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19 Best Paid Android Apps Available on Google Play Store in 2022 

It can be a herculean task to find the best Android apps, as there are millions of them available, and of course, not all of them are useful!

But like always, I am here to help you! Google Play Store can be more than enough to fulfill all your application requirements. There are so many stunning applications available across various categories – some are free of cost, while some require you to spend a tiny, one-time installation charge.  

But it is definitely worth spending a bit on some specific apps, as they are packed with multiple unbelievably amazing features.

And, in this detailed review post, I have collected the 19 best paid Android apps available at very affordable rates and can transform your Android phone into something ultra-valuable.  

Whether it is about customization of your phone, taking your financial calculation to a completely different level, or it is about trying out some of the best-paid games available or experimenting a bit more weather some of the most advanced Wi-Fi servers or Internet browsers, or you are trying to add some extra layers to your device’s security, you will find literally everything in this informative list!

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s find out more about these wonderful paid apps! 

Best Paid Android Apps – Our Top Pick👌

1. Official DVSA Theory Test Kit – Best Overall

Passing your car’s theory test can be immensely challenging at times. However, that’s not the case with the Official DVSA Theory Test Kit!

You can easily download the app only by spending as little as $5.80, and you can get access to everything you need to clear your car’s theory test on the first attempt itself!

Best Paid Android Apps

The app offers everything you need including theory test revision questions specifically designed for car drivers. All you have to do is to answer them all to make sure you are more than just ready for your first ever test. 

There are as many as nine new practices multiple-choice video clips covering the recent changes along with all the important aspects of the car theory test.

In addition, you can also check out 34 interactive CGI hazard perception clips uploaded officially by DVSA, pretty similar to the ones you see in the real test.

Additionally, the app also supports you with exclusive DVSA study content, extra tips to successfully clear that test, and an excellent way of tracking your progress along with helpful notifications to keep you on track of your preparations.  

Price – $5.80

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.9 / 5 | 1,000,000+ Downloads 

The Official DVSA Theory Test Kit smartphone app

2. Driving Theory Test 4 in 1 Kit – Best in Lifestyle

Another excellently useful application for new drivers who are trying their best to clear the driving theory test. As many as 97% of learners have already passed the test with the help of this revolutionary, award-winning app!

You can successfully revise with full confidence with complete knowledge of everything related to your first attempt to pass the theory test. The app will take you one step closer to your full DVLA driving license. Guess what? You will get your test fee back if you are failed to clear the test!  

The learning app is more than just suitable for motorcyclists in GB & NI, car drivers in GB & NI, as well as trainee ADIs in GB & NI!

The app features everything you need to clear your driver theory examination, including, previous questions, answers, and explanations, that too, directly from the officials who are involved in setting the tests.

In short, you won’t require any other application or content while preparing for the driving theory test when you have this wonderful app on your device!  

Price – $4.99

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.8 / 5 | 1,000,000+ Downloads 


3. RpnCalc Financial Calculator – Best in Finances

RpnCalc Financial Calculator is one of the best paid Android apps, particularly designed for those who want to stay on top of their financial calculations!

It has been one of the oldest as well as one of the most preferred, top-rated financial calculators in the entire Android Market! The supreme league interface of the app allows you conveniently take care of all your financial calculations irrespective of where you are!  

The app makes calculations faster than you can think, and can process all the entries in a fraction of a second ask compared to the classic calculator that takes minutes to compute. The highly versatile, fully functional, programmable financial calculator includes statistics, finance, as well as mathematics.  

Best Paid Android Apps 1

With the app, you can successfully calculate a complete range of values like time value of money, cash flow analysis, amortization, bond pricing, date and interest calculations, percentage of total, markups, as well as percentages.

With a powerful scientific mode, you can also check out various scientific values with the app. You don’t have to worry about losing your data as the app saves up to 20 memories along with as many as 99 program steps!  

Price – $4.99

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.8 / 5 | 1000+ Downloads 

4. Live Wallpaper Hexa Bloom Pro – Best in Customization

If you are a fan of customization like me, here is one of the best paid Android apps for you! Live Wallpaper Hexa Bloom Pro is one of the most established names in Android customization, and offers you some of the most loved premium customization options including wallpapers, live wallpapers, themes, launchers, icon packs, and more!  

The minimalistic interactive 3D live wallpaper in the app uses the accelerometer sensor of your smartphone and gives your device a screen a 4D look with the help of accurate calculation of the parallax effect.

19 Best Paid Android Apps Available on Google Play Store in 2022 

With the app, you can also customize the overall sensitivity of the effective end and can even disable it entirely from the settings.  

