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65 Popular Anime Characters Of All Genres: The Definitive Guide

This is the ultimate guide to the best anime characters who belong to a male, female, Cute, Cool, and Smart segments. 😎

And let me be clear about something:

This is NOT your average anime guide. After exploring this guide, you are able to know the most Popular Anime Characters Of All Genres.

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‘Anime’ is a term that has been derived from the English word called ‘Animation’. It includes hand-drawn and computerized animation, and the art has originated from Japan.

In the Japanese language, the term ‘anime’ means any sort of animated characters that might be regardless of any kind of style or origin, but outside the country, people refer to the Japanese form of animation as the art of anime.

The initial trace of the art of animation in Japan traces back to 1017, but the style has kept evolving throughout the generations.

Besides the original works, anime also includes adaptations of light novels, video games, and Japanese comics, which are colloquially known as ‘manga.’

The fun fact about anime is that it has been classified into numerous genres that cater to different types of audiences, including broad and niche audiences. 

With passing time and advancing technologies, the techniques and methods of anime production and execution have evolved gracefully into anime, becoming a whole new culture altogether.

Interesting techniques that are used to produce and create exciting anime characters are graphic art, digital sketching, characterization, cinematography, and photo manipulation, among others.

The most striking difference between the western form of animation and anime production is that the western form of animation focuses more on the movement of the characters, whereas typical anime production focuses more on the details of settings, use of camera effects such as panning, zooming, and angular shot details specifically. 

While designing any anime character, many different art styles and methods are used. Each anime character, when designed, is equally unique and individualistic, and the character proportions and features can be quite varied among the characters.

The overall look, feel, and effect of every anime character does have some sort of similarities and can be often easily identified as an anime character. One common feature among most of the popular anime characters is their large and expressive pair of eyes.

When these characters are designed, specifically, more importance is given to designing an exclusive pair of intimidating, expressive, attractive, and interactive pairs of eyes. 

The anime production industry comprises a whopping number of 430 different anime producing companies. The industry includes valuable contributions of major renowned studios like Sunrise, Ghibli, and Toei Animation.

After the year 1980, there has been an incredible rise in the international anime industry because of the dubbing and addition of subtitle opportunities.

According to the latest records of 2016, the Japanese anime art form is solely accounted for 60% of the entire world’s animated television shows. 

Contents show

Anime’s social status and how important is it?

Although anime has a vast number of fan following all across the world, it is often said the anime does not receive the right amount of appreciation and respect from the audience, especially in the United States of America.

Often people claim that anime is made keeping in mind children as its audience and does not really cater to the teenage or the grown-up audience.

This blame is not true! A part of anime is indeed aimed at the audience below fourteen, but on the other hand, there is a vast part of anime that includes animated films as well as television shows and is made keeping in mind the adult audience.

The content in these films and shows are serious and appealing and definitely deserves a chance to be watched. 

Attributes of Anime:-

Anime can be easily distinguished from other types of art mediums by its diversified art styles, methods, and techniques, the process of production, and overall look and appearance.

The overall style and look of anime vary depending on its creator, artist, or the studio that produces it. There are no art styles available that are absolutely similar to anime, but anime does share common features with some of the other very well known styles. 


In modern times, the production and making of anime follow a very typical animation production procedure, which includes storyboarding, voice acting, character design, and cell production.

With the contribution of the latest scientific upliftment and technologies, anime production now consists of a lot of use of computers and software to make it look and feel more realistic and appealing.

In the early times, the anime production process included methods like drawing on the blackboard, stop motion animation, use of paper cutouts, and silhouette animation.

These methods can be used in modern times as well, but with the advancement in computer technologies, it is most likely that people use the more straightforward method than the primitive method, which involves a lot of hard work. 

Animation studios based in Japan are the pioneers of the artform and are also responsible for many limited animation techniques. It is said that these studios are accountable for giving anime a distinct set of conventions.

Unlike most other animations that focus more on movement, anime focuses more on the quality of art and the overall appeal. The creation of backgrounds is very important in anime production as it is said that backgrounds are instrumental in creating the atmosphere of the work.

These backgrounds are not always artificially created or invented; sometimes, these backgrounds are based on real locations and are a delight to watch. 

Almost the entire star cast of these anime productions look breathtakingly impressive and attracts a large number of fans and audience. In anime, different types of camera techniques are used to make it more lively and real.

These camera techniques include panning, zooming, distance, and angle shots, and various other camera actions.

A significant difference in anime and American animation is that in anime, the animation is produced first, in accordance to the animation, the voice acting is directed and synced, but in American animation, the voice acting is produced first, and then the animation is produced and put to sync with the main voices. 


In anime, the body proportions and sizes of the characters used are very realistic and often accurately reflect the proportions of the normal human body in reality.

According to the technical guidelines, the height of the head of the character is considered to be the base unit of the proportion of the entire human body. This technique is also used by many artists to make realistic body sketches.

This head height may vary, but most of the characters are about six to eight heads tall, as used in fine arts as well. According to the storyline, anime artists make certain exceptions to create highly deformed body structures of characters that need severe modifications.

An example of such kind of intense modification is the world-famous show called Shin-Chan. 

One common feature among most of the popular anime characters is their large and emotive pair of eyes. When these characters are designed, specifically, more importance is given to designing an exclusive pair of intimidating, expressive, attractive, and interactive pairs of eyes.

Osamu Tezuka first started the idea, concept, and execution of large eyes in anime figures. Tezuka is known to be a very popular figure in the history of anime and Manga, whose style of art and design of characters breathtakingly displayed human emotions and expressions through the bold, big and vivid design of the human eye. However, there are many exceptions to the conventional designs of the anime characters. 

Most of the anime characters have very unnatural and vividly colorful hairstyles designed to give them a stylish tinge and display their individual characteristics in a better way.

These characters are often given very vivid and unrealistic hair movements, which are incredibly exaggerated, and these movements are used to create the display of vivid emotions and expressions.

These expressions are not only added in terms of hairstyles but also unique and crazy hair colors that end up speaking a lot about the respective characters. Facial expression is another key feature of these characters that brings out many realistic emotions and ideas. 


Every anime movie, television show, and series comes along with some really nice background music, which is another feature that attracts a massive amount of audience to watch anime.

In the case of television episodes, the opening of the show, as well as the credit deliverance section, comes along with really nice Japanese pop or rock songs, which are often recorded by reputed bands.

Special efforts are put into creating these musical pieces. Although they are usually made for these films or television shows, they also cater to the general music market.

Anime often uses music to highlight particular scenes or moods of the movies and shows. Thus music plays a very important role in these kinds of films and shows to bring out the right emotions as well as attract an audience. 


The world of anime has been divided into various genres keeping in mind the kind of content and the audience. There are different dedicated anime productions for girls and boys, and there is an entirely different anime segment that is dedicated to the children as an audience.

‘Shoujo’ and ‘Shounen’ are two different kinds of anime that cater to children of both sexes and win over a crossover appeal. The difference between adult anime and anime for children could depend on many aspects like the storyline, the complexity of plots, po##rnographic elements, and more straightforward cinematography, among others. 

This article talks about some of the best anime characters who belong to male, female, cute, and cool segments. 

Best Anime Characters Of All Genres 👌👌

Male Anime Characters:-

Most of the male anime characters are extremely good-looking and appealing. They resemble the original human figure and sizes, but they are extremely cute and adorable.

These male anime figures have a unique sex appeal and are classy. They attract a vast number of female audiences, and although these are just animated figures, they have fan followings just like any other real male superhero.

These male figures have extremely appealing hair, body, and facial features. Special efforts are put to design their looks, clothes, and appearances so that they can attract massive audiences to the shows. Some of the best male anime characters are as follows:-


Light Yagami is a very popular male manga character who first debuted in Death Note. Yagami’s birthday is on 28th February 1986, and his death day is 28th January 2010.

Best Anime Characters Of All Genres

In the Death Note series, Light Yagami is known to be the main protagonist who discovered the death note had decided to utilize this particular note to finish off the world of criminals.

In the series, he kills multiple criminals using this death note, and his murders are set to be the work of Kira by the people of Japan. Light Yagami is a very handsome and cute looking man who is young and has an above-average height with light brownish hair and bold and expressive brown eyes.

In part 1 of the series, Light wears his school uniform most of the time, Consisting of a tan suit and a red tie. But most of the other times, his entire look is very casual.

This casual look consists of dress shirts underneath a jacket or a V-neck sweater and a collared t-shirt underneath it. In part 2 of the series, his entire clothing is very similar, and wherever there is s change, he is seen wearing a suit. 

In the series, the character of Light Yagami is known to be very talented and hardworking, and he is known to be a natural genius. His character has a highly intellectual perspective with very good problem-solving capabilities.

He is also a skilled planner and is known to be very good at mapping out scenarios. His character is very much loved and respected by his friends and family, and he is a constant receiver of praise and affection. Just like Yagami’s father, he also believed in a strong sense of justice.

His understanding says that the world is rotten, and using the Death Note, he tries to make the world a better place by getting rid of the evil characters of the world.

Yagami’s dream is to build a new world where there would be no crime and people would be kind, honest, and loving. In light’s perspective, although murder is extremely wrong and is a heinous crime, he would still do it as a sacrifice to save the world.

After being at one with the Death Note, Yagami’s character starts to develop a cold and ruthless nature of a murderer, which is quite contradictory to his identity.

Although he is an avid lover of his family, he still doesn’t stop even after realizing his actions are putting his family in harm’s way. Light Yagami’s character unfolds in a beautiful manner throughout the series and is definitely one the best anime characters of all time.

The Life Of Light Yagami (Death Note)


Levi Ackerman is known as humanity’s strongest Soldier and is 30 years old. He has a height of 160 cm and a weight of 65 kg. Levi Ackerman is popularly known as captain Levi and is called the squad captain leader of the soldiers.

65 Popular Anime Characters Of All Genres: The Definitive Guide

Like all other anime characters, Levi is a handsome young man who has short straight black hair with a cool-looking undercut. Although Levi has very dull-looking grey eyes and dark circles beneath them, his face seems comparatively nice and youthful.

Though Levi has a short height and a small stature, his physique is quite masculine. Most of the time, this character is expressionless, and when not, he is seen frowning.

He has an extremely calm demeanor, and most of the time, it becomes very difficult for other people to understand what he is thinking. 

