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15 Of The Best Themes For Android To Download

We all love it when our phones hold a little bit of us, don’t we? 🤔 The Harry Potter-themed phone cover, a Pink Floyd number for ringtone, you and bestie smiling up from the screensaver… These just tell the world something about you.

And, one of the major ways to change the look and feel of your phone is through themes of Android. And, that’s not all that these Themes For Android do! A good launcher can change your experience.

Phones come with their own set of themes. But, to up your game, you have to download themes of Android phones, available easily on app stores.

If you love your phone and treat it as an accessory in your everyday life, you need a theme! They help you to have fun with backgrounds, sound effects, color schemes of highlights and menus, etc. On some phones, you can even play around with the user interface and folder icons!

What kind of a phone parent would you be if you can’t even give your phone the chance to look its best? That’s not all! You can leave it on your launcher to rearrange your apps, manage your lock screen, and everything on your phone to make it your personal assistant.

What Themes Can Do 🤷‍♂️

If you’re not an Android nerd, you’re probably not familiar with terms like icon packs, launchers, etc. But, you don’t really need to be a nerd to know the basics about themes.

To put it simply, the home screen of your smartphone runs on themes that help to modify the look and the functional appearance of your phone. They allow you to use widgets so you don’t have to open the apps to interact with them.

Themes also allow you to use custom icons. Worried that people near you might be prying? Themes also help you to achieve complete privacy by hiding chosen apps on your phone!

What’s more, the use of gestures and contextual data on the phone can allow your device to adapt to the environment, activities, etc. And, you have different types of Themes to choose from!

To put it in simple words, you can find a downloadable theme of Android which allows you to style your phone; and, for this, it uses various elements like icon packs, widgets, wallpapers, launchers, sounds, etc.

It doesn’t have to be about complex setup processes or unintelligible elements. It could be something as basic as changing the appearance of the setup so that it reflects a little bit of you!

Best Themes For Android – Our Top Pick 👌

Enough with the technicalities of themes and launchers, already! You probably want your phone to look and feel its best so that you’re proud, right? But, where will you find the best Themes? Simple! There are third-party Android theme apps that you can easily download and install on your phone from the app stores!

Now, if you have been waiting to know about our top favorite Themes, take a look at the top 15 Themes For Android of 2022.

1. Nova Launcher

Best Themes For Android

Nova Launcher is one of the most popular downloadable Themes on all versions of Android. If you want your theme to be customizable, then Nova Launcher will give you just that opportunity.

Plus, it is performance-driven, with a full Material Design. With this theme, your old home screen gets replaced with a new customizable one that is completely under your control.

Important Features:-

15 Of The Best Themes For Android To Download

  • Thousands of icon themes.
  • Colors to mark folders, notifications, and more
  • The customizable app drawer, tabs, transitions, etc.
  • Organized method for backup and restore of your launcher settings and screen layout.
  • Widgets or snap icons are placed halfway through grid cells for better screen control.
  • Allows multiple dock creation and scrolling between them
  • Allows the placement of widgets in your dock, like a 2×10 search widget
Best Nova Launcher Setup 2020 | Customize your Android Homescreen!

Download on Google Play Store

2. GO Launcher with 3D parallax Themes and HD Wallpapers

Go Launcher has earned huge popularity as a launcher for Android because of its variety of features. The GO Launcher Application allows you to find everything from launcher themes, icons, widgets, HD wallpapers, etc.

Love 3D effects? Considered one of the best themes for Android phones in 2022, this launcher allows you to customize your home screen.

Best Themes For Android

Start by downloading this theme all easily to give your phone menu a whole new appearance with this awesome theme. What’s more, you can even add attractive effects to the interface of the lock screen.

Go Launcher Features:-

  • It comes with more than 10000 mobile themes that are absolutely free.
  • Various HD wallpaper themes, including beauty, pets, landscapes from all over the world, etc.
  • It offers more than 20 animated transition effects for the screen and drawer.
  • Attractive widgets include live weather, an updated calendar, a search engine, and more.
  • Facility to hide, lock, and manage apps for complete control over protection and privacy.
  • Cleans your device regularly for better performance.

Download on Google Play Store

3. 3D Space Galaxy Theme

No cookies for guessing what this theme is all about! All space and galaxy nerds love this app that captures a 3D space and universe within your smartphone! It has live wallpapers, with complementary icon packs.

Download and install this free app easily, and give the device an animated holographic look! It has an extraordinary blue effect which enhances the effect! To be honest, space and galaxy themes can never really get old.

Important Features:-

  • No need to root to use the app.
  • Massive collection of themes in the app to fulfill different categories.
  • Gorgeous lock screen to give protection from strangers.
  • Stunning interface with fresh appearance.

