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7 Of The Best Office Chair Under 300 $ To Buy in 2019


Do you have the curiosity to know about the Best Office Chair Under 300 $ to buy in 2019? You can easily Find out now in this definitive list with our detailed review.

Without any further delay let’s find out. 🙂

Did you know that sitting appropriately fine could make you enjoy work more? This is reliably true since you wouldn’t have to be shifting from butt to butt, after long hours at your desk.

A person’s everyday office productivity could be greatly influenced by how comfortable they are when they’re at work. Always know that one of the things that are basic in bringing you the required comfort at work is your work chair.

In fact, getting the right office chair is way important for you, and especially if you’re the type that works for many hours unending. The right chair for your office saves you from having incessant back aches- a complain which seems to be becoming more common for office people.

There are the best office chairs under 300 $, that guarantees you that comfort and convenience that you essentially need, to do just fine. Hence, there are absolutely no reasons for you to go break the bank before you can get something substantial in value and function.

You’ll find a lot of office chairs selling for prices under $300, thus giving you the benefits of a wide variety of options to choose from. Asides the fact that they’re relatively inexpensive, they also come in various styles and designs, so there are no reasons why your choices cannot be absolute and/or specific.

In view of this, note that it is important to make the right choice of an office chair; the one that is most appropriate for your peculiar office needs. That product looks particularly well crafted, is not a guarantee that it would be the best office chair for you.

In fact, some office chairs on the market may come complete with every appealing feature, except the germane traits for user convenience and comfort. This is why we have reviewed some of the best office chairs under $300, so you can make an informed decision when you finally decide to buy one.

Note that the chairs on our list, have been reviewed and listed in no particular order. Hence, you’re also expected to make your own observations and rearrange the list, as it suits you.

Here is The List Of Best Office Chair Under 300 $ To Buy in 2019

1. KADIRYA High Back Bonded Leather Executive Office Chair

best office chair under 300
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This high back office chair has been able to retain its place amongst the best office chairs under $300 because it reasonably meets the needs of the everyday office person.

The chair has an ergonomic design which enhances its appearance as an executive chair with class. You’ll enjoy this chair because it comes with the features that make it easy for you to customize its use, such that it fits into your own sitting demands specifications.

Firstly, the chair comes with an S-shaped backrest design, which is a perfect alignment for the human spinal cord. With this office chair, your lower back is also made to rest in a convenient position, that positively puts your health to consider.

Hence, even if you have to sit for long hours working, you wouldn’t have to suffer an aftermath strain or pain. It is made using a combination of leather and PVC material, with the leather serving as the cover for the PVC framework.

The KADIRYA high back office chair is made of bonded leather- where the main seat and the backrest are attached together, then padded with a smooth soft cushioning on both sides.

It comes with a recline tendency that can be fixed to stay at various angles to normal. The recline function can go backward, to stop at a maximum 120 degrees recline. So, you may decide to tilt the chair a little backward, when you need to relax and feel more comfortable. The armrest on another hand can be flipped up and adjusted by up to 90 degrees- to suit the user’s height and user convenience.

The KADIRYA high back executive office chair is definitely an impressive product for the price range. Note that it has a regular dimension of about 39 × 25.5 × 14.8 inches and an average weight that is just slightly below forty pounds.


  • The chair has an impressive ergonomic thick padded design, that truly qualifies it as an executive chair
  • Its structural design is well implemented, to put the user’s backside and spinal cord to consideration.
  • Has innate ability to carry weight load of up to 250 pounds
  • It provides multiple recline angles for facilitating increased user convenience.
  • It has smooth castor roller wheels, that makes it easy for you to slide from location to location within the office space- while still sitting.
  • The chair height and back pressure can be adjusted to fit your needs.


  • There’s no support for placing the legs
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2. Alera Neratoli Mid-Back Swivel Chair

best office chair under 300
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This is another office chair below $300, that has truly earned a spot on the list of the best products you can find anywhere. The Alera Neratoli mid-back chair is a beautifully styled office chair, that would do justice to your office sitting needs.

