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11 Of The Best Romance Anime Series To Binge Watch

Anime is one of the most significant forms of storytelling. There are millions of people who love to spend countless hours watching anime. Romance Anime is one such popular genre amongst Anime fans.

Anime is widely popular amongst people of various age groups. It’s not that only teens or young adults watch anime. Many adults across the globe are a huge fan of anime.

Anime is beautiful because it often brings out the pure emotions of the writers on the screen. And the best part is, a well-written story will find viewers connecting to it like it’s their own.

One often finds themselves lost while watching a great Romance Anime. Moreover, the characters in romantic anime are cute, and they often remind us of our actual values.

Since we all live to love, anime that tells a love story often reminds us; we are loved.

In our quick world, we forget what we care for. Sometimes, a great anime movie on the lines of romance is all that we need to watch.

Couples find cute things to do together and, the best part? Some of these movies are so good, and they can move a stubborn human to do something extraordinary.

We have selected some of the heart-touching romantic anime that you can watch to feel refreshed.

Best Romance Anime Series: Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. Weathering With You

Written and directed by Makoto Shinkai, Weathering With You is one of those movies that will keep you hooked. The story revolves around a teenage love story. The boy is determined towards his life goals, and the girl has some special powers.

The mix of real-life situations and the writer’s imagination makes Weathering With You worth a watch. Like many anime characters, the characters in this movie will stay in fans’ minds for a long time.

In a very subtle manner, the director went on to explore the changing climatic conditions in Japan.

WEATHERING WITH YOU Trailer (2020) English Dub

The climatic conditions depicted in the movie might be a reality sooner than we think. The Writer did his part in raising awareness about climate change with a well-written story.

When it comes to great movies, graphics and visuals play an essential role to impress the audience in every possible way. The same is true for Weathering With You. And, the graphics team did a decent job with the visuals and the graphics of the movie.

The viewers will be lost in Shinkai’s world as they proceed further in the movie. The movie, as a whole, is impressive. At no point, it would feel as if the writer did extra for any character in the movie.

The story unfolds nicely, and the viewers will be amazed by the sheer brilliance of Makoto Shinkai. Click here to watch the Romance Anime, Weathering With You in English.

2. Your Lie In April

Your Lie In April is a series based on music and romance. One will learn so much about human emotions while watching this gem of anime. The storytelling is extraordinary throughout the series, and it keeps the viewers curious all the time.

However, the start might feel slow, but we urge you to stick with the story, and you won’t regret watching this one. The series revolves around a guy who is fond of playing the piano and a girl who found him cute. However, the movie ditches the cliches of a typical romantic musical story.

Your lie in April Trailer

The series delivers human emotions on the screen so that viewers are moved to do something great. The viewers would feel the characters are describing their own lives on the big screen. The series feels special for so many reasons, and great storytelling is one such reason not to miss it.

The story is sad, tragic, and unbelievably motivational. The characters are different from what one may find in a traditional love story.

The beauty of the plot will leave the viewers feeling sad and shocked.

Not to give spoilers to you but, the fighting spirit and the incredible story of struggle in the series are phenomenal. Even if you’re not fond of romantic stories, this series is still worth a watch. Why do we say so?

Well, the story is written so that it’ll impress even the critics for its development. The story takes the viewers on an emotional ride for hours where many will shed some tears.

The music, sounds, and vocals are beautiful throughout the series. Voice artists did a fair job and gave life to the characters of Your Lie In April.

We are sure you would love your decision to watch this romance anime.

Click here to watch the first season of Your Lie In April on Hulu.

Click Here to Watch on Netflix.

3. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Released in 2006, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is the anime we highly recommend you to watch. The movie follows the theme of time travel, where the girl gains special powers to go back in time. Though a romantic story, the twist of time travel makes it appealing for many.

The romance in the story is beautiful and doesn’t feel like you’re watching a story full of cliches. The superpowers of the girl make it surprisingly enjoyable. The characters were notable, and each of them will leave their mark in your brain.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time - Official Trailer

The chemistry of the main characters is adorable, and one would feel touched by their development in the movie. The girl uses her powers to her benefit, but she’s unaware that her power isn’t endless.

However, some of you would feel the visuals could have been better. And we would agree with you. But, the great storyline puts the poor visuals under the carpet. The music is good and does the job for The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.

With her powers, she attempts to fix some previous mistakes but would that all go well? This is something we urge you to find out by yourself.

Click here to watch the movie, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.

4. The Anthem Of The Heart

Released in 2015, The Anthem Of The Heart will take you on an emotional ride. The movie focuses on teaching people the importance of carefully using their words. It is romantic, sad, and unique for what it tries to convey to the people.

