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11 Of The Best Keyboard For CsGo In 2022

We understand that you are reading this post as you are a die-hard gamer of Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS: GO). The game is quite challenging and tough to win. But if you are armed with the right kind of tools in your hands, you have an excellent chance to win in tournaments. 

You are searching for a splendid gaming keyboard that blends with your requirements. Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a game that tests your character and the speed of using a keyboard. A minor error can cost you a chance to win. 

Besides affecting your gameplay, you need reasonable control to arm yourself with powerful weapons that can help you win. We are talking about using the best keyboard for csgo. This game is where small things matter the most and help you take the gold. 

Any professional gamer would tell you the importance of using a solid keyboard for your gaming sessions. You certainly do not want your gear to be holding you back. Though many gamers consider the mouse a crucial piece of equipment for gaming, they tend to ignore the keyboard. 

Using the right keyboard can give you a better experience, comfortable gaming sessions, and enhance your gameplay. 

What makes a good keyboard for playing csgo?

Counter-Strike Global Offensive looks simple when you see professional gamers smoothly gliding their way around the game. Of course, professional gamers have been trained to do that and have tons of practice. 

But, more importantly, if you notice, they use a mechanical keyboard. This is quite different from your regular keyboard that is available on the market. A mechanical keyboard is quite responsive when compared to a traditional keyboard. 

That means it allows you to decide on the inputs you desire precisely. This gives your gaming much-needed flow. You are provided with a shot in the arm.

We do not mean that you can become a professional gamer overnight with the mechanical keyboard, but your gaming technique is immensely enhanced. 

Best Keyboard For CsGo 2022 – Our Top Picks 👌👌

In this list, we have researched and compiled the best keyboard for csgo. When you are using a quality keyboard, you garner a quick response, which affects your gaming for the better. Additionally, there is no chance of pressing the wrong keys. 

The keyboards have a barrage of features that ordinary keyboards do not possess. As you can see, using a mechanical keyboard works for your good.

Let us delve into them and discover what makes these keyboards the best and why professionals use them during tournaments. 

1. Redragon K552

If you look around, many mechanical gaming peripherals are produced such that you are instantly mesmerized by the dazzling lighting and additional features. But that is not the case with the Redragon K552. 

It is designed for only serious gaming. That is because gamers created it. The makers knew what professional gamers or wannabes expect from the keyboard. That is why we ranked it first on your list for discussion. 

This is a robustly designed unit that comes with the sturdy build quality. You would be delighted to know that it can handle 50 million keystrokes. It is dust-proof, too, enabling you to use it seamlessly. 

Best Keyboard For CsGo
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Additionally, the unit has injection molded keycaps. Consumers have commended them because they do not fade quickly. If you are somebody who prefers using blue-colored switches, you can use them instead of the ones made by Logitech or Corsair. 

Since this is an RGB lighting keyboard, you can do your typing in dim environments effortlessly. We loved the brightness control ability with the help of the volume wheel. Besides, you can also adjust the lighting of the keys efficiently using the programmable 5 RGB.

This can be done without you having to use the software. Users have felt that the software is complicated to understand. This is an excellent option for a stylish unit to use when playing Counter-Strike Global Offensive. 

It is priced at less than $60, making it relatively affordable. 


  • It comes with dedicated media keys. 
  • The unit is dust-proof and robust in design. 
  • There is also RGB lighting for dim environments. 
  • Users can change the brightness using the volume wheel. 
  • It comes at an affordable price. 


  • A few users complained that the media keys are lit when the PC is off. 

Redragon K552 is a must-have for any serious gamer who wants to excel in CS: GO. It is the best keyboard for csgo because it comes with five programmable G-keys, enabling you to use it without the software on the unit. 

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2. Corsair K57

The Corsair K57 is second on our list of the best keyboard for csgo. When you are keen on using the wireless product, you can utilize the wired one for the same price range of $130. When you look at the keyboard, you are stunned by its elegant design. 

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It comes with opulent keys on the boards, and the wireless feature on the unit was astounding. The accuracy of the keystrokes blew us. A distinct feature of the K57 is the six programable macro keys that help you play the game efficiently. 

It also comes with a rubber palm rest that is removable. You can enable your wrist to get some rest for playing longer duration. Besides, the volume and multimedia control provides excellent control without ruining your gaming experience. 

