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9 Of The Best Games like Life is Strange That are Very Good 

If you have played Life is Strange, then you might be caught up in the adventure of an epic story that doesn’t seem to end. Few gamers thought that it is the best game they have ever played. 

However, when you are ready to take a small break from this awesome game, then we have some exciting options for you to delve into. You see, Life is Strange comes with an emotional and packed plot. 

For those who haven’t played the game, Life is Strange; then, we will see the game briefly. It will help you to understand the game in a better manner. You are a teenager with some extraordinary powers. 

The character is Max Caulfield, who can see the future outcomes of different situations in life. This enables you to solve complicated mysteries in your life in the game. Just like in life, you have your ups and downs. 

Some many turns and twists come out of nowhere. But, you are able to gain control of the situation and create an outcome that is favorable for you. The game was popular among gamers due to its evident struggles of adolescence. 

There is something about this game that keeps you coming back for more. Perhaps, the story or the graphics, we do not know. It is compelling at times, to have a look at yourself when you were a lot younger and maybe took some decisions against your own conscience. 

But that is the beauty of life. You make mistakes, learn from them, take the errors that perhaps, you knowingly or unknowingly committed, and then move forward. These small but valuable lessons can be achieved through these games that are very capturing.

Best Games like Life is Strange: Our Top Pick 👌

If you liked playing it, then we are sure that you would love to play games like life is strange, that we have carefully handpicked for you on this list.

These games are similar and come few steps ahead of Life is Strange, where you are driven by the choices you make. 

1. Last Day of June

If you are very much into love, you will instantly fall in love with the Last Day of June. Perhaps, this was one of the best options for games like life is strange. When you do not expect things to happen and they do, then you are pleasantly surprised. 

Best Games like Life is Strange

The relationships and manner in which we handle situations is the beauty of human beings. Sadly, not all of us are made the same. While some of us are emotionally strong, most of us end up on the weaker side. 

You are unable to relate to that and break up things at the slightest of doubts. This game has the ability to capture your heart and make your eyes moistened. The style and art are unique when compared to most of the games available today. 

It is the plot of two characters June and Carl. You are a car that is recovering after a car accident. You find yourself in a series of puzzles and want to get your loved one back. It is memorable and moving. 

They both are in love and want to travel somewhere together. As romantic as it sounds, it does not go according to plan. Unlike the name sounds, this is the autumn season. 

Luckily, Carl has this magical power, where you can go back and take back what he has lost in a hurry. This is on the line of, all is well, that ends well. Some gamers felt that the storyline is not something new. 

We were instantly attracted to the beauty of the game. There are 6 characters in total in this game. You also have 2 animals whose parts come with little emotion. However, you can feel their presence in the game. 

The plot of the game is fantastic. Its graphics are well-done, but not exceptional. If you are into 3D, then it is okay because you are given something like Lord of the Rings. But, it is attractive to keep your attention throughout the gameplay. 

At times, there is a repetition of some gameplay. You can get slightly annoyed by it. However, it is okay. It does not have to be a significant flaw or something like that. You can decide on the game plan you want it to unfold. 

The Last Day of June is a powerful game that comes with ample emotional connection. When you are looking for a game that has a tragic, psychological, as well as happy ending, then you got it. 

Last Day of June - Teaser Trailer

Before we forget to mention, the music on this game like life is strange was just phenomenal. The storyline is straightforward and won’t keep up for a long time. Not to mention, we are highly impressed with the characters in this game. 

They also love each other to the core, and you can, at times, feel compelled to be in Carl’s shoes.  You can play the Last Day of June on your PC, Nintendo Switch, and PS4.

2. Gone Home

Second, on our list of games like life is strange is Gone Home. Gone Home is a powerful video game that comes with a fantastic first-person adventure. Sometimes, you are left with no clues on the whereabouts of your loved one. 

Best Games like Life is Strange

It is during these times that you feel afraid with nowhere to go. The game is similar in nature. You are Katie, who returns home after some time abroad. However, you notice that things are amiss. 

You find yourself looking at plenty of questions that need answers. For example, you need to check the drawer; you need to listen to tapes, you try and read letters and do everything to uncover the truth about your family. 

When you have an eye for clues, then you can solve the mystery. This is perhaps one of the most rewarding moments in life where you take the mess of a metaphorical puzzle, try and put them together. 

You can go through the abandoned kitchen, notes placed on the refrigerator, the books that are misplaced in the halls, and some other obvious clues. There is nothing to panic about, really, if you are not able to grasp the clues initially. 

