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Best Free Tools For Downloading Videos

I used to use Internet download manager for downloading youtube videos or videos from other online platforms, but problem with paid tools is yearly you need to renew your license, in this article we come with a Best Free Tools For Downloading Videos .some of the best-known video-downloading tools come bundled with unwanted extras that are tricky to avoid. We figured out whether it’s worth switching to cleaner alternatives.

Best Free Tools For Downloading Videos

4K Video Downloader

You can download 4K Video Downloader in portable or installable versions, both of which are free of unwanted extras and get a clean sweep of approval from all the scans performed by VirusTotal (www.virustotal.com).

When you first open the program, you’re directed to a web page showing a useful video guide to how it works, but you probably won’t need it because it’s very simple to use. To download a video, copy its address from your browser in the usual way – by highlighting it in the address.

Download YouTube playlist and channels

You are easily able to download YouTube playlist and channels with 4k Downloader. Subscribe to YouTube Channels within the application and you are able to get latest videos automatically downloaded. You are also able to extract Youtube subtitles from Youtube videos.

Best Free Tools For Downloading Videos

As its name suggests its 4k Video downloader means you are easily able to download videos in 4K quality.

Best Free Tools For Downloading Videos

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KastorSoft All Video Downloader 

All Video Downloader starts with a splash screen with options to search a small selection of video services or go to the main part of the software to paste in a web address and start a download.

Best Free Tools For Downloading Videos

The search tool lets you enter keywords to find in YouTube and a small handful of other sites, though be warned that there are as many under the ‘adult’ heading as there are in the mainstream group. Thankfully, only YouTube is selected by default so you shouldn’t inadvertently stumble across anything mucky!

Free Youtube Download

There’s no reason for a video downloader to be complicated and, thankfully, Free YouTube Download is extremely simple, with a clear interface that’s essentially focused on a large green Paste button.

Best Free Tools For Downloading Videos

Copy a link from YouTube and click this button, and a strip showing a thumbnail of the video and some suggested settings appear below.

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Freemake video downloader

If you’re looking for a simple and effective way to download a Web clip, as well as convert it to the popular format of your choice, there is no better than Freemake Free Software.

There are many ways to grab online content, but Freemake is the best alternative if you want a piece of software which can also convert saved files into other formats.

Freemake is amazingly simple. Only 2 clicks are required to get a visual clip or playlist.

Best Free Tools For Downloading Videos

We used to love Freemake before it started bundling the particularly unpleasant OpenCandy software.