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Top 10 Best Windows 10 Themes


Windows 10 is not the top-most ranked in terms of visual customization. Linx, for example, seems to have more options for this. Yet Windows 10 still has some decent themes that make your user experience a bit more lively.

In this article, I will make your search for a Windows theme easier as I consider my top 11 best Windows 10 themes. My list will consider both official and unofficial themes.

Best Windows 10 themes: Game themes Category

1. LawBreakers Theme

best windows 10 themes

If you have ever played the Lawbreakers game, then you will understand how the 17 high-definition wallpapers that are on a slideshow mode bring this game to live. For someone that has never played the game, it is simply just beautiful and gives a robust feel to the OS.

The graphics for this theme are out of the world while the artistic works are on a completely different level. this is a theme to give a try.

2. Girls’ Frontline Theme

best Windows 10 themes

This theme fits well in this category of my best windows 10 themes. The theme is made up of great HD Girls’ Frontline wallpapers in a slideshow that changes every 30 mins along with a Windows color scheme change.

All the wallpapers of this theme are of 1920×1080 resolution or more and will fit both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios.

3. Paragon

Paragon was a great free-to-play MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game. Noted for its great graphics and the gameplay thrilling, the theme isn’t far off the nark.

With the game being canceled in March 2018, the spirit lives on with this high-quality theme. With this theme, one can view all the impressive characters in the game and read into the game’s storyline, through its impressive 26 full HD wallpapers.

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Best Windows 10 themes: Music Themes Category

1. BTS Theme

Best Windows 10 themes

This theme is centered around the 7 man South-Korean boy band. After their debut in 2013 with ‘No More Dream’, they went ahead to make albums like Dark & Wild, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Part 2 and Young Forever, which made them a household name.

With 13 HD wallpapers, one of which talks about the band members’ real names, their date of birth and their roles in the band, this theme brings an upbeat touch to your user experience.

2. Rita Ora 

This theme does not just signify the great British born singer but is a great theme for any fashion lover. Her unique and creative fashion style is well depicted in the 15 HD images found in the theme.

You’ll find various images representing the style of her various singles and collaborations over the years, this is a dazzling theme and you do not need to be a Rita Ora fan to love it.

Best Windows 10 themes: Sports Themes Category

1. Capoeira Theme

Best Windows 10 themes

This vibrant upbeat theme is inspired by the Brazilian art that combines dance, acrobatics, and music into one great fight art.  The art was developed in the 16th century in Brazil, and it is known for its multiple and quick maneuvers, predominantly using speed, power, and leverage across a variety of spins, kicks, and other techniques.

The theme can serve as an inspiration to learn the art or just a beautiful way to bring color to your daily computer use.

2. San Francisco Giants

Best Windows 10 themes

Inspired by the American pro baseball team based in San Francisco, California, the San Francisco Giants. It consists of various images of the team’s players and of course, represents the team’s orange and black colors and their iconic logo and insignia.

This theme depicts passion and is always a cool spirit to ave when you turn on your computer.

Best Windows 10 themes: Random Category

1. Windows XP

I do not know if you agree with me that XP has simply been the most beautiful of the Windows OS. Well, this theme takes me back in time and I just like to enjoy its feel and look. It is in a way reliving the XP days.

There are 2 steps involved in getting this theme:

2. Seda

This is a dark but not completely dark theme with light grays sprucing up the interface. This theme makes my list of best windows 10 themes especially because it themes the context menu in a lovely dark gray to complete the look.

3. Simplify 10

Best Windows 10 themes

This is more or less a pack of windows 10 themes. It uses a subtle variation in grey and white to differentiate different parts of the UI. This theme shrinks the window control buttons and creates a different look.

How to Download Best Themes from Microsoft

Installing new themes lets you customize Windows by changing the way the desktop looks. A theme contains a collection of wallpaper images and sometimes sounds, mouse cursors, and color schemes. Everything is bundled into a file that you download and install to transform Windows.

You’ll find a large collection of Windows themes here. Select a category, browse the thumbnails and click Download to select a theme.

Double-click the theme file to install it. If you have Windows 10 installed, open the Store app, click Apps, scroll down to the bottom and click Personalisation.

There are dozens of themes covering almost every topic you can think of. Click the Get button to download and install a theme.

Install non-Microsoft themes

Microsoft collects and distributes themes for Windows, which makes it easier to browse and install them. However, there are some great themes available elsewhere online.

For example, go to www.deviantart.com and search for ‘Windows 7 theme’ or ‘Windows 10 theme’.

To install a non-standard theme from the internet, go to https://www.syssel.net/hoefs/software_uxtheme.php , install UltraUXThemePatcher and restart Windows.

best windows 10 themes

Next, download a theme, unzip it and move the files to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes.

To change themes in Windows 10, open Settings, click Personalisation, Themes and click a theme.

In Windows 7, right-click the desktop, select Personalise and then select a theme.

Use Animated Wallpapers

DesktopHut provides software and videos that let you display fantastic animated desktop wallpaper. Categories include nature scenes, technology, abstract designs and cars, and all the wallpapers are live and animated. The process is a little confusing the first time, but easy once you know how it works.

Go to www.desktophut.com and click Software in the top-right corner, then Windows. Download DesktopHut and run it. This starts an installer, which downloads the real program and extracts it to a folder in Downloads.

It will try to foist some optional extras on you, too, so watch out for those and make sure you decline them. It also installs Opera without asking, but that’s never hurt anybody – just don’t be surprised to see its icon appear on your desktop.

You can uninstall the browser if you don’t want to keep it. Back on the website, select a wallpaper category, then click a thumbnail.

Clicking the Download Now button on the wallpaper page saves an MP4 video to your hard drive. Open the DesktopHut App DesktopHut.exe to start it. Click Select Live Wallpaper and choose the MP4 video you just downloaded. Click Play and minimize the Desktop Hut window. The wallpaper runs in a never-ending video loop.

To open DesktopHut, click the up arrow on the right side of the taskbar and double-click the DesktopHut icon. You can then select new wallpaper, stop the animation or quit the app. Click the Close button to quit.

Best New Windows Apps



BackgroundSwitcher is a simple app that regularly changes the Windows wallpaper or lock screen image on your device. It pulls and cycles content from your PC’s default Pictures folder.

Earth Wallpaper Changer

Earth Wallpaper Changer downloads current imagery from the Himawari8 weather satellite which is in a geostationary orbit over Australia. It can set these downloaded images as your Desktop or lock screen background automatically.


This has been a personal list of my top ranking Windows 10 themes. You may want to dig in and perhaps you will find my taste in themes very interesting.


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