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11 Of The Best Crossbow Bolts For Hunting in 2022 – Reviewed

Do you have the curiosity to know about the Best Crossbow Bolts For Hunting to buy in 2022? 🤔 You can easily Find out now in this definitive list with our detailed review.

Without any further delay, let’s find out. 👓👓

The best way to ensure optimum performance from your crossbow is to pick the right crossbow bolts. A good crossbow bolt should be able to give good strength, reliable accuracy, and of course, speed to make a real difference during a hunt.

To get good results, you want a crossbow bolt that narrows down and focuses on the kill zone while hitting the target with great precision at all times.

However, a lot of hunters (especially beginners) get quite lost when it comes to selecting crossbow bolts, especially since there are so many options in the market.

In this post, we will highlight ten of the best crossbow bolts for the money we know will give you the desired satisfaction during your hunt and also shed light on everything you should know before buying one.

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Best Crossbow Bolts – Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. BloodSport Carbon Bolts

Best Crossbow Bolts
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Made by the popular Bloodsport arrows, these crossbow bolts are a bit pricey but very functional. Their arrows are 100% carbon fiber with distinct qualities that are designed to make hunting a bit easier for hunters.

Bloodsport arrows have a very slim diameter, a blood ring, and blazer vanes, all specifically created to give a better hunting experience.


  • sold as six arrows in a pack and are as long as 20’’
  • The shaft of the bloodsport has a straightness of 0.003’’ and weighs about 325 grains.
  • Its vanes are each 4’’ long and are white and red.
  • This product is great for hunters who are particular about sound quality and accuracy and is best used with crossbows that weigh up to 150 pounds.
  • GPI is 9.0


  • Made from carbon and are extremely lightweight and sturdy
  • Easy to handle and use
  • The brass head can easily be used to insert broadheads
  • Half-moon-shaped nocks which are perfect for crossbows
  • The blood ring, which is the major selling point of this product, is a ring of a specific white compound which absorbs anything it is shot through, like stomach contents and blood. This gives the hunter more precision regarding the physical state of the target.
  • High speed and energy
  • Very effective with most crossbows in the market


  • Quite expensive
  • When the bolts are not aligned with the fletching, velocity and accuracy of shots are affected
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Bloodsport Witness Crossbow Bolts
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2. Barnett Outdoors 20” Arrows

Best Crossbow Bolts
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Barnett Outdoors is a household name in crossbow hunting. Many people are very comfortable with this brand. If your target is a small game, or maybe you need a little hunting practice, this is your product.

They do work with a larger game but would require switching the field points and replacing them with broadheads to accommodate a bigger target. However, with this bolt, your best bet would be a smaller game.


  • Each pack contains 5 arrows.
  • Each bolt is 20inches and is sold with a very durable carbon shaft, moon nocks, and field points (100 grain)
  • Each arrow weighs 13.78grains per inch
  • The weight of the tip is 100grains.
  • Half-moon nocks are used.
  • Limited warranty for 5 years
  • Vanes are black and blue, while the shaft is black


  • Perfect crossbow bolt for new bowhunters
  • Very durable due to its thick shaft
  • High accuracy and precision
  • Hard-hitting and very strong
  • Lightweight as it is made of carbon
  • It can be used repeatedly with consistent accuracy


  • It is not the best option for expert bow hunters
  • Cannot fully accommodate larger targets
  • Quite Expensive
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3. Wicked Ridge

Best Crossbow Bolts
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For hunters who are focused on deer hunting, this crossbow bolt is a top choice. It makes use of a different technique than the half-moon nock by using a six-groove nock which gives the arrow bowstring channels (3), which improves the overall indexing.


  • It comes in packs of three and six
  • The length of the bolt is 20inches
  • The weight of the arrow is about 445grain while the tip weighs 100grain
  • It uses a six-groove nock which is extremely bright
  • Norway Duravanes is located beside the nock

This is the best product for hunters who want a crossbow bolt with a six-groove nock instead of the common half-moon nock.


