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7 Of The Best Joy Con Alternative in 2022

So, you are here for the best joy con alternative in the market for 2022. The good news is that you have come to the right place. We understand your predicament because we have gone through the same doubts, stress, and dilemmas. 

These things happen. That shows you are keen on purchasing the very best there is for yourself. To help your cause, we have researched and read some of the reviews of the product’s real users. 

Based on that, we have compiled this list of joy con alternative for you. The process of the selection was based on some crucial questions that we have listed below. We know there may be more questions about what we have mentioned in this guide. 

That is why we encourage our readers to do some research on their own. This helps you to choose the ultimate product for your requirement before you purchase it. 

Questions that were considered for selection of the joy con alternative. 

  • Am I going to benefit from this specific joy con alternative? 
  • What factors should I consider for the product? 
  • How much money should I invest?
  • Can I pay more if I find the one that suits my needs? 
  • What are some of the best joy con alternative for 2022? 
  • Is the information I’m reading correct?

Who is a joy con alternative meant for?

You could be anybody. The joy con alternative can be used by students, home occupants, business people, professional gamers, and others. When you are keen to start a business with these products, then adequate research is important. 

The products should serve your purpose. Like we said before, you may have other questions lingering in your mind. It is perfectly alright because you can clarify it once you are done reading our post. 

Perhaps, you may have found your answers. Later on, you can take the time to explore the different online sources. We have researched only some highly ranked, reliable, and trustworthy websites, among other sources. 

Through this post, you are offered a guide to buy the best joy con alternative for your personal or home needs. You can also use it for your business. The information below is genuine and not biased.

Best Joy Con Alternative: Our Top Picks 👌👌

Below are some of the best joy con alternative that you can find in the market for 2022. 

1. Nyko Dualies 

Nyko Dualies is ranked first on our list of joy con alternative. What is so unique about it? Well, the product comes from a reputed brand in the US. We were stunned by the exceptional performance of the motion control. 

Best Joy Con Alternative
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Many gamers have described it as one of the best in the market as of 2022. It is accurate and immensely responsive. We also liked the sublime ergonomics, which is capable of offering you an excellent position for prolonged usage. 

After all, you do want your gaming sessions, delightful without strain on your hands or arms. That is possible using this product. It also comes with the Type-C thumbsticks, which are detachable, when required. 

The weight of the joy con alternative is just 8 ounces. It means you can take them around with you as well as on the journey. The product is not lightweight by any means, but if you look at the bright side, they are durable. 

They work on Lithium batteries that are provided on the purchase of the Dualies. You do not want to get fooled by the average product rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon. It is priced at less than $50. 

One user from Arizona complimented the product. She wanted to give something to her niece, who is an avid gamer. The user was delighted to use the turbo functionality for playing her favorite game, Pokémon. 

She felt that the joy-cons are ideal for adult hands. They can be held both horizontally as well as vertically. This is the main aspect that bought her in. She is a happy customer, and so can you too. 

Having considered all that, we feel that it is mixed baggage, but highly recommended when you are looking for joy-cons that come with turbo function. The speed and features are excellent. This is a reliable product too. 

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Nintendo Switch - Nyko Dualies Controller Hands On Review


2. Hohhon JoyCon Controllers 

Hohhon JoyCon Controllers is next on our list of the best joy con alternative. It comes with a remote controller having straps for your wrists along with a cable for charging. This is the best replacement as it comes with similar features as the Nintendo Switch.

Best Joy Con Alternative
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We were astounded with the lightweight device and the curved design offering great controlling powers when gaming. You can use them to play with the handheld mode. This comes with a wireless connection for automatically reconnecting when you play. 

The controller offers you more than 8 hours of gaming. That is possible due to the battery of 380mAh, which is rechargeable. It requires around 2 hours for charging. You can charge the device using the console and USB. 

The joysticks are accurate, come with high responsiveness, and find no dead zones when playing the games. It also has dual vibration motors that let you feel every movement of your gaming action. 

For example, when you are playing a shooting game, you can feel each crash, hit, or vibration. You can turn it off if used wirelessly. We also liked the fact that it comes in a wide range of vibrant colors like black, grey, yellow, turquoise, and so on. 

The device comes with a product rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon. It is priced reasonably well at less than $45, which is pretty good for a feature-rich product. One user from Washington had to say this about the product. 

He was looking for a comfortable controller for gaming until he found this device. The user was immensely happy because it is not only comfortable but comes with loads of features. Being a professional gamer, he feels that his performance has also improved due to them. 

When you look at the comfort, feel, and pricing factor, we recommend the Hohhon JoyCon Controllers. Besides, it immensely helps you improve your gaming experience like never before, we can assure you that won’t be left disappointed.  

3. Switch Wireless Controller Joypads 

Switch Wireless Controller Joypads is another terrific controller from the makers of Chasdi. It can offer you intense gaming sessions. When you are looking for a comfortable pair of joypads, then you might want to consider these. 

7 Of The Best Joy Con Alternative in 2022
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They come with a barrage of bright colors that can provide you with the right gaming environment. We were instantly impressed with the no dead zone feature because it gives you more than 95% accuracy during the gaming session. 

The response of the buttons is another noteworthy feature in this joypad. You can make use of a multi-game feature in this console. Popular games like Pokémon, Mario, and others can be played using this controller flawlessly. 

We liked the setup because it is straightforward. All you need to do is a plugin and begin your gaming. The ergonomic features of the joypads are exceptional and stable. It also comes with a TYPE-C cable.

