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9 Best Youth Crossbow For Small-Framed Archers

Do you have the curiosity to know about the Best Youth Crossbow to buy? 🤔 You can easily Find out now in this definitive list with our detailed review.

Without any further delay, let’s find out. 👓👓

For hunting enthusiasts, fun shooters, and an archer, the idea of having a crossbow is a fantastic solution to making hunting or shooting an arrow fun.

If you are a hunter and have kids that love hunting like you, a youth crossbow is the best way to introduce hunting and archery.

However, to get you started on the best youth crossbow for Hunting, we have hunted down the best just for you, and we will try to give an honest overview and review of each selected product available on the market just to simplify your choice when you consider getting one in future.

Although arrows have been used since the beginning of time, it was not until the better part of this century were formally introduced in the world of competitive sports.

With so many people having precision shots and taking the love for shooting arrows to a different level, archery is the number one sport that makes the crossbow legal and fun.

To get you started, our first choice is a well-known brand that makes the crossbow look and feels sleek and smooth with every shot.

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Best Youth Crossbow – Our Top Picks👌

1. Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package

Best Youth Crossbow
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With over 50 years in the arrow and bow-making industry, Barnett knows a thing or two about crossbows. The Barnett Jackal is a powerfully built hunting youth crossbow with great stability and control for the user.

As a hunter’s crossbow, the Barnett has a sleek, military-style design that gives you power as you draw and release for a kill.

Furthermore, the lightweight build material allows you to evenly distribute the weight across the crossbow and on your shoulders for a precise shot every time.


  • It weighs in at 7.7 pounds
  • The product dimension is 35.5 by 26.5 inches
  • Recommended arrow length 20 inches
  • The speed is 315 feet per second
  • Produces 95 pounds of kinetic energy at every draw, enough to take down any game while hunting
  • It has a draw weight of 150 pounds
  • A power stroke of 12 inches


  • It comes with an eye scope and three arrows in the quiver
  • Beautiful camouflage design
  • comes with a safety measure that keeps the arrows from being mistakenly fired
  • Very easy to assemble the parts, even for a newbie
  • Powerfully built with durable parts
  • Good quality and ergonomic design
  • The best beginner crossbow for youth with a flair for hunting
  • Come with a 5-year warranty
  • The eye scope can see a distance of 20 yards


  • It is not a silent weapon


Although not the quietest crossbow, the Barnett certainly lives up to its name in accuracy, precision, and powerful crossbows with stability to give the user the ability to focus and fire without any misses.

A well-constructed crossbow for kids that can be used by adults, too, the Barnett Jackal is the best youth crossbow for kids that won’t break the bank.

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2. Barnett Recruit Terrain Crossbow

Best Youth Crossbow
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Another beautiful product from Barnett, proofing that a good crossbow comes from the masters. The Barnett recruit is another excellent alternative to the Jackal and a great crossbow for youngsters with smaller frames, especially young kids and females.

Although it still maintains the high quality and grade known by Barnett, the crossbow is developed with a trigger tech technology that only fires when the arrow is loaded, preventing mistakes.

A great crossbow for kids and young adults, the Barnett recruit will certainly have your child become a professional archer or hunter in no time.


  • It weighs in at 6.4 pounds
  • It has a dimension of 34.25 by 18.25 inches
  • 20 inches arrow length recommended
  • The shot speed range is 330 feet per second
  • Produces 91.9 feet/pound of kinetic energy with every release
  • Draw length of 140 pounds
  • It comes with a four-by-32 scope with premium red dots
  • Composite shock and limbs


  • The Best Youth Crossbow for hunting large games like deer, boar, and even a buffalo with the right aim
  • Good pistol grip
  • Adjustable Buttstock
  • The anti-dry safe mechanism for extra safety during shots
  • 3-year warranty, very lightweight, and stainless steel body for easy cleaning
  • Best beginner crossbow for kids that want to be archers or hunter
  • Affordable and easy to assemble and use


  • The drawstring weakens over time


Even though the Barnett recruit youth crossbow is lightweight and easy to handle in shooting and assembling, its recurve nature can make the bow tad heavy for some kids.

However, if the budget, accuracy, ease of use, and safety top your list for buying a crossbow, Barnett Recruit guarantees great value for money.

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3. Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow Kit

Best Youth Crossbow
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If you are looking for the ultimate light crossbow that will deliver both performance and ease of use during hunting and sports for adults and kids, then don’t walk past the Arrow precision inferno fury crossbow Best Youth Crossbow for Hunting.

This ready-to-go package makes even the most amateurs of shooters look like a pro within minutes of handling, and it’s the best alternative crossbow for hunters looking for a lighter option than carrying heavy bows when hunting.


