stores is a fantastic chain of stores that sells outstanding goods for only $99.99. Although the discovery may come as a surprise when you go in, it is always a pleasant surprise. They sell everything from food to party supplies.

Best Stores Like Five Below 1

This retailer does not accept online orders; however, you can browse their available brands. You can also search for their nearest location and it’s worth a visit!!

Still,  you must cautiously handle their prepared lunch meat. They get 4 oz. containers created just for them from the manufacturer. Their package price is $1, but that works out to $4 per pound! This is much costlier than the ones available for sale at the supermarket.

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3. DH Gate

You can buy products directly from China using DHGate. They provide anything that you might want, except for food. DHGate, a Chinese wholesale website, has many things, most of which cost more than $1.

However, you can find a lot for under $1 if you know how to filter out the higher-priced things. Clothes, cosmetics products, gadgets, and toys are all heavily discounted at the store.

Best Stores Like Five Below 2

DHGate can provide these fantastic products because they sell straight to you, bypassing the middleman. This is unquestionably one of the perfect online shopping stores like Five Below.

While you may have to wait 14 days or more for your goods because they are frequently shipped from China, it may be worth it if you save more than 50% over what you would pay on Amazon.

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4. Dollar Fanatic

DollarFanatic is operated by 11for10.com, and it has a wider portfolio of products at just 1 USD! This company has a wide selection of things at a low price that we all appreciate.

Furthermore, they also have a promotion where they offer the 11th item for free if anyone buys any 10 items from them! Toys, games, beauty products, and other items are available here. Unless you order $50 worth of merchandise, shipping is $4.95 on all orders.

The wholesale part of the business is the store’s second option. Not just this, but you can also get some other fantastic deals if you are interested in bulk buying. This choice is perfect for someone who owns a thrift store or a similar business selling items for a dollar.

5. Dollar Plus Store

Dollar+Store was founded in 1996 and is the first online dollar store. It offers a wide range of products that you’d find in an actual store, including food, baby items, clothing, office supplies, sweets, games, and more.

The prices range from .50 cents to nearly two dollars for all of the items. The average price per item seems to be 1.25. Thus, there are higher chances that you can get pretty much stuff at a reasonable price from this store.

There is a $15 minimum order requirement, but it will be easy to meet that requirement with so many beautiful selections to pick from. In addition, if you spend at least $35 on products, your order will be shipped for free!

6. H&J Closeouts

H&J Closeouts is widely popular for being in this market of dollar stores for 25+ years. They mostly offer the products in bulk, thus it is the best store if you want to buy a large quantity of some items for a party or any other occasion. Prices are stated per item, and you must then determine how many things are in each case.

25 Of The Best Stores Like Five Below

Here, almost everything is available for 1 USD; however, some are also costlier than that. Still, the price varies and some items are also available for as little as .15 cents! You never know what you’ll find here, but whatever you do, it’ll be a terrific deal! They are widely preferred among the top shopping stores like Five Below.

7. Dollar Days

Dollar Days is a bargain business that appears to carry everything from light bulbs to groceries and everything in between. The best part about Dollar Days is that everything is drastically reduced, so if you take the time to browse over your selections, you will almost certainly discover anything you require.

25 Of The Best Stores Like Five Below

To obtain the most excellent price on many things, you’ll need to buy in volume. However, being one of the most recommended shopping stores like Five Below, Dollar Days has everything to meet the requirement.

8. Oriental Trading

Oriental Trading is a terrific location to shop for party items, educational materials, and craft products. They have a perfectly and precisely designed collection, so you will surely be able to spot exactly what you are in search of! This is the perfect shopping store for anyone who has children.

You can get various items from this store, ranging from trinkets for your children’s birthday parties to a variety of décor items for your Pirate and Medieval celebrations. In the internet discount store area, this is a fantastic resource to examine.

9. Axcesso Spot

Axcesso Spot has a wide range of products for your house or next party at a reasonable price. The party supplies are ideal for small gatherings such as birthday parties.

Home products include everything from baby things to doorknobs. It is another fantastic place to look for party favors and decorations if you’re throwing a party.

Although Acxesso Spot focuses on affordable party supplies and home and garden items, it has a little bit of everything. You may save money on everything from party favors to baby shower delights to themed birthday décor by shopping at Axcesso Spot.

Axcesso Spot, on the other hand, sells baby-proofing items such as cupboard locks and non-slip bath accessories. Check out the Specials tab to see all of the clearance items, including off-season items and other discounted things.

10. Family Dollar

FamilyDollar, a traditional brick-and-mortar discount store, can help you stretch your dollar a little farther. Even though you can’t order anything from their website, it’s a perfect place to look.

Best Stores Like Five Below 5

The website contains information and prices about the company’s product offers. They also provide their weekly ad, which is always interesting to check out. This is one of the most popular and recommended stores like Five Below.

11. Dollar Item

Dollar Item specializes in general wholesale stuff, which means they offer large quantities to discount and dollar retailers. As a result, you can go to their website and purchase items at a significant discount.

25 Of The Best Stores Like Five Below

However, if you wish to shop from here, you must buy the item in a large quantity. First, you will get to see the price per unit, and then you will get an option to view how many units does an order includes.

Food, clothing, home supplies, and other stuff are among the products available. It can rapidly add up, but this could be a great location to shop if you can handle the volume.

12. 5 Dollar Fashions

When it comes to clothing, who doesn’t appreciate a good deal? 5 Dollar Fashions is a great location to shop for stylish women’s clothing that won’t break the wallet. In addition, each item is reasonably priced, starting at roughly $5.

There are several options for you to choose from, so you will surely find something that you admire. In addition, their swimsuits and their sandals and shoes are fantastic values, making them one of the best shopping stores like Five Below.