Unlike most of the so-called premium 3D Wallpapers, the app offers a real 3D model instead of using GIFs or video to make it look 3D! Wallpapers in the app react beautifully to all types of touch and swipe gestures.

Whenever you touch the screen, you will notice a glowing light right under your finger. And, the wallpaper will rotate according to your finger swipes! The app fully supports both the lock screen and home screen, and offers hundreds of beautifully created wallpapers for both of them!  

Price – $0.32  

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.8 / 5 | 500+ Downloads 

5. Shadow of Death: Dark Knight – Best in Action Games

Here is one of the best-paid apps for game lovers! Shadow of Death is one of the most popular, most admired, highly rated, yet unbelievably affordable action games with a wide range of premium features.

Only by paying a minimal fee of $0.35, you can unlock all the four popular characters in the game, including the fan-favorite Lunae along with the powerful Keeper of Time and Space!  

The app is offering a brand-new dark fantasy epic, add entices you to plunge into the world of darkness, and enjoy experiencing one of the most fascinating, pocket-sized fantasy RPGs designed for ages.

Dark Knight is coming | Trailer - Shadow of Death

Shadow of death challenges you to whip out one of the most celebrated shadow blades and go on the adventures of your lifetime.  

You can successfully experiment with the different gameplay styles, check out rear armor sets, and robust skill trees, and create one of the most powerful shadow Knights possible.

The most fascinating thing about the game is, that it is even available to play offline, and offers you some excellent ways of getting the best out of your free time, even if you don’t have an internet connection!  

Price – $0.35

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.7 / 5 | 10,000,000+ Downloads 

6. Mini Metro – Best in Simulation

Mini Metro is a very unique subway simulation game, known for winning multiple awards for its excellent interface and highly engaging gameplay.

In a beautiful gaming environment, you are challenged to design a subway map brand new city. You have to draw multiple lines between different stations and start your trains running when you are ready.  

When new stations open, you can always redraw your lines to keep them up and running. It is up to you how you can use your limited resources wisely, and how long you can keep your city moving.

As you have to take part in random city growth, each mini-game in the app is highly unique and intriguing. There are as many as two dozen real-world cities to check out your planning and construction skills.  

You can also check out a variety of upgrades continuously to have a tailored experience. As far as gaming modes are concerned, the normal mode is all about quick scored games, the endless one is all about relaxing, while the extreme mode gives you the ultimate challenge.

In short, you have to build your metro exactly how you want with the brand-new features and tools. 

Mini Metro App Preview

Price – $0.75

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.7 / 5 | 500,000+ Downloads 

7. Vector Full – Best in Arcade

Inspired by Parkour, Vector Full is finally available for Android after a very long wait! Vector Full is one of the most exciting, stylish, and arcade-style game features you as an experienced free runner who is unstoppable irrespective of the situations!

In the beginning, you have to face a beautifully created world of totalitarianism in which individuality and freedom are only a few dreams away! To ensure you always stay on top, you need an already strong heart, and make sure you break free right from the word go!  

Run, slide, vault, and climb with the help of extraordinary techniques based on the popular urban ninja sport – Parkour! Right from the very beginning, you will be chased by an interesting character in the game known as “Big Brother”, and you have to make sure you don’t get caught up.

Vector Official Trailer

The intuitive gameplay and controls in the game are there to keep you engaged at all levels. And, sophisticated design of the app makes it even more intriguing for you.   

Price – $1.14

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.7 / 5 | 1,000,000+ Downloads 

8. Financial Calculators Pro – Best in Financial Planning

Whether you are used to calculating on your smartphone, or you are interested more in doing the work on the tablet, Financial Calculators Pro is a complete calculating tool for you! The app can be immensely helpful to you for your financial and investment planning.

With the app, you get a wide range of calculators like TVM calculator, compound interest calculator, currency converter, return on investment calculator, MIRR calculator, bond calculator, IRR NPV calculator, rule of 72 calculators, as well a tax-equivalent yield calculator.  

19 Best Paid Android Apps Available on Google Play Store in 2022 

Additionally, there are all types of loan and mortgage calculators on the app. You can always stay on top of your loans with a loan calculator, loan comparison calculator, loan refinances calculator, commercial loan calculator, simple loan calculator, loan analysis calculator, home affordability calculator, and rent versus buy calculator.

Financial Calculators Pro is also an excellent way of planning your retirement with a powerful retirement calculator.  

If you want to go deep with your financial planning beyond retirement, the app also supports you with the retirement savings analysis as well as retirement income analysis.

Precisely, this app is more than just enough for you to take complete hold of all your finances across different categories. 