Best Romance Anime Series

The movie revolves around Jun and her talkative personality. Wicked things happen throughout the movie, but it all manages to connect with real-life scenarios. So, all of it feels realistic and makes sense.

The Anthem Of The Heart is a Romance Anime that starts with the separation of Jun’s family. The separation leads Jun to hate herself for hurting people with her words. Her childhood trauma wins over her, and she begins fearing her own words.

Eventually, Jun will become quiet for everyone because that’s what seemed right to her for the greater good. Jun’s headmaster decides to select some of her classmates for a musical event in some school functions. And the story connects with a few other characters.

It would be great to watch what the egg prince does to the talkative prince. Would he grant her some special powers or take away her ability to speak in public? Whatever he does to the talkative girl, you would have a joyful time enjoying the story as it opens all the twists and turns.

Don’t hold yourself back. Click here and watch the movie, The Anthem Of The Heart.

5. The Garden Of Words

The Garden Of Words is a story about a boy who didn’t enjoy his morning classes. Over time, the guy develops a habit of not attending his classes in the morning. Eventually, he ends up meeting a mystical woman who changes everything for him.

Released in 2013, The Garden Of Words is a romance anime that features some gorgeous visuals and a heart-warming story. The music of the movie stands out and doesn’t feel odd. The story, on the other hand, is captivating and will make the viewers emotional.

The characters in the movie are awe-inspiring, and they have lived up to the expectations of the viewers. The story develops on a modern plot where the relationship is shown very beautifully.

The boy in the movie is shown as a strong character who takes up new challenges in a great spirit.

The background and scenery are breathtaking. These little placements have brought so much power to this well-written story. The storytelling is beautiful, and it keeps the audience engaged. One wouldn’t feel that the story is too slow or too dry.

For people who don’t usually prefer to watch romantic movies. Well, you have to trust us on this one. You will be amazed by this story, and the writer best avoids the cliches.

Honestly, anyone who’s looking for some unique romance anime could place their bet on this one.

You can watch the movie, The Garden Of Words by clicking here.

6. Kokoro Connect

Released in 2012, Kokoro Connect is written by Sadanatsu Anda. The writer blends his imagination with high school romance to make an epic story that is emotional and different. Kokoro Connect has everything from an excellent storyline to great graphics, fantastic sound, and impressive characters.

Best Romance Anime Series

The high school romance in Kokoro Connect is different then what one would find in an ordinary romantic movie. In Kokoro Connect, the characters develop a phenomenon where they no longer can control their body. And that’s where the story begins to get crazy and super exciting.

Some viewers might feel that the story begins slowly, but eventually, it’ll feel good on the screen.

It would be great if viewers give some time to the story as it picks pace. The idea of switching bodies with friends or one’s darkest desires becoming a reality is insane.

Only thinking about one’s darkest desires becoming a reality sounds like a great plot. Imagine watching the five clumsy characters of Kokoro Connect experiencing their desires becoming a reality.

The graphics of Kokoro Connect are better than many movies that were released around the same time.

The detailing is carefully done, and all the backgrounds throughout the episodes feel realistic and eye-pleasing.

The sounds are also too good and don’t feel like it’s uneven or annoying at times. The overall quality of both graphics and sounds is excellent, and it does the job well. The sounds in the background will make you fond of it, and you’ll enjoy it thoroughly.

We genuinely feel Kokoro Connect deserves a lot more love than what it gets. You would cherish the high school romance that it features.

Click here to watch season 1 of Kokoro Connect.

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7. Orange

Orange is a pretty decent Romance anime where the female lead is set to fall in love with a fellow student. However, it’s not that simple and straightforward. The female lead, Naho Takamiya, gets a letter from her older and wiser self that warns her about the student she’s about to fall for.

The story gets relatable because it’s true that most of us have some regrets. And this one tries to teach us more about trusting again. One would feel Orange wouldn’t make them cry but think again.

This story hits differently when you have had trust issues or some regrets with regards to love.

It is great to see something unique and exciting in a romantic movie where everything is dramatic and has some tremendous fictional aspects. Orange shows human relationships and their importance in our life.

One can say Orange is all about great relationships and how they can save anyone from even the worst of situations. And they wouldn’t be wrong. We all need friends and family to stand with us.

The orange makes us realize it’s not wrong to have regrets. Moreover, the letters from the future are a great concept because we all have wished to receive such letters.

You can watch episode 1 of Orange by clicking here.

8. 5 Centimetres Per Second

Yet another work of Makoto Shinkai, 5 Centimetres Per Second, manages to win the fans’ hearts with an epic storyline. The story rightfully revolves around love and human life. Undoubtedly, this story will make you watch the movie again and again.

The movie explores various highs and lows in human relations, and it does it pretty well. Those who have known the pain of separation will be able to connect with this movie on a different level. It feels real, and it appears as the writer wrote it just for you.

