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11 Best Dream Dictionary Apps To Explore Your Dreams

Most people don’t give a lot of importance to their dreams while sleeping. Some of them just think that dreams are simply combinations of old memories and the entire impression of that particular day.

And, on the other hand, some people don’t give even a bit of attention to their dreams and ignore them completely as if nothing has happened at all.

However, some people associate a lot of importance, especially with the meanings of their dreams. And, it’s not very challenging to guess that you are also one of them, and, that’s why you are here! 

If you also believe that dreams are more than just the reflection of daily impressions and old memories, there are some amazing dream dictionary apps for you!

Yes, you read that right! In addition to helping the interpretation of your dreams, these apps also allow you to journal your dreams as well as your feelings and emotions.

These apps can be immensely helpful to find out different patterns and noting down the symbols or elements that are more often than not common in your dreams.

Let’s try to find out more in detail about these apps. 

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Best Dream Dictionary Apps – Our Top Pick👌

1. Dream Meaning & Interpretation 

Dream Meaning & Interpretation is one of the most popular dream interpretation apps that tells you not only the real but internal meanings of your dreams.

The app also supports you with a brief explanation of your dreams. Have you ever thought that there are some hidden meanings behind almost all your dreams?

Have you ever imagined that you can successfully interpret and uncover your dreams that are usually caused due to your burning desires and unconscious wishes? This advanced dream dictionary app offers a complete solution to successfully acknowledge your dreams. 

Whether you want to reach the deeper meaning of your dreams, or you simply want to realize why you have been having the same dream for a long time, this app can be more than just helpful for you!

Best Dream Dictionary Apps

According to a poll conducted by a reputable news firm Newsweek, as many as 43% of Americans believe that dreams manifest different types of unconscious wishes and desires.

And, this app is not only about interpreting your dreams in detail but is featured some other functions as well. With the app, you can request for personal interpretation of your dreams, relax with a wide range of music and art, as well as, track and explore your dreams whenever you want! 

Dream Speaks Android App- Key To Unlock Thoughts With Meaning

Features of Dream Meaning & Interpretation:-

  • Covers the most common categories of dreams with 1000+ interpretations 
  • Also allows you to search for your dreams and find the exact meaning 
  • Makes tracking and exploring your daily dreams easy 
  • A wide range of relaxing music is available 
  • Daily affirmations to keep you moving throughout the day 

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 5.0 / 5 | 10,000+ Downloads 

2. Dreams: Your dream journal

“Dreams” is one of the most trusted dream dictionary apps, specially designed for iOS users. The app helps you analyze and track your dreams, and makes it a lot easier for you to understand their meanings.

With a personal dream journal, you can successfully make notes of your sleep patterns as well as the character and details of your dream, and how good you are at remembering them!  

You can also check out important information and stats about your dreams, and improve your overall sleep quality.

Best Dream Dictionary Apps 1

If you are having recurring scenes in your dreams, you can identify them with the app with the help of different signs including people, places, events, objects, and feelings associated with your dreams.  

By understanding the pattern of recurring dreams, you can easily understand some very important aspects relevant to your dreams.

As the app comes with apple pencil support, you can also draw your dreams with your fingers, and import pictures for different purposes. The app also enables you to keep your dream journals In Sync across various devices. 

Features of Dreams: Your Dream Journal:-

  • Helps you track and analyze your dreams 
  • Maintain note of your sleep pattern and dreams with a personal dream journal 
  • Identify recurring apps with several signs 
  • Supports Apple Pencil to allow you to draw your dreams 
  • Automatically syncs across various devices

Devices – iOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.7 / 5 

3. Dream Catcher Journal

Dream Catcher Journal is an extraordinary dream journaling app designed particularly to log and analyze all your dreams quite quickly and efficiently.

With the app, you can add as much information related to your dreams as you want, and can also tag with the exact emotions you have felt. By following the proven pattern given in the app, you can constantly perform reality checks surrounding your dreams throughout the day.  