You’ll be particularly satisfied with its sleekness and apt product dimensions, which may be regarded as an advantage for certain type of users. This specification makes the chair require minimal office space, so it may just be the right option for you- if your office is just a medium size one.

One of the reasons why some existing users think the Alera neroli is the best option for them is because it is easy to assemble, relatively lightweight, and without the unnecessary sophistication that you may find with some products on the market.

Although the leather seat padding are not as thick as what you’ll find on some other chair options under $300, this office chair comes with essential quality and durability. The seat portions are covered with high-quality faux leather materials, while the backrest portion comes with a semi-upright format.

This is unarguable the office chair for persons who have to shuffle between working on the computer at the desk and arranging documents and files on another corner of the office room.

Usually, this chair comes in either of silver or red color, with a regular dimension of 34.8 × 25.8 × 15.9 inches. Note that the faux leather material inputs are reasonably water and stain resistant which makes it fit in our best office chair under 300 $ 2019 list.


  • Provides a reasonable level of comfort for the user
  • Easy to assemble office chair, which can be set up and put to use even without the armrests.
  • Provides users with great value for the money spent on buying it.
  • The chair has castor wheel inputs for moving the chair from place to place
  • The faux leather is water and stain resistant, making it easy to maintain the neatness of the chair.


  • The leather padding is not so thick, so it may not be the best option for long hours of sitting.
  • Its adjustability allowance is significantly low- as compared to a number of other office chairs under $300
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3. Viva Office High Back Mesh Executive Office Chair

best office chair under 300
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The Viva Office high back mesh chair is one of the most comfortable office chairs, with a simple background framework. This chair is specifically built to meet the office needs of specific individuals, most likely those who people with an increased tendency to sit at work for several hours.

Firstly, it is one of the easiest to set up office chairs in this category, and you can easily fix it up within a few minutes. This makes it a good chair option for office functions where you necessarily need to move chairs from different locations- such as the annual general meeting, or periodic board meetings in some organizations.

Although theViva office mesh executive chair is likely not as huge as some other office chairs below $300, it still comes with a seat space area that is just enough to conveniently contain, and help you stay alert for as long as is required.

Important features that influence the user’s level of satisfaction with the product includes its mesh backrest- which facilitates easy air circulation for the user, as well as the adjustable headrests, chair height, and the seat height. The ability of users to adjust the seat height is influenced by the added pneumatic controls on the chair, while there’s also an angle back adjustment structure on this product.

As far as the best office chairs under $300 are concerned, this is one of the products that come with specifically important features- which consequently makes it a good option to consider.


  • The apt ergonomic frame structure, with provisions for adjusting it
  • The breathable mesh backrest allows for proper air ventilation, thus helping to remove excess heat produced by the user’s back.
  • The chair has an adjustable lumbar back support, which relieves the user of backache tendencies
  • This chair is easy to assemble and dismantle when you need to
  • Adjustable head and armrests enable the user to adjust the chair to provide more convenience.


  • The chair may not be suitable for people beyond average heights.
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4. La Z Boy Bellamy Executive Bonded Leather Office Chair

best office chair under 300
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This is another high quality and design specified product, with a retained market significance. The La Z Boy Bellamy executive chair is definitely a good buy at a price slightly less than $250.

You’ll notice and appreciate the quality of the materials used in carving out this chair, as well as the ingenuity of the design. This is one chair that guarantees optimum comfort for all time, and you can rest assured of obtaining great value for your hard earned money.

The chair comes with remarkable ergonomic design, and comfort studded seat cushions that make you feel alive in them. The chair comes with different layer soft foam components and other supports, that should ensure that users get the best out of the product.