5 Centimetres Per Second is packed with great sounds, graphics, and it also has decent characters. The twists and turns are well-written, and it flows smoothly. The story won’t make the viewers realize if it’s flowing slowly because it’s not.

5 Centimeters Per Second - Deeper Meaning Explained (Japanese Animated Film by Makoto Shinkai)

5 Centimetres Per Second focuses on love and some of the twists that lovers are destined for in their story. The writer manages to show us how life goes uncontrollable, and one cannot do anything but see it unfold before themselves.

For the real story that 5 Centimetres Per Second features, we highly recommend you watch this romance anime. For sure, it’ll also take you on an emotional rollercoaster where you’ll have your highs and lows. But honestly, you’ll enjoy the ride.

Talking about the animations, graphics, backgrounds, everything looks promising. You should watch the trailer and decide if you would watch this now or later.

Click here to watch the movie, 5 Centimetres Per Second.

9. His And Her Circumstances

His and Her Circumstances is a story of a scholar boy and a girl he falls in love with. The story has its highs and lows that make it appealing to the audience. It’s more of a romantic drama that depicts how life may turn the tables for a struggling boy.

11 Of The Best Romance Anime Series To Binge Watch

The female lead in the movie has a strong character, and she’s impressive in every regard. Yukino is into athletics, and she’s generous, helpful, and competitive in her academics. However, in her space, at home, she’s completely different.

It’ll be interesting to see why and how her character develops in His And Her Circumstances, a romance anime. The male protagonist, on the other hand, has a family that’s broken. He manages to top the class and beats the female lead, Yukino, in academics.

The story has a decent pace, and all the circumstances fit perfectly into the frame of high school romance. The cliches are there, but the story manages to overshadow them. It evolves as a beautiful tale of the two hearts.

The chemistry between the two characters is engaging and seems realistic. There’s nothing that viewers would say, ah! This doesn’t happen in a relationship.

The story writing is good with good execution of sounds, animation, and character development.

Most importantly, the writer mentions teenage romance in a healthy manner. There are no unnecessary sexual scenes and, that’s what makes it even more impressive.

No doubt, teenagers are curious and restless in their relationships, but the writer has put it in a very subtle manner. Maybe, the writer has tried to draw the storyline as per the characters in the movie. You may watch episode one of His And Her Circumstances by clicking here.

10. Kimi Ni Todoke: From Me To You

Kimi Ni Todoke From Me To You is another recommendation that we have for you. The main lead Sawako, she’s unable to make friends. Most of her classmates are scared of her.

Best Romance Anime Series

It’s not that she looks evil or her personality is terrible. Maybe, people have this perception of her, and she struggles with friendship. However, things do change when she encounters Kazehaya.

Kazehaya, the main male lead, finds her adorable. It would be compelling to find out what happens to both of them as the story reaches its end. To give you a hint, everything is beautiful and without too many cliches.

The animation, sounds, and set-up is definitely not compromised with, and that’s what helps From Me To You stand out from the rest. The best part? This series ditches the old concepts of the main characters having a horrific past.

So, when you decide to watch Kimi Ni Todoke: From Me To You, expect to watch something crisp and sheerly beautiful. You can watch the episodes of Kimi Ni Todoke: From Me To You by clicking here.

11. Special A

Special A is all about healthy competition between two people. The main leads in Special A are Hikari Hanazono, and Kei Takishima both of them will compete at most of the things they do.

11 Of The Best Romance Anime Series To Binge Watch

It would be fun to explore where the competition habit of the two takes them.

While Kei Takishima is determined to get better at everything and beat Hikari Hanazono, he begins to fall for her. Would the two end up together? Or, they’ll fade away?

Well, it is something we would urge you to find by watching the excellent romance anime, Special A. The story unfolds pretty slowly, and some of you might feel like giving up on Special A. However, please don’t give up and stay with the story for a few more minutes.

Eventually, it’ll get more and more entertaining, and you’ll enjoy everything that is packed within the story. Though one would feel, the chemistry between the two characters could have been stronger to make it more engaging. Despite all the lows, it still manages to come across as a beautiful series.

The sounds and animation of the movie might not impress everyone, but it does the job. Most importantly, the songs aren’t repeated in the series, and that’s good. You can watch the episodes of Special A by clicking here.


There are many romance anime and series that deserve so much more love and attention from anime fans. Every story is different in romance animes, and each of them explores various human emotions. Some great animations and music make these romantic anime a treat to watch.

One will not get easily bored while watching some of the best works of animation and storytelling. Moreover, who doesn’t like a heart-touching story that leaves an impact on them?

What’s YOUR favorite romance anime? Let us know in the comments!