If you follow the app wholeheartedly, you will soon achieve a lucid dream state which is undeniably an amazing experience. The more logs you add to the app, the more detailed insights you will get on the screen!

11 Best Dream Dictionary Apps To Explore Your Dreams

And, thanks to a smooth and elegant user interface, you will enjoy reading and writing your dream logs. You get unlimited space by the app to add descriptions and tags associated with your dreams.  

The app smartly analyzes the information provided by you and combines different parameters including emotions, lucidity, tags, and nightmare factors.

If you want to keep your dreams a secret, the app comes with an extra layer of security with a fingerprint lock as well as a passcode.   

Features of Dream Catcher Journal:-

  • Allows you to effectively track your dream patterns  
  • A smooth and elegant user interface to make things simpler for you  
  • Effective tools to help you achieve lucid dreaming 
  • An extra layer of security with fingerprint lock and passcode 
  • Unlimited space to describe your dreams in detail

Devices – iOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.7 / 5 

4. Oniri – Explore Your Dreams

Here is an app that teaches you to unlock the power of your dreams! You can rely on Oniri to properly write down, understand, and effectively control your dreams.

Thanks to a dream journal along with some of the most effective lucid dreaming techniques, hundreds of accurate interpretations, statistics, and more, the app solves all your problems related to dreaming interpretation. 

11 Best Dream Dictionary Apps To Explore Your Dreams

According to experts remembering your dreams can be very beneficial for different purposes, including, developing your creativity, processing your emotions, understanding yourself better and deeper, and most importantly, learning and practicing certain skills.

With the app, you can easily embark on a journey to extraordinary lucidity, with hundreds of beautiful stories along the way, in which you are both the spectator and playwright!  

You can’t only write your dreams, but can also record high-quality vocal notes with the app. You can even dig deeper to enter important information about your dreams including emotions and people.

Thanks to multiple lucid dreaming tools like audio guides, reminders, and alarms, you will finally master the art of lucidity. The app offers more than 500 different paths to effectively interpret your dreams.

If you find it difficult to sleep peacefully, there are various calming sounds and music to explore. 

Features of Oniri:-

  • Helps you remember, understand, and control your dreams 
  • Allows you to write down as well as record vocal notes related to your dreams 
  • Some of the most popular lucid dreaming techniques are available 
  • More than 500 different parts for dream interpretation  
  • A complete range of music and sounds to improve your sleep 

Devices – iOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.6 / 5 

5. Dream Dictionary Dream Journal 

Dream Dictionary Dream Journal is one of the premier dream dictionary apps to effectively record your dreams to find their accurate meanings.

With the help of a powerful dream interpreter, you can successfully find emphatic meaning as well as a hidden premonition about your life and future. There is a dream journal in the app that allows you to note everything related to your night’s dreams.  

Whether you had a sweet dream, lucid dream, nightmare, or even wild dream, you can note everything in detail without much effort. Dreams can be a very powerful tool, especially for people who have psychic powers and clairvoyance, and can be proved handy for precognition and premonition.

This app can be highly effective if you are not aware of clairvoyance or psychic powers! You can finally find out what is bothering you through your dreams. It can be related to something or someone in the past, or it may even indicate some unfinished business.  

With the help of a dreams interpreter in the app, you can understand the overall meaning associated with them.

Dream Dictionary & Dream Journal – Dreamcatcher

The dream calendar in the app makes it easier for you to learn about the significance of certain dates on which you have dreams. With an interactive dream album, you can record them every day, even in audio format! 

Features of Dream Dictionary Dream Journal:-

  • Powerful dream interpreter to learn about the dreams and their meanings 
  • Dream calendar to understand the significance of dates 
  • Allows you to add unlimited notes to your dream records 
  • Various relaxing sounds to help you sleep peacefully 
  • A very effective way of tracking your dream patterns

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.5 / 5 | 500,000+ Downloads 

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6. Awoken – Lucid Dreaming Tool

If you want to master the art of lucid dreaming, here is one of the most useful dream dictionary apps for you! Awoken can be an ultimate tool for you to effectively interpret your dreams, as well as journal them with the help of a beautiful dream journal.