  • Has noise canceling abilities due to the presence of the Norway Duravanes
  • High visibility due to the brightness of the nocks
  • High indexing due to the presence of the three bowstrung channels


  • None
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4. TenPoint Pro Elite

Best Crossbow Bolts
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Arguably one of the best products in the crossbow bolts market today, the point pro elite are made from carbon fiber for increased flexibility and strength.

This product is very fast and accurate at the same time and offers customers consistent satisfaction. It is the ideal product for starter and mid-level crossbow hunters.


  • Each bolt is 20inch in length and comes with a carbon shaft with offset fletching.
  • It comes in a pack of six or three
  • Bolts are made from carbon fiber
  • Each arrow is 425grains in weight while the tip (used for practice) weighs just 100grains
  • The tip can be removed and replaced with a broadhead for larger targets
  • The nock used by the arrow is a bright neon yellow
  • Six grooves and three string channels (for indexing) are attached to the nock
  • Three vanes, which are all three inches each in length, are present


  • The grooves and strings attached to the nock give quicker indexing times
  • High-level accuracy due to the presence of the vanes
  • High flexibility and strength
  • Very high speed and consistency
  • Extremely Accurate


  • None for now
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5. Parker

Best Crossbow Bolts
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If you are looking for a highly reliable crossbow bolt that remains incredibly intact after each shot, then the parker hunter crossbow is the best option.

The bolts are specifically for hunting purposes as field points for practice purposes are not made available. The accuracy of this product is superior to others in the market; hence it is the best option for hunters focused on accuracy.


  • Each pack contains six arrows that work perfectly with crossbows weighing about 175pounds or more.
  • Each arrow is about 20inches
  • The weight of each arrow is 300grains or thereabout
  • The weight of the shaft is 7.4grain per inch
  • The arrow employs a capture nock which makes the bow’s string slide into the arrow deeper than usual.
  • It comes with three vanes which are 3inch long and are green and orange in color.


  • Highly durable due to the presence of the capture nocks, which make it able to withstand continuous use
  • The arrows are straight flying and very fast.
  • There is little or no loss of penetrating power after the arrow is shot
  • Very high accuracy


  • It cannot be used for practice purposes
  • Are expensive
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6. Lumenok Bounty Hunter Barnett

Best Crossbow Bolts
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One of the amazing features of the lumenok crossbow bolt is that they light up once fired and pave the way to the target.

This feature makes this product very appealing for hunters who like to hunt at night as they will not have difficulty locating their bolts. The arrows use lighted nocks that are red, thus, enabling hunters to see the path of their arrows clearly for a more focused shot.


  • Bolts are made from carbon and come in pairs of three
  • The length of these arrows is 20inches
  • Each arrow weighs 325grains excluding the tip
  • It has triple-bladed veins, with two being yellow and one being white
  • It comes with replaceable batteries


  • Nocks can be used repeatedly due to the replaceable batteries
  • High accuracy and speed
  • Bolts are of high quality and very strong
  • It gives the hunter a clear view of the arrow’s path at night


  • This product is very expensive
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7. Viare – Best bolts for tenpoint crossbow

Best Crossbow Bolts
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The viare crossbow bolts are specifically designed for hunters who crave a different edge to their hunting experience.

It is made from carbon and is incredibly lightweight and strong. This product is made with an increased amount of wall thickness for increased durability and is the perfect product for deer hunting.


  • Each arrow is 20inches long
  • Each pack contains 12 arrows
  • It comes with field points which can be used for practice
  • Each arrow broadhead weighs 125grains
  • Hunters can replace the field points with broadhead arrows for deer hunting.
  • Three vanes which are 4inch long each, are attached to the nock and are orange and red
  • The arrows use moon nocks.


  • High durability
  • Maximum penetration and high accuracy
  • It can be used for both practice and real hunting purposes.
  • The tips can easily be removed for broadhead attachment
  • This product is very affordable


  • None for now
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8. Carbon Express Pile Driver Xbolts

Best Crossbow Bolts
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The Carbon Express crossbow bolt is a personal favorite to a lot of hunters. It offers incredible accuracy and consistency even though it weighs about 440grains.