If you look around carefully, you can get them. It is a game designed by The Fullbright Company, and gives you the nuances of a game like life is strange. There are tons of items strewn around the house. 

For example, you have empty bottles, which your father in the game might have taken or papers that contain something written sarcastically. If you think deep, then perhaps, it might remind you of your own home at times. 

The home is pretty warm and welcoming. You can find books to read, music to listen to and the like. Even the kitchen comes as disorganized. Perhaps, you may think about your own kitchen which is sometimes in a mess. 

The game is pretty average when you compare it with some high feature games like Age of Empires and so on. There is one character, you and home. We were quite impressed with the audio and the writing of the game. 

Gone Home - Gameplay Teaser Trailer

It comes as not being exaggerated and quite real. Whether you are a man or woman, you feel compelled for some reason to get the emotional impact in the game. You will also immensely like the design of the artifact. 

However, we did find some flaws in this game. At the end of the game, you are discovered examining things too many times. In a sense, for the first time, things are exciting. As you keep playing the game, you find that it becomes slightly on the dull side. 

Gone Home is a game that we would recommend our gamers to play and enjoy it. The set comes with its own melancholic notion, simultaneously understanding the secrets of a family.

The game may not be a masterpiece; it comes with a fine-tuned plot; it is definitely a remarkable achievement and has a piercing ending. This game can be played on your PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

3. Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond Two Souls is a beautiful game that is based on a cinema from Quantic Dream. Through these games like life is strange, you can learn more about life on the decisions you plan to make for yourself. 

Best Games like Life is Strange

Your life is based on the decisions that you make at a particular stage in life. If you make the right decisions, then your life beginnings to grow and develop. You are taken to the position which you want to reach. 

Likewise, when you make poor decisions, then you are taken to a weak stage in life. Of course, you can always change those poor decisions, so that you can change the ending of your life. 

The game is quite the same as Life is Strange. Your character is Jodie, who is a young child living in foster care. She has a connection with a soul that is called Aiden. Gamers can also play as Aiden as a separate entity.

You can play the game as Jodie and help her lead a normal life. Gamers can also play the game as Aiden and guide Jodie to lead her life through the choices that she has to make in life. Just like in real life, you are faced with severe problems that make you choose the easy way out. 

However, you can help her tackle those problems so that she comes out of it and is able to lead a normal life. The narration is done wonderfully by two popular actors Willem Defoe and Ellen Page.

As you play the game, you are felt with choices to make, life in real life. Even if you are somebody who does not break down easily or is affected, you are made to think hard in this game. It is able to touch you deep in your hardened soul. 

However, at times, you feel completely lost. You wonder what you are doing in the game. The game’s consistency is based on its main character and her ability to come out of the trials in life. 

Her story is narrated in chapters that total 15 of her life. Gamers are given to Jodie, who is a small girl, an arrogant teen, and a young woman. In many circumstances, she depends on her inner voice, Aiden, that guides her on what she should do about a particular situation.

You are often thrust into situations that are too dramatic in action that can tear you apart very early in the game. Gamers can feel the transition of the horror at the beginning and the drama and action, later on in this game. 

Some users noted that there were too many elements in a short time. It would help if you had some time to drown the emotions, but something else happens that makes you overwhelmed to adjust to the next scene. 

Perhaps, the scenes could have been well-balanced out. The saving grace here is the compelling narration done fantastically here. We were highly impressed by it, and at times, you are swayed by them. 

According to makers, life is not flat and comes with its highs and lows. However, this isn’t life, and gamers want to play and have some fun, excitement, along with some emotions. The story is about a young girl and her spirit. 

But, the plot does occasionally sing, making you want to find out more. The narration done by Ellen Page provides you with an exceptional opportunity actually to put yourself in such situations. 

For example, you are divided between playing the guitar in the middle of the street in the winter season, for money. Of course, you do not have to, but there is no money or food. These sentimental circumstances make you think real hard about what you want to do. 

The gameplay is quite simple, and you can move around and do things that you want Jodie to do, with the white dot. For example, you can sit down, take a shower, and so on. The navigation is excellent. 

We felt that the combat was slightly on the slower side. It can really make you annoyed when you try to hit or block a hit from somebody. The script and the manner in which the entire plot revolves around you, it is appreciable. 

Unless you have a go at this game, you might not understand what is happening. We were also quite pleased with the technical craftsmanship as it was stunning. It was able to encapsulate the entire concept through its entirety.