Silent notification is one of the most impressive features of the app, as it makes it very easy for you to start recollecting your dreams right at the start of the day!  

Customizable reminders are also there to analyze your surroundings, which supports you in checking the environment around you, and the relation between your dreams.

With low audio cues, you can effortlessly trigger your lucid dreaming simply by playing special tones. If you want to analyze your dreams in detail, you can do that easily with the help of the most common words and themes from your dream journal.  

And, if you want to take a break from your lucid dream training, you can pause it whenever you want!

Oneironaut is the term used for the explorer of dream worlds, and you can successfully become one with the help of this app, and it can also track all your important stats related to sleep and dreams.  

Awoken - The Lucid Dreaming App For Android

Features of Awoken:-

  • Dream journal to record your dreams with optional pin protection 
  • Customizable reminders to analyze and compare your surroundings with your dreams 
  • Low audio dream clues to learn in detail about everything related to dreams 
  • Help you track all your Oneironaut achievements 
  • Allows you to pause your lucid dreaming training whenever you want

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.4 / 5 | 500,000+ Downloads 

7. Dream Journal Ultimate – Dream analysis app

Dream Journal Ultimate is one of the largest databases of dreams in the world. You can effortlessly enter as much dream data as you want without any limit, and free of cost!

Whatever dream you enter in the app, you always have the option of keeping it secret or sharing it with the public! The app is gaining constant popularity simply because of providing an unparalleled connection between dreams around the world.

Best Dream Dictionary Apps 4

It doesn’t matter what type of dream you had last night, the app will help you automatically analyze your dreams for certain common themes, and show you similar dreams with connections from different parts of the world. 

The app comes with a very simple but highly effective dream journal, that allows you to log all your dreams without much effort. If you want to keep your dreams secret, you always have the option of locking them with a pin.

And, if you are interested in exploring different dreams shared by different users, you can do that as well right from the home screen! If you are trying to master the art of lucid dreaming, dream journal ultimate is more than just a suitable app for you!

And, lastly, you can also try certain reality checks to check out the coordinates between your daily activities and night dreams. 

Features of Dream Journal Ultimate:- 

  • Helps you share your dreams with a larger audience 
  • A massive database of dreams from different parts of the world 
  • An extraordinary platform to view common themes across different dreams 
  • Allows you to see reality checks associated with your dream 
  • An innovative dream journal to effectively record all your dreams

Device – Android and iOS

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.3 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.2 / 5  

8. Dream Book – Dream interpretation a to z (Dictionary)

Sometimes dreams are a lot more important than just echoes of the past. In addition to carrying some very important signs, they also warn you of upcoming events.

Dreams also help you with knowledge and hints to lead a happier, more fulfilling life. If you can acquire the ability to interpret your dreams, you can easily learn about a lot of important secrets and hidden feelings related to your sleep.  

11 Best Dream Dictionary Apps To Explore Your Dreams

And, dream book is all about that! It helps you interpret your dreams, showing you some of the important choices you have made in your life, and also makes it easier for you to move in the right direction. 

The app works perfectly even without an Internet connection and is equipped with an advanced, dynamic search function. With a voice search assistant, you can easily search different types of dreams, with their detailed meanings.

The app even allows you to bookmark your favorite Dream Terms to keep track of them in the future. You are easily allowed to edit your bookmark lists or clear them based on your preferences.  

Features of Dream Book – Dictionary:-

  • Equipped with a dynamic and quick search function 
  • Advanced dictionary to understand the meanings of dreams  
  • Allows you to bookmark your favorite “dreams terms” 
  • Very easy to change the fonts based on your preferences 
  • Universal, intuitive, and very powerful

Device – Android and iOS

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.2 / 5 | Ratings on Apple Store – 3.5 / 5 

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8 Dream Signs You Shouldn't Ignore

9. Book of Dreams (Dream interpretation answers)

Book of Dreams is one of the most promising dream dictionary apps with a myriad of features. If you want to understand the logic behind your dreams in a bit more detail, this app might be immensely helpful for you!

