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15 Of The Best Numerology Apps For Better Living 

Are things not going smoothly in life? Perhaps, you have hit rock bottom and are incredibly frustrated with the way things are moving in life. If this is what you are going through, then perhaps, you may want to make use of numerology. 

Numerology is the ideal method to find out more about your life and where you will reach in the future. It has helped many people solve problems and read great heights. What is the world without numbers?

It would not function as it does. Think about it — your date of birth, your home address, your smartphone number, and so on. As you can see, numbers play an essential role in your life. You could say it is a science that is based on numbers. 

The impact of numerology on your life

You can find people from all walks of life, using numerology to step ahead. Even the non-believers have started making use of it. Such is its credibility. You can change your address or name, but you cannot change the date of your birth. 

You were born on a particular day for a reason and purpose on this earth. Each of us has a purpose that we need to find before it is too late. You can achieve greatness and do your part on earth, provided you know how to do it. 

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This is the best method to know how you can use your skills and talents to achieve something in life. Numerology is quite similar to horoscope and astrology. The addition of your numbers decides your fate.

Importance of numerology apps for human beings 

Today, you have many numerology apps that can be accessed by either iOS or Android. Numbers are the hidden gems that you can make use of to get help for gains from higher powers. 

These apps enable you to find out the positive effects of the date you were born. You need to understand that your life revolves around these numbers. Many scientists have tried to explain the power of numbers but failed to do so. 

However, with the help of numerology apps, ordinary mortals like you and me can find out our destiny. That way, you can work in harmony with your life and attain greatness in life. Thanks to technology, numerology apps have been beneficial to many people.

Especially those who want to find out what is in store for them from the comfort of their home or office. Come to think of it; you can log in any time of the day you want. These numerology apps are accurate when it comes to numbers. 

Hence the term numerology. They are designed using powerful calculators that can easily define your future and life. With so many apps around, you may be overwhelmed to find the best numerology apps that can help you out. 

After all, you want to play safe. We have made your life already easier by bringing together the top 15 numerology apps, just for you. Why don’t you relax now, with a cup of coffee in your hands, and go through the below numerology apps carefully?

Perhaps, luck is waiting to knock at your door. 

Best Numerology Apps For Better Living – Our Pick

1. Complete Numerology Analysis

We begin our reading with a numerology app called the Complete Numerology Analysis. Touchzing Media is the developer of this wonderful app. Today, many people consider it one of the best numerology apps on Android and iOS. 

Best Numerology Apps

You understand the meaning of your date of birth and your name. Based on the details you enter inside, it provides you with your numerology horoscope. This way, you find out the critical numbers that can play a crucial part in your life. 

You also understand your life path number, soul number, and destiny number. Apart from that, you also find additional information like love life, hidden talent, fashion style, health, career path, and wealth.

This free numerology reading app is quite simple and easy to use — ideal for people of all ages. You could be a youngster looking for better career paths. Perhaps, you could be a worried mother looking for a suitable match for your son or daughter. 

Once you enter the details, calculations are done immediately, and you can find what you are looking for. It is available on Android and iOS. 

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2. Astro Veda

We will now take a look at Astro Veda. This is also a free reading app available on both Android and iOS. When you want more details about yourself or your future, then you can make use of its paid version. 

Best Numerology Apps For Better Living

We recommend you make use of the paid version because you can find more details about yourself on a regular basis. The data provided is effective and authentic. The astrologers and gurus who offer you the features are seasoned veterans in this field. 

You have also suggested pujas and using gemstones according to your date of birth. Based on the kind of personality you have, you can choose from them. Your first question is free. So, think well before writing your query. 

Readers who are experts in this field answer them. Another noteworthy feature of this app is that it releases your horoscope and zodiac signs completely free each week. Readers are also advised on divine ways to attain more glory in life. 

Overall, this free reading app provides you with the best numerological predictions of life. Those of you looking for signs in love and Vedic astrology can make use of the app too. 

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3. Tarot Cards Reading and Numerology App -Tarot Life

The ITL Tarot Card Reading is an excellent tarot card reading app. Hence, the name. Tarot reading is a lost art. It can provide you with immense secrets of life. You can access it on both android and iOS smartphones. 

Pick a Card | Future Prediction | Tarot Card Reading App | Tarot Life | Ask a Psychic

Innovana Techlabs Limited designed this numerological app. Tarot reading helps in finding ways to improve your life in different aspects. For example, you may be struggling to find a job or meet an ideal partner in life. 

These vital details can be got using this app. The answers to the most challenging questions in life can be obtained from here.

Readers do not want to underestimate the power of tarot reading. It is genuine and powerful, to say the least, and can guide you closer to your future.