The carbon shaft produces enough kinetic energy to drop a target immediately with a lot of force. It is the crossbow bolt for large targets as it punches through them with high power.

This product is the top choice for intermediate to expert-level crossbow hunters who crave ultimate penetration in their targets.

Below are some of the features of the Carbon Express Pile Driver Xbolts that earned it a spot in our list of Best Crossbow Bolts to get in 2022.


  • Each bolt weighs about 440grains
  • Arrows are 20inch in length
  • Each arrow is made of firm carbon fiber for extra strength and flexibility
  • It contains six half-moon nocks and universal flat nocks each
  • For added accuracy, each arrow has 3inch vanes.
  • Elite construction of the product answers for the great spine consistency

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Carbon Express Pile Driver Xbolts that earned it a spot in our list of Best Crossbow Bolts.


  • high speed and accuracy
  • hunters are sure of high power target penetration with this product due to its large weight.
  • arrows travel at a very high speed
  • this product is highly compatible with various brands of crossbows


  • this product is expensive
  • a major downside is the fact that it doesn’t come with field points for practice.
  • Some arrows are said to be bent; thus, affecting the accuracy
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9. Excalibur Diablo 18inch Crossbow Bolt

Best Crossbow Bolts
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This product comes in smaller packages when compared to other kinds of crossbow bolts. Contrary to the common opinion hunters have of this product, you are not sacrificing reliability and quality by getting it, as it offers lightning speed with superb accuracy.

Below are some features of the Excalibur Diablo 18inch Crossbow Bolt that earned it a spot in our list of Best Crossbow Bolts.


  • Each bolt is 18inches long.
  • There is a higher weight on the carbon shaft of this product
  • It comes with 2inch fletching
  • Flatback inserts are present, so there is no need for nocks

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Excalibur Diablo 18inch Crossbow Bolt that earned it a spot in our list of best crossbow bolts for 400 fps.


  • Incredible speed and high accuracy
  • Very reliable
  • Quiet when in use and perfect for night hunting
  • It can be used for big targets at intermediate distances with high levels of success


  • None for now
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All About Arrows for Your Crossbow! (Or "Bolts," If You Prefer)

10. Carbon Express Maxima Red

Best Crossbow Bolts
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This high-performance product with a double spine optimizes your line of shots for a better chance of hitting your target.

Carbon Express is a reputable brand that makes very high-quality but affordable products. The maxima red crossbow bolt is relatively cheaper in comparison to other kinds of bolts, but it still gets the job done perfectly.

Below are some of the features of the Carbon Express Maxima Red that earned it a spot in our list of best crossbow bolts for hunting.


  • It comes in six packs and two different sizes
  • Fully made of carbon fiber
  • Can be 20 or 22inches long
  • Has moon knives inserted
  • Six flat socks (universal)
  • Blazer vanes included

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Carbon Express Maxima Red that earned it a spot in our list of best crossbow bolts for deer.


  • due to its stiffness and overall construction, this product is quite accurate
  • high-quality
  • very affordable and dependable
  • very reliable and consistent


  • None for now
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As seen in the descriptions above, the market is saturated with amazing options of crossbow bolts with different specifications and functionalities.

However, before deciding on which product to buy, there are a few factors that must be considered to ensure you make a well-informed purchase.

Best Crossbow Bolts: What To Consider

The Materials

Most arrows are made of three main materials, which are; aluminum, carbon fiber, and fiberglass. Each of these materials has its different pros and cons, as explained below.

  1. Aluminum


  • They are relatively cheap and more or less the cheapest bolts on the market
  • Hard on impact
  • Not susceptible to separation from its components on launch


  • Easily bent and became useless at this stage
  • Hard to cut
  • Relatively heavy, which could be a problem

2. Fiberglass


  • It bends naturally and is a good shock absorber
  • Not as expensive as other options
  • Won’t be bent like aluminum


  • Prone to cause skin irritation via loose hairs
  • It can explode when bent too far or damaged
  • During the production process, some glues find it hard to bond with this material.