As we all know, the dream is a powerful connection between humans and the universe. The overall content of a dream may be a response to various external factors, but it’s hard to say that the dream is influenced by anyone or anything.  

11 Best Dream Dictionary Apps To Explore Your Dreams

According to the Greek philosopher Aristotle, dreams are fragments of memories and recollections of all the events of your entire day. On the other hand, Sigmund frail stated that dream is only about maintaining your sleep better and more effectively.

Book of dreams is one such application that helps you learn in detail about the science of dreams. If you are interested in having in-depth knowledge about sleep, lucidity, dreams, and even nightmares, this app might be proved more than just handy!  

The app features an old English dream book culinary dream interpretation, Miller dream interpretation, lunar dream book, Longo dream book, Esoteric dream book, and other popular dream books to learn in detail about dreams and their patterns.  

Features of Book of Dreams:-

  • An excellent way of understanding your dreams in detail 
  • A wide range of popular dream books are available 
  • All the information is collected only from trusted sources 
  • A very simple and intuitive user interface 
  • More than just suitable for beginners and early learners

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.1 / 5 | 500,000+ Downloads 

10. Lucid – Dream Journal

Have you ever tried remembering the last night’s dream? Are you good enough at recalling them? If not, this dream journal can help you to some extent!

How? You can manage and track your dreams by making detailed notes in an advanced journal – of course, the first thing in the morning! In addition, you can also master the art of lucid dreaming with the app.

Lucid - What is Lucid Dreaming? | Lucid Dream Guide

Lucid is all about the skill to recognize almost everything you see when you are in a dream. Some people are very good at it naturally, while some have to learn it through different techniques! 

And, writing down your dreams every morning, and forming reality checks regularly throughout the day can be very handy to achieving that state of lucid dreaming.

This app can be proved friendly for you to finally reach that amazing state! By managing your dream journal in the app, you can increase the vividness of your dreams, recall them properly, improve your mood, and, more importantly, improve your overall quality of sleep!

Free cloud backup, detailed statistics, reality check reminders, filters, voice memos, etc. are some of the biggest highlights of this app. 

Features of Lucid – Dream Journal:-

  • Allows you to track your dreams by syncing across various devices 
  • Helps you achieve that state of lucid dreaming 
  • Easily record voice memos and keep them safe 
  • Explore detailed statistics to learn more about your sleep pattern 
  • Customizable reality check reminders

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.1 / 5 | 100,000+ Downloads 

11. Somnio: dream journal

Somnio is the last, Burton undeniably not the least on my list of the dream dictionary apps! It is a refreshingly modern journal that helps you store and track all your dreams without any problem whatsoever.

You can seamlessly recall your dreams with the app, sort them into different categories, and browse them by dates thanks to a calendar view. If you want to attach different topics or subjects to your dreams, you can easily use certain hashtags.

And, if you want to check out different stored dreams in the database, you can easily reach them with the help of a clear search bar.  And, in a night-friendly and sleek user interface, you also get the ability to export your dreams to different devices and platforms!

Somnio - the dreaming companion

One of the most important things about this application is, that you can easily track the overall pattern of your dreams only by observing the detailed timeline on the main screen. Overall, a decent dream journal app with some very useful features! 

Features of Somnio: Dream Journal:-

  • Very quick and easy to record all your dreams  
  • Helps manage and browse dreams in one place  
  • Beautiful full screen to learn more about dreams  
  • Enables you to seamlessly manage and edit all the content
  • Different categories with themes and relevant tags 

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.0 / 5 | 10,000+ Downloads 


What app tells you what your dreams mean?

