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What Does IIRC Mean And How Do I Use IIRC In Sentences?

If you’re here, chances are you’re looking for answers to the question “What does IIRC mean”? You’ve come to the right source. 

You’ve probably seen it a lot of times on social chat sites and you were wondering what it stood for and what it meant. 

I will be explaining what it means, how to use it, and in what situation it is considered rude amongst other important tips. 

I will start with a general description and then move into actual usage. 

What Does IIRC Mean? 🤔

What Does IIRC Mean

The sensible place to start from is telling you what IIRC stands for. 

IIRC – “If I Recall Correctly” or “If I Remember Correctly”

The same situation you’d use the phrase in real-life conversation is usually the same settings needed for you to use it online. 

Situations such as you trying to ensure you remembered somebody’s previous words, trying to point out people who are changing their statements or just trying to trip people into making mistakes. 

Just about any word can be used sarcastically and this phrase is no different. 

You can use IIRC to attach a bit of sarcasm to your words and talk down at people (which must be discouraged because cyberbullying isn’t cool). 

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Classic Use (When You’re Not Actually Sure)

Some other situations that people might want to use IIRC are when they’re totally not sure (which should be the main reason) about the solution, idea, or advice that they’re dishing out and they want to leave a loophole just in case things don’t work out. 

They can always say, “I guess I remembered wrong, remember I wasn’t too sure.” IIRC is a really good way of avoiding responsibility for your comments online or in person. 

You can always just say it and get away with almost anything. 

“I sure hope this article is helping you with your “What does IIRC mean?” question so far.”

History Of IIRC “If I Recall Correctly” or “If I Remember Correctly 

What Does IIRC Mean

Like most online abbreviations, IIRC has been with us for a long while now. 

The original meaning behind the phrase was to add a little bit of doubt, sarcasm, false modesty, real modesty, and untrustworthiness (among other things) to your words. 

You can see that even after many years, it is still being used exactly the way it started out. 

Why IIRC Is More About Sarcasm Now

In online messaging, IIRC is more sarcasm than the writer being actually unsure because most facts can be checked before texting. 

Face to face speech is a lot different. You might not have the time or access to cross-check all your facts and be sure. 

But with lightening internet connections, you can easily confirm statements before texting without wasting too much time. 

IIRC In Modern Times Vs Old Times

This (and a quick poll amongst friends) has led me to believe that using IIRC is now more for being modest, talking down at people, or trying to correct smugly without sounding offensive. 

Most phrases are used negatively online and apparently, this abbreviation isn’t an exception to the rule. It started with good intentions, coupled with bad. 

Now it’s mainly all about sarcasm. 

Right now IIRC is not even close to being the most popular phrase online but it has endured a long time and it looks increasingly like it will yet continue to endure. 

How You Can Use IIRC “If I Recall Correctly” or “If I Remember Correctly

After answering your “What Is IIRC?” question, I’ll be moving to this one, how you can use the phrase. 

What Does IIRC Mean And How Do I Use IIRC In Sentences?

Grammatically, you don’t need to worry much. The phrase “If I Remember Correctly” or “If I Recall Correctly” is already self-fitting in most sentences. 

It usually works at the very beginning of sentences or at the very end. 

You can use it according to user preferences as long as you’re sure it fits into what you’re trying to portray. 

This leads to the most important parts of using IIRC. Below I will be talking about the different facets to the phrase using individual situations. 

That should help you totally understand what needs to be done to use the phrase IIRC correctly or how to translate the phrase whether it is bad or good according to the different points explained below. 


Now we seem to have past the stage of what does IIRC mean, maybe we could face some context. This is where the issues lie, the context in which the phrase is being used. 

Using IIRC in some situations 

  • When you’re talking to somebody who’s your boss and you’re using the phrase, it is probably a sarcastic and rude comment. 

Chances are, you’re showing your boss that he’s got something wrong. 

  • If somebody asks for help with a task and you use the phrase, you probably want to just help the person and you’re unsure. 

You may also be using the phrase in a sarcastic context to show superiority in that task but the first option is usually (or at least should be) what people mean when they use IIRC in situations like that. 

  • In some situations where you’re trying to be modest in some achievements, users often use IIRC to suggest they didn’t know they don’t remember their achievements. 

Trying to downplay the deed with the phrase “If I remember correctly” as if to suggest that they didn’t let the deed go-to their head and they’ve literally forgotten about it. 

Situation Around You 

Usually, if you’re using the phrase offline, there will be difficulties using the abbreviation. I’ll explain more about offline usage below. 

But for now, let’s go back to online usage. 

  • If you’re talking to someone way older like a Grandma, you probably should be typing the full phrase and not using the abbreviation because she might not know what it means. 
  • Other situations could be sending formal emails, using phrases like IIRC is highly discouraged. 

It won’t portray professionalism from your end and it might cost you jobs or promotions. 

While this phrase is accepted online, the situation above is some aspects online (like job applications and interviews) that you should refrain from using the abbreviation IIRC. 

Subject Of Your Conversation

Sometimes the conversation determines how and why you’ll use the phrase “If I Remember Correctly” or “If I Recall Correctly”. 

  • Take for instance you’re a specialist in your field and you’re trying to explain a process that you know all about. 

Using IIRC in a sentence will almost definitely mean you’re talking down at the person, showing mental superiority, or showing the person’s mental deficiencies. 

The phrase might look harmless but with the wrong (or right depending on your intent) conversation subject, it could come across as abusive. 

  • Another use may include a student trying to answer questions from a Professor and using the term. 

This is a classic case of the student totally unsure of the answer and trying to prepare a loophole in case the answer turns out to be wrong. 

  • Because the subject of the conversation is mainly focused on learning, the use of the phrase “If I remember correctly” should not turn out to be negatively themed. 

Using IIRC “If I Recall Correctly” or “If I Remember Correctly” Offline 

Just because it is an online abbreviated phrase doesn’t mean it can’t be transferred to every day, face to face conversation. 

The first thing to note is that you won’t be able to spell out the abbreviation for others to understand you, you will have to say the phrase out loud “If I Remember Correctly” or “If I Recall Correctly”. 

This means that abbreviations work perfectly online but offline, it is more the phrase. 

Meaning Of IIRC Depending On The Tone Used

Using it offline will depend less on context, surroundings, and all the other factors above. It will depend mainly on your tone. 

There are different tones humans use to speak. Condescending, heartwarming, humble, spiteful, jealous. 

The tones it could take are numerous and when people hear the tone, they automatically translate the phrase “If I Recall/Remember Correctly” according to the tone they think they heard. 

A few translations might be wrong but on the whole, the tone determines how you’re using the phrase “If I Recall/Remember Correctly”. 

Whether you’re being rude and condescending or you’re being unsure and trying to limit mistakes. 

Common Sites That Use The Phrase IIRC “If I Recall Correctly” or “If I Remember Correctly” A Lot 

Some of the above sites use the phrase more than others. 


After reading this article, you should have quality answers to your “What does IIRC mean?” question. You will have learned how it has been around for a very long time. 

You will also have learned that the abbreviation is enjoying some sort of renaissance with the phrase “If I remember correctly” or “If I recall correctly” in the format of IIRC occurring frequently amongst internet users recently. 

Also explained is how to use the abbreviation online, the situations it would appear rude if it is used, and other important tips about using the phrase/abbreviation. 

I also explained a bit about offline use and how it differs from online use. 

I’d like to hear from you what the favorite abbreviations are and which one you think should not be used anymore.

Use the comment section below to share your views and also to share any abbreviations you came up with yourself with its meaning.