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9 Best Cooking Anime Shows Of All Time

When it comes to one of the most entertaining mediums of all time, we need to bring in the big guns, and with that, we mean big samurai swords and massive power build-ups.

Anime holds a special place in our hearts when it comes to making us go through a roller coaster ride. You probably have spent your younger years watching episode after episode of Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon. 

You, too, want to be as strong as Goku and wish to have that power of “forging Kami Hami Haa.” We aren’t honest if we say we didn’t try that stance of Goku once in a while, it’s something that comes out naturally, and we can’t control it.

However, as people grow, they tend to remove their love from their adult life and label it as ” no go. But that’s what needs to be changed. See, anime is not something which you compare with Cartoons. People who watch them know it’s more than just animation.

It has a story, character-building, etc. You might not find it even in big-budget Hollywood movies. Today we will provide you with some of the most fantastic Cooking animes that you can watch for fun with your family and have a good laugh. 

There are several genres in anime, and you can be sure of one thing you can find something of your taste. Today this article is all about the food animes and their storyline.

These anime are funny and entertaining. You can also watch them with your young ones as there is no violence and gore in these anime, which is something you are surely going to see in lots of anime.

We will be starting with one of the most important questions that many parents have in mind. That is why it’s good for their kids to watch anime and learn from it. 

Best Cooking Anime Shows: Our Top Pick 👌👌

So now you know what anime is and what makes it different from cartoons. Let’s move to the central portion of this article, giving you the list of the best cooking anime shows that can help you with some good laughs and make your life a little happier than usual bon appetit. 

1. Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma

Starting, we have Food wars. Just from the name, you can see it’s about a food off series. From all the cooking anime names we are going to put down below, no one can come close to the food wars.

It sits proudly on the top of the list of being the best cooking anime of all time. You might have a thing to say or two, but this is the best show for us. 

Food Wars Season 1 - Official Trailer

To give you insight into its story without disclosing too much of it, we can say it’s a shonen version of a cooking journey that involves a cooking school where students get to learn different cooking techniques. They compete with each other in food battles to win different ranks in the school. The food battles are named “Shokugeki.”

As it’s a cooking anime, you will be seeing a lot of emotions and drama being poured into the character-building, which is pretty standard for you if you watch anime.

It has taken the number one spot on our list because it explored different styles of narrating the story to the viewer.

Also, it teaches its viewers the importance of learning and what it means to be working in the food industry. But the viewer can easily use these lessons in their real-life not only in their kitchens, but they can also implement them in their offices.

Moreover, the beautiful representation of the food and how it gets cooked will make you crave to eat them even though you know it isn’t real, and it’s just an animation. 

Click here to watch this anime. 

2. Amaama to Inazuma

If you want us to describe this cooking anime in one word, we would say it’s quite heart-melting. It’s a story of a father and his daughter who once brought the store-bought meals, have now started cooking with their new high-school friend. 

The number of times you will be left smiling like a fool is just too many in this cooking anime. We couldn’t stop laughing and caring about the characters that we see in this anime. At some times, you might want to get up and hug them as they put so much effort into their learning process.  

Amaama to Inazuma「AMV」- You'll Be In My Heart

When you are watching it, you will feel each character’s progression and how they have developed their skills. Another thing which we would like to point out here is how each character behaves with the other characters.

The way the writing of the series perfectly balances the cooking and the healthy relationship of the characters. 

There are so many little things that you might miss in your first watch of the series, as there are several layers to the sweetness which you can find in the context of the series. 

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3. Emiya-san Chi no Kyou no Gohan

Do you like eating food? Well, who does not, and this anime talks about the same theme, the joy of eating food with your loved ones and having fun with it as you gulp down the ramen.

Best Cooking Anime Shows

With this series, you will see how meals are cooked in general and the time the characters spent together making them and eating them. This series’s untold theme is to show how food can bring people together and create an everlasting bond. 

It’s an alternative of the slice-of-life tale to fate, but don’t worry. We will not ask you to watch this saga to understand the story and connect with the characters. In addition to this, this series can be observed as a complete stand-alone series. 

It’s a simple cooking anime series that follows the heartwarming idea of cooking a home meal is the best thing two people could do when alone.

When you are watching it, we are sure you will be learning some new cooking techniques which you can implement in your home cooking to make your food more delicious. 