During the show, most of the time, this character is seen in his survey corps uniform, which is the light grey button-up shirt along with the trademark white ascot.

After various encounters, Levi now has many scars across his face, including one on his right eye, and is missing both the index and the middle fingers of the right hand.

Levi has this strange personality trait according to which he likes everything, meaning his environment and himself to be spotlessly clean. Due to this reason, everybody calls him a clean freak.

Levi, as a character, is not very approachable by nature and is the one who really does not show any sort of emotion. Most of the time, he believes in giving a cold expression and the way he talks seems to be very blunt and insulting.

Even his sense of humor is known to be very dark, humiliating, insulting, and vulgar. Levi is known to be a guy who doesn’t like to take orders from anyone and would do nothing if told by anyone he is not pleased with. 

Although it is very difficult to understand Levi’s weird characteristics, he has a very strong sense of morality and empathy.

one of the greatest values he holds is preserving human life. Though Levee has incredible battle skills, he bears no pride about it. Levi is undoubtedly one of the best characters of all time in Anime production.

The Life Of Levi Ackermann (Attack On Titan)


Itachi Uchiha is a very handsome and smart-looking fictional character who had starred in the Naruto manga and anime series which had been created by Masashi Kishimoto.

65 Popular Anime Characters Of All Genres: The Definitive Guide

Itachi was the person who was responsible for killing all the members of his clan, excluding Sasuke. Itachi is known to work as a part of the terrorist organization Anbu.

Itachi is known to be a character who can be played in most of the video games based on the series, and his character is one of the most popular characters with the readers of Manga.

He plays the role of an antagonist and this fact has been appreciated by most of the critics of this show. This character’s fights have been voted as some of the best fights in the series. 

Itachi is a very, very handsome-looking character who is known to be a tall man with a fair complexion. He has very long bold, and expressive eyes and jet black hair, which was pulled back in the form of a ponytail and had facial bangs that extended till his chin.

Over the years in the series, this ponytail and the facial bangs grew longer and gave a different look altogether to the character. Itachi’s character is known to have a vast number of female fans and acts as an infatuation for many female audiences.

This character wore tan pants with the weapon pouch, which was held on his back. When on duty, he wore the standard Anbu uniform with a flak jacket and a porcelain mask. Itachi was a master of Jutsu and is definitely one of the best anime characters of all time. 


Kakashi Hatake is a very handsome-looking fictional character that belongs to the Naruto Manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Best male Anime Characters Of All Genres 3

In the course of the series, the storyline goes in such a way that Kakashi happens to be the teacher of team 7, which consists of the Other primary characters of the show, who are Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura haruno.

As the series progresses, we get to know the compassion and loyalty that this character has towards his friends and students. 

Initially, Kakashi was created and designed to be a harsh and ruthless teacher, but with time, the author decided to avoid this characteristic and made kakashi’s character much more calm and generous.

kakashi’s character is known to calm and soothe his students whenever under challenging situations. Kakashi has most of his face covered with a piece of cloth, which makes it even more difficult for the author as it becomes difficult to make any form of expression through this character’s face.

His covered face is barely capable of showing any kind of emotion to the audience. Despite this, there is no shortage of fan following for this particular character, and the female fan following still goes gaga over him. Kakashi is definitely one of the best anime characters of all time.


Sasuke has a very strong resemblance to Izuna Uchiha. This character has beautiful bold black eyes with spike-like black hair, which has a blue tint. His hair typically hangs over his face like bangs since he was very young.

65 Popular Anime Characters Of All Genres: The Definitive Guide

With time as he gets older, his hair is growing longer, and these bangs almost cover his entire face from the sides. This character as well as a huge number of female fans and acts as an infatuation for many girls. This character’s clothing has substantially changed during the course of the series and is very fashionable and trendy.

Sasuke Uchiha Is another fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime franchise created by Masashi Kishimoto. Sasuke is a part of the Uchiha clan, which is known to be a very notorious ninja family of that time.

In the course of the series, this character abandons his friends and family to become more strong and leaves for his quest. The creator of this character found designing this character very, very difficult.

In the beginning, he wanted to design this character as the villain of the story, but with time, he decided to change it and made this character one who is to be loved. This character has received mixed criticisms from the viewers and the critics of this show.

Although this character plays some really interesting fighting sequences and interesting plot contributions, this character was still highly criticized as a stereotypical rival in the mold of similar characters from other Manga shows. This character is definitely one of the best anime characters of all time. 

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Female Anime Characters:-

Most of the female anime characters are extremely good-looking and appealing. They resemble the original human figure and sizes, but they are extremely cute and adorable.

These female anime figures have a unique sex appeal and are classy. They attract a vast number of male audiences, and although these are just animated figures, they have fan followings just like any other real female superstar.

These female figures have extremely appealing hair, body, and facial features. Special efforts are put to design their looks, clothes, and appearances so that they can attract massive audiences to the shows. Some of the best female anime characters are as follows.


Mikasa Ackerman is a very famous character who is a fairly tall, physically fit, and well-toned woman with muscular arms, legs, and abdomen.

Female Anime Characters

She has a partial Asian heritage and comes with pale skin, gray eyes, and shaggy black hair that was previously long, but later, he had her cut it to chin-length.

Mikasa is seen wearing the original Survey Corps uniform with the equipment kept horizontally at her hips, with a white blouse underneath and a black scarf that she almost always wears.

She was also seen wearing a green cape during some missions. When off duty, Mikasa is seen wearing a very simple knee-length white dress, a light cardigan, brown boots, and her signature black scarf.   

Mikasa’s origin had first happened in the ‘Attack on Titans’ show where her occupation was of an elite soldier. This character’s hobby happens to be hanging out with Eren and Armin and working out.

This character is known to hide her emotion, but the viewers always know that deep down, she cares very deeply for her friends and never fails to cry with tears of joy or sorrow as an expression of her hidden emotions.

She is a very educated individual in the show and happens to be a top rank graduate of her class. Her character unfolds in a very beautiful manner in the show, and she is definitely one of the best female anime characters of all time. 

10 Mikasa Ackerman Facts You Didn’t Know! Attack on Titan Facts


Asuna is a very cute and beautiful-looking fictional character who appears in the series ‘Sword Art Online which belongs to light novels by Reki Kawahara. ‘Asuna’ is her player name in the eponymous video game in which the novels are set in.

Female Anime Characters 1

Asuna acts as the female lead in the series and also happens to be the beautiful lover of Kirito. Both Asuna and Kirito are voted to be two of the most popular anime characters of all time.

Asuna’s character has mostly received positive criticism from the viewers and the critics, and the point of focus has always been her relationship with Kirito. This relationship attracts a lot of attention and makes them one of the most wanted anime couples of all time.

Asuna has a very tall and slender body, with long beautiful orange-brown chestnut hair and hazel eyes.

During the initial days of the show, she used to wear a dark red leather tunic with the lightweight copper breastplate and leather pants with boots up to the knees and a hooded cape, but after joining the ‘Knights of the blood’, she started wearing a combination of red and white color uniform that most of the other members of the group wear.

In the show’s course, Asuna has many different looks that come in different colors like blue, white, or pink, and she looks absolutely graceful in every different look. Asuna is definitely one of the best anime characters of all time. 


Hinata Hyuga is a very famous fictional character who belongs to the anime and the Manga Naruto, which was produced by Masashi Kishimoto.

Female Anime Characters 2

This character is a member of team 8, consisting of characters Kiba Inuzuka, Akamaru, Shino Aburame, and Kurenai Yuhi. At the beginning of the series, Hinata’s character has developed a very strong admiration towards the show Naruto’s main protagonist.

Eventually, this strong admiration turned into love and became an interesting subject of attraction for the audiences. 

The creator of the series Kishimoto has this characteristic where he designs one character to be something in the beginning and something completely different later on.

Initially, he had created Hinata as a demon who was not supposed to fight across the story but later on, Kishimoto chose to portray Hinata as a Kunoiche.

Although Kishimoto had planned a marriage between Hinata and Naruto at the beginning of the series, the main romance was actually conceived by the screenwriter of the series Maruo Kyozuka.

Hinata’s voice has been given by Nanamizuki in the original animated series, and the English adaptation has been recorded by Stephanie Sheh. This character has received very positive criticism from its viewers and its critics. 

Hinata is very beautiful and is known to be a slender girl of fair complexion. She has got featureless white eyes, which are bold and expressive. Her other unique feature is her dark blue hair, which she keeps cut into different lengths.

In part one, her dark blue hair was kept above her forehead, whereas, in part two, her hair reaches her lower back. In the last Naruto movie, her hair goes down to her knees and would sometimes be styled into a ponytail. Throughout the film, she wears different clothes that are quite trendy in nature.


Erza Scarlet is a very popular female anime character who belongs to the S-class mage of the fairy tale guild, where she is a member of Team Natsu. Erza is a beautiful young woman who has a tall and slender body with Scarlet red hair and brown eyes.

65 Popular Anime Characters Of All Genres: The Definitive Guide

Unfortunately, at a very young age, this character has lost her right eye. Presently she has an artificial right eye, which has been created by Porlyusica. 

This character has a very voluptuous figure, which the audience is always attracted to. Most of the time, she is seen wearing custom-made armor with a blue skirt, black boots, and diamond-shaped silver earrings.

It is visible that her fairy tale stamp is blue in color and is located in the middle of her upper arm. Erza has a unique magical ability called Requip magic, which allows her to requip not only her armors but also her costumes. Using this magic, she can change her outfit anywhere and anytime.

Erza’s character is known to be very strict and is often seen criticizing the behavior and habit of most of the other members of the group. These members are often scared of her anger and are often seen apologizing to her.

Another trait of this character is impatient. Although Erza is socially awkward, she has a great sense of justice. Erza is one of the best female anime characters of all time.

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Tsunade is a famous fictional manga female character who happens to be a descendant of the Senju and the Uzumaki Clan. Tsunade is known to be the world’s strongest Kunoichi and is also the greatest medical-nin.

65 Popular Anime Characters Of All Genres: The Definitive Guide

This character has to face a repeated loss of her near and dear ones and is seen to be highly affected by it. As a result, she abandons the life of a shinobi for many years.

Later in the show, she is seen returning and taking the mantle of the fifth Hokage, where her explicit skills are proven to be invaluable to the village. 