Carbon fiber


  • It is the straightest bolt-making material in the market and makes the highest quality products.
  • It is very durable when maintained properly


  • Quite expensive when compared to the other materials
  • It can be dangerous when a damaged arrow is in use
Choosing the Best Crossbow Arrows and Broadheads
Arrow spine

This is the measure of the toughness an arrow possesses when the crossbow string pushes against the nock.

The right arrow and spine must be used to get optimum results. If you use the wrong ones, the bow will be very inaccurate, and you won’t be able to make any good shots. Also, if you are using a carbon or fiberglass arrow, it could lead to an explosion.

Straightness of the arrow

It is known that a very straight arrow will be more consistent in the air. This factor is very important for accuracy, and since you will be making more than one shot, you must take the straightness of the whole bunch of arrows into due consideration.

You can decipher this easily by looking at the product carefully to know what the arrow tolerances are. For tolerances, the smaller, the better; a product with an arrow tolerance of +/-0.006 might be affordable, and you will be sure of good performance.

In an ideal situation, the tolerance for a group of arrows in a set would be +/-0.001. however, regardless of how straight your arrow is, if its spine is off, so will your accuracy.

Total bolt weight

The weight of the arrow is very important. Too light an arrow will cause bad penetration, and when the arrow is too heavy, it will make your range highly limited. You might be wondering how you can know the weight of your arrow. Here’s how to in three simple steps;

  • Select a broadhead
  • Add the total weight of the insert, vanes, and nock
  • Multiply the total grains per inch with the length of the arrow.

A lot of factors go into determining what the weight of a bow should be, and it is advised that you read the specifications from the manufacturer to be sure it has the desired weight.

Crossbow bolts usually come in three major weights; lightweight (ranging from 350-400 grains), standard (ranging from 400-435 grains), and Heavy (ranging from 435 grains and above).

Lightweight bolts: they boost speed and also cause an increased level of stress, vibration, and noise. This increases the risk of damage to the crossbow. They are also prone to be deflected by strong wind or rain and are best used in open areas.

Standard bolts: these arrows work in almost every hunting situation as they offer a great balance of kinetic energy and speed. The higher weight means that there is a transfer of more energy from the bow to the crossbow.

Bolts with this weight give an increased chance of accuracy, precision, and penetration power and also reduce the amount of vibration or noise.

Heavyweight bolts: heavyweight bolts produce more kinetic energy than other weights and maintain this energy for a longer period. This leads to a higher chance of target penetration and stability during flight. When hunting in bad weather or very dense locations, this bolt is the best choice for great results.

Bolt length

The average crossbow is only about 20’’, so a bolt is usually about 16’’ to 20’’ long. To ensure that you get the right bolt, check with your crossbow manufacturer to know the exact length you need to get. This is because a bolt that is too short can cause problems with the rail once it is released.

Bolt Diameter

This is an important factor in finding the Best Crossbow Bolts regarding penetration. Bolts with a smaller diameter will reduce the wind drag when released and thus; offer higher durability with an increase in the penetration power of the crossbow.


The function of the nocks is to keep the bolt in its place when you prepare to take your shot. It is attached behind the shaft and can be made from plastic or just aluminum. Most crossbows use flat or half-moon nocks.

For half-moon nocks, hunters would have to make sure the string is well-aligned with the nocks before firing. There are other kinds of nocks, such as illuminated nocks, capture nocks, and groove nocks.


These are fins located at the back of the bolt, very close to where the nock is located. Most bolts have three plastic fletchings of different lengths. Longer fletchings go well with longer shafts and are crucial for the stability of the crossbow.

Crossbow heads

Crossbow heads can either be broadheads or field points. Field points are used for practice, while broadheads are used for actual hunting. However, field points are usually not recommended as they end up wounding the animal and leaving it in agony instead of creating a direct kill shot.

Like field points, broadheads are attached to the tip of the arrow to create a kill shot with its sharp edges. Field points and broadheads are usually the same weight ranging from 125grains to 150 grains.