Dream Meaning & Interpretation, Dreams: Your Dream Journal, Dream Catcher Journal, Oniri, etc. are among the best dream dictionary apps and are designed to interpret your dreams in the best possible way.  

How can I keep track of my dreams? 

You can use some very innovative applications like Dreams: Your Dream Journal, Dream Catcher Journal, Dream Journal, Dream Journal Ultimate, etc. to effortlessly track and journal your dreams to understand the pattern of your sleep and dreams. 

What is the best dream interpretation site?

Kasamba, Oranum, CaliforniaPhysics, LifeReader, etc. are some of the best and most accurate dream interpretation websites. These websites are known for excellent psychic reading, accurate and legit dream interpretation, and offer a diverse selection of spiritual advisors, and much more at very affordable rates. 

What do teeth falling out to mean in a dream? 

More often than not, falling out of your teeth means you usually feel insecure in your life and are unable to take important life decisions.

This dream can be an indication that you are probably dealing with some kind of personal or professional loss. It’s also possible that you have faced a job change or abrupt end to a relationship recently. 

What does killing someone in a dream mean? 

Repressed anger or aggression are solid interpretations if you repeatedly see killing someone in your dreams. The anger can be for a certain person, thing, or some unwanted incident in your life.

Killing someone in your dream can also indicate that you are very weak at managing your aggression and temper. 

Why do I dream about my ex? 

Dreaming about an ex, especially the first love is very common according to multiple mental health experts. The ex becomes a symbol of passion, unafraid love, uninhibited desire, etc. These dreams are a way of your subconscious mind that you should be more involved in your life.  

What does it mean when your ex kisses you on the lips in a dream? 

If you dream of yourself being engaged in a passionate lip kiss with your ex, your life may require you to have the same amount of passion in every other important thing.

Dreaming about your ex doesn’t necessarily mean that you need them or that your life should depend on them at all. You should start injecting more passion into your study, work, business, or whatever you do.

Is it true that if you see someone in your dream they miss you? 

Yes, dreaming about someone might be related to you missing them or they are very much on your mind. But your dreams say a lot more than just about missing someone or thinking about them. Instead, they are indications of certain feelings, fears, desires, deep thoughts, etc.  

Had a dream my bottom tooth fell out? 

Deep personal loss is the most common interpretation for dreaming about having your teeth fall out. This can be related to the loss of marriage, partnership, or even the death of a loved one.  

What do dreams about being pregnant mean? 

When you dream about being pregnant, it might be an indication that you should explore a completely different side of your life, or that something extraordinary is about to happen, and you should be ready for it.

What does it mean when you dream about someone repeatedly? 

Dreaming about someone repeatedly may be linked with certain anxiety or stress you might be going through. It can’t be always explained in a literal way.  

What does it mean if you dream a lot? 

Dreaming frequently might be an indication that you are unknowingly going through some sort of anxiety, fear, or insecurity. If not dealt with properly, these dreams can be responsible for disturbed sleep in the future.  

What are rare dreams? 

According to multiple experts, lucid dreams are the rarest type of dreams. In this type, you are conscious that you are dreaming but you constantly dream. According to various research, 55 percent of people experience lucid dreams at least once in their lifetime.  

What are the 5 types of dreams? 

Normal dreams, daydreams, lucid dreams, false dreams, and nightmares are 5 types of dreams.  

Can two people have the same dream? 

Yes, two people can have the same dream. This is called a “shared dream” and may occur at the same time for two people. Sometimes, shared dreams can be very remarkable, and both individuals can explain them with strikingly similar, and even identical dreams, regardless of the timing of their dreams.  


Interpreting your dreams is never a straightforward thing. But these wonderful dream dictionary apps make it easier than you can imagine.

I have listed some of the most amazing of them all available on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store, and I am pretty sure, you don’t have to search for any other app except these.

All these applications can be immensely helpful for you to learn, manage, and track your dreams a lot better than you have ever done! Download at least half of them if not all, and find out how fascinating and full of fun interpretations of your dreams can be!