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Best Monitor for Raspberry Pi


Raspberry Pi and touch screen are used to design projects that limit the use of external input devices such as keyboards or mice. They can be used to create systems with hardware fully embedded in one device. Today, we introduce some of the best raspberry pi touchscreens on the market. Let us know your favorite raspberry pi touchscreen in the comments section.

Raspberry Pi is a small, super powerful and reasonably priced computing device. If your project uses the Raspberry Pi Toolkit, you can make a miracle. But here we will not talk about the Raspberry Pi project or something you can do with your favorite little circuit board. I will show you a list of the best touchscreen raspberry pi today.

Best Monitor for Raspberry Pi

1. Official Raspberry Pi Foundation TouchScreen LCD Display View on Amazon

Capacitive touchscreen size of 7 inches, can sense 10 fingers at the same time. The kit comes with adapters, ribbon cables, screws, and jumpers.


The pixels on the width are longer than the length, so the object looks a bit broken. Resolution is also very small. The border around the screen is very wide, otherwise, it may become thinner. Nothing bad, it looks a bit irregular. The backlight timeout will leave the page blank until you touch it again.On the other hand, many customers find that images are good, clear, and have a good touchscreen response.

PiTFT Plus 3.5″ Touchscreen from Adafruit
Best Monitor for Raspberry PiBest Monitor for Raspberry Pi

Adafruit devised this smallest and cutest Raspberry Pi-compatible touchscreen display until the date. Because it is a flexible monitor, you can use it as an X Windows port, as a console, for displaying videos or images, viewing commands and their output, and more.

A full TFT plus 3.5-inch display for use with older and newer versions of the Raspberry Pi

You can plug directly into the top of your Pi circuit so that the setting looks like a PC

Always ready to plug and play with the board

Resolution of 480 × 320 16-bit color and resistive touch

Install the required drivers and configuration, then you can get started

2.OSOYOO 3.5 “HDMI Touch Screen LCD Monitor (View on Amazon)

Best Monitor for Raspberry PiBest Monitor for Raspberry Pi

OSOYOO 3.5 If you are looking for a good, responsive and portable screen for the Raspberry Pi embedded project, this 3.5 “HDMI monitor from OSOYOO can be a worthwhile choice. Whether you’re buying a retro game or editing a document Play HD video, it will never let you down.


Ideally, any Raspberry Pi model for you

High-resolution images from 480 × 320 up to 1920 × 1080 pixel resolution let you enjoy video playback or games

You can install it directly on your Pi device via the GPIO pins

You can operate with your Pi without external power

Support the best Raspberry Pi operating system, including Raspbian, Windows 10 and many more

Easy to install, lightweight portable to carry, comfortable operation

3. LANDZO 7-inch raspberry pi touchscreen (View on Amazon)


LANDZO 7-inch touchscreen Because it is a common HDMI display, you can connect it to any computing device to use it as an external monitor, but it works best for the Raspberry Pi. But keep in mind that when you officially use the Raspbian operating system, install the necessary drivers first.


In the best touchscreen monitor list, the 7-inch display from LANZDO is perfect for working with your Raspberry Pi

  • Comes with a driver CD, easy to install and use
  • 800 × 480 pixel resolution allows you to enjoy high-end retro games and video playback
  • Also supports Banana Pi, Banana Pro and other electronic devices that require portable displays
  • Easy to carry, easy to operate

4. Kuman LCD Display Touch Screen Monitor for Raspberry Pi 3 2 ($21.89) (View on Amazon)

Kuman is equipped with a 3.5-inch LCD and resistive touch screen (the pressure exerted by the finger on the display surface causes the layers to contact each other, completing the circuit and telling the system user that the user is touching).

This system is designed for Raspberry Pi models B B + A + A (3 & 2). It has a serial peripheral interface, the display is 480 × 320, 65k colors.


Clear and crisp screen, vivid text. The touchscreen works well with a touch pen for precise input. There are some problems starting up the LCD display (you must refer to user reviews and customer support if you encounter this problem).You can also make the right purchase through the LCD. Once you set up the system, the touchscreen needs to be calibrated as well. The system also does not come with a cable.


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