The keyboard is simply excellent and comfortable to type. Using software that is time-consuming to learn, you can change the color and lighting. We liked the battery working life on the wireless unit as it was sublime. 

The response time was a little better than wired units, which was pleasant to notice. When you are particular about the color of your keyboard, you can easily assign them likewise. 

Additionally, you can change the light setting based on the game you want to play. It lifts the over mood and ambiance. This is a small feature but quite eloquent to say for gamers. Overall, it is a good keyboard, but issues with the software can downgrade it. 

It is less than $110, making it low priced compared to most market units. 


  • The unit comes having exceptional features. 
  • It’s RGB lighting is spectacular. 
  • It also comes with extra keys for a better gaming experience.
  • There is Bluetooth and USB giving flexibility in connection.
  • It is priced at less than $110, making it cheaper than most. 


  • Gamers complained that the software could take time to learn. 

Should you purchase the Corsair K57? It is a straightforward unit with sublime properties that make it ideal for novice gamers too. 

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3. HyperX Alloy

HyperX Alloy is next on our list. It comes with a sublime design and is relatively compact. This is suitable for novice gamers too, who want to play several action games like Counter-Strike Global Offensive. 

We felt this is a qualitative keyboard with either red linear switches or aqua tactile. This entirely depends on your liking and preference. The mechanical keyboard has a compact size of 1.4 x 17.4 x 5.2” frame. 

11 Of The Best Keyboard For CsGo In 2022
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It also has a metal-coated base giving it a robust appearance. The unit weighs close to 2.2 pounds, ensuring that it is sturdy for heavy-action games. 

We loved the switches as they are designed for top-notch accuracy and responsiveness. There is also advanced customization offering you HyperX NGENUITY software. You can use the software to customize the game mode to control the lighting better. 

Besides, you can set your macros. It has three angles that can be adjusted depending on your gaming needs. We loved this feature. They give you the flexibility of using it. Besides, design the light setting on the keyboard and save them. 

You can register the keypresses to avoid making mistakes during crucial moments when playing the game. It also comes with an aluminum case, ensuring this is a worthy investment for you. 

It is priced at less than $100, making it cheap and affordable for gamers of all ages. 


  • It comes with an aircraft-grade aluminum body.
  • The design is compact and sublime. 
  • You can make use of the splendid HyperX NGENUITY software.
  • It has exceptional RGB lighting.
  • The switches can reach up to 80 million keystrokes.


  • We felt that there was a lack of dedicated media controls.

HyperX Alloy is an excellent choice as it is responsive, lightweight, and compelling for the gaming experience. As the keys are quiet, you are provided an immersive gaming session making it a superb model from HyperX. 

4. Acer PKB810

Acer PKB810 is another exceptional keyboard that you may consider playing many games like Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Acer is known to produce some outstanding peripherals for the gaming industry. 

Can the PKB810 live up to its expectation of being the best keyboard for csgo? Let us find out. Firstly, unlike most mechanical keyboards, this one is pretty lightweight. That does not mean it is not durable. 

Best Keyboard For CsGo 3
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Besides, it comes with five macro keys for storing five game profiles. You can also store more than 20 commands there. There are also lighting effects that you can effortlessly adjust. The USB connector comes as gold-plated, making it extremely responsive to your commands. 

We liked the magnetic wrist rest that is detachable. This was a handy feature missing out on many mechanical keyboards. This feature is crucial when playing lengthy gaming sessions or participating in a tournament. 

You will also like the volume controls, which can be rotated. It is also quite easy to operate. Gamers have admired the backlighting on this model. It designs the right kind of mood for gaming or playing high-octane games. 

Few of the lighting effects are preinstalled. However, you can set them according to your desire. As we said, it is quite compact compared to most market units. This makes it portable and easy to transport. 

You do not require drivers to adjust it because the software can be used to customize it seamlessly. To make it work, you need the plugin and are ready for action. As you can see, these are pretty basic functions, but they are pretty functional. 

It is priced at less than $100, making it a worthy unit for ensuring that your gaming experience is top-notch. 


  • It does not weigh much. 
  • The unit has a magnetic wrist rest.
  • It comes with RGB LED 16.8 million colors. 
  • The software is easy to implement. 
  • It comes priced affordably at less than $100.


  • We noticed that the key letters are not lit. 

