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What is difference Between a Modem and a Router


The word modem is in really short for Modulator/Demodulator. (There’s something you can truly inspire your companions with). A modem is a specialized gadget that can be either inward or outside to your PC. It enables one PC to interface another PC and exchange information over phone lines. The first dial-up modems are getting to be noticeably out-dated as a result of their moderate speeds and are being supplanted by the substantially quicker link and DSL modems.


What is difference Between a Modem and a Router

Modems work basically in two modes. One is voice mode and other is data mode. In voice mode modem acts like a simple telephone. But in data mode modem acts as a Simple modem. These types of modems have a switch which is helpful in changing the mode i.e. from voice mode to data mode and from data mode to voice mode. For voice communication, loudspeaker and a microphone are implemented in the modem.

A Router

What is difference Between a Modem and a Router

In specialized terms, a router is a Layer three network gateway gadget or device, implying that it interfaces at least two systems and that the router works at the system layer of the OSI display.routers contain a processor (CPU), a few sorts of computerized memory, and information yield (I/O) interfaces.

How Routers Works

They work as extraordinary purpose PCs, one that does not require a keyboard or display.

The router’s memory stores an implanted working framework (O/S). Contrasted with broadly useful OS items like Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS, switch working frameworks restrain what sort of uses can be kept running on them and furthermore require substantially littler measures of storage room. Cases of mainstream router working frameworks incorporate Cisco Internetwork Operating System (IOS) and DD-WRT. These working frameworks are fabricated into a double firmware picture and are generally called router firmware.

By keeping up setup data in a piece of memory called the routing table, routers likewise can channel both approach or active traffic in view of the addresses of senders and receivers.


Modem and Router are actually separate entities, in few instances, the router and modem may be joined into one device. Such hybrid device is sometimes offered by ISPs to simplify the setup process.

Some differences between the two are:-

  • Modems basically play the role of modulating and likewise demodulating wireless signals.
  • routers are gadgets that enable you to connect to a wireless network, mostly LAN, without any signal modulating and demodulating characteristics
  • Routers have the capacity to determine the best path to direct data packets to the correct nodes.
  • Modems, on the other hand, is not concerned about routing functions; they are simply there to make signals readily readable.
  • Routers aid your wireless compatible device to associate or connect to an existing network which is mostly LAN.

Modems enable your device to accept a radio signal which is provided by your ISP to connect to the internet.

Why they look alike?

They indeed look alike, those two little pieces made of plastic hardware that rest on the desks of some homes. With a quick look, indeed you might think they are two of a kind. Here is some reason:

  • They have jacks and plugs on the back that look just alike
  • They are about the same shape and size
  • To indicate they are doing their job, they both have flashing light
  • They both related to going online
  • They both connect to a computer

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