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What is RNG in Video Games? Is it good or bad?

RNG stands for Random Number Generator, it does as its name suggests generate random numbers. Then these random numbers are used to define various aspects of the game. In other words, it defines luck.

So, let us assume that you are playing cards on your computer and you draw a card. The card that you draw will be decided by the Random Number Generator. It will generate a number and the card associated with it will be drawn.

If you are a hardcore gamer, then you might have heard this term before. As in games, RNG is used to create events that are not the same every time you play. In this article, we are going to have an in-depth analysis of RNG.

Most of the time these numbers are not so random as there is some kind of algorithm behind its generation, therefore, it can be predicted if you are a maths nerd.

On the other hand, if you want to generate a real RNG then you need a big expensive contraption that will predict numbers based on the decay of radioactive particles. Because of which they are only used to predict winners of the premium bond.

True RNG and Pseudo-RNG:-

Our Computers are is made on codes and instruction, it has been made to obey its master. Which is why it is not easy for it to generate numbers randomly.

Therefore, to generate a random number with the help of your computer you need to add “hardware random number generator” to your setup. The hardware random number generator will use the minute physical process like electronic noise to generate a random number.

What is RNG

One of the main uses of hardware random number generator is in security systems. It’s very difficult to encrypt them almost impossible. As they are truly random.

But in the case of gaming, a pseudorandom generator is used. Because randomness is important for a gamer but a game can not be lacking speed and performance. Therefore to create a good balance pseudorandom generator is used.

A pseudorandom generator is based on an algorithm which means it can be predicted by doing some permutations and combinations. So, a seed is planted first which is a number and then the developer runs that algorithm on top of that seed to generate a number. 

I would recommend you to visit here and generate a random number for your self.

What is RNG in Gaming:-

What is RNG in Video Games 3

Now, let’s come to the main course, what is RNG in gaming? RNG acts like a catalyst in your gaming experience. The developers know how the human mind works, it loves surprises and thrill, which is why RNG was created.

RNG in loot case:-

If you are playing FIFA and there is a point where you have to spin the wheel, you did and are waiting for that wheel to select your favorite player.

But unfortunately, you didn’t get him. Now, don’t be sad and don’t blame the god for it, as this time he was not behind this, it was the developers and their algorithm.

Sometimes, to increase the excitement and thrill for the game, the developers sometimes manipulate the players as well. If you are on the second level you are not getting Ronaldo.

But for you, it will be random as you don’t know the algorithm and the seed behind it. Sometimes, the seed depends on your level as well.

IS RNG Good or Bad?

What is RNG in Video Games? Is it good or bad?

This question doesn’t have a very straight forward answer. RNG just like everything else is grey. It has its pros as well as cons. 

RNG gives the game a surprise element that you can not predict. If your game doesn’t have RNG then after some point it becomes boring. RNG is as important to a card and puzzle games as color is to humans, they both make games and life entertaining respectively.

For those of you who don’t like RNG, I want you all to go back to the memory lane and tell me, would Tetris be any fun if the shapes were predictable.

For those who were so obsessed with Candy Crush, just think would the game be interesting the next gem was predictable. A game wouldn’t be a game if you remove consequences from it.

In my opinion, RNG is a good thing as it forces me to come and play the game again and again. Otherwise, everything would have been super predictable.

 But at the same time, it can be frustrating as well. If the game is completely Random, take some games like Destiny, for instance, then you might have someone may surpass you without having the required skill set. Just add RNG in a chess game, I am pretty sure that even Fabiano Caruana would be scratching his head.

So, you can say the glass is either half filled or half empty.

Is RNG Manipulating us or are we manipulating it?

If you think that you are being manipulated in a game, then the developers are the ones guilty not the RNG. The last thing an RNG can do is manipulate someone because it is based on randomness. Your developers might plant a speed to generate a result within their confined boundaries. 

But sometimes, you can use RNG to your advantage as well. One of the major things on which your seed is decided is your input. So, it is almost impossible for a player to perform the same actions repeatedly, therefore, it generates different output every single time.

 Even if after reading this article you purposely try to perform the same action multiple times, most probably you won’t be able to do that. That’s because we only have one or two frame windows to grab the same seed and the NES runs at 60 frames per second. So, it is out of one’s reach to achieve this level of excellence in a game.

But I do know something who is apt enough to do that. That is Tool Assistant SpeedRun(TAS). TAS uses tools of the game to complete the game as fast as possible.

So, it has input files which are free from any human errors and are capable of performing every frame perfectly. Most likely your RNG number is based on those input files then it is more likely that the test will follow the exact same pattern every single time.

What is RTP in RNG?

RTP stands for Return To Player.  It is a percentage amount that a game will return to a player on an average over the number of spins or takes. 

So, when you start the game it will first of all automatically generate a seed and then forwards the action, as the action continues the RNG will change accordingly.

For example, you are inserting three values and depicting its RTP.  The three inputs are $1, 2, and 3, and the output that you are getting $0, 2, and 5. Therefore, my RTP would be 0%, 100%, and 120% respectively. 

RTP depends on RNG, therefore, it is as random as the RNG is. In c#a#sinos, RTP plays a huge role in predicting your profit as sometimes because of multiple actions you might lose control over the profit and losses of the game.

Even though the all Casinos have their own algorithm but because of the law the incapability of humans with such complex code, the game will always be fair.

Is anything Random?

The first thing that might have wobbled your mind, “what is this guy even talking about, there are zillions of examples I can give of randomness. Isn’t dice Random?” If that’s what you are thinking, then you are wrong even dice’s number is not random.

In 2012 researchers from Poland claimed that they can predict die number by taking air-viscosity, table friction, and acceleration due to gravity.

Right now, we don’t have the means to predict nuclear decay of radio-active decay but in the near future. We will get there.

  • RNG stands for Random Number Generator.
  • RNG is used to keep the game fresh and full of surprises.
    • Sometimes RNG becomes irrational as well, as someone may surpass you without having the required skill set. 
    • There are two types of RNG,  pseudorandom generator and hardware random number generator.
    • A true RNG depends on the decaying of radioactive materials and pseudo-RNG depends on human-made algorithms.
    • RNG developers can manipulate us by selecting a particular seed
    • We can manipulate RNG by analyzing the pattern of Tool Assistant SpeedRun(TAS). 
  • RTP stands for Return To Player. It is a percentage amount that a game will return to a player on an average over the number of spins or takes