You’ll be impressed with the La Z Boy’s premium structure wood finishes, which is a good hint as regards its durability and ruggedness. If you’ll particularly like to buy an office chair with strength, quality, and an essential comfort for you, then you need to put this one amongst the top options.

Both the seat and backrest on the product has deeply contoured lines, which enhances the comfy feel that the user derives from the product. The chair comes with ergonomic control levers that enable users to adjust the chair height, as well as tilt the backrest- so as to enable them to lean and rest backward.

The La Z Boy Bellamy executive chair is made of finely carved wood and faux leather. It has a weight of about 57 pounds and can contain a weight load of up to 400 pounds.


  • This is one quality product with one of the best she indications within this price range.
  • The user can adjust the chair height and tilt the backrest as they deem fit
  • The cushioning and support components on this chair is top notch, and this positions it well as a chair for people with long work hours.
  • The advanced lumbar support infrastructure can be adjusted to fit into an individual user style
  • The La Z Boy Bellamy executive chair has all the qualities that position it as a more durable office chair under $300
  • It can hold a maximum weight of up to 400 pounds.


  • It is relatively heavier and hence not portable

5. Serta Back-in Motion Mid Back Office Chair

best office chair under 300
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If you spend so much time working on your computer or some official documents that must be sorted out before a deadline, then you necessarily need an office chair like this one.

This is because you mandatorily need to pay attention to your lower and upper back, which this chair reasonably caters for. The Serta back in motion mid-back chair has an aptly designed ergonomic design, that caters well for all categories of persons.

However, people with previous health issues involving their backsides, have significantly commended this office chair for its relevance in making them work for as long as is required- in spite of their delicateness. Thus, what this chair does basically, is to ameliorate the pressure on your back, which is a contributor to the aftermath pain that people experience after sitting for long hours.

Fortunately, you’ll notice a number of modifications that have been made to this product, hence users are likely to find it more proactive than a number other office chairs in this category.

For instance, the seating format is made to push the user pelvis regions forward, so that the individual attains a more stable neutral position. Hence, this chair is not just a regular office chair but is, in fact, a wellness and health enhancing product- as far as the upper and lower back health is concerned.

Some of the features to observe on the Serta back in motion mid-back office chair, are the little raised headrest and the well-cushioned layered body. The armrest provision on another hand is also reasonably adjustable to suit your convenience.

Of all the best office chair under 300 $, the Serta back in motion mid-back office chair is one of the most intentional, that consequently provides real value to the users.


  • The Serta back in motion mid-back office chair is well padded, to provide the comfort and convenience that your back needs.
  • It has an adjustable armrest that can be positioned to fit your use desires
  • There are too many adjustable parts on the product, so it is not just a rigid product that cannot be adjusted to suit individual users.
  • It can be used as a corrective tool for persons with upper and lower back inadequacies
  • The Serta back in a motion office chair is compact enough to sit well in the smallest of space.


  • It may not be suitable for all category of intending users- when height specifications are involved.
  • Has relatively lesser durability tendencies

6. HON Wave Big Tall Executive Chair

best office chair under 300
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The HON wave big tall executive chair is another sleek product, that does well to meet the requirements for the best office chairs under $300. It comes with a rather simple structure build, that is yet apt for the everyday office setting.

If you’re looking for an office chair that does not require too many tedious adjustments each time you need to sit on it, then this is one product with the right specs. The HON wave big tall executive chair comes with an apt combination of traits, to give the comfort and convenience that you need each time you settle down to work.

According to specifications, this chair is a good option for that tall person who has been looking for the right office chair. Considering its high weight retaining the capacity of 450 pounds, it may also be a good office chair for people who are a little above average weight.

The chair’s lumbar support is an apt addition since it reasonably aids the safety of your back. You can adjust the chair heights and tilt via the control lever additions to it.

The seat is covered with mesh fabric, while the inner cushion is a dual layer structure. Although there is no headrest on this one, it comes with armrests that are quite adjustable. If you’re looking for a chair under $300 which is does well for multipurpose functions, then this could actually be the one.


