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9 of The Best Steampunk Anime Series To Check Out

Are you a fan of Victorian fashion? Or you are not getting a dose of your favourite series of Steampunk Animation? Then you are at the right spot for getting a list of the Best Steampunk Anime Series.

Steampunk is a form of science fiction that brings the steam-powered technologies of the Industrial Revolution period in pretentiously advanced ways. Often steampunk tales take place in a pure fantasy realm, while others include complex alternate narratives based upon our planet.  

The steampunk aesthetic is highly inspired by classic authors of the 19th century, such as Jules Verne and HG Wells. Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials novels and the game Bioshock Infinite include well-known contemporary fiction works that display characteristics of the Steampunk Series. 

Some famous anime are undoubtedly steampunk displays, and some contain specific exciting components that cater to fans of Steampunk, even if they don’t touch all the benchmarks of the form.

So, grab your gloves, goggles with a bowl of popcorn! And, find out the best Steampunk Series for yourself from the below-mentioned list.

Best Steampunk Anime Series: Our Top Pick 👌

In this section of the write-up, you will get an idea about the Best Steampunk Anime Series along with their features and reviews. So, after reading them, you can choose the appropriate one for yourself.

1. Unbreakable Machine-Doll

Short of repairing gears for items, Steampunk’s absolute favourite plot device is to bring elixir and magical elements into a Victorian context.

Unbreakable Machine-Doll blends both sorcery and science to create Automatons, robotic “puppets” at the direction of their masters, recreated to fight against each other. 

The tale begins in alternate Britain in the early 1900s, where a Japanese transplant came to study with his Automaton to seek revenge against the killer of his family.

Unbreakable Machine Doll - Official Trailer

In the hopes of beating the killer, he heads through a combat competition, but it has the additional advantage of adding a harem situation.

What’s good about the series?

  • The story of the series is quite enticing. You will always have a feeling that what will happen next?
  • Even, there were no- filler episodes. In short, it had a lot of action and fighting scenes.
  • The best series with perfect color combinations and fantastic sound effects.
  • The funny romantic and harem scenes made this anime series an enjoyable treat.

What’s wrong with the series?

  • Sometimes you will feel that characters’ weakest point. There was a lack of character development and utilization.
  • Because of monotonous character development, it portrays a confusing and clueless story plotting.

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2. Kaiketsu Shoki Tanteidan (Steam Detectives)

One could quickly tell from this anime’s name itself that this is a steampunk title. This steampunk anime gem’s idea is straightforward.

Criminals and other undesirables have been using white fog from the steam of the city to carry out their criminal operations with steam power used as the primary source of energy in Steam City. 

Best Steampunk Anime Series

Therefore it is up to teenage detective Narutaki, his nurse attendant Ling Ling and their megamaton Goriki, to solve mysteries and maintain peace.

From the environment of Steam City to the Megamatons, which are strongly represented In each episode, the characteristics of the steampunk genre throughout this title are evident.

Although the anime is targeted at younger anime fans, the design elements of the title, along with its very black atmosphere, nevertheless make it a fun watch for anime fans of all ages.

What’s good about the series?

  • A funny, adventurous detective show was primarily written for the younger audience. 
  • With a Sherlock Holmes impact, it’s a steampunk mystery show with an ambient noir style, 
  • It also has a few giant robots that introduce a specific element to the narrative.

What’s wrong with the series?

  • Most of the mystery part is not at all mysterious.
  • Even battles between robots are not that interesting as nothing innovative is introduced in that.

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3. Castle in the Sky (Tenku no Shiro Rapyuta)

The lists of fan favorites in many genres of Steampunk series are dominated by Ghibli series. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that it also tops this chart.  

Castle in the Sky is a beautiful bag of incredible imagery, from the steam-driven towns and expertly imaginative aircraft (there must be an honorable mention for the pirates’ fly-inspired aircraft) to the marvelous magic of the Laputa flying castle.

Best Steampunk Anime Series

This anime merits the primary spot for being an exquisite ride that takes us on a roller coaster of emotions powered by steam.

The show picturizes a vaguely European early 20th-century atmosphere. A tale of a magnificent flying fortress called Laputa exists in this universe, laden with treasures, machines, and powerful weapons.

Both government troops and a gang of sky pirates are chasing Sheeta (Anna Paquin), a farm girl with an heirloom amulet crystal that leads the way to Laputa.

Sheeta meets a selfless friend and guardian in a fellow youth, and a courageous boy called Pazu (James Van Der Beek), who momentarily escapes into a mining village.

Together they attempt to outsmart their rivals while on a path leading eventually to Laputa.

What’s good about the series?

  • With brushstrokes of classic fairy tales and components of steampunk science fiction, it is a tale full of adventures.
  •  The storyline is built very well and runs smoothly.
  • The absolute contrasts are remarkable between the action and the breaks between the action times.
  • Not only does Castle in the Sky lend you the impression that something is feasible and a lot of creativity, and it also takes you into some brand new realm of wonders.