Tsunade is a beautiful anime character who happens to be fair-skinned like all other anime characters and possesses brown eyes and straight-looking blonde hair that is seen to be parted above her forehead.

A part of her beautiful hair has shoulder length, and the other part goes down to her hips that she keeps tied in a loose ponytail.

As a small girl, she wore a grey mesh shirt and over it a teal-color kimono with short sleeves. By the time she reaches her fifties, she appears to be much older, who has very heavy wrinkles, and happens to be very frail-looking.

In the course of the show, we see this character maintaining her youth with a special technique and coming up with various different appearances, which never fail to attract and impress the audience. Tsunade is definitely one of the best female anime characters available. 

The Life Of Tsunade: The 5th Hokage (Naruto)

Cute Anime Characters:-

Most of the cute anime characters are extremely good looking and appealing. They resemble the original human figure and sizes, but they are extremely cute and adorable.

These characters can be both male and female but are mostly female and come with beautiful face and body features. These male and female anime figures have a unique sex appeal and are classy.

They attract a vast number of male and female audiences, and although these are just animated figures, they have fan followings just like any other real male or female superhero.

Special efforts are put to design their looks, clothes, and appearances so that they can attract massive audiences to the shows. Some of the best cute anime characters are as follows:-

1. Ciel Phantomhive

Ciel Phantomhive is a famous 13-year-old male anime character who was born on 14th December 1875 and had a height of 152cm. Ceil is a teenage boy who has a short stature with greyish blue-black hair and rich peacock blue eyes.

Cute Anime Characters

This character has a beautiful body that is gracefully proportionate with thin legs and arms, a slim shoulder, and a narrow waist. While this character was a slave in the cult, he had been left with a mark on the left side of his body, which is a mark of ‘noble beast’.

This character also has ear piercings since his slavery days, and he typically dresses in a way that expresses his noble standing. 

Ceil Phantomhive possesses a uniquely expensive wardrobe, which the audience finds very intimidating. One element which is almost always found in this character is his black eye patch, which is made of gauze.

Only during his disguise, he wears a white color eye patch, which resembles a transdermal patch. Ceil is always found wearing two rings.

One of these rings that he wears on his left thumb is an ornate silver ring with an emerald-cut deep blue sapphire, whereas the other rings worn on his right hand is a signet ring in the form of the Phantomhive crest, which he also uses as a stamp to the wax seal on his documents.

Everything about this character is classy and elegant and Ceil is definitely one of the cutest-looking anime characters of all time. 

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Kirigaya Kazuto is a super cute-looking male anime character who is popularly known as Kirito. He was born on the 7th October 2008 and has a height of 172 cm and a weight of 59 kg.

Cute Anime Characters 1

This character is known to be chosen as one of the beta testers for the closed beta of Ford art online. Kirito is ridiculously handsome and almost looks like a protagonist from some fantasy animation show.

In the show, Kiroto’s character looked noticeably older than actually he was supposed to. Later on in the game, Kirito had an FAO Avatar in which he had slightly long and neat black hair and big bold and expressive Black eyes. His entire face and body had no trait of masculinity. 

His entire appearance on the show is very delicate and sometimes the audience mistakes him for a girl. In the later part of the show, kirito had shifted to an all-black avatar where he wore black pants, a black belt, a black shirt and a black overcoat with boots.

During the course of the show or the game Koroto’s character has splendidly changed in appearance and has offered his audience many interesting different looks.

Not only his clothing but also his hairstyle has seen different changes in the game. Kiroto’s character unfolds beautifully in the course of the game bringing out moments of splendid adventures and heroism.

Kiroto attracts a vast female audience and is definitely one of the cutest-looking male anime characters.


Madoka Kaname is a very popular anime character who happens to be the lead character of the 2011 anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Madoka is a small 14-year-old girl who is very kind, calm, and gentle by nature.

65 Popular Anime Characters Of All Genres: The Definitive Guide

In the initial part of the show, she leads a very simple, normal, and very happy life, but as the show progresses, she has to come face-to-face to become a magical girl. Nami Tomoe is Madoka’s senior classmate and acts as her inspiration for becoming a magical girl.

One Madoka had seen Mami fighting with ugly witches to protect her people using her magical powers, Madoka was highly influenced and decided to become a magical girl herself.

In the later part of the show, Madoka becomes a magical girl and fights along with her friend against new monsters known as nightmares.

Madoka is a very beautiful and pretty-looking girl who is mostly dressed in baby pink. She wears a white ballerina-like frock with puffed-up sleeves and yellow and pink color detailings.

She wears a cute pair of white socks with pinkish-red ballerina shoes and white gloves. She has very cute-looking baby pink hair which she sides into two cute-looking ponytails on either side of her head.

She has pinkish-brown bold and expressive eyes that make her look like a cute little barbie doll. Although she is one of the cutest-looking anime characters, her character has also received criticism for being weak and lacking any characterize growth and development.


Asuna is a very cute and beautiful-looking fictional character who appears in the series ‘Sword Art Online which belongs to light novels by Reki Kawahara. ‘Asuna’ is her player name in the eponymous video game in which the novels are set in.

65 Popular Anime Characters Of All Genres: The Definitive Guide

Asuna acts as the female lead in the series and also happens to be the beautiful lover of Kirito. Both Asuna and Kirito are voted to be two of the most popular anime characters of all time.

Asuna’s character has mostly received positive criticism from the viewers and the critics and the point of focus has always been her relationship with Kirito. This relationship attracts a lot of attention and makes them one of the most wanted anime couples of all time.

Asuna has a very tall and slender body, with long beautiful orange-brown chestnut hair and hazel eyes.

During the initial days of the show she used to wear a dark red leather tunic with the lightweight copper breastplate and leather pants with boots up to the knees and a hooded cape, but after joining the ‘Knights of the blood’ she started wearing a combination of red and white color uniform that most of the other members of the group wear.

In the course of the show, Asuna has many different looks which come in different colors like blue, white, or pink and she looks absolutely graceful in every different look. Asuna is definitely one of the best cute-looking anime characters of all time.

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Taiga Aisaka is a famous female anime character who was 17 years old when he was introduced in the show. Taiga Aisaka is popularly viewed as the main lead female protagonist of the famous series Dora Dora.

65 Popular Anime Characters Of All Genres: The Definitive Guide

This character is small and has a short stature and is often seen misbehaving or snapping in a brutal manner at others, due to this she has been given the nickname of “Palmtop Tiger”. This character is extremely emotionally unstable and shows rapid mood swings.

She also ends up making pathetically wrong decisions based solely on her stupid emotions and moods. During the course of the show, she progresses and becomes sweet and kind as a character.  

Although Taiga Aisaka is a teenage girl, she has a very short height which makes her look like a young child. This character has very long and curly light brown hair which has been given different movements by the creator of the character to express a different kind of emotion.

This character also has dark amber color eyes which are often said to be inherited from her father. Taiga is not as voluptuous as the other female anime characters and is extremely ashamed about it.

Most of the time in the show this character is seen wearing her school uniform or long gowns. This character is also seen following the trend of layering as she layers long coats on top of her dresses and pairs them with matching stockings.

Her character is known to be that of a very rich girl and all her clothing and styles are very elegant. Taiga is definitely one of the most loved cute-looking anime characters.

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What's Your Anime Name?

Cool Anime Characters:-

Most of the cool anime characters are extremely good-looking and appealing. They resemble the original human figure and sizes but they are extremely cute and adorable.

These characters can be both male and female but are mostly male and come with beautiful faces and body features. These male and female anime figures have a unique sex appeal and are classy.

They attract a vast number of male and female audiences and although these are just animated figures they have fan followings just like any other real male or female superhero.

Special efforts are put to design their looks, clothes, and appearances so that they can attract massive audiences to the shows. Some of the best cool anime characters are as follows :


Naruto Uzumaki is a very famous anime character who happens to be a loudmouth ninja living in the leaf village. Naruto’s character from the very beginning is known to be an ill-mannered character who is also very immature as a person.

Cool Anime Characters

Naruto’s most unusual way of communicating would be shouting or thrashing someone on his face. Although Naruto’s character has a lot of behavioral flaws it is still considered to be one of the most determined and fierce fighters in the history of anime. 

In Spite of the fact that Naruto’s character is known to be one of the most foolish characters, one cannot miss out or admire the code of honor that this character brings along with it.

In his growing years, Naruto was always feared by his fellow villagers and friends because of the myth that the spirit of a nine-tailed fox resides in his body. Naruto is definitely one of the coolest characters and has a fan following of his own. 

The Life Of Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto)


Saitama is a very popular anime character who is the lead of ‘One-Punch Man’ and is known to be one of the strongest anime characters of all time.

Cool Anime Characters

This particular series is very different from most of the other anime series because in this series the protagonist already exists to be the most hardened person present in the show.

According to history, Saitama has gone through three long years of rigorous training process after which he had become so strong that he could withstand any sort of blow and defeat any enemy who would dare to come his way. 

But just as every big power comes with a consequence, Saitama’s superpowers and abilities are known to make him very sad and depressed.

His character is known to explore the sad and breathtaking emptiness that followers after achieving any lifelong goal.

The entire show revolves around this same concept and stands to be one of the best shows in the history of anime. Saitama is definitely one of the best characters who come under the cool category of anime characters. 


Meliodas is another very popular anime character who happens to be the son of the demon king and by character is known to be very sturdy, strong, and durable.

This character is known to have monstrous strengths and abilities which often attracts a lot of fans to this character. This character also has the ability to reflect any kind of Magic and command over the Flames of hell.

65 Popular Anime Characters Of All Genres: The Definitive Guide

The character of Meliodas is known to be one of the most powerful and strongest characters in the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ and also among any anime series that has been produced to date.

Meliodas has a small physical stature and a very cute appearance, which often makes the audience believe that he is physically weak and less potent.

But the character of Meliodas has proved its audience wrong by showcasing incredible demonic strength that has hardly appeared in any other character and in any other anime series.

The character of Meliodas is known to be extremely frank and outspoken and is also extremely fearless by nature. This character also has this funny quality of telling jokes whenever he wishes to, most of these jokes being of vulgar type.

Despite all these crazy habits, Meliodas is a strong believer in justice and is always willing to help people who are in need. Meliodas is definitely one of the most loved cool anime characters of all time. 