  • The chair has a high weight retaining capacity, hence a good option for plus size persons
  • It has a good lumbar support infrastructure at the rear back of the chair- which is also adjustable
  • It comes in a compact sturdy structural frame
  • It offers you good value for money
  • It can be used for other purposes asides the regular office desk purpose


  • It is relatively heavier than a number another office chair under $300

7. Office Star Mesh Back and Seat

best office chair under 300
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This is another office chair under $300, that has significantly had a good number of positive reviews, over the last six months. In fact, according to market indications, this chair would most likely retain the top position for a pretty long time.

The office star meshes back chair prominently comes with a meshed seat and backrest components, hence making it provide good ventilation for the user. Considering this feature, you may sit on the chair for long periods, without feeling heated up by accumulated heat.

The chair is also easy to install a product, while it allows users to adjust most of its features components. As compared to some other chairs under $300, this 36 pounds chair is relatively less heavy and may be a good option- if you’re finding a relatively portable office chair.

The arms are quite padded, to give you that comfort on your arms while you rest them. The chair’s 2 to 1 synchro allows an adjustable tilt control. You’ll also find the lumbar support additions effective, for finding your personal comfort zone on the chair.

This unique tilt control system is also hinted to be of signif8cance in ensuring good blood flow in the user. The Office Star Mesh chair offers remarkably good value for the money spent, and it truly deserves a place on this list.


  • The chair is compact sleek, and easy to move about
  • It provides a reasonable amount of comfort and convenience for the users of it
  • The meshed seat and backrest structure allows for easy air flow through the chair unto the user.
  • Added lumbar support enables you to find your own comfort zone
  • The 2 to 1 synchro tilt control enables a user to relax, while it also facilitates good blood flow


  • The chair does not come with a headrest provision
  • It may not be a suitable office chair option for short persons

Factors To Consider Before Buying Your Own Office Chair Under 300 $ in 2019

Asides the comparatively great price that comes with the best office chairs under $300, there are a number other factors that should be essentially considered before you hit the buy button. This is important because you really need to know which of the listed options is actually great for your own peculiar needs.

We have listed some of the most important factors for you to consider, before finally picking that one option that suits you out of the best office chairs under $300:

  • Consider the build material

This is probably one of the foremost things you should be looking at when considering what office chair to buy. It is essential that your chair of choice comes with the best quality materials because it not only has a say in how much you’re going to enjoy sitting on it but also how durable it’s going to be.

Note that this is not necessarily referring to whether your chosen product is the meshed type or not; What you need to look at is the durability of the material. On the overall, your office chair should contain the less plastic component. Thus, if the plastic parts are getting too much, then you may need to look somewhere else.

  • The adjustability of the chair components

It is an idea that you buy a good chair that is not adjustable rigid. Usually, the more you can adjust the components of the chair such as its height, the angle tilt, the headrest and armrests etcetera, the better. This is because it gives you a chance to derive optimum comfort and convenience when you’re able to adjust it to suit your style.

If you buy a chair with very less or no adjustable features, you’re most likely not going to enjoy using the product- whether it be in the long or short run.

  • The additional features

When we talk of the additional features here, we refer to the other useful components on an office chair, that can make its use more comfortable and pleasant for you. When sourcing for your own office chair, it is important to also look out for features like the lumbar support, pressure adjustment feature, breathable material makes up, amongst others. These are the value-added features on an office chair, that can make you profit more from its use.

Hence, just as you’re looking for a product with more adjustability functions, you should also be looking for the one with the most additional components. The one with more of these traits would usually be the one with enhanced usefulness for you.

There might be other factors that should necessarily have input in whatever decisions you’re making, so you need to know what exactly you require in an office chair. This is even more important for people with an antecedent upper or lower back problems. The good thing, however, is that you’ll always find a product that has almost all of the requirements you’ve listed.


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