  • At lightweight crossbow at just 5 pounds
  • The kinetic energy produced is 49 feet per pound with 400-grain bolts at 175 pounds.
  • Recommended arrow length is 16 inches.
  • Five by 25.5 inches dimension with 10.5 inches power stock
  • Arrow speed at 235 feet per second
  • The basic red dot sight
  • Draw weight is 175 pounds


  • The aluminum and fiberglass built material give this crossbow lightweight and easy-to-use features.
  • It has a padded shoulder sling and rope cocker with free string in the pack.
  • Great recurve for shooting in tight spaces.
  • Extra safety measures such as the anti-dry fire triggers and thumb guard
  • The ambidextrous stock makes it a great weapon for both right and left-handed individual
  • The very attractive camouflage pattern exudes strength and durability


  • It can be heavy during cocking
  • Not a premium site


A few disadvantages, but the inferno lives up to its name in delivering excellence and on-target shots every time. Asides from that, it’s safe, lightweight, affordable, easy to use, ambidexterity, and construction puts this crossbow on our list to buy when out shopping.

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4. Parker Bushwacker Crossbow Pkg

Best Youth Crossbow
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After some upgrades, the Parker Bushwacker is back with a bang. A redesigned front-end for a more portable design, more precise and accurate aim, advanced Micro-Lite limb technology, and ergonomic stock create a cooler feel when you handle this crossbow.

Parker Bushwacker says it’s the safest bow on the market with its contoured and vented forearm grip with auto engage feature, and comfortable handling adds to the safety of this weapon.


  • It has a draw weight of 160 pounds
  • Come with a G2 trigger system great for both right and left-hand individuals.
  • It comes with a 3x illuminated multi-reticle scope for premium vision
  • Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty on the crossbow
  • Arrow speed reaches 300 feet per second upon release
  • It weighs in at 7 pounds with measurements of 37 by 23.25 inches
  • It comes with four arrows in the quiver


  • Excellent construction with an advanced safety feature
  • For youth, the speed and maneuverability are just right for them
  • A portable and accurate crossbow
  • Beautiful design that kids love


  • It is expensive
  • No rope cocking included
  • Some complaints about the weight


The Packer Bushwacker combines style, design, and speed to deliver the best safe and precise crossbow on the market for small and medium-frame people.

A great crossbow for a beginner or intermediary, the Bushwacker covers all grounds to give you the best.

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5. Wicked Ridge Best crossbow for a 10-year-old

Best Youth Crossbow
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It was a man’s sport, but not anymore. With more ladies embracing the outdoors and taking an interest in hunting, archery, or fun shooting, Wicked Ridge has the best crossbow for the ladies.

The crossbow is a very pretty, elegant, and gorgeously built crossbow for the lady that loves to hunt with ease of use and in colors that they will appreciate. The Lady Ranger has a lightweight construction to take the weight off you and allow you to focus on your shooting range.


  • It weighs in at 6 pounds with a self-retracting cocking system
  • Arrow speed is at 300 feet per second
  • Draw weight is 150 pounds
  • Kinetic energy on the release is 70 feet per pound
  • The power stroke of 10.8 inches
  • Dimensions are 35.5 by 11.5 by 6.2 inches
  • It has 18 inches of carbon arrows and a 100-grain practice point in the pack.
  • A 3x multi-line scope


  • Very feminine design with ACU-52 cocking mechanism for any lady body frame
  • A great crossbow for deer hunting
  • Easy to assemble and excellent shoot range and accuracy
  • Great crossbow for newbies, whether boys or girls
  • The self-retracting mechanism reduces the draw weight by 50 percent for a more accurate shot.


  • No rope cocking included


The Wicked Ridge Lady Ranger Crossbow certainly plays well into our hearts with its warm and attractive color and design. Furthermore, it has won the hearts of many young people across the country due to its simple and easy maneuverability for a great and fun experience hunting, fun shooting, or archery.

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6. SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package 543

9 Best Youth Crossbow For Small-Framed Archers
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When technology, power, and a good budget come together, the SA sport Fever crossbow is brought to life. Some might dispute that the crossbow contains too much power for young kids.

Still, the SA is the best safety and easy-to-use amenities and the perfect weapon for hunting any game size or practicing for an archery competition.


  • It has a draw weight of 175 pounds.
  • Come with an arrow speed of 235 feet per second after release
  • Four by 32 scope for precision shots
  • Produces a 51 feet per pounds kinetic energy after release
  • It weighs in at almost 5 pound
  • The recommenced arrow length is 20 inches carbon bolts
  • Adjustable scope mounts with aluminum and fiberglass material used in constructing the crossbow to give it the lightweight
  • The dimension is 33 by 11 by 4

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package 543 that earned it a spot in our list of Best Youth Crossbows.