It is no news that if you want a prime, high-quality arrow, you will have to loosen your grip on your wallet.

To save costs, you can find a medium-quality arrow with 12 bolts or more that you can afford.

This way, you can select 6 of the best bolts for hunting and keep the rest. Also, you should take time to carry out a little research before buying arrows to ensure you buy the one with the highest quality that fits your budget. Use the arrow you’ve purchased and go on your best hunt.

More on choosing the perfect bolt for your crossbow

Choosing the right bolt for your crossbow is not as difficult as many think. One thing to always bear in mind is the fact that your crossbow and your bow must be compatible with achieving the best results.

This is a very crucial part of any hunting experience because if you make use of an arrow that is incompatible with your crossbow, it can cause serious, sometimes irreparable, damage to your bow.

So, it is advised that you select an arrow or bolt that is in line with the manufacturer’s specifications.

How fast is a crossbow bolt?

There is an ongoing argument where some think a crossbow bolt might be faster than that of complex bows.

When compared to the traditional bows, crossbows decrease in speed when fired through a large distance, and this makes them the less ideal option during competitions.

However, when it comes to speed and plain, raw strength, the crossbow is the top pick. One of the major advantages of a crossbow bolt is that the target feels its impact immediately after it hits it.

This is awesome for hunts where killing on the first shot is the aim, as you don’t want a lot of holes in the game if you want to skin it.

The quality of a crossbow bolt makes all the difference when it comes to a hunt. When you use bolts that are well balanced between reliability, speed, accuracy, and strength, your chances of getting a small or large (depending on your aim) game are a lot higher.

If you are a beginner-level hunter, we suggest you start with a really simple model of a crossbow bolt and work your way up. Aluminum bolts, for instance, are an awesome choice for practice purposes, and you can begin with them before graduating to coal or carbon crossbow bolts.

What matters is that you are well conversant with the workings of different kinds of crossbow bolts to avoid accidents and to give you great results.


What are the most accurate crossbow arrows?

Suppose you are looking for a stable and accurate crossbow. In that case, you can opt for Carbon Express Maxima Blue streak, Excalibur Firebolt carbon arrows, Barnett outdoors carbon crossbow arrows, victory archery-x crossbow, TenPoint Pro Lite, and Carbon Express PileDriver.

What crossbow bolts should I use?

Even though carbon fiber is an expensive choice, it is the best option for a Crossbow bolt. It flies and penetrates well, in addition to maintaining durability. You can choose the Carbon Express Maxima bolt if you are going for this material.

What is the best weight for a crossbow bolt?

The standard weight for a crossbow bolt is around 400 to 500 grams. The arrow broadhead weighs around 100 grams, and the arrow shaft, vanes, nock, and insert weigh around 350 grams. If the arrow weighs above 460 grams, it will be considered a heavyweight arrow.

Are shorter crossbow bolts better?

No. Longer crossbow bolts have longer power strokes, and they shoot faster than shorter crossbow bolts. The string also throws the arrow further with shorter bolts.

How fast should a hunting crossbow shoot?

A hunting crossbow will typically go around 280 to 350 feet per second. However, some models can go around 400 feet per second. Even though modern crossbows have a speed advantage, they cover the same distance as the typical vertical bowhunter.

What is a good crossbow speed?

Most crossbows cover a speed of around 265 to 380 feet per second. However, a speed of around 300 feet per second is considered decent enough for a shooting. A speed of 380 will make the bow travel a faster distance.

Are longer crossbow bolts more accurate?

Yes. Longer crossbow bolts are more stable than shorter bolts; therefore, they are more accurate.

How long should my crossbow bolts be?

Your typical crossbow bolt should be around 20 inches, which is the standard length. However, the average length of a crossbow bolt lies around 15 to 22 inches.


In this article, we have successfully highlighted ten top options of our favorite crossbow bolts to narrow down your search for you and also gave you a few helpful tips to guide you to make a great purchase.

The key is to conduct a little research and find the product that offers all the specifics you need and is friendly to your pocket. You get all-around satisfaction from a great buy without breaking the bank.