Price – $4.99

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.7 / 5 | 10,000+ Downloads 

9. Nova Launcher Prime – Must have paid android apps

Nova Launcher Prime has been there for a long time with some of the most fascinating Android launchers. It can be one of the best android paid apps for you if you are always interested in trying different customization options for your Android phone.

Only by spending $1.25, you can easily open a completely new world of customization, filled with numerous beautifully created features.  

With this premium version, you can effortlessly unlock the full potential of the Nova launcher. It gives you some highly interesting ways of doing more with your home screen with amazing gestures.

19 Best Paid Android Apps Available on Google Play Store in 2022 

Pinch, swipe, double-tap, and more right on your home screen to execute custom commands the way you want. The app also supports you create customized tabs or folders to have an ultra-organized feel.  

If you don’t want others to see some specific apps on your device, you can remove them from your app drawer even without uninstalling them, of course by hiding them!

With the app, you can also assign customizable swipe gestures to screen icons or folders for actions of your choice. What more? There is so much to explore including beautiful scrolling effects, unread counts, and more!  

Price – $1.25

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.6 / 5 | 5,000,000+ Downloads 

10. Poweramp Full Version Unlocker – Best in Entertainment

Without any doubt, music is one of the best ways of uniting people, moving them, and letting them feel relaxed. And, sometimes, when used properly, can be an excellent way for motivating people.

Best Paid Android Apps 5

Poweramp does some amazing things. Features like an unmatched equalization system, gapless play, support for some of the most popular music file formats, great crossfade, etc. will surely give you a feeling that you have spent your $5.49 very wisely!  

The best part about the app is, that you can try out the trial version for free of cost.  With the trial version, you get a full, uninterrupted Powramp experience for 15 days. That means you are in for an unbelievable musical experience.

If you have this unlocker on your device, you will continuously receive future updates without spending a penny. With a dedicated music player, you will enjoy only a wonderful music experience, and nothing more! So, download the full version unlocker today to get the best out of your Poweramp subscription. 

Price – $5.49

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.6 / 5 | 5,000,000+ Downloads 

11. Threema – Best in Communication

Threema is one of the world’s most popular, best-selling secure messenger platforms known for protecting your data against hackers, governments, and corporations.

The best part about the app is, that it can be used completely anonymously without revealing your personal data. It is an open-source, end-to-end encrypted voice and video calling platform, and it gives you the experience of a state-of-the-art instant messenger.  

As there is also a desktop version available, you can seamlessly sync and manage your messages and calls across multiple devices. As far as the security of your data is concerned, messages sent from Threema are deleted instantly right after the delivery, and there is no chance of getting tracked by anyone!  

The app has gained so much popularity over the years mainly because of its highest encryption strength among all its counterparts. Your messages and calls are only seen by intended users, and nobody else can check or read them.

With Threema, you can do various other things like sharing videos, pictures, and locations, sending different types of files, as well as creating groups, and conducting polls.  

Price – $5.17

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.5 / 5 | 1,000,000+ Downloads 

Threema: Your private life is valuable. Don’t pay with your data

12. My City: Babysitter – Best in Learning for Kids

My City is without any doubt one of the best paid Android apps for kids and offers some of the most interesting ways of keeping your kid engaged without being exposed to unwanted online stuff.

With the app, your kid will be challenged to become a babysitter for a day, play different types of kids’ games, run an advanced daycare, and more.  

As the multiple games in the app are connected, your baby can even take the train to different beautiful locations. Exploration, role play, and hours of unbelievable fun!

My City : Babysitter - Game trailer

With the app, your kid can explore a wide range of news stories, and try different types of roleplays and adventures every day. The kids’ game promotes a very beautiful, calming, stress-free environment where kids are allowed to maximize their imagination to create some of the most fascinating fun stories.  

With a lot of customization options, clothing, and new characters, every day is going to be a new adventure for your special one!

In short, My City offers a wide range of exciting mini-games for kids aged 4 to 12, and it promotes exploration and imagination. And, the best part is, it is perfectly safe for kids even when parents are not around! 

Price – $4.95

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.5 / 5 | 10,000+ Downloads 

13. Trader Life Simulator – Best in Trading Simulation

How about building your own supermarket, buying new vehicles and equipment, customizing your shops, buying and selling more than 100 different products, managing the economy, and expanding and making your own success story with one of the best paid Android apps – Trader Life Simulator?

With the app, you can successfully open your own business starting from scratch with an empty shop and the progress ahead to build it into one of the most inspiring success stories.  

The app allows you to customize your environment including your house, office, and neighbors the way you want! There are more than 100 different products you can sell and earn money.