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4. Yumeiro Patissiere

If you are into baking and love making cakes and pies for your family, this is the perfect cooking anime for you. It is more focused on baking than cooking, to be honest. It explores all the different types of baking and that too its core. 

Best Cooking Anime Shows

If we say you will be glued to your screen when you are watching it, we are not fooling around. The story is so captivating. The main character’s journey of becoming the best pastry chef in the city will give some of the most memorable moments you will ever see in the cooking anime period. 

Not only will you be watching the anime, but you are also going to learn how to make different desserts and what are ingredients that you need to give them the taste that they deserve.

When you are invested in the series, you will start to see how different characters will turn up, and they begin to look a bit quirky to each other. At the same time, you will experience the good old romance which anime has to offer. 

Being one of the Shoujo series, the story can shift towards romance and drama without giving you the slightest hint. But still, the baking aspects of it won’t stop you from appreciating the small details of this series. 

You can watch this anime by clicking on this link

5. Yakitate Japan 

Ever thought about bread being the star of the show? Simple food like bread can play a vital role in our lives, and this cooking anime depicts it. Well, so the story is about the kid who loves bread so much that he only dreams of making the best bread of all time.

If you think this can’t be true, a whole series is based on the kid’s pursuit of making the best of the bread. Well, that’s the beauty of anime, the imagination of writers and the art directors have no limit. 

The writing style could be overwhelming for some, as in some parts of the series, things get too tangible, and it’s hard to be with the main storyline.

But still, as a whole, the series is pretty grounded. Well, here again, we would like you to be comfortable with the shounen-Esque’s way of directing the anime. So be prepared for the series to be a little quirky. 

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6. Toriko 

Have you ever thought about going on an expedition where you can find the rarest of food items to eat that make your mouth explode from and tingle your taste buds? Well, Toriko is that kind of cooking anime that aims to bring imagination to play.

The show is about the main character finding different food items that are too hard to find but are too delicious to be real. Yup, you read that right.

The cooking aspect of the series, which you might be looking for, is in the moments when the chef of the main character and his partner Komatsu is on the screen. 

More than the main character’s story, this is about the personal growth of chef Komatsu and how he finds different cooking techniques for rare food items. 

It’s a story packed with action. Both the characters explore unknown territory to hunt down and, yes, literally hunt down their food. It’s one of the best cooking animes out there, which has a different storyline involving some good old-fashioned shounen fun. 

To watch this anime click here

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7. Mister Ajikko

This is the first time we are bringing some old cooking anime to the list. The Mister Ajikko was aired in 1980. It has a total of 100 episodes. It is the first-ever cooking anime series that has been launched in Japan.

9 Best Cooking Anime Shows Of All Time

The story is quite compelling. It tells the tale of a young prodigy named Yoichi, who is on a journey to become the world’s best chef. On his journey, he met several people and competed against him in the food. 

The anime focuses a lot on how the food is cooked and the key ingredients to make it delicious. So if you are looking for something which is the true classic of the cooking anime genre, then Mister Ajikko needs to be on your watchlist. 

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8. Adorable Food Goddess

Yes, that’s the name of the show, and we are not making this up. When you first start watching the series, be prepared for a few surprises. While the story initially kicks off with the girl named Ye Jiayo.

You will find she has gone to her past self and got herself trapped inside the body of Ye Jin Xuan, and from there, the anime completely changes, and it becomes more profound and intense. 

Why you should watch Adorable Food Goddess 萌妻食神

If we are honest, this anime has lots of genres residing in it. But cooking is something which comes out as most prominent. Also, the animation process makes it more appealing for the viewers. It shows how much effort has been into making this anime possible. 

For many people, the plot might come as too strong, but you can still enjoy cooking while the story gets complex. When you are watching it, you will see how each ingredient plays a vital role in making the final dish and how if one of them is omitted, it can change the taste of the food. 

But there is one thing we would like you to know: we are still in debate with our in-house team, whether the characters in this anime are likely or not? But on the other hand, we all agree on one thing, the quality of cooking in this show is impeccable. 

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9. Oishinbo

What happens when you bring a cynical food critic and a writer together to make the Japanese food culture best? The answer is Oshinbo, a cultural and food appreciation series that also provides some solid culinary work. 

Best Cooking Anime Shows

There’s a heavy emphasis on Japanese culture and their way of cooking food to be the best in the world. Thus, you can expect plenty of cooking moments featured in the episodes. Not many people know about this series as it’s pretty old, which you can see from the animation. 