Spike Spiegel is another famous male anime character who is a clean blend of Bruce Lee’s martial arts and an overdose of film noir. This character is a fine example of a cool anime character and is one of the most loved characters of all time.

Cool Anime Characters

Spike is an amalgamation of different influences, and while being designed, its creator had put in different types of features and attributes into this character. The voice of spike was dubbed by the famous voice actor Steve Blum.

Steve Blum is solely responsible for giving Spike the feel of a smooth, effortless, super cool guy who beautifully brings out the character’s essence in the Japanese show.

Spike’s character is known to be very versatile and is undoubtedly one of the best characters in anime. His character has it all, be it a smart detective, be it a hardcore fighter, or be it a staunch philosopher.

However, one of the most exciting and attractive features of this character is his past, which is that of a Gangster and a hopelessly in love man. Spike is a Slender-looking character with mad-like brown hair, which is definitely one of the most loved cool anime characters of all time.  

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Which Anime Character Are You?


Most of the smart anime characters are extremely good-looking and appealing and at the same time, they are smart and intelligent. They resemble the original human figure and sizes but they are extremely cute and adorable.

These characters can be both male and female but are mostly male and come with beautiful face and body features. These male and female anime figures have a unique appeal and are classy.

They attract a vast number of male and female audiences and although these are just animated figures they have fan followings just like any other real male or female superhero.

Special efforts are put to design their looks, clothes, and appearances so that they can attract massive audiences to the shows. Some of the best smart anime characters are as follows:-


Madara Uchiha is a very popular anime character who is also known to be a fictional Manga character who was present in the Naruto series. The Naruto series was created by Masashi Kishimoto.

This character appears in the second part of the show as a major villain. It is known from the plot of the show that the first leader, whose name was Hashirama Senju, along with Madara Uchiha, happens to be the founder of Konohagakure, which is a village located in the Ninja world.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Madara Uchiha The 'First' Hokage in Naruto & Boruto

A very powerful conflict happened regarding the two issues, one of which is the smooth running of the village, and another is the long-term feud between classes.

These conflicts lead to Madara Uchiha’s death. But this death was not just in vain because later in the plot, the audience gets to know that Madara Uchiha had used another man whose name is Obito Uchiha as a secret agent for his gathering of information and other work.

Madara Uchiha had also transferred his exclusive eye powers into another child whose name is Nagato. This young boy is also known to be the public leader of a terrorist organization whose name is Akatsuki.

The reason behind the transferring of this power is that it can be preserved for Madara’s eventual revival later in few years. It is also known that in most parts of the series, Obito carries forward his role in the disguise of Madara. This acting continues until a criminal whose name is Kabuto Yakushi chooses to reanimate the real character of Madara.

After this, the real Madara becomes one of the main antagonists of the show along with Obito. Madara Uchiha is a very famous character who has also appeared in several pieces of other Naruto media such as the Boruto feature film.

His presence is also seen in many Naruto video games where he happens to be a playable character who is very popular among players. Kishimoto’s main reason for designing the character of Madara Uchiha was to provide a very strong villain for the show whose ultimate fate would be to fight against the protagonist is Naruto Uzumaki.

This entire confrontation would give rise to several interesting action sequences, which will never fail to entertain the audience and lovers of this show.

Madara Uchiha has a huge fan following, and thus, there has been much merchandise that is made in his honor, which includes keychains, plush dolls, and figurines.

The character of Madara Uchiha has received very positive feedback as a villain. It sometimes is also referred to as the best villain in the entire history of Manga and anime.


Kurapika was born on the 4th of April and is 19 years old now. He is known to be the last surviving member of the Kurta clan. Kurta clan refers to the Clan of people who were known to be hunted down and ruthlessly murdered by a group of thieves known as the Phantom Troupe.


The reason for this brutal act was that these thieves wanted to steal the scarlet eyes that belonged to this clan; these scarlet-colored eyes were known to be treasures due to their explicit beauty.

Kurapika was the only character who could escape this entire situation and was determined that one day when he grows older, he would take revenge on the Phantom Troupe for their ruthless actions.

With the passing of time, Kurapika grew older and was determined to train himself in such a manner that he would become equally powerful and would be able to take his desired revenge.

He also sat for the hunter exam as he wished to become a hunter so that he could track down all the members of the Phantom Troupe. While giving this exam Kurapika made new friends with Gon Freecss, Killua Zoldyck, and Leorio Paladinight.

Kurapika managed to pass the exam along with his two friends Gon and Leorio, whereas Killua, unfortunately, couldn’t pass along with them. However, this friendship did not last for long, and Kurapika had to finally separate from these friends.

After this separation, he ended up training himself in the art of Nen. Once she was trained, he started working as a bodyguard for the Nostrade Mafia family.

This training proved to be very beneficial for him, and during the time of his stay with the Mafia family, he managed to kill Uvogin, who happens to be one of the members of the Phantom Troupe.

He also successfully took away the Nen abilities of another member of the troupe whose name was Chrollo Lucifer. One of the most fascinating powers of Kurapika is the possession of the scarlet eyes, which is very exclusive to the kurta Clan.

In the grace of this power, whenever this character feels any sort of extremely intense emotions, both his eyes turn into scarlet color. In such a state, he becomes extremely powerful, and his Nen abilities unlock, which otherwise he cannot use in the normal state.

But in the case of Kurapika, this power is not only restricted to only feeling a strong emotion but also he has learned to master awakening this power at his own free will.

Kurapika’s character also has a great intellect level along with perception skills and a sense of presence like no other character in Manga or anime.


Orochimaru is a famous Japanese Manga character who happens to be Konohagakure’s legendary sannin. This character’s biggest ambition is learning all of the world’s biggest explicit secrets.

He seeks immortality so that he might live up to several lives and have enough time to accomplish his crazy ambition. Once this character was caught performing some unethical experiments on his fellow citizens to understand how to achieve immortality.

After this incident, he had defected from the village rather than being persecuted for his unethical works and explicit ambition.

The Life Of Orochimaru: The Legendary Sannin (Naruto)

Since the time he has defected from the village, he has been all the angrier and over the years, he has sought the village’s destruction in order to take revenge and show everybody what he is capable of.

In the course of his experiments and actions, Orochimaru realizes that he is using an extremely flawed technique to attend to his ambition, and as a result of these techniques, many innocent souls are losing their lives.

Originally this character was once upon a time an orphan who became a student of Hiruzen Sarutobi along with two other peoples whose names are Jiraiya and Tsunade.

Orochimaru was known to be a genius from a very young age due to his brilliant talents and extreme knowledge and determination. He was almost considered to be a prodigy who took birth once in a lifetime and was a very unique character.

Many characters have different opinions about Orochimaru. Tsunade reveals during the plot of the show that Orochimaru had a very twisted and complicated character since he was a little child.

The reason behind this complex and sadistic attitude might be his parent’s death at a very young age. During the death of his parents, Orochimaru had found a white color snake near the grave of his parents which, according to Hiruzen was a representation of fortune and rebirth.

Orochimaru was highly fascinated and inspired by this instance, and as a result, he started studying Kinjutsu to obtain knowledge of Different techniques. Some characters also say that the reason why Orochimaru took up these ventures is simply to forget his painful memories.

It is very well known that the character of Orochimaru was very complicated and intense but more often, people refer to his character as twisted.

Orochimaru had experienced the fragility of human emotions through different instances that he had to face since a very young age in his life. These difficult times changed him and made him a very tough and intriguing character.

In spite of such complexities in character, Orochimaru is very popular and is definitely one of the best characters in anime.


Sosuke Aizen Is a Japanese Manga character who was born on the 29th of May who also happens to be the previous captain of the 5th division in the Gotei 13.

In the course of the show, this character is seen leaving the soul society along with his followers, who are Gin Ichimaru and Kaname Tosen. He was also followed by another lieutenant whose name was Momo Hinamori.

65 Popular Anime Characters Of All Genres: The Definitive Guide

As most of the smart anime characters are specifically villains and meet their fate, so happened to Sosuke Aizen.

After Sosuke had fought in the war which he led against soul society, he was defeated by another character whose name is Ichigo Kurosaki and was sealed away by Kisuke Urahara. Later on, he was also present for his crimes and met with dark fortune.

Despite Sosuke Aizen’s harsh fortune, he has been able to attract a massive fan following might be because of his super cool looks and features. During his membership of the Gotei 13, this character looked like a cool man with brown scholar-like hair.

The entire look was even more enhanced by the square glasses and the typical anime emotive soft brown eyes. There was not much variation with this character’s dressing as most of the time, he was found wearing the typical standard Shinigami uniform with the captain’s haori.

Over the course of the show, the most evident change that occurred in the looks of this character was that his glasses were no longer on his face, and his hair was well swept backward with one long strand hanging down his face.

Although the clothing of this character has not been very experimental, the audience gets to see him in a few different looks, which involve his jail look consisting of an entirely black outfit or his Arrancar style uniform paired with a pink color sash around his waist.

By nature, Sosuke Aizen has always been very polite and is often referred to as a soft-spoken intellectual who has a weird aura around him.

The audience never sees this character in any sort of distress as he is always ready for every kind of situation and advance and always has every action and move will plan out before its execution.

When this character faces a confrontation with other characters, he behaves very casually and in the most uncaring manner and often ends up making only small talks.

Initially, in the show, this character appeared to be very kind and respected; however, with the courts of the show progressing, the audience gets to realize that in reality, it is just the opposite of his original nature.

His original nature is extremely manipulative and very dangerous. This character cares very little for the people around him and is always ready to use everyone who is present around him as just a mere source for achieving his goals.

The course of the show proves this character to be very ruthless and inhuman because he is not willing to stop at any point when it comes to fulfilling his explicit ambitions and is even ready to hurt or kill people if he thinks it to be necessary for fulfilling or achieving any of his desired goals.

Sosuke Aizen Is definitely one of the most popular villains in the history of Anime and has received good criticisms for his character.


Conan Edogawa is a famous Japanese Manga and anime character who was born on the 4th of May and might be seven years old on the show.

This character happens to be an APTX 4869 victim whose real name is Shinichi Kudo and who happens to be the central character of the famous manga and anime franchise called Detective Conan.

In the plot of the show, this character had escaped from the firm and skeptical park security and had gone to his home because he had no other place to go. When he reached home, he encountered professor Agasa who happens to be Conan’s Next Door neighbor and close family friend.