With a dynamic prices system, the prices of the items never remain the same, and you are always in for great surprises! There is also a very robust economic system including, bank, ATM, loans, credit card, and more in the app.  

What more? As a player, you also have to go through various survival aspects like dirtiness, tiredness, and hunger etc. You can try out driving various cars and trucks to travel and transport your goods.

Certain companies and various other interesting places that you can work with and increase your overall income are also there to explore in the game. In short, Trader Life Simulator gives you an unbelievable real life trader experience.  

Price – $5.03

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.5 / 5 | 1,000+ Downloads 

Trader Life Simulator - Mobile

14. 1DM+: Browser & Downloader – Best in Browsers

One download manager (previously known as Internet download manager+) is one of the most advanced and fastest download managers with excellent torrent download support.

It’s more than 500 percent faster than most of the downloaders, and you don’t even have to worry about background operations, as the app itself disables the smart download to enhance the battery life of your device.

The premium version is absolutely advertisement free and allows you to download all types of torrent files using torrent URLs, or even magnet links. 

With dark and light theme support, you can customize the app based on your preferences and comfort. The app also allows you to download whatever you want to direct to an SD card, with an option of hiding downloaded files from everyone.

The app fully supports all types of HTTP live streaming websites and supports your downloading efforts even when you copy different types of downloadable links to the clipboard. 

1DM+ also gives you an option of saving a username and password for quick and automatic login while downloading from password-protected sites.

Worrying about your data usage? You can resume and pause that download whenever you want without worrying about losing the download link. You also get unlimited retry support with a custom delay to make everything a lot easier for you.

To your surprise, the app also supports importing downloadable links from all types of text files.  

Price – $1.25

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.4 / 5 | 100,000+ Downloads 


15. WiFi Pro FTP Server – Best in Connectivity

Converting your Android phone or tablet into a powerful FTP server has gotten simpler than ever with one of the best paid Android apps! With this cool connectivity application, you can effortlessly host your own, customizable FTP server write on your smartphone or tablet.

With this app, you can also use the secure server to transfer different types of files including documents, photos, movies, songs, and more to/from your Android device with the help of an FTP client like FileZilla.  

Key features of the app include a completely secure FTP server with a customizable port number, a supporter of FTP over TSL/SSL (FTPS), and more. You also get highly secure, configurable anonymous access along with a configurable home folder as well as a username or password with the app.

You don’t have to use USB cables for file transfer anymore, as the app makes transferring files not only secure but surprisingly quick as well. If you want to try out the app before finally purchasing, you can do that as well without overthinking about unexpected payments or anything like that.   

Price – $0.13

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.4 / 5 | 50,000+ Downloads 

Access WiFi FTP Server from Windows 10 explorer and transfer files between PC and Android

16. GRID™ Autosport – Best in Autosport

How about igniting your high-speed career as a professional racer in one of the most loved racing games, GRID Autosport?

You are going to have an extraordinarily amazing racing experience with the app, as it is exclusively engineered to give you an irresistible combination of arcade thrills and simulation handling. You can buy the game once to run your high-speed cars forever!  

The app gives you the complete AAA hit along with the DLC in one, simple, and affordable purchase. There are as many as a hundred cars with 100 beautifully designed circuits.

You have all the more reasons to unleash your high-performance rides across breathtakingly stunning roads, tracks, loops, as well as laps. GRID Autosport is all about customizable controls, and it gives you multiple options of switching between controls like wheel touch, arrow touch, gamepad, or tilt.  

Whether you are a newbie in Autosport, or you have already spent some time flying the cars, the game offers an equally amazing experience with scalable difficulty.

From nice and easy to going devilishly hard, it’s you who have to set the bar! You can even master a range of disciplines like drift, drag, demolition, street races, endurance, touring, tuner, and open-wheel. 

Price – $1.88 

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.4 / 5 | 100,000+ Downloads 

GRID Autosport – Out now for Android

17. Game Booster 4x Faster Pro – Best in Utility

If you are a seasoned gamer, you must be aware of the importance of having a premium game booster on your device. Yes, there are various inbuilt game boosters from different smartphone brands, but they are not quite effective when it comes to nonstop gaming.

Game Booster 4x Faster Pro is one of the best paid Android apps for game lovers who spend quite a lot of time gaming and cannot afford to let their smartphones get heated.  

19 Best Paid Android Apps Available on Google Play Store in 2022 

With this tiny but immensely helpful application, you can boost your phone’s performance simply with just one touch. If you want to have an unbelievable gaming experience without much effort, this app can be immensely helpful to you. With auto gaming mode, the app automatically enhances your phone’s performance by boosting it in the background.  