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4. World Numerology Collection

World Numerology is the only numerological app that can help you find all the details about yourself. The app is based on the principles of a world-renowned numerologist, Hanz Decoz. It can be accessed both on your Android as well as your iOS device. 

15 Of The Best Numerology Apps For Better Living 

Readers are provided with reports that contain essential elements of their lives. Some of them include why you do certain things, how people view you, how you can change yourself based on your talents and skills, so on. 

This is based on your date of birth and your name. Using these details, you can start your day with a bang and rectify your mistakes. This way, you lead a better life. Apart from that, you are provided with a weekly and monthly forecast of things that can happen. 

A surprising fact that this app is that it offers you close to the results of 18 different numerologies. You could call it a powerhouse of information regarding numerology. When you want to in-depth answers to questions, then this is your numerological app.

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5. White Magic Fortune Teller

Fifth on our Numerology Apps list is the white magic fortune teller. Phuture Me Ltd developed this. It can be an excellent numerology app suitable for android and iOS devices.

White Magic App on Android

To make things simple and get straight to the point, the app has already provided readers with some general answers to life. 

You can find more than 90 questions about certain aspects of life. You can go through them and request the answers that you feel are bothering you at the moment. Not to mention, there are more than 1000 answers on how to tackle certain things in life. 

Aspects like money, love, education, and your future are covered here. It is what you can call a dedicated app. A frank and sincere app that can immensely benefit your current situation. 

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6. Chaturanga Astrology Advice & Daily Horoscope

Chaturanga Astrology Limited develops chaturanga. The app can be downloaded and accessed on Android and iOS. It is the ideal horoscope app for you because you get to chat and communicate with experts in the field directly. 

15 Of The Best Numerology Apps For Better Living 

What better way to get rid of your fears and anxieties. Of course, some of you might wonder, if it is safe to share your details with others. Well, it is entirely safe and secure. Your details are confidential, and the matter you discuss with professionals is incredibly discrete. 

Of course, you can also discuss personal matters with other readers and perhaps get their advice. But, that is entirely up to you. To get started, you need to share your date of birth and discuss your issues. 

The app can be best utilized for career, business, love life, and real estate. You are provided suggestions, positive and negative timings, and analysis of where things can seem favorable. Suitable for people of marriageable age, working professionals, and business people. 

Overall, this is the best numerological app, where you can get live suggestions and answers without having to worry about discretion. 

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7. Astrospeak

Times Internet Limited developed Astrospeak. This free numerological app can be used on android and iOS devices. You can find details about subjects, including horoscope, astrology, and numerology. 

15 Of The Best Numerology Apps For Better Living 

There are more than 100 professional consultants who are available on the app. You can consult them about your doubts and clarifications. Readers are provided with weekly, monthly, and daily reports. 

Ideal for individuals with a family who are undergoing the regular challenges of life. The app enables you to find a better experience for yourself, acting on the suggestion meted out by expert numerologists. 

Using the regular updates, you can now begin to live life anew. 

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8. Know Your Personality

Know your personality is one of the apps to develop your inner being and self-confidence. LivingNLight developed it. This way, you can become a better human being and achieve your life goals and dreams. 

Numerology Apps

All of us have some aim in life. Unfortunately, we hit a significant roadblock that sets up a few steps behind. To unlock those powers, you need to make use of specific methods to free yourself from the shackles. 

Did you know that every number has its own powers? At times, specific names, along with a particular combination, is not suitable for you. Knowing the time period enables you to make better decisions for improvement in life. 

You were born on a particular day on this earth. With the help of the app, you can understand your individual traits and future. Due to your past, in your current life, certain things may happen for the good or bad. 

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9. Angel Number Signs

Angel number signs is a free app that can be downloaded and used both on android and iOS devices. The app comes with a wide range of features and abilities. In a sense, you can find colors, good numbers, names that bring luck and joy, and accurate predictions. 

15 Of The Best Numerology Apps For Better Living 

These features are based on the methods that were used by learned scholars in ancient India. They were never wrong about their predictions. Hence, the name angle signs. What better to do that than through numbers? 

It is a method to communicate with them to understand ourselves better. Perhaps, you would have heard about palm reading. Well, this app helps you understand what those lines on your palm mean to you. 

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10. Horoscopius

Horoscopius was designed and created by DEOX Tycoon Games. Both Android and iOS users can download and use the numerology app. It is an exciting app that helps you find out more about your future. 

15 Of The Best Numerology Apps For Better Living 

You are keen to glimpse a preview of your future. With the help of the zodiac signs, you can learn about the forthcoming days and prepare yourself likewise. Readers can also get weekly, daily, and monthly reports for free. 

Not to mention, you can choose the zodiac sign of your loved one and find out if you both can live together. Apart from that, you can also find out more about your health and career development. 

The predictions are correct and straightforward to find out. All the zodiac signs are covered, meaning you can find out anything you are looking for. 