But when it comes to food and cooking, we have no doubts whatsoever, and even it can beat some modern cooking animes. More than keeping viewers clenched to the way of cooking and the ingredients used in it. This series provides a great story that will make viewers return for more. 

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Why Do You Need To Watch Anime?

First, there is nothing worse than a TV show of yours getting canceled. We all have been there when we have invested too much of our time watching some series, and suddenly the studio says they are not making more of it.

Well, this is something that is rarely a problem for Anime lovers as they don’t have to worry about the cancellation. The anime ends when the story does, like in Fullmetal Alchemist, or it tries to catch up with the colossal storyline such as One Piece manga.

In worst cases, scenarios if the anime gets canceled, which is a very slight possibility, you can still read the manga and continue your story to find its ending. 

The characters that you see in the anime are interesting. That’s one thing that makes it different from the cartoons and the movies that you see. It’s not a movie where the character completes his whole story arc in just 3 hours.

If you argue that the Harry Potter series has 8 films in total, you need to read its books to find out how much of the content has been cut off from the movie. That does not happen with anime series as the source material has lots of vibrant characters.

The anime studios try to remain as authentic as possible with the manga storyline. People in anime have dynamic personalities; they are more human even when they are not human. They have dreams, goals, and desires to achieve their goals.

In true Naruto fashion, “Believe it!!” Also, there are so many variations, even in characters. Some of them are humans, and others are animals. Some could be pirates, demons, high school students, office workers, and even chefs. The list keeps ongoing, and there’s no limit to it. 

Well, here’s a bummer for you, your favorite character can die in anime as they have flaws too. People in anime are not immune to deaths like they are in movies.

Even a character that is quite pivotal to the whole story and has the most screen time can vanish in the next episode. Talk about falling in love with an anime character and then losing them. Yes, we heard you Fullmetal alchemist fas, we share the same pain. 

Anime are relatable, well, yes, some of them have a background of a space or other planet, but the main story is quite relatable to real life. Just because something is animated doesn’t mean it can’t be realistic enough. Most of the anime takes moral philosophies from real-life situations. 

There are endless possibilities in which an anime could end. Think of it in this way; what’s the most random story you can come up with? Well, you can find several anime that have a weirder storyline.

Want to have something which is kind of mythical? Well, what about going on a journey with a boy who eats magical fruits and wants to become a pirate king someday? There are no constraints whatsoever in the world of anime. 

Most of the anime that you see are made in Japan, and that’s one of the things which people like about it. Each anime infuses some type of Japanese cultural influence.

You can find a folk law hidden in the story when you watch it, giving you a better idea of how the people of Japan spend their lives and how they celebrate their festivals and rituals. 

Who doesn’t like some action, and they are not merely fighting scenes! Anime is all about action. The way they are written, the action is the core part of the story.

Even filler episodes have something in them, which can make things exciting and define the story arc. Fight scenes in the anime are spectacular due to no limitation of VFX or budget. 

Difference Between Anime And Cartoon 

An anime is unique from a cartoon that you get to see every day when your kids open the TV. Animes are mostly produced in Japan.

They come in all formats, such as television series, animated short films, and full-length feature films. On the other hand, a cartoon is a form of two-dimensional media. In truth, the definition of the cartoon has changed over time. The modern usage of a cartoon is realistic or semi-realistic drawings, which are intended for satire.

When you are watching an Anime, you can see the complex emotions that character is portraying from their face.

The physical features of the character are pretty close to reality. When it comes to showing a character’s cuteness, the painters go with larger eyes and smaller mouths. On the other side, in a cartoon, the face usually has features that are not relative to the body. Thus, they are quite far away from reality. 

Anime plots are mostly on life issues and how the main character is dealing with them. Themes are more tied to human emotion, and they have more gore and sexual content.

On the other hand, cartoons are made to keep kids happy and busy as their parents perform their daily tasks. They are light-hearted and don’t go deep in showing the reality of life.

Anime usually has more than 100 episodes, and each episode lasts for about 20 minutes to 25 minutes. While cartoons can last for 5 minutes or even for an hour, depending on how much content the studio wants to showcase. 

In Conclusion

So there you go; these are some of the best cooking anime that you need to have on your watchlist. From gut-wrenching emotional moments to times, you will be laughing your hearts out.

These anime have everything to make them watchable again and again. If there are any more anime you wish to include in this list, let us know in the comment section below.