Download on Google Play Store

4. APUS Launcher Free Theme

This launcher has been one of the most popular Best Themes For Android of the year. Pinko has been a favorite among Android users for a long time now. One of the best features is that it gives the icons a circular shape.

Best Themes For Android

It creates a beautiful appearance with high attention. Its dialer app looks truly incredible. No matter which Android smartphone you’re using, this theme is easy for you to download this app and make your phone reach a new level of performance!

Important Features:-

  • Completely free for everyone.
  • Supports Samsung, ZTE, Huawei, Sony, Motorola, HTC, and all popular Android phones.
  • It allows users to hide secrets and keep a clean app drawer by hiding never-used apps.
  • Reminding schedule, showing real-time news, processing applications and games.
  • It can be used by the users of Apus Launcher only.

Download on Google Play Store

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5. Pure White Love Heart Theme

Are you in love with love – in black and white? Then this theme is something you need! It is a fantastic and classic combination of the two colors, with black icons across most white space.

15 Of The Best Themes For Android To Download

The wallpaper has a love heart wallpaper that’s designed to go live on your mobile screen. Even the screen lock is designed in black and white, with an adorable but sophisticated love heart – on a minimalist wallpaper.

Important Features:-

  • Beautiful white wallpaper that’s perfect for the user who likes their phones to look minimalist.
  • Black and white love lock screen to protect privacy.
  • Various themes match well with the users’ personalities, whether men or women.
  • Love theme fused with a football theme, besides the usual wallpaper.
  • It can be used only on CM Launcher.

Download on Google Play Store

6. Ocean Dream ASUS ZenUI Theme

Dreaming of big, blue oceans? Well, this one’s for you, then. A strong Android launcher for theming, ZenUI doesn’t need extras and it is not loaded with a lot of bloatware.

If you’re not exactly finicky about themes being comprehensive, then this will work for you just fine. Its icon packs cover most of the most basic apps.

15 Of The Best Themes For Android To Download

Its best quality is its consistency. The icons, too, are nicely designed to go well with the ocean theme. It will definitely raise the feel-good quotient of your phone!

Important Features:-

  • Dreamy and adventurous look
  • Beautiful icons, with a different pack for every wallpaper
  • A straightforward, no-frills launcher for the imaginative soul
  • Wide range of artistic wallpapers
  • Easy to install and use

Download on Google Play Store

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7. NEW Theme for Phone X

This one is popular among those users who like their Android launchers to come with numerous themes, beautiful icons, and wallpapers with graphics. It offers various categories of themes, like photography, automobile, comics, etc.

Best Themes For Android

There are lots of cool graphics to choose from. It not only gives your phone a classy and smart theme but also helps your device to run smoothly. And, it’s all just one simple step of download and installation away!

Important Features:-

  • Full privacy protection, with a Horror Black lock screen that pops up after unlocking the screen.
  • Widgets look extremely chic, with an attractive interface.
  • A huge number of categories of themes to choose from
  • Customizable and shareable your theme to surprise everyone.
  • It provides a different look to each screen.

Download on Google Play Store

8. 3D Launcher New 2022

Are you not satisfied with your phone’s current themes and home screen? Then it’s time for you to switch to this new launcher app. It is going to give your phone a cool new look, with attractive wallpapers.

15 Of The Best Themes For Android To Download

Graphics, and icons that never allow you to feel bored! It’s easy to get started and used to the app, and once you explore its features, you’ll have fun customizing your phone. Expect your phone to reach a whole new dimension with this Android theme.

Important Features:-

  • Easy to install, operate, and change themes.
  • Adds a 3D effect to the home screen of your smartphone.
  • Amazing visual effects with cool graphics.
  • Custom icons and free icon masks.
  • Personalized look for the phone with the fonts matching the icons.

Download on Google Play Store

9. Modern Theme For Computer Launcher

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a mini-computer on your palms. Will, this Android theme allows you to do that – at least in terms of appearance? This theme is attractive because of the blue color scene incorporated into the design.

15 Of The Best Themes For Android To Download

You can choose from a list of wallpapers for your phone’s display. One of the best features is the icon packs with smooth animations. In fact, you will get unique themes to change the look of your device.

Important Features:-

  • Computer-like look of the theme.
  • Smooth Icon animations.
  • Customizable icon packs to suit different apps.
  • Wide range of themes and wallpapers for a fresh look to suit your mood.
  • Can give a sci-fi look to the phone.
  • Less battery consumption by this theme.

Download on Google Play Store

10. Green Nature Cartoon Theme

For nature lovers, this Android theme captures the world’s beauty in a miniature form on your device. All you have to do is to install this cartoon theme. Everything comes in the form of small miniatures, which gives it a cool look.

