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How to add widgets to windows 10 desktop


Windows 7 lets you add floating widgets – clocks, calendars, photos, news feeds and system monitors – to your Desktop but they were dropped from Windows 8 due to “serious vulnerabilities”. Win10 Widgets safely brings them back to the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system. Built using the Rainmeter customisation tool, which is included in the download, it lets you add customizable widgets to your Desktop. The widgets are designed to suit any wallpaper and screen resolution, and automatically adapt to your Windows 10 accent color.

Win10 Widgets comes with a good selection of widgets to get you started and there are more planned for the future.

Here is Step-by-Step Process to add widgets to windows 10 desktop

Step1:- Download and run the program, selecting the Standard Installation option. The default widgets are displayed on your Desktop. These include a clock, battery meter, drive-space monitor, Wi-Fi, volume control, system monitor, and weather. Click and drag to move them

Click and drag to move them around the screen.

How to add widgets to windows 10 desktop

Step2:- Close the Welcome widget by clicking the ‘X’ in the top-right corner. To close any of the other widgets, right-click one and select ‘Unload skin’. The right-click context menu is used to customise the different widgets and add new ones. You can change a widget’s size under Variants

How to add widgets to windows 10 desktop

Step3:- To add a new widget, right-click an existing one and go to Win10 Widgets. Choose a widget from the list and select the size you require. There are some additional widgets that aren’t loaded by default, such as the Spotify one. You need Spotify installed for it to work, though.

Step4:- The Settings menu lets you customise the look and behavior of the widgets. You can adjust the position and transparency (in 10% steps) and have the widget disappear when you move your mouse over it. This is handy if you don’t want widgets getting in the way of your Desktop.

How to add widgets to windows 10 desktop

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Hope my article “How to add widgets to windows 10 desktop” helps you to add widgets to windows desktop easily. if you have any query, feel free to comment.



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