The Acer PKB810 is embedded with all the necessary features you would expect from a gaming keyboard. It was designed for streamers, gamers, and all. The PKB810 comes elegantly designed, well-lit, easy to work software, and is priced affordably. 

5. Logitech G213

Logitech G213 is one of the cheapest logitech g pro keyboard on the market at the moment. Please do not be misled into thinking that it does not come with sublime features because it does.

The unit has many features, including dedicated media controls, RGB backlit keys, and unlimited software options.

Weighing 2.7 pounds, this is quite sturdy and compact at the same time. It measures close to 17.8 x 8.6.” We were surprised when we did not notice the mechanical features in the G213. They have infused it with the membrane option. 

11 Of The Best Keyboard For CsGo In 2022
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We felt that the key presses were quite soft and comfortable. You do not think for a moment that you are using a cheaply priced unit. The color spectrum lighting capabilities were phenomenal, and you can set 5 lighting regions. 

This is from a spectrum of more than 16. 8 million colors. As a gamer, you love to change color combinations depending on your mood or the game. The keyboard lighting during the dark was remarkable.

Though it is slim in design, the unit is suitable for gaming and performing regular tasks. Users have mentioned that it is dirt-free and can be easily maintained. It also has an integrated palm rest to set your keyboard as you desire. 

You will be astounded to know that the keyboard is four times quicker than traditional keyboards, ensuring you do not lose out anytime. It also comes with dedicated media controls for excellent control in the background. 

You can just about do anything you want with your media customization. The software was always simple to use and operate. You can set the EGB lighting by seamlessly saving time using the function keys. 

Sadly, it does not come with mechanical switches. Instead, you have to use membrane switches. You might want to look elsewhere when you are keen on using mechanical switches. It is priced at less than $60


  • It is nicely designed and sleek in appearance. 
  • The keys and profiles can be programmed. 
  • The keyboard is one of the fastest in the world. 
  • It comes with dedicated media controls. 
  • This is priced at less than $60, making it very affordable. 


  • Few users complained about the dim lighting. 

If you do not want to lose, go with Logitech. They understand the gaming market well enough, thanks to their years of experience.

The Logitech G213 is a massive improvement to a good model and is priced cheaply, which every gamer should consider buying. 

6. Cooler Master CK552

Cooler Master CK552 can be termed as the best keyboard for csgo. It comes with most of the features that any gamer would want to have. It is a mechanical unit that offers you exceptional performance. 

11 Of The Best Keyboard For CsGo In 2022
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It has Gateron red switches, RGB lighting, and aluminum chassis. Besides, you can also find exciting features like on-the-fly controls, macros, lighting, and simple-to-operate software. With the help of the tool, you can easily adjust the illumination, map keys, and create profiles.

The unit is embedded with Gateron mechanical keys, RGB backlighting, and a host of other features too. The RGB lighting works sublimely, ensuring that all the keys are visible during poor lighting conditions. 

We loved the aluminum-designed keyboard that was designed superbly. It comes with all the necessary functions that you require when gaming Counter Strike Global Offensive. The switches work for 50 million key presses that are simply phenomenal. 

You can also effortlessly customize the key colors using the software. The software is simple to use. You can map more than 16 million colors and fine-tune macros. It is priced at less than $80, making it quite cheap.

This is a good keyboard with just the right features for the given price. Gamers from all over the world swear by the model. It is quick to operate on, feature-rich, and priced relatively low.  


  • It is priced at less than $80, making it cheap. 
  • There is RGB lighting provided on it. 
  • Heavy and robust aluminum material is used. 
  • It comes with controls that are flexible for instant use. 
  • It has software customization that is simple to work with. 


  • Users have complained that it is slightly noisy. 

Is this the best keyboard for csgo? Well, you bet. It comes with the best ergonomics, the right amount of performance, and is quite fast for playing action. We can proudly say that it is the best available in the market. 

7. Asus ROG Strix

Asus ROG Strix is an outstanding unit produced from German MX Red switches. These switches can shame most of the keyboards in the market with their sheer build quality and design. 

11 Of The Best Keyboard For CsGo In 2022
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We were stunned by the quick response, and it helped to enhance the gaming performance too. The keys do not make noise when you press them providing you with a smooth typing or gaming experience.