Soon after this encounter, Conan convinces the professor about his identity and jumps to the discussion about his next move. Professor Agasa warns him during this conversation to be very careful and keep his identity undercover as there is a continuous risk of the black organization discovering his identity.

The professor says that once the black organization comes to know of his identity, they will immediately make all efforts to kill him and anybody associated with him, this gives Conan all the more reason to be more cautious of his actions.

Conan Edogawa is one of the cutest and smartest anime characters of all time and specifically has a very unique appearance. Conan has beautiful dark brown hair that comes down and covers almost half of his face and his pretty blue eyes.

He appears like an adorable, smart kid who is much ahead of his time. From the plot of the show, we also know that Shinichi has shrunken into the form of a child who is known as Conan.

But in this case, it is what observing that even as a child, Conan Remains exceptionally intelligent and overwhelmingly intellectual. As a child, this character has a beautiful bond with Ran, and she as well is very protective of him and loved him dearly.

But because of the fact that Ran is not truly aware of who Conan is, often it becomes a little awkward for Conan when he has to hear Ran confessing her feelings about Shinichi.

Conan Is an owner of a brilliantly broad spectrum of knowledge, which often helps him to solve different kinds of cases and escape from very difficult situations.

Although this character tries his best to behave like a child while being Conan, it becomes very difficult for him to control his intellect while solving his cases or in typical situations, and he starts behaving as if he was an adult talking about very complex and mature topics and dealing with more significant problems.

Conan Edogawa Has several brilliant abilities, which include his tremendously strong intellectual levels and his brilliant athletic capabilities, just like his grown-up version, which is called Shinichi.

he is definitely one of the smartest anime characters of all time. He never fails to appeal to his audience in a brilliant manner.


Shikamaru Nara is another famous Japanese anime character who happens to be a shinobi of the Nara clan belonging to Konohagakure.

This character is known to be very lazy by nature, but also, he happens to have the kind of intellect that acts as his strength to win on the battlefield. He has been left with many different types of responsibilities by the success that he has earned.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Shikamaru Nara - Naruto & Boruto

In the course of the show, he often seems to be a little annoyed with these responsibilities, but he is never seen hesitating to accept them.

In spite of his irritation, he accepts all responsibilities in a positive manner so that he can prove himself and his to the generations of the past and the future.

This character is known to be a very interesting-looking character who has narrow brown eyes and a very typical form of expression that most of the time feels like he is extremely bored or annoyed with something.

This character also has got hair till his shoulder, which is black in color and is most of the time seen tied up in a spiky ponytail. This hairstyle almost appeals and gives him a rockstar look.

During the course of the show, the audience gets to see him in different interesting appearances and clothing, which include either short sleeve grey jacket with green-edged sleeves or grey jumpsuits layered with a long yellow jacket.

Towards the latter part of the show, he also keeps a small pointed beard on his chin, which again appears as a rockstar look.

From the story, we get to know that this character was never a good student and used to receive low grades in the Academy. Due to this reason, most of the other characters never assumed that he would ever be a remarkable Ninja.

However, he had proved everybody else to be wrong when he was the only member of his graduating class to become a chunin. Talking about his personality, he is extremely lazy and wants to do as little work as possible.

During his days as a student at the Academy, he was often seen spending his days sleeping, watching the clouds, and playing different kinds of games.

His lifetime wish is to live devoid of any burdening responsibilities and troubles. He is definitely one of the smartest anime characters of all time and has a good amount of fan following.

An exhaustive list of recommendations that deserves special mention

1. Chika Fujiwara

Chika Fujiwara is an exciting character thanks to her blonde hair with a bow tie ribbon and black & white combination dress. She is considered as a breakout character in anime. Chika can be seen in the manga series Kaguya-sama: Love Is War.

The anime was created & designed by created by Aka Akasaka. She has a massive female fan following. After the Kaguya Sama was released in the market, the ‘Chika Dance’ was immensely popular because of the humorous content in it. 

anime characters new

Chika is adorable, sweet, and also a bit cunning. We like Chika because she knows when to throw in the towel. She is currently engaged to Miyuki Shirogane. They both practice singing, dancing, and playing volleyball together. 

You will simply love her because it is a tough ask to hate her at all. She is fun to watch and listen to compared to most anime characters. Why not give the series a try today? 

2. Izuku Midoriya

Next, we have another interesting anime character, Izuku Midoriya. You can catch him on the series, My Hero Academia. His character line is lovely and inspiring. He is born in Quirkless, and because of his bold nature, Izuku manages to get the attention of All Might due, a legendary hero.

65 Popular Anime Characters Of All Genres: The Definitive Guide

All Might passes on his teachings to Izuku. He becomes the ninth holder of One For All. Izuku now has to fight the bad guys and free his nation. One can learn a lot from Izuku. He never lets the obstacles and challenges standing in front of his way from achieving his dream. 

There is no reason why you should not like him. He is a great warrior, highly skilled, and humble. Izuku wants to ensure that his land has peace and is free from enemies. The anime characters who are able to fight them deserve immense popularity. 

We are not going to reveal everything here; please check out the series today. 

The Life Of Izuku Midoriya (UPDATED)

3. Kurosaki Ichigo

Kurosaki Ichigo is a compelling fictional character created by Tite Kubo. The Shonen protagonist appears in the Bleach manga series. This character is one of the most hard-hitting characters you would ever encounter in the anime world. 

65 Popular Anime Characters Of All Genres: The Definitive Guide

Kurosaki has the capability to withstand plenty of punishment. While most other Shonen protagonists might be tempted to give up after a particular while, this guy does not. One example of that would be fighting Getsuga Tensho from Ginjo despite having hurt his arm.

Another notable feature of the anime character is that he is what he is till the end. While some anime characters tend to change by the end, he does not. He only gains power as the series moves on and is, of course, pretty hot-headed, a feature a true warrior should have. 

4. Shoto Todoroki

If you liked Kurosaki Ichigo, then you would love our next anime character, Shoto Todoroki. Shoto is like Kurosaki, extremely talented, highly skilled, and wants to have peace in his region. A true wannabe hero. 

You can catch Shoto in the anime series, My Hero Academia. We liked some character features in him, including enhanced strength, speed, and agility that are required to become a superhero. 

Shoto is a student at the UA High School wanting to become a pro hero. He is training hard and has received several official recommendations.

You will be delighted to know that his voice is done by both Yūki Kaji and Kei Shindō in the Japanese version. They have also performed for other anime characters.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Todoroki Shoto - My Hero Academia

5. Reigen Arataka

Our next anime character is nothing like you would have seen before. Introducing Reigen Arataka, a 28-year-old who is a mentor to the MP100. Though he is a fake psychic, he makes use of real tricks with the help of Mob to tackle unfortunate exorcisms. 

He is kind and helpful, trying to do his best to help needy people. His personality traits and dressing style make him popular among most anime characters. Unlike other superheroes, he wears a suit. That is right. He can be seen in a gray suit and a sublime pink tie. 

anime characters new 4

Interesting combination, one can say. Besides, he is tall, slim, and slightly pale for a Japanese anime character. Moreover, he comes taller than most of the male anime characters. His character is one of the most popular amongst animators in Japan who find him attractive. 

6. Violet Evergarden

If you are looking for something more mature and attractive, then you are in luck. Presenting to you, Violet Evergarden. She is the most charming individual you would have ever met. Her dressing sense, her beautiful hair, charming face, and attractive figure make her complete. 

Violet might change your ideas about life and even anime. Yes, she has that power to do so. She belongs to the series Violet Evergarden. Her anime character is displayed such that she fails to connect with most humans because of her difficult upbringing. 

65 Popular Anime Characters Of All Genres: The Definitive Guide

During her childhood, she was a witness to too many wars. As if that were not enough, she lost the only man who took good care of her. He died saying the magical words; I love you. Her journey begins in search to understand the true meaning of I love you. 

Violet’s journey is something that some of us might relate to in real life. It does not have to be the case to find out more about her necessarily. You will instantly fall in love with her life and journey. If you haven’t watched Violet Evergarden yet, then go ahead today. 

7. Bakugo Katsuki

Bakugo Katsuki completes the My Hero Academia trio. We are pleased to announce that the three anime characters of the series have made it to our list. Why not? They are sophisticated, handsome, powerful, and come with incredible capabilities. 

It is safe to say that Bakugo was able to stand the test of time. He has managed to walk tall amongst the ruins. Just like Shoto, who has got the moves, Bakugo also has the manly essence of Izuku. 

He is tall & aggressive, unlike most of the other anime characters who are known to have a soft side. This guy just does not have any of them at all. Bakugo has always thought of himself as superior and wants to remain that way. 

65 Popular Anime Characters Of All Genres: The Definitive Guide

Though he is somewhat arrogant, he can also manage things smartly. He knows how to make the moves. Bakugo has a particular dislike for Izuku Midoriya, who he often bullies. He feels that Izuku is standing in his way to becoming the most powerful superhero. 

As you grow older, you tend to understand people better. You begin to realize why they react in a certain way that they did. This makes you mature. Likewise, Bakugo evolves as a person and begins to mellow down as he ages, making his character much more captivating.

8. Tobio Kageyama

Tobio Kageyama is a product of Shonen sports. They have managed to intrigue us with some of their best anime characters. Tobio is undoubtedly one of them. We do not have to tell you why we have put him on our list. 

The moment you meet Tobio, you get a feeling that this guy is arrogant, unfriendly, and extremely rude. But that is not the case. He is a calm, well-mannered and calm individual. It is just that the circumstances that he is placed in make him react like that. 

65 Popular Anime Characters Of All Genres: The Definitive Guide

Being the main character of Haikyuu, one of the most popular sports anime, he has shown us what it takes to succeed. This anime drama strives to bring out the best from him. The competition evolves into more of a drama with emotions, anger, and frustrations boiling over. 

There is an intense connection between the viewers and the sport. The characters are able to infuse that bonding with their moves, shouts, and emotions upon winning. Of course, there is plenty of sadness too. 

His character has a stark resemblance to human nature. Sometimes we face an identity crisis too. This happens when we are not sure about which direction to take. We are surrounded by too many noises that hamper our hearing to that still calm voice of the right direction. 