On the whole, Beyond Two Souls is worth your time and effort. You will be impressed with the narration from Ellen Page and the other actor. This is a video game, but the decisions and the choices you have to make, put you in a spellbinding situation. 

When you are in search of a game that makes you immersed in it, then it has to be Beyond Two Souls. Would we recommend this game to our readers? 

4. Oxenfree

Oxenfree is a wonderful game where you are a teen who is living life normally. However, an unexpected turn in life gives you some power to know the dark side of others’ lives. Doesn’t it sound exciting?

In life, you always like to know what is happening around you. Alex is a teenager who lives with her stepbrother. He also has a few friends, who he visits once in a while. At one such party on Edwards Island, with his friends, there comes along an uninvited guest. 

9 Of The Best Games like Life is Strange That are Very Good 

This guest is in the form of a ghost. She needs to face some truths about her life as well as know her friends who are with her on the island. This Night School Studio’s game is very touching and compelling in its own way. 

Each of the characters in the game has its own problems. The dialogue delivery is also excellent; that just takes on an inner journey all by yourself. Gamers do not feel like rushing through the game.

You would feel like going through all the dialogue and find out what is actually happening. These moments give you the time to surround yourself and learn more about your environment. The game becomes slow at specific points but enables you to crave a beautiful relationship. 

This is a very dialogue-based game, where you might feel out of the plot with your stepbrother Ren, who is extremely talkative. Some gamers tend to dislike him for that. You mention that to one of your friends in the game, Jonas.

The choices that you make tend to come back at some point or the other to haunt you. So, think well before making decisions and saying something that might get you into trouble. Gamers can choose the individual that they would like to hang out with. 

But, as the game progressed, we sort of had a soft corner for Ren. His voice, his life story, and other details get you intrigued about him. The game is about building lasting relationships with others. 

Some gamers have felt that it becomes prolonged at a particular time. However, we feel that the notion of the game is such. The moments that come out of nowhere provide the mystic that you need to develop the characters and their relationships.

Oxenfree - Announcement Trailer

At times, your friends can be in trouble and require your help. How do you react to those situations that can grossly affect their overall reaction in the game? 

The narration in this game is one of the best we have seen so far. You can quickly strike conversations with just about anybody. There is also this coming-of-age feeling when you play the game. 

The ease of use in this game is worth mentioning too. The dialogues, at times, feel stilted. Not to mention, there are pacing issues at times when you play the game. Apart from that, you will see that Oxenfree is right up there among the best. 

It comes with excellent graphics, beautiful characters, exceptional narration, and also a unique plot. We felt that this game came with its beautiful moments where you feel very drawn to the characters, which are unique in their own way. 

The gameplay does not have anything else, which is one way is good. However, the issue of pacing comes in between making the game slightly annoying. Gamers can feel as if they are walking through a masterpiece that is well done. 

You can play this game on a number of devices, including PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and Xbox One.

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5. Night in the Woods

Night in the Woods is another compelling game like life is strange with a beautiful story giving more attention to the characters. You play Mae Borowski, a protagonist who returns to this amazing, but thrilling mining town, with its own beauty. 

9 Of The Best Games like Life is Strange That are Very Good 

You planned to come down and meet your old friends and classmates to run away from your problems in life. The game comes with a powerful narrative where all of the people in the town have to deal with their own problems. 

You can find themes like friendship, mental health, and healing that you so often need in real life too. There are also few psychological elements in the game that can affect the main character of the game. 

You come across some vital aspects of life that offer an engaging story of humor and some heart. It is about the small things in life like late-night talking sessions with your friends, rooftop gazing at the sky, and having those meaningless chats with your loved ones. 

We were impressed with the honest narration that also comes with some elements of humor. You can feel and are served with the mischief within Mae. The character loves to do things that often get her into trouble. 

She is a troublemaker, there is no doubt about that. She wants to do these kinds of activities to gain inner peace, perhaps. At times, we found ourselves lost wondering what her next move would be with.

The game is nicely placed in Possum Springs that comes with its own context. Before we forget to tell, the music is excellent, having its own vibrancy and emotion in all the scenes. Gamers can get surprised with the notion that despite the comedy, there is sadness. 

Night In The Woods Official Game Trailer

Not to mention, you feel at a loss with so much happening around you. Perhaps, the game designers have overdone it. Some of you might soak into it. But, you may not be able to concentrate on everything that is happening around you. 

We can proudly say that Night in the Woods is able to capture your anxieties as a young person with several confusions in life. It is well-written, having dialogues that can make a massive difference, reignite your friendship, and uncover the secrets.