What’s wrong with the series?

  • The anime has its flaws. Like the royal origins of Sheeta, Colonel Muska’s birth, etc. are not expanded well.
  • Moreover, some of the characters of the play are not moulded enough. It seems that the characters are not explored well before plotting.

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4. Steamboy

“Steamboy” is an ultimate steampunk example. Set in England in the 19th century, the story deals with the conflict between profit and morality between inventors. The storyline centers around Ray, a small boy whose crazy grandfather and father are off in Alaska researching in 1866 on the latest steam-powered inventions.

Nearby kids who think his father just took off to pick him up from his mom, but Ray is adamant that’s not the case, and he’s battling his bullies to defend the reputation of his dad. But Ray’s troubles with the brigands are just the beginning. 

From the moment Ray opens a box that includes a secret “steam ball,” from his grandfather, even enemies are hot on his trail. 

As one considers technology for its own sake, their views vary over time, while another wishes to be able to use it to industrialize the environment and eventually make it safer.

And Ray himself, as a teenage inventor, is driven to take the right route through the arrogance of most of the individuals around him.

What’s good about the series?

  • Fans of anime will consider it one of the best works the world of anime has seen.
  • Otomo has developed a relationship with 3D animation and he employs it to turn the perspective inside a given shot a little too many times.
  • With incredible inventions, fascinating characters you quickly care for, and breathtaking sequences, this film is full of adventure. 
  • It sounds like a classic adventure movie. The story plotting, animation, and sound effects are done excellently.

What’s wrong with the series?

  • Some of the characters are bland, worthless, and annoying as they are not explored well before plotting in this Steampunk series.
  • Sometimes it feels that individual sections of the story left a viewer clueless. Even in various scenes, it seems that there is a lack of emotions between the characters.

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5. Last Exile

Looking for steampunk anime, one of the very first shows that come to mind is Last Exile. The original show came out at just the correct time to leverage the rising success of Steampunk, portraying a couple of young airship pilots who get mixed up in a battle. 

9 of The Best Steampunk Anime Series To Check Out

Years ago, a sequel series held the series in the famous otaku consciousness intact. Two vanship couriers compete for life on a globe reminiscent of Europe during the Industrial Revolution. Although, this is not the only challenge we see in this anime series. 

Moreover, war is proclaimed by two competing parties, Disith and Anatoray. The impartial third entity, the Guild, overlooks this and descends into anarchy. When the two orphans take on a vital quest that takes them to the safest spot on earth, these two wars intertwine a Silvana battleship.

What’s good about the series?

  • To attract the steampunk fans, it doesn’t feel like the producers are throwing any random trappings, it feels like a very original environment.
  • The story is well-paced and well-plotted even if the show seems to be less Steampunk in the middle of the series and characters have changed.
  • Every character has a distinct personality in the story. It means a lot of hardship has been done for the designs of the show.
  • The show is very much satisfying at the beginning, middle, and even in the end due to the well-explained backstory and actions done by the characters.

What’s wrong with the series?

  • The only voice that sounded weird was Dio, who came off in the dub as a little odd and looking more like spikey-haired personalities from Digimon and Wolf’s Rain. Several parts of the dubbed sound a little bland and relatively mediocre, but some of the voice talents were bang on.
  • At times, the CG can get bumpy, and during those heavy action sequences, it is evident. It is yet to be discerned if this is due to the image compression issues of the digital source or low output quality.

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6. Samurai 7

Steampunk series appears to concentrate on Europe and often America, but Samurai 7’s Japanese steampunk atmosphere makes it stand out. Gonzo took the story of the classic 1954 film Seven Samurai by Akira Kurosawa and introduced robots and sorcery to the feudal period of the original, generating a unique steampunk vibe.

Samurai 7 blends all of the things from traditional Japan and Europe that you enjoy. 

It is supposedly based on the iconic 7 Samurai created by Akira Kurosawa. It dares to twist the conventional steampunk anime. The tale happens during a post-war period, where there are citizens with mechanized bodies.

In return for a portion of their crop, an agricultural village struggling at the hands of samurai with robot components called the Nobuseri was forced to find and recruit other samurai to protect their town. And seven samurai of various specialties, of course, responded to their message.

What’s good about the series?

  • Samurai 7 is an enjoyable title that respects its source material and entertains its viewers with a difficult juggling act.
  • The pacing of the show’s characters is excellent, even each of the episodes is inclined towards the climax of the show.
  • The story is enacted in fascinating settings. Every part of the show was well thought out. 
  • Moreover, the show script has interesting villain characters with giant robots too. Also, the animation sounds decent.

What’s wrong with the series?

  • In some sections, it seems that the main characters are not developed and explored well. Or we can say that some of the characters are a bit distracting.
  •  Sometimes the animations demand the screen to be in a rage. 
  • Even every episode starts with a lengthy recap that makes a viewer feel bored.