9. Koyomi Araragi

Koyomi Araragi is another exciting anime character. If you have been reading or watching their series, there is a strong chance of coming across Koyomi Araragi. He appears in the popular series Monogatari.

His character prioritization has been done exquisitely. Koyomi is a high school student who has seen it all in his young life. He has survived a vicious attack from vampires. Because of that, he still retains some vampires’ traits that lead to several viewers questioning his behavior. 

65 Popular Anime Characters Of All Genres: The Definitive Guide

In this sense, Koyomi can easily see through the dark. Moreover, his turn becomes red in color when he gets upset or angry. Besides, his wounds can heal almost instantly. So, there is a debate on his age because he never seems to grow older. 

Though most of the negative vampire effects have left him, Koyomi is still afraid of the sunlight during the morning. He has only one friend in school, Tsubasa Hanekawa. Though girls find him quite attractive, Koyomi does not return their advances. 

He has a girlfriend, Hitagi, and wants to be loyal to her. However, other characters in the series seem to think that Koyomi is a threat to Hitagi. Due to the fact that he loves to help people, even though his own life is in danger, Hitagi loves him. 

10. Dazai Osamu

Dazai Osamu is one of the popular anime characters in the Bingo Stray Dogs series. He is a must-watch because of his elegant appearance and strong capabilities. Besides, he is immensely unreal and gets crazy at times.  

This is shown numerous times because he has made a few suicides attempts himself. His observing abilities are second to none, and he likes to be himself most of the time. The only person who knows him very well is Sakunosuke Oda.

Dazai looks quite handsome and is somewhat on the taller side. He has short brown hair and brown eyes. Oda knew that Dazai was somebody who would linger on in darkness for quite a while unless something drastic happened to make him change his mind. 

Oda was absolutely correct about that aspect in Dazai because he decided to change for the better only after Oda’s death. His longing to stay with the mafia and do their dirty work did not attract him anymore. 

Instead, he wanted to do something good for the betterment of society. There are no prizes for guessing why Dazai made it on our list of the best anime characters.

His unpredictable character is more than enough to create a curious feature about him. Not surprisingly, he is loved by female anime fans all over the world. 

The Life Of Osamu Dazai (Bungo Stray Dogs)

11. Shigeo Kageyama

Shigeo Kageyama could be perhaps one of the most eccentric anime characters of all. Shigeo has a cute nickname, Mob. He is the protagonist of the Mob Psycho 100 series and one of the members of the Body Improvement Club.

Since childhood, he found that his psychic power is linked with emotions. Sometimes when he is in a bad mood or angry, then it makes him want to hurt others. However, this is something that he himself desists and ensures to keep his emotions under control. 

65 Popular Anime Characters Of All Genres: The Definitive Guide

His socializing ability is poor because he is incapable of reading the minds of others. This makes him have no friends at all. However, he is kind, helpful, and very compassionate. He wants to become like the Mob Psycho 100 series leader, Reigen. 

Shigeo wants to boost his popularity in Season 2, and if you have seen it, you will know the answer. Though in Season 1, he is portrayed as more of a simple, easy-going, and laid-back attitude guy, Season 2 does justice to his protagonist nature. 

We highly recommend that you watch Mob Psycho 100 anytime you want. 

12. Onizuka Eikichi

Onizuka Eikichi wants to become the best high school teacher in Japan. Interesting to note that most of the anime characters don’t come of this nature. Onizuka is a 22-year-old gang leader of a bike gang. 

His desire to become a teacher is fueled by the cause of having a wife to take care of him when he is old and weak. Onizuka is greedy, lazy, and worse, a prevent. Not the ideal features that anybody wants as a teacher. 

65 Popular Anime Characters Of All Genres: The Definitive Guide

As luck would have it, he gets a job to teach third and fourth graders in a famous Holy Forest Academy. This despite hitting the Vice Principal. Most of the new teachers have left school because of the mental harassment meted out by the students on them.

The third and fourth graders had some sinister plans for Onizuka as well. However, they probably did not know about his powers and abilities. Besides, he is not your teacher kind of a guy.

However, he does a fantastic job of handling students who get bullied on a regular basis. Moreover, he helps them get out of their suicidal tendencies and protects the weak from even sexual harassment.

He even goes to the extent of jumping from the building to save a child wanting to commit suicide. His students are more than impressed by his non-teaching qualities of love & kindness. They want to reciprocate to him in the same manner. 

13. Saber

Saber is a well-loved anime character. She is part of the fate series that has managed to confuse most of its viewers because of its weird storyline. We liked it and must say that they have done an incredible job with it.

Most of the anime characters in the series have done their part exceptionally well. One of the leading characters in the series was Kiritsugu. Saber also managed to garner some attention based on her performance in the series. 

anime characters new 11

Viewers have loved her actions. She has done her role to perfection based on the narrative. Her actions have resulted in some of the wildest changes in the narrative, and her contribution is remarkable.

Her bold avatar in dark blue and armor and sword make her always ready for battles. She loves to have meals that are healthy and well-structured. Moreover, she likes to play with stuffed animals.

However, she does not like to dress too much and focuses on simple attire. Besides found performing gymnastic exercises, she is also good at gambling.

Her quote is something that one can implement in their life. It goes like this, “There are no regrets for me. One should be proud of what they did and not wish for another chance.” 

It is not surprising that she is very popular among her fans. 

14. Aisaka Taiga

If you are into romance, then you may be interested in viewing Aisaka Taiga. She is one of the anime characters that are able to give life to the role she is given. She appears in the Toradora series that gives you an insight into romance. 

65 Popular Anime Characters Of All Genres: The Definitive Guide

Besides, the series comes with a wide range of characters who you will love. Though she can be rough and tough, she has a soft corner for others. Aisaka is a school-going student; she is elegantly dressed and has a beautiful appearance that makes others jealous. 

Besides, she is very short-tempered. Her classmates call her Palmtop Tiger. Otherwise, she is a pleasant person to know and communicate with. Many boys in her class have proposed to her, which she politely rejected. 

Though she belongs to a wealthy family, several misunderstandings at home made her run away. However, she thinks of Ryuuji as a special friend and trusts him a lot. She is heavily dependent on her good friend, Ryuuji. 

After school, she spends most of her time in his house, and they consider her a family member. Don’t you want to know what happens in the end to Aisaka? Looking at how a misunderstood girl becomes into a warm, friendly, and kind person is something not to miss. 

15. Kaguya Shinomiya

We sometimes come across some anime characters that sway us with their personality. A real hero does not necessarily have always to be strong and powerful. They can be mild and polite but have strength in their character.

One such character is Kaguya Shinomiya. She plays the protagonist in the series Kaguya Sama Love is War. Kaguya is the vice president of the student council of Shuchiin Academy, and more importantly, she belongs to the Shinomiya group.

anime characters new 13

At times, she tends to look down on most people. Before joining the student council, she hardly communicated with anybody. Though she is born in a wealthy family, her strict upbringing enables her to tackle the enemies head-on without hassle. 

She does not tell her parents about falling in love with Miyuki Shirogane. Kaguya reminds us of most people who tend to keep their problems within themselves and find solutions to them. Instead of complaining about the situation, she finds her way through, though it is challenging. 

You would be stunned to find out the ending. Trust us when we say this, if you haven’t watched the series, then you just might be missing out on something great. So, why don’t you watch the series? You might end up liking it a lot. 

16. Shinobu Oshino

Shinobu Oshino is one of the most loved anime characters. Her charm and irresistible face can blow your mind away. Shinobu is part of the Monogatari series that, unlike other series, is not characterized by protagonists.

The series is unique and lovely in one way because their characters have the ability to find their way to your heart. Shinobu lives with Meme in a building that is mostly abandoned. Her favorite food item is donuts that Mister Donut offers her. 

65 Popular Anime Characters Of All Genres: The Definitive Guide

She has a supernatural power that makes her appear like a 10-year-old or even a 100-year-old. She finds herself facing painful times. This quality in her sometimes reminds us to think of life and the challenges it throws against us. 

We must try and convince ourselves that we can face what is ahead. As you watch the series, you find out and will understand that her personality blends with most of us. Do you give the series a try today?

17. Hikigaya Hachiman

Hikigaya Hachiman is another interesting protagonist among most anime characters. His primary ability is that he can find answers to most questions that we at times struggle with. Hikigaya Hachiman is a high-school student. 

Like most of his age, he dreams of a peaceful and lovely life. Sadly, that is not what it is because he had to deal with a lot of pains and sorrows. Sometimes he gives you a feeling that he is very stingy and weird. 

Hikigaya is of average build and has black hair. Everybody talks about his gentle fish-shaped eyes. If you notice, he does not like to wear his uniform as most others. He decides to get rid of the tie and instead likes to wear a black shirt inside. 

He loves to watch TV, read comic books, and sleep. This hinders his ability to communicate with others rendering him without many friends. You can also find him pondering on some games using his devices. 

His primary interaction is with Komachi. Apart from whom, he does not speak much to anyone else. He serves as the protagonist of Oregairu. Why not watch the series and find out why we have him on board? 

Hikigaya Hachiman - A Tragic Portrait of Self-Deprecation (Oregairu)

18. Zero Two

Zero Two is an attractive female character. If you are on the lookout for inspiration, then there is none better than Zero Two. She is a protagonist in the series Darling In The FranXX. If you watch the series, you will learn that the series delves into the lives of humans. 

anime characters new 16

With the help of the storyline, you tend to like her. That is because her character tends to remind you much about yourself. Though she is fun to be with, she is also very cunning and intelligent.

Most feel that she is incapable of fighting them. However, they realize how wrong they were. She does not mind failing at things. Her motto is quite simple. Keep failing and keep rising. Unlike others who might give up on life at the slightest of failures, Zero Two keeps striving hard for success.

Moreover, this feature in her makes her want to hate society all the more. Besides, she does not get along with people. Why don’t you see the series and find out more about her? You would be truly stunned to find out her nature?

19. Hisoka

We begin our quest with the bad guys. Our first on the list of anime characters having villain roles would be Hisoka. Hisoka reminds us at times of some of the decisions we have taken in our lives. 

Initially, they may seem to make sense, but then we realize that we were traveling in the wrong direction in the long run. He appears in the Hunter x Hunter series. Though he is playing a villain role, Hisoka has plenty of fan-following. 