  • Powerful, safe, comfortable, durable, sturdy, and high-performance rifle
  • Rope cocking included in the pack
  • 1500-yard accuracy range shot
  • Very affordable and durable crossbow
  • The scope comes with fog protection for shooting in cold and foggy conditions.


  • Not good for shooting in the low light conditions


If you have an excited kid that loves the effect of shooting a crossbow, you need the SA sports crossbow to enhance and bring all those passions to life. It is safe, reliable, and easy to fire with an anti-fire feature for extra safety.

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7. Daisy 4003 Youth Crossbow

Best Youth Crossbow
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Asides from the very cute name, the Daisy has everything that a youth crossbow should have for any kid, whether as a hunting rifle or in competition; the daisy’s weight and ease of use allow the kids to carry it without any assistance.

Below are some of the features of the Daisy 4003 Youth Crossbow that earned it a spot in our list of Best Youth Crossbows.


  • Draw length of 29 pounds
  • Crossbow length is 38.38 inches
  • Super lightweight fiberglass material
  • Comes with 2-16 inches arrow
  • It weighs in at 5 pounds

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Daisy 4003 Youth Crossbow that earned it a spot in our list of Best Youth Crossbows.


  • The perfect crossbow to train kids interested in arrows and shooting
  • Easy to cock and shoot without any assistance
  • Rounded tip bolts to prevent injuries while on the hunt for a target
  • Easy to pull the drawstring
  • Adjustable rear sight for elevation and windage
  • Built for a shooter of both hands


  • Not a very accurate crossbow for hunting large game


The daisy is a great youth crossbow for beginners due to its extremely fiberglass weight, making it the best rifle for small-range hunting and a powerful precision weapon for competition or fun shooting.

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8. Tenpoint Turbo GT Crossbow Package

9 Best Youth Crossbow For Small-Framed Archers
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With so many accolades given to this crossbow, the TenPoint Turbo GT is not an ordinary crossbow but one for very powerful and precise shooting, hunting, and competition.

Although a strong weapon for a kid, it is the best for one with the basics about crossbows and who wants to polish their skills and be better hunters and archers.

Below are some of the Tenpoint Turbo GT Crossbow Package features that earned it a spot in our list of Best Youth Crossbows.


  • A maximum speed of 360 feet per second
  • The kinetic energy of 107 feet per pound on the release of the arrow
  • A power stroke of 12.6 inches
  • The draw weight of 175 pounds
  • A self-retracting rope cocking system keeps the draw weight at the barest minimum for accurate shooting.
  • Adjustable fusion S stock with a 13.5 inches XLT for superior performance
  • A 3x pro-view two scopes with three 20 inches of elite carbon arrows for top-notch shots

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Tenpoint Turbo GT Crossbow Package that earned it a spot in our list of Best Youth Crossbows.


  • Excellent crossbow for fun shooting and hunting
  • Lightweight and durable
  • High-performance crossbow for both kids and adult
  • Fast and accurate with ambidextrous use


  • It is pricey
  • The vibration and noise is not pleasing

Note:- A powerful youth crossbow to fulfill all your hunting and shooting dreams is a great weapon for kids.

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9. Bear X Crossbows Archery 

Best Youth Crossbow
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At the price it is going for on the market, Bear X is a powerful crossbow with impressive features and pinpoints accuracy and speed.

If you are on a budget, this is your best bet at a good crossbow for the best hunting, archery, or fun shooting days.


  • Speed velocity of 335 feet per second
  • The draw weight of 125 pounds
  • Produces energy of 99.3 feet per pound of kinetic energy
  • Dimensions are 34 by eight by 24 inches and weigh just under 7 pounds

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Bear X Crossbows Archery that earned it a spot in our list of Best Youth Crossbows.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • An easy drawback with accurate on-target shots
  • It comes with three 20 inches bolt with 100 grains of point
  • Excellent for hunting and fun shooting
  • The package comes with the necessities to start your hunting trip
  • The design and construction are very good


  • The engineer needs upgrading

Note:- For a precision shooting and great hunting crossbow, the Bear X is worth the buy and makes an excellent starter crossbow for kids or young adults.

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Best Youth Crossbow: What To Consider

Size and Weight:-

Since youths are the ones carrying the crossbow, you might want to factor in the size of the crossbow. The bigger the crossbow, the heavier it is.