The unit is designed such that it is 2X on the thicker side, ensuring that the keys are ergonomic for typing and gaming. Thanks to the Xccurte CTRL Key, you can be assured of precision. This is suitable for FPS games. 

It has 100% anti-ghosting, built-in memory, on-the-fly usage, and more. We also liked the design of the keyboard and the lighting mode. It is compact, and you can find plenty of area on the outer edges. 

This enables more space on the desk. You can place your wrist on the rest feature given; this one was firm and felt solid, unlike most other models. The keyboard is available in two vibrant color tones, black, and electro-punk. 

They both are elegant in looks and come with sublime features infused in them. It is priced under $300, making it one of the most expensive keyboards on the market.

But you should be prepared to pay when you want to use a reputed brand with many features. 


  • It has bright and exceptional RGB lighting.
  • The keyboard has a silent click. 
  • The unit has a braided cord on it. 
  • It has a robust design ensuring that it is durable. 
  • There are several customized features. 


  • There is a lack of sync with Aura. 

Just when you thought Asus couldn’t go any further, they have come up with the sublime Asus ROG Strix. The model has exceptional vital functionalities and several customizable features, offering you what you can expect.

8. Rosewill NEON K81

Rosewill NEON K81 is next up for discussion on our list of the best keyboard for csgo. The moment you notice it, you see that it offers RGB illumination for all the keys. Besides, that outer rim is customizable with RGB.

Best Keyboard For CsGo 7
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It is a complete size unit that comes with a sober but elegant look. Though it may not appear very aggressive, it is pretty exciting. The rim backlight can be adjusted in induvial color. Additionally, the speed, brightness, and color can be adjusted simply. 

You can use the keys during play, and also, there is the anti-ghosting feature. We liked the keyboard quality in that all of them are separated. In this sense, no matter the number of keys pressed together, you can identify each one. 

How good is that for gaming Counter Strike Global Offensive? The unit comes with close to 16.8 million colors, and they can be programmed in more than 20 backlight modes. Besides, the unit comes with five brightness levels. 

You can use the software to customize the configuration suite for backlit mechanical usage. You can assign the keys for instant actions that enable you to take rapid action. This way, you can excel in the game. 

A notable feature of the keyboard is the Kailh Brown switches. The mechanical switches are tactile and soft to use. They come with light feedback and are suitable for quiet gaming and typing sessions. 

The keyboard is priced for less than $80 making it cheap and affordable. Gamers of all kinds can think of purchasing this excellent and powerful keyboard. 


  • It is incredibly adjustable. 
  • The unit is robust and quite heavy. 
  • This comes with a frame around it.
  • The keyboard has a life span of 50 million strokes. 
  • It is inexpensively priced at less than $80. 


  • The unit does not come with a DIP switch.

Rosewill NEON K81 comes with a metal base and frame around the perimeter. This gives you a robust feel, and it is an easy-to-use unit. If you are alright with the cable connector providing minor problems, this should be on your table quickly. 

9. MSI Vigor GK40

MSI Vigor GK40 is a product from MSI known to be one of the best producers of gaming peripherals in the market. They have embedded the unit with stunning features for a reasonable price. 

Best Keyboard For CsGo 8
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We begin with the looks. It appears stunning with a sleek design and coming angular on the surface. You can notice that there is a triangular formation at the rear. Some areas do have some matte plastic. 

Though it is made with plastic, it does not look cheaply made. We loved the fact that the unit comes with a wrist rest. It is good to use during those long gaming sessions or tournaments where you want to take a break. 

The keys seem to be spaced inadequately. We felt slightly cramped using it for some time. Probably, this would be the only drawback of an otherwise excellent product.  

You will be glad to know that the keyboard is resistant to water. You no longer have to worry about those accidental spills during your action gaming sequences. This is a wired keyboard ensuring outstanding durability. 


  • The mechanical feel of the unit is incredible. 
  • It is exceptional in response. 
  • The software is simple to operate. 
  • This unit has MSI Mystic light support. 
  • It comes with an ergonomically designed wrist rest. 


  • Gamers have said that the keyboard is noisy. 

MSI Vigor GK40 is from a reputed maker MSI. They know what they are making as they have been in this industry for many years now. There is no doubt that the Vigor GK40 is a sublime keyboard infused with all the features any professional gamer wants to have. 