15 Of The Best Themes For Android To Download

Whether it’s trees, or other members of the ecosystem, like tiny creatures, or even eggs – it’s all in this app. The beautiful graphics and animation make this theme quite popular.

Important Features:-

  • Visual effects capture the colors of Nature even when the screen is not touched.
  • Options to choose from are a wide range of live wallpapers.
  • Widgets and icons that you can customize to suit your mood.
  • Attractive time widget and lock screen.
  • 3D themes to give your smartphone a cool look.
  • Compatible with most Android devices.

Download on Google Play Store

11. Water Drops Theme

Considered one of the best themes, this theme offers only just an incredible look but also smooth performance.

With this theme, you can easily change the display of your mobile phone to include a beautiful look that’s sprinkled with drops of water.

15 Of The Best Themes For Android To Download

In fact, each wallpaper has this beautiful, soothing effect. In addition, the icon packs complement the wallpaper nicely. Plus, you get the chance to personalize the phone through theme customization. And, it’s really easy to download and install, too!

Important Features:-

  • Customizable themes to suit the device.
  • Icons are shaped like drops of water, in sync with the theme.
  • Unique visual effects change the look and feel of the phone.
  • Easy download and installation, followed by smooth operations.
  • Smooth and appropriate functioning.

Download on Google Play Store

12. 3D Koi Fish Theme

A colorful koi pond on your phone – now who won’t like that? It’s a 3D theme for Android phones that gives your phone a peaceful look. You’ll have three koi fish swimming around lazily inside a pond with a vintage stone lining when you’re not using the device.

There are even lily pads and water drops creating occasional ripples on the screen. If you touch the screen or swipe left or right, you’ll find ripples across the screen, while the fish swim faster. Apart from this, it has all the features of CM Launcher themes.

Important Features:-

  • Requires CM Launcher which must be installed on the phone first.
  • Beautiful look with koi fish in the pond on the screen.
  • Customizable wallpaper and icons, though you can’t customize the fish.
  • A live screen reacts to your touch with fish swimming faster and water ripples.

Download on Google Play Store

13. Blue Silver Metal Launcher Theme

This is yet another color-based theme and it needs you to install the CM Launcher first to apply this theme.

The combination of blue and silver can give an elegant and stylish look to anything, wouldn’t you agree? And, this theme adds that touch to your phone.

Best Themes For Android

If you’re not a fan of changing themes with the mood and theme and want a hassle-free experience that allows you to have a theme that works at all times, then this one’s for you! It’s sleek and sophisticated – one that will suit your style if you’re in the corporate or business field.

You can, of course, customize the theme, and match it with your sense of style. With this theme, you can easily eliminate unnecessary notifications from your window shade.

Important Features:-

  • Needs installation of CM Launcher first
  • Relaxing color combo with smooth animations.
  • It can hide apps easily if you don’t want others to see them.
  • Supports night mode, customization, and other tools.
  • It comes with a notification cleaner.
  • The free version comes with non-intrusive ads.

Download APK Here

14. Electric Black Theme

Are you a music lover with an eye for all things black? Then this downloadable Android theme is for you! The wallpapers are straightforward and minimalistic, making them excellent. And, the icons complement the wallpapers perfectly.

15 Of The Best Themes For Android To Download

Altogether, it has a simple design and a fresh look overall. While your device dons the stylish black color, the artworks with musical notes show your musical side.

Plus, you have various new themes to choose from. Of course, you don’t really have to be a music fanatic to fall in love with this all. After all, we all love themes that are artistic and offer great functions.

Important Features:-

  • Changes the appearance of the phone on an everyday basis.
  • Themes with refreshing looks.
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Sophisticated wallpapers, especially the HD black-themed ones, with clean, distinct fonts.
  • A weekly update of all the themes and wallpapers every Friday.
  • Easy to customize icons by choosing from thousands of unified HD icons.
  • An excellent choice for those who use Hola Launchers.

15. 3D 2022 Theme For Android

The product of the genius of some talented artists, this is one of the best Themes With 3D Themes For Android, you get to customize your phone by adding incredible themes, striking graphics, great icons, and more – just the way you want.

3D 2018 Theme For Android

And, it is a  free app for your Android device! Once you download the theme and install it, you can experience a new level of device outlook with this theme. The operation could not have been simpler!

Important Features:-

  • Easy to install.
  • Combo of icons, graphics, and themes in a huge volume.
  • Easy customization of the theme to suit your taste.
  • Incredible visual effects.
  • Allows a change of font style within the theme.
  • Incorporated with icon mask for the icons of all apps.

Download on Google Play Store

You now know the best downloadable Themes, and where to find them! All you have to do is to install the launchers on your phone and you’re good to go.