13. Rose Gal

If you’re seeking fashion bargains, Rose Gal is another attractive option. Their outfits are lovely and inexpensive, but it is their jewelry that is truly exceptional.

For example, they sell earrings for as little as 1.50! There are many alternatives, so even if you have a specific design or color in mind, they are sure to have it.

25 Of The Best Stores Like Five Below

Women’s clothing is diverse, but males may have difficulty choosing anything they like because the assortment is trendy and full of bright colors. Younger men will enjoy it, while those in their 30s and older may not.

In addition, most orders come with free shipping, making it one of the highly recommended shopping stores like Five Below.

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14. Miss A

Miss A should be your first stop if you’re looking for a great deal on makeup and cosmetic supplies. For one dollar, the store offers a variety of possibilities. Some items are more expensive, but you can save even more money by purchasing them in pre-packaged bundles.


One of the best aspects of this store is that it is cruelty-free and only contains ingredients that the FDA has approved. In addition, free shipping is provided on orders above $35, which is a fantastic bonus.

15. Dollar General

You’ve undoubtedly visited or at least seen a Dollar General location, but you may not be aware that you can shop for Dollar General online. The assortment is similar to what is available in other shopping stores like Five Below.

Dollar General sells everything from food to household supplies at a low price. Some items are under one dollar, but the majority of them are under seven dollars.

Shipping is one expense that could eat into your savings. They occasionally have a promotion where delivery is free if you purchase $40. If you can’t find a free shipping deal, you may always mail it to a shop, which is also a free alternative.

Also, sign up for their digital coupons to save even more money without exerting too much effort. Finally, the Auto Delivery option is the last approach to save money while purchasing online at Dollar General.

Moreover, If you utilize the option to schedule shipments for some products to be delivered to you regularly, you may also get a 5% discount on the shipments.

16. Amazon Fashion

Most of the items here are under 100 USD, with only a few exceptions. The cost for shipping and return is such that there is zero cost for the Amazon Prime members. Just a few years back, Amazon was not at all meant for buying clothes. But, how things have progressed through time is impressive.

It also has the #FoundItOnAmazon page, which allows you to buy items you’ve worn. So it turns out that fashion isn’t a roadblock for Amazon after all, and it is one of the best shopping stores like five Below.

17. Dollar Shave Club

If you shave frequently, you’re well aware of how costly it can be to purchase razors daily. However, you can buy a package of new razors for $3, $6, or $9 a month with the Dollar Shave Club.

They also include shaving cream and other bathroom necessities in the package. You can change your delivery schedule based on how frequently you shave and cancel at any time.

18. DollarStore.com

Although some things cost more than a dollar, most things cost less than a dollar, making this another great online dollar store choice. Even the goods that cost more than $1 were usually around $3, so it’s still worth a look.

They have a wide range of products to choose from, including home care items and accessories, making them one of the best shopping stores like Five Below.

If you go, you’ll probably find something new every time you go, and it could keep you occupied for hours.

19. Wish

Wish, arguably the most popular shopping store, features a plethora of bargains, most of which are lower-priced items.

Wish is enjoyable to browse and see what’s available because it functions similarly to a social networking platform such as Facebook. You scroll until something grabs your attention. You can also conduct an online search for specific items.

While Wish is no longer a dollar store, the pricing filters can still be used to search only $1 items. The great thing about Wish is that you don’t have to buy in bulk, and shipping is sometimes even free!

20. Living Tees

Living Tees is a company that sells t-shirts and makes people laugh. Each shirt on this site has an excellent statement or logo on it. If you’re seeking fantastic online retailer stores like Five Below, this new addition is a must-visit.

Living Tees offers several discounts along with an offer of free shipping on all orders over 40 USD. Now is the time to start looking through their graphic tees, humorous shirts, funny tees, great shirts, and awesome t-shirts.

21. ShotDeadintheHead

ShotDeadintheHead is one of the best online buying stores like Five Below. While this site may have an odd name, it more than makes up for it with its stylish clothing. ShotDeadintheHead is known for its unique t-shirts.

Each shirt is one-of-a-kind and comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Every shirt on this website is fantastic. Each tee will cost roughly $20, with postage costing around £2.99 for each order. Look for their discount codes to help you get your desired item while saving some money.

22. Tan Through

Tan Through is one of the most recommended and preferred online shopping websites. Have you ever gone to the beach and lazed in the sun only to return home with dreadful tan lines? Tan Through has figured out a way to solve the problem.

Their entire collection of suites allow sunlight to pass through, ensuring that you do not get any more tan lines. Whether for men or women, each suit functions as a medium-level SPF sunscreen and is entirely comfortable. They also include some exclusive beachwear styles to keep you cool and safer under the sun. 

23. Romwe

Another clothing store with a similar atmosphere is Romwe. For almost a decade they have been offering their services and rapidly growing in popularity.

Several folks from all across the world use Romwe. “From Runway to Realway,” the company’s tagline, is a good fit. The store’s extensive product selection appeals to many customers, making it one of the most fantastic alternative stores like Five Below.

Because it is based out of China, you should do some research to identify your accurate size concerning the store.

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24. Dresslily

The next store to come is Dresslily. This is another well-known site for women shopping for attractive discounts. You can also get around 50 to 60 % discounts or even more on a few items.

It features a diverse range of designs and trends, which we found appealing. Comfortable clothing is available for women of all sizes. Casual tees, skirts, party wear dresses, swimsuits, etc., are just a few of the items available. Dresslily also sells a wide range of accessories, including watches, handbags, and jewelry.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are several online dollar stores like Five Below from which to shop from the convenience of your own home. If you’re bored and want to go bargain hunting, or if you noticed something at your local Dollar Tree and want to buy it online, one of these websites will indeed have it.