10. Razer Cynosa

Razer Cynosa is the best keyboard for csgo gamers who do not want to spend a fortune on a unit. In case you were unaware, Razer designs some of the top-notch gaming peripherals popular in America. 

11 Of The Best Keyboard For CsGo In 2022
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Thanks to the adjustable macro-lighting and soft keys, this unit is suitable for both novices and professionals. Though the design and the lighting are above average, we need to dwell on the gaming performance. 

Sadly, it does not have mechanical switches. We noticed that the performance dwindles when you begin extreme gaming. However, the key travel is good, and they are responsive. You will be surprised to know that it comes with the ability to execute ten commands at once. 

This is tremendous, keeping the price range in mind as this is no top-end product. Users can get the support of 16.8 million colors. Gamers will be glad to know that it is resistant to spills. So, you do not have to worry about them anymore. 

The construction is good and can go up to 80 million clicks. It comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Any maker that offers a warranty on their wares is a good sign that it is a reliable unit. 


  • The unit has responsive keys with an opulent feel to it. 
  • It comes with plenty of features on it. 
  • The lighting is splendid, with eloquent colors. 
  • There were no issues with key ghosting.
  • It is cheaply priced, under $50. 


  • Few users felt that the design is not robust. 

The Razer Cynosa could be the best keyboard for csgo. It comes laden with all the features that you want in there. Though we were not convinced about the design, it is otherwise an exceptional choice for using playing Counter-Strike Global Offensive. 


(Q) Why do you want to purchase a gaming keyboard? 

A gaming keyboard is a convenient device. You do not have only to use it for gaming purposes. You can also use it for working purposes seamlessly. Treat it like a traditional keyboard that you would be used for typing, programming use, and writing emails or thesis for your university. 

You could be anybody, a student or a working professional, considering purchasing a gaming keyboard. In the review, we came across many durable gaming keyboards that do not cost an arm. As you can see, it is a wise move on your part to purchase a gaming keyboard. 

(Q) How does the keyboard impact your CS: GO gaming expertise? 

The csgo keyboard controls can impact your gaming abilities massively. As we read at the beginning of the post, you are here to win. That is why we penned down this post after intense research. 

A traditional keyboard may be suitable for typing and doing your regular tasks. But we are talking of sublime devices when it comes to gaming and Counter-Strike Global Offensive. 

Every second counts in such games, and they can decide who the winner is. You might be aware of that if you have already played the game. Usually, the gamer with the best functional keyboard retains the cup. 

(Q) What is the durability of a mechanical keyboard? 

After intense research, you would be stunned to know that mechanical keyboards are produced. They are released only after comprehensive testing is done on them. The switches are designed to last for close to 50 million presses. 

That means it can last for ten years, at least of rough use. Besides, these keyboards can also be used for typing and a barrage of regular activities you do with them. In the end, it is a win-win situation. 

(Q) Why should I consider buying a TKL keyboard?

A TKL keyboard is usually smaller in size than a full-sized keyboard. Many gamers have found this to work for them. You discover that you have more space for fitting your mouse. Besides, you can use them on a table that is small in size. 

The primary benefit of using them would be letting your hands close. This is useful when you want to use the mouse together with the keyboard. Though the TKL keyboard is smaller than the usual one, it works for your benefit. 

In Conclusion

We have ended our discussion on the best keyboard for csgo. I hope you liked what you read and have made up your mind. If you haven’t, then please read through the post again carefully. 

We can assure you that there is something in it for your gaming requirements. As far as gaming goes, it can be made simpler, provided you have the right equipment. Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a challenging game, no doubt. 

But when you have the best gaming keyboard, nothing can go wrong for you, can it? Choosing the right gaming keyboard can be difficult with the umpteen models. The suitable way to go about things would be to decide your budget and requirements. 

This will make things easier for you. We highly recommend the Redragon Vata K580, Corsair K57 RGB Wireless keyboard, and HyperX Alloy. They came with the ability to closely tick all the boxes that any active Counter Strike Global Offensive would desire. 

Of course, our choice does not necessarily have to blend with yours to play. All the keyboards mentioned above come with intense features and capabilities. Professional gamers swear by most of them. 

All you need to do now is purchase a basic but robust mechanical gaming keyboard that can help you win games. You will want to choose so that the keyboard fits on your small table during the tournament without affecting your gaming capabilities. 

Happy Counter Strike Global Offensive winning!