But, you also need to understand how to pick them. There are hundreds of launchers for Android phones; but, which one you should pick depends on your taste in colors, art, personality, etc., as well as how you use your phone daily.

Guidelines for Picking the Best Themes

As you must have already understood, the beautification of the phone is not the only reason for you to invest time in selecting a theme. With Android launchers, there are many other useful features. Here’s what to look for before finding your Android launcher.

Hide Apps:-

You’ll find the option to hide apps from the app drawer with most launchers. But some of them take this feature to another level. If you want easy access to an app and keep it discreet, just rename the apps and change icons, or make them invisible, thanks to some of these new launchers.

Transfer Themes or Setups:-

If you get yourself a new phone, does that mean you have to cut all ties with the themes that you had downloaded on your previous phone unless you download them again? No! You can use the theme backups and get back the look of your old phone!

Reorder Apps:-

Are you scared of buying a new phone because you’re scared of the hassle of downloading all the useful apps all over again? Well, don’t worry; your launcher can re-order the frequently used apps. They also help to declutter the app drawer and the home screen.

Choose Attributes:-

Don’t like how your app drawer is organized? Third-party-launchers to the rescue! They will let you choose almost anything to enhance your launcher experience. From changing the grid of your home screen to resizing your widgets, you can do anything!

WidgetsWidgets run on the home screen even when the phone is not in use to give you easy access to information from the net, as well as a shortcut to apps and their functions. From search engines to checklists and reminders on the home screen, it’s all widgets.

Icon Packs All icons are different, based on the developers’ guidelines. What your app drawer needs are adaptive icons and icon packs. These bring uniformity to the launcher. These make icons of different styles look more compatible with each other.

Sound people around you won’t just notice the beautiful theme of the phone. They will take notice of your ringtone, text notification, alarm tone, etc. Your phone sounds can be anything from alluring to annoying. Pick the one that makes people take notice – in a good way!

Style and ThemeThere are many themes and styles of Android. So, to avoid confusion, the best thing to do is to extend an existing theme and use it to get the desired appearance. You can tweak different attributes for this. Many common themes come in handy.

ColorsAh, colors! What would our themes look like without the colors of our choice? From black to white and everything in between, colors are a key feature of the Android theme. You can define them as drawable resources, besides applying them to theme attributes.

Themes come with several attributes affecting the user interface style. For proper operations, you need to be able to define these attributes. And, since there are many of them, it’s important to consider what you’re looking for before they are used.

You can extend an existing theme. The main attribute of the element of “style” is in control of selecting the theme web custom that can be extended. But, to take your experience to the next level, you can download one of the top themes of Android on your phone. Most of these are easy to install.


Which is the best theme for Android?

If you want to personalize your Android device, you can opt for amazing themes and customizations. Some of the best themes for Android that users like are Action Launcher, Energy Bar or Ring, Facer, Gboard, Nova Launcher, and KLWP.

How do I get free themes for Android?

You can get free Android themes straight from the Google Play Store. You just have to install an Android Launcher to launch the theme on your phone.

After downloading the Launcher, download a theme and install it in the launcher to customize your phone.

How do you get themes on Android?

You can get your phone themes from the settings. If you want the dark theme, you can get it from the display option. You can also change it to the default customization after a while.

If you wish to customize your phone, you can download an Android Launcher from the Google Play Store to install a personalized theme on your phone.

Can we download themes for Android?

Yes. There are many free apps available on the Google Play Store that allow you to download various themes for Android.

For example, the Themes app supports the Neox Launcher and is compatible with the latest Android updates. You can customize your phone with contemporary themes with their unique icon packs.

How can I customize my Android?

You can download stylish wallpapers, get customized themes from the Play Store, replace your home screen with a launcher, install a funky keyboard, add several widgets on the home screen, customize your lock screen with a theme, and set up default apps. You have a variety of options to customize your Android device.

How do I use a theme app?

You have in-built themes on your phone that you can get by tapping and holding an empty area of the home screen.

If you want customized themes, you need to download an Android Launcher. After getting the launcher, download the Themes app to get themes of your choice. Click on install to run your chosen theme.


It’s great to give your phone a new appearance with the help of the themes of Android, isn’t it? In addition, a theme package comes with graphics changeable components of the smartphone’s UI; and, this helps to change one or multiple components.

But don’t worry: themes cannot alter the features or functions of the entire device. So, now you know about cool Themes For Android and how to use them to the best of their capabilities. Android developers are always busy designing new themes.

This gives phone users like yourself the best way to express who you really are. Meanwhile, you enjoy easy and customized usage of, and access to, your apps – and some sweet, sweet privacy. So why wait? Download the incredible themes of Android phones, and enjoy!

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