It weighs only less than 6 ounces that makes it incredibly lightweight. This is exceptionally suitable for gaming. It comes with a product rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars. But you do not want to be misled by that because it is priced less than $40. 

We thought of sharing a review from a user based in Chicago. He has used several joypads before. The user was hesitant about this pair, but he went ahead because of the cheap pricing. He is happy with it due to the grip and comfort. 

However, he felt that the connectivity could be better because it lags at times. We agree with him on that. 

Overall, the Switch Wireless Controller is a top-notch joypad coming with all the features that any gamer would want to have. The comfort is excellent, the buttons are responsive, and the price is right. 

What is stopping you now?

4. YHT Wireless Joy Con Controller

YHT Wireless Joy-Con Controller is an excellent product from the makers of YHT. We have brought it here up for review because of its flexibility and functionality. Users can play it as a single wireless controller or separately. 

7 Of The Best Joy Con Alternative in 2022
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The buttons are responsive and smooth. We also liked the design of the controller. Its controller is bigger than most of the devices you find in the market and grips well. We felt that the ergonomic design and robust construction make it a durable product. 

You can play for prolonged gaming sessions. The sensing and vibration have a 6-axis gyroscope for accurate positioning. It provides you with a perfect setting for all kinds of games. You can feel the crashes, shooting, and running. 

The connectivity is simple and works fantastic. You can use it for more than 110 hours of play thanks to a 400mAh battery, which needs only 2 hours for a full charge. The controller weighs less than 9 ounces that make it a little heavy. 

If you are alright with using that, then there should be no problem. It has a product rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon. The product is priced at less than $40. The color options are excellent and vibrant for any home setting. 

A user wanted a suitable quality controller and opted for this product. He likes the comfort, pricing, and fit. We can only agree with him on that. Summing up, the YHT Wireless Joy-Con Controller is a reliable product that we recommend for those looking for a replacement. 

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5. KINVOCA Joycon Replacement for Nintendo Switch Joy Con Controller

KINVOCA Joycon Replacement for Nintendo Switch Joy Con Controller is an excellent product that comes with a joystick cap and a wrist strap for additional grip. We liked the red and blue color combination of the controller; it looks terrific.

Best Joy Con Alternative
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You can attach it to the console and play seamlessly. The design is good as it is durably made from ABS material. The grip was stable when we tested it for our gaming session. There was no fatigue or tiredness because of it.

The pairing is relatively quick and straightforward through the Bluetooth connection. Users can play using it for more than 8 hours. For the non-vibrating games, you can carry on for 20 hours. You can either recharge it using the console or USB cable. 

We loved the control that it gave us when playing car racing games. The stick was extremely responsive, and the accelerometer works sublimely. It comes with an ergonomic design that allows the device to rest perfectly on your palms. 

The grip was matchless to say when compared with other devices in the market. Another noteworthy function here is the sleep mode feature for saving power. It weighs lightweight only at less than 6 ounces. 

We felt that the colors are placed on the opposite. It can be slightly confusing for kids. Otherwise, it is an elegant device. It comes with a product rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon. The product is priced for less than $40. 

All in all, the KINVOCA Joycon Replacement is an excellent product for the price. When you are looking for a reliable product that comes with the ability to tick all boxes, then you might want to go ahead and buy it. 

6. Proslife Wireless Joy-con Controller for Nintendo Switch

Proslife Wireless Joy-con Controller for Nintendo Switch is our final product in the discussion of joy con alternative. When you search for a brand, reliable, and well-priced item, then it has to be this product. 

7 Of The Best Joy Con Alternative in 2022
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Coming to the design of the Proslife controller, it is reliable and terrific. We feel that it is the best replacement for your switch joy-con. You can use them in each hand or attach them to the console and game. 

We were left stunned with the gaming experience with the controller, as it gives you so much of fun and excitement. You can use the right or the left joysticks depending on your requirement. The handle is equipped with a 6-axis gyroscope for accuracy when playing car racing games.

When compared to other joy-cons in the market, this one takes the cream because you can connect easily. It is a sublime feature. If you turn on the Bluetooth, then you can connect it with ease.

If you want to use a stable signal, this product is apt. Users also admired the battery life at 4 hours, but it comes rechargeable through the console. It comes with a product rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars.

The product is priced at less than $55, which is slightly expensive when compared to others mentioned in this list. But, with so many features and a 12-month warranty, you may not find any reason to complain. 

The battery is 350mAh having a connection distance of 10 meters. It takes around 2 hours to fully charge. Sadly, we felt that most of the time, they are not compatible with the Nintendo Switch. 

Do you want to buy this product?

The Proslife Wireless Joy-con Controller is a go-to device for any professional gamer. When you are looking to have some fun with your family, friends, or neighbors, then this device is excellent. It comes with a 12-month warranty, it is priced well and comes with excellent connectivity. 

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We hope that the buying guide was useful for your needs. Most of the products we have discussed above are currently sold popularly in America and globally. Their performance is top-notch, and they are durable. 

Like we mentioned in the earlier part of the guide, our primary focus was on the brand, product value, features, reliability, service, and reviews. We considered these before writing the reviews of the products. 

Hence, you can be assured that we have provided you with the icing of the cake. Our information is also up-to-date in most aspects. You do not have to worry about the quality of information. 

Did we find something eye-catching? Most of the products mentioned above are sublime and high-quality. Since they are joy con alternative, you may want to handle them gently. During gaming, you may wish to throw them around accidentally, but it is best to avoid it. 

They are also priced reasonably well. Most of them come under $100. We liked that part. If at all, you felt that we have written something wrong about the products unintentionally, then please let us know about it.