You can play on your PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

6. The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Telltale’s The Walking Dead is another fantastic game like life is strange that comes with ample different story outcomes. The game is quite similar to that of Life is Strange. We were quite stunned by the fact that all the games in this series are worth your time. 

9 Of The Best Games like Life is Strange That are Very Good 

Telltale Studios shut the doors of the series; gamers were somewhat unhappy with the outcome. But, they were able to bring the story to a close. This is the first studio that is making use of compelling storytelling that appeals to the player in a different dimension. 

You begin to take control of things when things start to outrun your luck. When you escape from the zombies, and you meet somebody called Clementine. She is a young girl who does not know where her parents are present. 

You have to guide and protect Clementine as the series progresses. There are choices that you have to make in this game when you have to guide the girl. This is a wild, emotional ride to have your rapport attention. 

Gamers are taken on a journey where they can explore the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. The game is mostly around narration, where players must decide what they want to say. 

You must select your words carefully because those statements can come to affect you later. When choosing an account, it rallies around the main individual. When you say something that you must not, then you have a lot of enemies, most of them your friends. 

The graphics and lyrics are done nicely. We were highly impressed with them. It is a powerful game that comes with a series not only for fans but for others too. If you have not played any game yet, then you might want to play this game. 

You can play the game on your PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

7. Firewatch

Firewatch comes with a mystery in Life is Strange that is able to have your attention that is invested throughout. The episode of this game like life is strange has its own exploratory mechanics and powerful narration that has ample fireworks. 

9 Of The Best Games like Life is Strange That are Very Good 

This is a first-person perspective game where you are Henry. He begins a new job in Wyoming for putting out fires and smoke if they occur. You are provided with radio through which Henry contact’s his supervisor Delilah.

The game is about having your own space to walk about and be engrossed in your own thoughts. The best part about it being, you can do so in the wilderness of Shoshone National Forest. 

Fortunately, you meet a girl who happens to be your boss, and then fireworks happen. You have an overall theme where you can escape. The graphics are fantastic and nicely done. You can view the enormous park, the valleys that stretch throughout this area. 

There is a massive amount of space for you to roam around and discover. When compared to other games like life is strange, we found this beautiful. It is as if you are walking around a park. 

Firewatch - August 2014 Reveal Trailer

Overall, the game comes with elements that must be present. The writing and the dialogue options are fabulous. The end of the game fills you with a rush of emotions and reconciliation, offering you storytelling. The game can be played on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

8. Quantum Break

Quantum Break is another exciting game like life is strange that offers you immense graphics, characters, as well as fascinating features to the gameplay. You can help reverse important decisions for seeing outcomes according to your plans. 

Best Games like Life is Strange

How do you make these plans come to progress? The game allows you to offer you supernatural powers for action and is able to emphasize the narrative story. Gamers are provided an experience of cinematic adventure as a sci-fi TV show.

The makers of the game, Remedy Entertainment, provide you an action-packed mystery for deciding the ending of the story. You play Jack Joyce, who has supernatural names, and a physics genius, who knows the working of quantum theory.

The narration of the game is powerful with a sticky concept. You would be delighted with the combat in this game. The designers have been able to integrate the game of Quantum Break with potent action. 

Quantum Break is a massive success. The strength of the game lies in the narration, story, and graphics. It is so good that you feel like you are watching an episode. This is something that is missing in most of the games. 

We felt that the action game comes with a few manageable flaws. Quantum Break is one of the games that come from the Netflix era.

Hence, it is not surprising to note that this game like life is strange is a grand success. Gamers can play the game on their PC and Xbox One.

Summing up

We have come to the end of our discussion on some of the best games like life is strange. We hope you found this post useful for your decisions regarding the games. All of them are good and come with their own unique element and flavor that make it exceptional. 

The storyline in most of the game is so compelling that it makes us ponder on our lives and think about those times when we made poor decisions. Perhaps, these are the lessons that we can learn from the games. 

Not to mention, some of the characters are nicely done. The main actor tends to have a connection with us at times. You think that you are looking at yourself when you are playing these games. 

On that note, it isn’t very easy to point out a game and claim it as the winner from the list. They are all excellent and come with their own features, graphics, and stories that make them what they are in the market. 

Life is Strange is a good game, but when you want something that is similar, these powerful games like life is strange are excellent. We are confident that you would find your game from the above list. It is just a matter of time. 

Go ahead and choose your favorite game.

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