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11. Golden Thread Tarot

Golden Thread Tarot was developed by Labyrinthos Academy. It offers you a modern twist to understand your future. Of course, the methods used in it are ancient scholars of those days formed that. 

Golden Thread Tarot

Apart from your future, you can also understand more about numerology. One of the specialties of the app is that it creates vital information about you, based on your date of birth and name. This way, you can find patterns that were unknown to you before. 

Supposing, life has been treating you poorly, then you may not have used these patterns because you did not know about them before. However, once you come to know about them, you can make use of them and taste success in life. 

There is also a vast database in the app, which helps you understand the meanings, numbers, and keywords. Users have commended the app on its simplified and direct approach. Not to mention, you can make use of their physical cards or digital options.

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12. Yodha My Astrology & Horoscope

Yodha is a tarot reading app that can be accessed on Android and iOS devices. The app can be purchased or used for free, depending on your requirements. We highly recommend you to use the paid version because it comes with a wide range of features. 

15 Of The Best Numerology Apps For Better Living 

You can select the card depending on your needs, and you receive the answer. It could be about your career, love, business, and so on. Readers are provided with the standard 78 tarot card deck that comes with 38 spread layouts. 

This is extremely useful to know where you are headed in life. Whether it be your marriage, relationship, career, money, and your real estate plans. The app also provides you with games, quizzes, personality tests, and the like.

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13. Numerology

Astroyogi.com offers the numerology app. It provides you with the answers to the unknown. Sometimes in life, you are not able to know where to venture. These things happen when your mind and soul are disturbed. 

However, with the help of this app, you can set the right things and get back on track. The app can be used only by Android users. Not to mention, they provide you with a horoscope report weekly. 

You can find out about your personality using the ruling number and birth path number. Based on the results, you are provided with a compatibility report. Other numbers, including personal year number, psychic number, and others, can be found using the app. 

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14. Numerology Secrets

Numerology secrets are one of the most popular apps that are used by believers all over the world. Probably that is because they have seen the results. It is similar to changing your clothes every day. 

But you can wear colors that are lucky for you. This can now happen with this app. It mainly focuses on the colors that bring you prosperity and happiness. When you use those colors, the energy level is at your prime. 

Not to mention, you can communicate with experts in the field for free. Using the vocation feature in the app, you can find out your passion. Apart from that, you can find out where you are about land low or jump high in life. 

Today, you can access it only through iOS.

Download on Apple App Store


Which is the best numerology app?

Some of the best Numerology Apps available on the web that are also top-rated among users are Teledipity, World Numerology Collections, Numerology Rediscover Yourself, etc. These apps are mostly free to use and provide free reading along with daily, weekly, and even yearly predictions to help you make better decisions in life.

How do I find out what my numerology is?

Numerology speaks based on the numbers derived from your birth date. You can also practice numerology on your own. Start by adding all the digits on your birth date, including the date, month, and year you were born. Keep adding the numbers until you get a single digit. For example, if your birth date is 22/12/1994, it will come as 2+2+1+2+1+9+9+4= 30, reduce it further to 3+0= 3.

How do I become a good numerologist?

Practice and more practice are the keys. Since there are no certified courses for this as it is considered to be Pseudoscience. However, multiple people are professionals in this and continue to give readings. You can watch some YouTube channels for these that will teach you to give a proper reading and help you become a good numerologist.

Why is 22 the most powerful number?

22 is often considered to be the msot powerful number since it is found in people who are leaders, visionaries, and believe and do great things. Some famous people with this number are Dalai Lama, Bill Gates, Jacqueline Kennedy, Oprah Winfrey, etc.

Can numerology be trusted?

It depends on every person whether they wish to believe in this or not. People who follow and believe in the power of numerology have seen massive changes in their lives and have followed the ways to make their lives better.

How does numerology affect your life?

Numerology forms an integral part of the fields of finding out your horoscope and astrology.

It helps in understanding your future through the power of numbers. Not to mention, life, future, finance, love, and other aspects of life can be determined through numerology. 

These are calculated in relation to numbers. Some of them are Anka Shastra, Anka Vidya,and Sankhya Shastra. Based on the characteristics of the 9 planets, the calculations are done. The roots of this form of calculation were used for more than 1000s years by ancient civilizations. 

In almost all ancient civilizations, you can find the use of numbers in some form or the other. The rulers made significant decisions during a particular time period. Some of them considered few numbers lucky and prosperous. 

The number depends on the particular position the planet is in during a specific time. Along with the date of birth, factors like your life, romance, career, studies, finance, business, future, and other aspects are determined. 

The root number depends on the day. If you were born on 3rd June, then your root number is 3. Similarly, the destiny number is calculated on the date of birth. The date, month, and year are taken into account.