You are going to have a wonderful gaming experience without compromising on the picture quality and special effects in the games. The app transforms an average gaming experience into a rich and fluid and also sets the benchmarks for different types of heavy games.

Additionally, you are allowed to change the game resolution to up to 1080 pixels! The app also helps you change the graphic style setting, add unlock multiple HDR graphics even on certain low-end devices.  

Price – $0.32

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.2 / 5 | 1,000,000+ Downloads 

18. Quick Heal Total Security – Best in Data Security

I don’t think you are completely unaware of the brilliance of Quick Heal as one of the leaders in data security. One of the best paid Android apps offers an extraordinary security solution to protect your Android device against a wide range of online privacy threats like spyware, malware, and ransomware.

With the help of this app, you can keep your personal data safe with next-generation features like antitheft, data breach alerts, web security, Wi-Fi security, as well as SafePe, intruder alert, and parental control.  

The app automatically scans your devices and checks out for potential virus threats. With a deep scan, Quick Heal looks for potentially harmful but hidden elements in apps, files, and downloads in real-time with unbelievable accuracy.

19 Best Paid Android Apps Available on Google Play Store in 2022 

You can also enable parental control to always have control on the weather content and other usages of mobile accessed by your kid.  

With a powerful anti-theft solution, the app secures your device along with your personal information in case your device is lost or stolen.

Thanks to an advanced device security parameter, the app automatically captures the images and records the location of an unauthorized person if they try to get access to your device. The app even security deletes your confidential or sensitive data permanently to ensure no one retrieves it even after trying hard.  

Price – $2.51

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.2 / 5 | 50,000+ Downloads 

19. audioPro™– Best in Music

last, but surely not least on my list of the best paid Android apps are audioPro. One of the greatest music players is designed to give you an unbelievable musical experience with its easy-to-use interface, best-in-class audio quality, and some other highly useful features. With this immensely useful app, you can browse your favorite songs by artists, albums, as well as playlists.  

It gives you a separate tab so that you can save all your favorite tracks in one place, and can even add more to them. The app comes with full support for playlists and enables you to create as many customizable playlists as you want.

19 Best Paid Android Apps Available on Google Play Store in 2022 

Thanks to an add-ons equalizer with virtualizer and BassBoost, you are always in for a wonderful music experience without compromising the quality or clarity.  

In addition, the app also enables you to select from a wide range of music please sets and even allows you to create your own, customizable preset.

You don’t have to worry about the audio format, as the app supports almost all of them. With the multi-select mode, you can listen to various songs even without adding them to your playlist!  

It also detects your headphones automatically, and pauses and resumes the songs based on the actions of your headphones. Guess what? You can even share all types of media files right from the app, and can even set a ringtone with your favorite song.

Lastly, you don’t have to search the song in your device folder to delete it, as you can do it effortlessly from the app itself. 

Price – $0.13

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.1 / 5 | 100,000+ Downloads 

📗FAQ For What Are The Best paid apps for android

What is a premium app?

The free version usually comes with some limitations. However, the premium version of the app is packed with the best possible features offered by its developer.

How can I get premium apps for free?

There is no genuine or safe option to get premium apps for free. However, you may end up getting certain coupons with different online purchases to get access to the premium features of selected apps.

What are subscription-based apps?

Subscription-based apps only offer their premium features for a limited period. The period may vary from 1 month to 24 months depending on the type of app and its features.

Why so many apps are only paid?

Some specific apps have become very popular among users for their features and services. And, developers also need to generate constant revenue to continuously offer the services they have to invest in.

How much is the average app subscription?

You can get a premium application for as low as $.10 and can even have to pay hefty prices like $400, of course depending on what the app offers!

Do apps charge monthly?

It depends on the type of payment cycle offered by the developer, and how you want to go ahead with the premium subscription. From weekly to monthly. quarterly, and even yearly, there are all types of payment cycles available on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

How to know if an app is paid or free?

Both Apple Store and Google Play Store mention “in-app purchases” right on the first page of an application.

How to enable disable auto-payment?

You can always visit the payment section of a particular app on Apple Store and Google Play Store and easily opt to enable or disable the auto-payment.


These are some of the best paid Android apps available on the Google Play Store, and can completely transform the way you have been using your smartphone.

I have listed at least a couple of apps in different categories, and hopefully, you are now well informed on where and how you should spend your hard-earned money as far as mobile applications are concerned.

From utility to mobile security to entertainment and gaming, you are going to find at least one app for the category of your choice! Check these apps out, and find out which one deserves a bit of investment with some promising returns!