So for easy and comfortable handling, the ideal weight should remain between 5 to 10 pounds and come with an adjustable buttstock.


This is the first factor to consider when purchasing a youth crossbow for your kid. It should be a requirement for anyone trying to get any weapon.

The crossbow depends on a springy mechanical firing system, and kids should be taught proper handling to avoid letting go and injuring themselves or others.

Furthermore, a trigger system of a good crossbow should be made of a sturdy and strong material that only goes when touched or initiated.


Children are indecisive, so unless they hook, line, and snicker into crossbow activities, it is wise to purchase one that is great but won’t break the bank. We don’t want to buy an expensive crossbow and have the kid change his/her mind after a couple of shots.

Functionality and Range:-

Crossbows are easy to use, and the purpose should determine the type that suits you best. A strong, powerful with good range should matter if it’s for hunting.

However, a lightweight but durable crossbow with a good range of at least 30 yards is better if it is for sports.

How to pick out the perfect fit

When picking a crossbow, you must also ensure that it fits just you. Three specifications for the fit are:

Draw Length

This is the distance that the shooter needs to pull back the string that propels the arrow through the air to the target. A normal way to calculate the draw length is to divide the length of your arm by 2.5 and the result in inches.

The Brace Height

The measure between the string and the riser is the brace height. The shorter the distance, the faster the bow will travel, but it need proper handling and maneuvering as it makes the crossbow harder to shoot.

Draw Weight

This is the measure of force that the archer puts into the string to produce a penetrating effect after the arrow is released. The higher the draw weight, the deeper the penetration effects, and vice versa

The Type of crossbow

Another factor to consider when purchasing a crossbow is the type; the choices are between a compound crossbow and a recurve crossbow.

Compound crossbows contain several cable and pulley systems for the draw weight for excellent speed and accuracy.

Furthermore, they are easier to carry and lightweight for a youngster learning to shoot a crossbow.

The recurve crossbows differ from the compound crossbow; they have less cable and pulleys but a more ergonomic design for easy use and handling but with less speed and weight.

📗 FAQs on Best Youth Crossbow

Below are a few queries on Best Youth Crossbow that everyone is expecting to answer, and I did include the same for my readers.

What size of arrows should I get for my crossbow?

Most arrows are between 16 to 22 inches long and the recommended length for a youth crossbar. Always buy the length recommended by the manufacturer on the type of crossbow you possess.

can I get a good crossbow for 200 dollars?

Yes, there are very good crossbows on the market that won’t break the bank and serve the same purpose as the expensive brands on the market.

What does a youth learn from a crossbow?

A crossbow is the best way to educate a child how to cock and draw their bow especially if they are interested in hunting or intend to pursue a career in competitive archery. Either way, their light weight allows for easy carrying and effective learning.

Do I need a license to carry or shoot a crossbow?

Crossbows, arrows, and bows are considered offensive weapons by law and for a license are needed for kids 16 or under. However, for juniors in archery or hunting, it is legal to carry one when there is a competition or during hunting season.

Can an adult license cover the use of a crossbow by a junior?

if the adult or guardian is above 18 and has a valid license; yes, they can use the crossbow with adult supervision when shooting and never alone.

What is a crossbow?

well a crossbow is a combination between a regular bow and a firearm. And so even though it’s not legally a firearm, it can be used as one.

How far can a crossbow go?

Crossbows are very powerful weapons and can travel a distance up to 500 yards if target practice is not your thing. However, a youth crossbow can reach a range of 60 yards and 35 yards for beginners.

Can a felon carry a crossbow?

Felons can carry a crossbow since their firing mechanism does don’t involve expanding gases when fired as in a gun and hence not limited by law.

Can I shoot a crossbow in my backyard?

You can shoot a crossbow anywhere if it is spacious. You don’t want to shoot an arrow into your neighbor’s window and risk getting sued by the law for endangering life and creating a public nuisance.

How deadly is a crossbow?

Yes, crossbows are dangerous and definitely not a toy to be played with as they can cause serious deep injuries tearing through flesh and breaking bones depending on the shooting distance.


A crossbow is a beautiful and powerful weapon that requires the supervision of an adult when a child is using one. It also needs a license, depending on your location and the crossbow type.

The crossbows listed here are some of the best on the market, with great features that any kid with a passion for hunting or shooting an arrow will love.

Although there is no special protective gear when using a crossbow, it is important to go through the safety measures stated in the manual to avoid any injuries.

Crossbows are not toys; hence, they should be kept away from the child after each practice session and stored properly.

Furthermore, you should seek help from the shop attendant to know more about each crossbow and if they suit the age and gender of the kids, you are buying it for.