That could probably be because of his charming looks and suave character. His trademark would be the red hair and a red color star tattooed on his face. That gives him a devious look and presence. 

Most of the heroes are afraid to take on him because of his deceitful methodologies. He tends to have this ability to predict his enemies’ moves instantly, leading him to success. His main weapon is a Shu poker card. 

His accuracy with the poker cards makes him deadly and impotent. You will like his character and the way he deals with people. Perhaps, we ought to take a leaf out of his book and learn that art. 

He is immensely intrigued by Gon. Hisoka is currently training him to become powerful and victorious. Why not see the series and decide for yourself? Don’t be surprised if you find yourself beginning to like him. 

The Life Of Hisoka Morow (Hunter × Hunter)

20. Roy Mustang

Roy Mustang is charming, bold, and handsome. We should say that Roy should be one of the best anime characters around. He appears in the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. He is as entertaining as one can get and notably ideal hero material. 

Roy has strong virtues over anything else. He is a guy that does not easily say no to something. That makes him unique indeed. Though he comes across as soft-spoken and gentle, he is the opposite.

anime characters new 17

Roy can tear apart anybody that he wants. He is known as the flame alchemist having immense control over the heat. This is something that he learned when he was a student in the academy. He wears special gloves that generate fire when rubbed together. 

One of his standout features is that he is arrogant and manipulative at times. These are the traits that he mastered over others. This makes him get what he wants. Perhaps, we can learn a thing or two from him. 

Why not watch the series and find out whether his desire to become a Fuher to reform the government comes true or not? This is a must-watch for those of you who like the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

21. Gojo Satoru

Gojo Satoru is an all-rounder with incredible skills and powers. He is one guy to watch out for among most anime characters. Gojo possesses immense reflexes, strength, and also tactical strength. 

He appears in the much-anticipated series, Jujutsu Kaisen. In fact, the series gained immense popularity because of his character, and the writers are milking on that. Though it was released only in 2020, the series is giving some serious competition to seasoned players. 

Gojo is quite a cool and relaxed person. He knows when to argue and fight with people he dislikes. Perhaps, this is something we can learn from him. Most of his fights are popular among his fans. 

They are pretty interesting, charming, and fascinating. Just when you think that he is on the verge of losing, he makes a fantastic comeback. Since he is a sorcerer, he knows his capabilities and always makes sure never to intimate people. 

It is not surprising that if you were to ask the favorite character of Jujutsu Kaisen fans, they would reply with the name Gojo. He is one thing on the surface and quite the other when on the inside. 

You can’t make that out easily when you see him. However, he has accomplished a lot and is one of the prominent people of the show. Why don’t you find out for yourself why all this hue and cry about Gojo?

Gojo Satoru Must Cover His Eyes To Stay Human

22. Megumin

Talking about sorcerers and wizards, we have one more in the form of Megumin. Unlike other wizards, she is adorable. She possesses incredible powers that can skillfully create a great craze about her. 

She appears in a not-so-popular series known as KonoSuba. That is what surprised even us because she made it on our anime characters list. Though the series is exciting and unique in its own way, it managed to gain some popularity because of Megumin. 

anime characters new 18

Most of the characters in the series come with their powers and capabilities. They can become powerful wizards with their extraordinary powers. But it just does not blend with the techniques and abilities. 

Her central powers are that of explosions. She seems to have an affinity for them and does not shy away from using them. Unfortunately, Megumin is so obsessed with explosions that she fails to learn other tricks or skills. 

She is a descendent of crimson demons who have outstanding features on them with red eyes and thick long, black hair. Give the series a try today; you may end up loving her character to no end. 

23. Yato

Yato should be on the list if you like anime characters with striking features. Unlike the other characters who are villains or heroes, Yato plays the role of a God. However, Yato is very humble and loving. 

He appears in the series Noragami. He wants to build his shrine and wears a fluffy-wuffy scarf jersey. Yato calls himself as Yato God, and when his Shinki decided to leave, he became weaponless.

anime characters new 19

This was until he came to know Yukine & Hiyori. God charges a meager fee for his services. Yato has placed his phone number in several places for people to call him up when they require his help. 

He charges 5 yen, which is a typical rate in Japan. Most people tend to offer the same rate in the shrines when they go there for praying. Since the amount is very low and he cannot make a shrine with that amount, he has to come up with other ideas.

Like everybody else, he has a past. After all, we have our own reasons for doing certain things. Some of us decide to change for the better. Likewise, Yato has a past, and he decided to change himself.

His motto is if God wants to do anything, he can do it, including taking somebody’s life. Get ready for a lovable series in the form of Noragami. Be warned you may find yourself falling in love with his character. 

24. Senjougahara Hitagi

Senjougahara Hitagi is an exciting anime character. She is interesting because she is known as weightless Hitagi. Unlike other anime characters that we have come across on our list, Senjougahara has an incurable disease that has rendered her weightless. 

She does get cured in the end. But her characterization has been done exceptionally well. We get to know how she overcame all these problems and challenges. Sometimes we as human beings tend to get locked up with our own emotions because of some kind of health weakness. 

We must realize that we too can achieve greatness in life, provided we strive and work towards it. Hitagi appears in the Monogatari series that is known for its famous cast. Though each character offers something or the other, Hitagi’s character is what got us over her. 

Her only real friends are Koyomi & Araragi, with whom she studies in high school. Because of her mysterious encounter with a crab, she has become weak. This makes her very much to herself because she does not want others to know her secret. 

Hence, she decides to remain abusive to one and all. After meeting Araragi, she gets cured, and her confidence comes back to her. She was able to put away her difficulties and shortcomings that she used to ignore. 

Besides, she forms a new relationship with Araragi. It is not surprising that their friendship is the main reason the series became such a massive hit. A loving series that is highly recommended. 

25. Emilia

Emilia is another cute anime character who plays the primary role in the series, Re: Zero. This series is famous because of its all-lady cast. The Isekai series has a tremendous female fan-following, and we are not surprised because of that. 

Her portrayal in the series has been elegantly done. In a sense, though her appearance looks angry, arrogant, and abusive, she is the sweetest person that you can get to talk or interact with. 

Viewers who have finished watching season 1 do not get to see her real nature, mostly revealed in season 2. She is more than her beauty and her attitude. Emilia has been presented well, with long silver hair and a fabulous purple-colored dress. 

She fits the bill to become the next ruler of the royal election. This is when she meets Subaru and wants to get to take her help to win the election. Though she is not selfish, she acts like that during some unavoidable circumstances that make her do so. 

Like we said in the beginning, most people tend to misunderstand and underestimate her because of her childish looks. Besides, she lives in the forest and is not accustomed to human mannerisms that she needs to beware of before standing in the election.

26. Rem

Rem is another prodigy of the Isekai series with its high-profile female cast. We felt that Rem deserved a chance on our list of anime characters. She is the most mischievous among the characters, and most of her fans find her drool-worthy. 

Her blue eyes and dressing sense are more than cute. She is the maid to Lord Roswaal L Mathers. She has her sister Ram alongside her to serve the Lord. Rem can be seen in almost all the roles in Arc 3, Arc 2, and Arc 7. 

Though she is quite close to Subaru, she does not trust him. That is because of the magic spell cast on by the evil witch. However, after getting saved by him once, she opens her true feelings. Sadly, her memories have been taken away by Lye Batenkaitos. 

She awakens only in Arc 6 and is suffering from amnesia. She sometimes acts without thinking because of her health condition. This leads others into thinking that she is doing things on purpose. 

Rem also does not love her sister Ram as much as she used to do like before. We do not want to reveal more of this otherwise exceptional character that needs a lot of love and attention. Why don’t you watch the series and find out about her popularity?

27. Kaneki Ken

Kaneki Ken is part of the series Tokyo Ghoul. You would be surprised to know that even the makers were apprehensive about its popularity when it was first aired. Luckily, it gained immense popularity among both men & women audiences because of this anime character. 

Kaneki Ken seems to have his own charm and beauty. He is more of a ghoul, though he wants to live everyday life like others. Hence, his methodologies in dealing with people seem different from others.

This is something that nobody has witnessed or seen before. His best friend is Hide, whom he has been friends with since childhood. Kaneki would find himself struggling to get words out of his mouth, but Hide would act as his voice assistant and get the words out. 

It is perhaps a strong bonding between them that makes these kinds of things happen. Another excellent example of that would be Hide distracts Ken so much that he gives up eating non-vegetarian food, though his ghoul spirits tempt him. 

Want to know, then why don’t you give his series a try and see for yourself? 

28. Guts

Guts are one of my favorite anime characters. Like his name goes, he has plenty of guts. Probably that is why he is called so. Guts appear in the popular series, Berserk. A famous writer, Miura Kentarou, wrote berserk.

He has nothing normal in life because he is constantly on the run. Every day is like a battle for him. It is either you do or die. The series was popular because of its intense storyline, and we, too, loved it. 

He has given up his human nature because of the sad things happening around him. It relates with some humans, doesn’t it? For some of us, every day is nothing but a rush. We have to keep running wherever with no end in sight. 

But he decides that he has had enough of this running around and wants to put an end to it. Being followed by demons, he takes the help of the Dragon slayer. Guts plan to kill each and everyone who backstabbed him. 

Of course, not everyone he planned to kill is a baddy. Like Puck and Isidro, some of them turn out to be good people. They both also decide to join forces with Guts to get rid of the bad people in the world and make it a better place. 

Run along with their journey and find out what happens in the end. 

29. Sakurajima Mai

Sakurajima Mai is a cutey. There is absolutely no doubt about that. Though she is a very serious person, she can be friendly. However, if you push her around, then you may not want to see her other side. 

Sakuta often finds the wrong end of Mai. That is because Sakuta keeps on taunting and finding faults with Mai. She is a bright student and helps others with their studies. Her mother is in charge of a modeling agency, which made Mai intrigued in modeling from a young age.

It is not surprising that her dressing sense is top-notch, and she wants to become a model in the future. Though she modeled for her mother in a swimsuit advertisement, she realized that her mother was utilizing her good looks for the sake of earning easy money. 

This pushed her to attend high school and get good grades. Again, she had to deal with some personal issues causing her to delay her transition into high school, leaving her alone most of the time. 

It resonates with some of us. Does it not? Why not give it a try and find out how she overcomes this isolation?