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7. Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden was one of the widely planned anime adaptations in 2018, based on a light novel that won the golden prize of the Fifth Kyoto Animation in that genre back in 2015. Even after its 13-episodes run, it managed to earn awards and won the best animation at the 2-19 Crunchyroll Awards.

Best Steampunk Anime Series

Violet Evergarden has come to understand the essence of the words “I love you.” after serving as an Auto Memory Doll. Her mind, which was severely scarred by the battle, has started to recover. 

She continues to step on in life, supporting those in need while holding close to her heart the words of the first person who ever told her “I love you” As she takes on the task of writing a letter to a terminally ill child, time continues to move forward.

What’s good about the series?

  • This anime series is one of the best emotional and beautiful anime ever. It has deep moving scenes portrayed with breathtaking visuals.
  • The soundtracks of the show perfectly matched up with the atmosphere of every scene of the onscreen episode. 
  •  Every episode of the tale has a unique story. Even the characters plotting and development throughout the story kept you hooked up till the end.
  • This beautiful anime tries to cover every aspect starting from animation style, set designs, and color combinations.

What’s wrong with the series?

  • Some critical sections of the story are not cleared in terms of expression.
  • It seems that the series can have a few more episodes for full-fledged picturization of the story. 

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8. Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist (FMA) continues to be one of the best steampunk series ever for finally offering us a justification for the use of automail, an armored prosthesis used to substitute limbs on humans and even animals, for the old-fashioned, but high-tech, pleasant. 

After failing a dangerous alchemy attempt to resurrect his dead mother, the main character, Edward’s right arm is fully automatic. The use of alchemy in the story is also clarified; despite taking place in what seems to be the beginning of the 20th century, relative to our own. 

Fullmetal Alchemist Live Action Trailer (Netflix)

Fullmetal Alchemist is in an altered time frame where all technological pursuits have been superseded by alchemy creation.

This leads to the futuristic, antiquated, albeit magic-powered, technologies seen in the show. For anyone looking for the best steampunk anime, FMA is a longstanding fan favorite.

What’s good about the series?

  • Unlike Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood It handled themes and messages in a severe and unbelievable aspect by plotting twists for offering a variety of atmosphere. 
  • The ending of the show is a little bittersweet but hopeful and engages the core theme of the show throughout the series.
  • The animations, soundtracks, and voice effects of every episode and character are very appealing and unforgettable. 
  • The show has no fillers; it conveys the final verdict to the viewers straight

What’s wrong with the series?

  • Animations of the series seem to be a little outdated as per today’s standards.
  • Some viewers may find the ending of the show clueless and leave you with a scratched head.
  • The considerable number of episodes bored viewers after a point in time. 

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9. Kino’s Journey (The Beautiful World) – Kino no Tabi

Kino’s Journey, authored by Keiichi Sigsawa and depicted by Kouhaku Kuroboshi, is a Japanese light novel series. The series initially began serialization in volume five on March 10, 2000, in the now-defunct light novel magazine Dengeki hp.

9 of The Best Steampunk Anime Series To Check OutThe series started with the first volume on July 10, 2000, under the imprint of Dengeki Bunko by ASCII Media Works. On July 10, 2006, a spinoff light novel series titled Gakuen Kino was published, with five volumes of one volume per year by July 2011.

A state of mind is a destination. In a time-out world, Kino no Tabi takes place. On their trips, the disconnected societies that Kino and Hermes visit (only ever staying at home for three days) often seem to be entirely from entirely different eras. 

At once ancient, modern, and post-apocalyptic, in one of the most thoughtful and underrated anime series out there the world of Kino no Tabi offers a backdrop for a broad exploration of the human condition.

What’s good about the series?

  • “The world is not beautiful, therefore it is.” is the best line in the series which caught my attention, and it is one of the reasons that forced its viewers to watch this Anime series.
  • The atmosphere of the story and the mysterious story plotting keeps you engaged till the end of the show.
  • Its animations, style of portraying the characters, visual color combinations, and music add extra layers for impressing the viewers.
  • The efficient use of pace, subtlety, and in-depth exploration of the theme of the tale makes it a resounding successful anime series.

What’s wrong with the series?

  • Most of the tale characters seem to be pulled out from a kid’s show that can be a bit distracting for the viewers.
  • If you are expecting a high level of animation, then you will face a little disappointment. 

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Steampunk Anime typically deals with the parallel worlds populated by similar or more progressed versions of the technology of Victorian times. Thus, for your reference, we penned down some best steampunk anime movies.

Even you can go through the good and bad about these steampunk series for choosing the best one for your enjoyment. Also, you need not go anywhere to watch these series because we mentioned some links attached to the description of each Steampunk series.

Of course, there are also many others with a genre as vast as steampunk animation who are worthy of notice. But, with this above-listed name of the steampunk anime series, we are ending our write-up.