30. Makise Kurisu

Makise Kurisu is the next anime character that we immensely adore. While most female anime characters are charming and loving, Makise is beyond just beautiful. She plays the lead female character in the series Steins Gate.

Besides her beauty, she is also talented. She is a scientist at the Victor Qondria University’s Brain Research Program. It comes as no surprise because her father was one, and Makise is motivated to continue researching in the same line as her father did. 

Sometimes life does not go according to plan, and the same happens with her. She ends up meeting with Okabe Rintaro. She was the gem that gave a new direction to the Steins Gate anime, and the way she does that is absolutely adorable.

Though she is pretty young for her age to become a scientist, she had earlier skipped a grade and is now known for her research papers. Her standout feature is that she is quite friendly but stern in looks. 

She does not want to give away her childishness and curiosity to others. Her colleagues, at times, do not see eye to eye with some of her ideas and call her mad scientist. But that does not deter her from making progress in what she has destined for. 

We promise you will love this character, so why don’t you check it out today.

31. Roronoa Zoro

Roronoa Zoro is part of one of the most popular series to have hit the anime market. If you are into anime, then you would have heard about One Piece. It consisted of close to 20 million episodes.

The character Roronoa Zoro was one of the most loved. We all liked his never-say-never-die attitude in the series. Besides, it motivates us to push beyond our boundaries and those mental barriers to achieve what we want to. 

Zoro happens to be a member that Luffy hired. He has his fighting style with his trusted sword. Using the santoryu, he can defeat the bad guys. This unique fighting style is also known as the three katana fighting style.

He usually ties a bandana over his forehead, and that is when you know that there is bound to be some serious action. He is afraid of nothing, not even death. Though his character is very entertaining, Zoro finds immense happiness and joy in doing good. 

If you are a One Piece viewer, you would know that he is a gentle person. We cannot call him a samurai, but he has maintained an impeccable record in defeating the bad chaps. He is not like Luffy because he kills his enemies if he has to at any cost. 

32. Sakata Gintoki

Sakata Gintoki is our next protagonist. He appears in the must-watch series Gintama. Gintama is one of the most popular series in the anime market and has a huge fan following. We thoroughly enjoyed watching Gintama and found that the characters do their role elegantly. 

Among them is Sakata, with his warm blue hair and yellow piercing eyes can be intimidating as well as friendly. The characters like these add a lot of excitement to the series and give viewers what they are looking for. 

His character is such that he can make you cry as well as make you laugh your head off. Isn’t that funny enough? Like some of the anime characters that we read about, Sakata lives in an era where we do not require samurai fighters. 

Gone are the days when these guys used to cause panic amongst one and all. He has to not only subdue his enemies but take care of his two kids, Kagura and Shinpachi. Sakata comes as a seasoned swordsman who still is able to cause fear in the Amanto, his sworn enemies.

However, his main weakness would be Ketsuno, the news weather girl. He does his best to try and talk to her using various tactics. Unknown to him, other female anime characters have a soft corner for him. 

So, if you have not seen Gintama, then what are you waiting for? 

33. Edward Elric

Edward Elric is somebody who can outdo everybody else in the series. The alchemical prodigy belongs to the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and is quite capable of doing what most protagonists cannot do. 

Those of you who like heroes wearing the full armor might have a soft corner for Edward. We find as mature, calm, and quite composed. Though he happens to be one of the shortest characters in the series, his presence itself is enough to cause panic among his enemies.

You would be delighted to know that he happens to be the youngest to have received the Amestris State Military. He wants to come back to Alphonse, his younger brother. His lack of body movement due to his arm and leg does not reduce his speed or agility. 

We found this connection in humans too. We liked the fact that he does not give up on things that easily. We appreciated his character because he does not unnecessarily occupy most of the screen time. 

He comes up does his part when the time is right. That is the way it should be. We find this kind of proper balance in the series as one of the most intriguing. Edward is a formidable fighter and can subdue any kind of enemy that he wants. 

34. Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager is another exciting anime character who appears in one of the most popular series, Attack On Titan. Eren is a charming guy with the right features that make him the protagonist in most series. 

Eren’s father is a well-known doctor in his community, and his mother, a housewife, a sweet woman. His childhood friend is Mikasa, with whom he shares a close bond. Mikasa has the dubious task of protecting him when he begins to fight with others. 

Otherwise, he might hurt himself. Armin happens to his other friend with whom he spends quality time with. He has been through a lot, and sometimes viewers think some of his actions are senseless. 

Viewers need to understand that he is pretty similar to that of Kaneki Ken, whom we read about. This feature in him makes him one of the most loved characters. If you haven’t seen it, then you do not know what you are missing out on. The series is now in its fourth season.

35. Okabe Rintaro

Remember Makise Kurisu on our list of anime characters? If you do, you would also know that she appears in the Steins Gate series. Well, now we are going to read about the protagonist in the series. 

While Makise was a splendid character in Steins Gate, Okabe Rintaro, often nicknamed Okarin, is probably the only character who can do justice to the lead. The first impression you get about him is that he is a mad scientist. 

He even introduces himself with the wrong name to others. However, after several episodes, you can find the situation changing completely because you note that the same guy who was clumsy, weird, and forgetful is just the opposite after that. 

We do not want to spoil you by telling you everything here. Why don’t you do yourself a favor and see why this guy is one of our most sort after anime characters? And don’t be surprised if you find out why. 

36. Monkey D Luffy

Monkey D Luffy appears in the most-watched series, One Piece. For a change, this guy’s character has been done pretty well. If you want to see somebody act dumb, but is actually not, then you have your man right here. 

Luffy continues the trend of those dumb guys, who are really very smart and intelligent. His decision-making needs some introspection. Otherwise, he is good enough to be the main protagonist of a top-rated series. 

He is the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. Luffy likes to see things differently and in a simple manner. But he can see what might go wrong in most things if they happen. This is something that most of us might want to learn from him. 

Besides, his fight sequence is splendidly done. We just love to watch them because we enjoy them. For example, he may have to fight with somebody who is much stronger than him, but he still manages to win. 

Though he loses, the sentiments that come from the fight are very emotional. Moreover, he tends to feel hungry all the time, for some reason. We loved this feature in character, making him all the more lovable. 

Don’t you think it is time to watch One Piece?

37. Lelouch Lamperouge

Lelouch Lamperouge begins our countdown to the last three anime characters on our list. Lelouch is louch and can surprise you with his quick moves and intense decision-making. This is what we liked about him. 

You can find in him on the Code Geass series shown on Television way back in 2006. This series was when his character was introduced. His wit and intelligence are beyond par and come with elegance personified. 

The writers have designed his character such that you will instantly fall in love with him because of his strategic decisions. He seems to have the ability to predict future mishaps and prevent them from happening most of the time. 

Besides, he has a charming personality? Who does not like a charming personality blended with intelligence? Moreover, he is entertaining, loving, and caring. You will be glad to know that he was able to lead the Japanese army to freedom. 

He was able to do that while studying in high school. Lelouch also has the added responsibility of taking care of his sister Nunnally. It is evident that Lelouch is one hell of a character that you do not want to take your eyes from. 

38. Killua Zoldyck

Killua Zoldyck is another interesting anime character that you wouldn’t want to miss out on for the rest of the world. Killua is young and short. But his knack of intensely knowing the enemy the moment he sees them separates him from the rest of the heroes. 

When you see him fight dangerous monsters and hunters using his phenomenal strength, you get a sense of satisfaction. Besides, he has a very charismatic attitude. It is not often that you can get to see this kind of hunter in the manga. 

Being the third child of his parents, he becomes the protagonist of the series Hunter x Hunter. The character’s best friend is Gon, who happens to be friendly, deceitful, and cheerful. The problem here is that Killua is rude to most of the people he gets to meet. 

He can analyze any situation with immense accuracy and thought. He sometimes believes he is brighter than most and does not judge the other person’s capability, leading him to lose occasionally. Unlike other anime characters, he deserves all the love and affection showered on him. 

39. L Lawliet

If a character makes you go wild, then it has to be L Lawliet. He is the man for the moment. When you have seen Death Note, you will know what we are talking about. He does not even need an introduction, but for most of you who don’t know him might want to get to know him. 

We promise you won’t regret getting to know him. His duty and foremost responsibility are to fight against Light Yagami. Light Yagami is the main antagonist of the series. This world-renowned detective has to catch a murderer who is only known as Kira. 

But not many know that Kira happens to be the Light Yagami. Only one man knows that, and it is L Lawliet. Under his investigation, he takes it as a challenge to prove that Light Yagami is Kira. However, many find it difficult to believe him in that. 

Very few characters have this ability to garner on-screen presence. This guy is truly one among them. His style of moving around, even drinking tea, is something worth admiring. We feel that the sheer amount of intensity he brings to the series is worth noting. 

It becomes evident that he holds the title for being the main protagonist in the series Death Note. Otherwise, we doubt that the series would have any credibility whatsoever and become nothing in front of most anime series. 

40. Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman has taken the anime characters by storm. If there is anyone who deserves a coveted first prize, then it has to be Levi. He is often known as Captain Levi. He has the captain material in him. 

He is the main character of the series, Attack on Titan. Levi is the squad captain of the Special Operations Squad inside the Scout Regiment. He has impressive black hair that is styled into more of an undercut. 

His blue eyes cover his innocent yet deceitful facial features. Though he is short, he is powerful. Levi is known for making few expressions like frowning or well, being without any expressions. 

That makes it incredibly difficult for his enemies to decide on his next move. We also love the fact that his on-screen presence does not affect others. Though he is soft & humble, he is strict when it comes to morals. 

His badass behavior and general character can steal your heart. We like his presence on the franchise and honestly believe that his contribution is unmatched. We don’t think Attack On Titan would be the same without this guy on it.


Every single anime character is unique in its own way and brings a different kind of energy and feel to the fictional world of anime.

Anime is a vivid, ornate and explicit form of art that brings about a completely different perspective of the human world and creates an intense augmentation of unreal into the animated life.

In this article, I have made special mention of some of the most loved anime characters and their characteristics, which are loved by most of its viewers and audiences.

There are many other popular anime characters other than these which have been mentioned in this article, and all of them are equally good and attractive.

This article’s list is based on looks, characteristics, and features and has no sense of competition among them. Each character is bold, unique, and strong and stands firmly on its own.