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How To Open Terminal on Mac in 4 Easy Ways


There are a lot of misconceptions when mac users hear the word Terminal. Well, it is related to coding or anything complicated that only people with technical knowledge can understand.

In fact, Terminal is nothing but an application that comes in-built along with other software. In this article, we will learn more about how to open Terminal on Mac, and more about the usage behind it.

The basic idea behind the Terminal is to provide access to the user to every part of the operating system.

It allows you to access multiple APIs and other features that you may still be unaware of. Instead of wandering around and looking for any application or feature, you can simply type the necessary command line and reach the location. This command-line interface is easily accessed following multiple processes.

We have created a list of all the ways that you can access the application and choose which one you would use the most often. Here we go.

What is the Mac Terminal?

The terminal is one of the most glorious creations of the tech giant. It provides the Command Line Interface that runs on the UNIX-based operating system known as Shell.

Where there are multiple types of Shell in the market and for now Apple uses the Bash shell for all its commands. One of the biggest advantages of using a terminal is that you can get access to all the files without having to open the Finder.

Terminal Application

In the Terminal window, it displays the name of the user currently using the system, the shell type, and also the size of the window in pixels. Now, there are tons of commands that you can easily learn to start with this.

As for the usage, anyone can learn to type the command and get your desired process completed. All you need to do is simply type the command currently and press Enter to execute.

How to Open Terminal on Mac?

There are multiple ways that we came across while we were researching for multiple methods that you can use too.

All of the methods are pretty easy and only require very few steps to execute. Make sure you go through all of them and try for yourself to see if it works for you too or not.

1. Open Terminal using Spotlight Search

One of the easiest methods to search for anything on your macOS is through the Spotlight search function. You might have already used it before so it will be pretty easy for you to simply follow the steps below.

Open Terminal through Spotlight Search

  • Press Command + Space on your keyboard to open Spotlight Search.
  • Type Terminal, and press Enter.

You can also choose to wait for the search bar to show multiple options and then click on the right choice you wish to get access to. Now, you can enter the commands of your choice and practice multiple features over it to understand a lot more.

2. Open Terminal on Mac using Finder

Another very easy approach to open Terminal and use the command line for multiple actions. This has more steps than the former, but very similar to getting access to other applications.

  • Click on Finder from the Dock.
  • Press on Macintosh HD and choose Applications Folder.

task manager Finder

  • Scroll down and double-click on Utilities.

Open Uilities

  • Next, select the Terminal to open it.Click on Terminal

There is another option that can help you open the Terminal using the Finder icon. After you have clicked on the Finder icon, select the Go menu option on the top panel. Now, select Applications and follow the same process as above. 

3. Open Terminal using Launchpad

Well, there are two ways to open the launchpad. Either you can simply launch it from the dock below or by simply using the keyboard shortcut to it. Here is how.

  • Click on the Launchpad icon on the dock or else press the F4 button from the keyboard.
  • Open the Other folder by tapping on it once.Open Terminal using Launchpad
  • Select Terminal.

Open Terminal

Apart from looking for the entire Launchpad, you can also simply enter the word terminal on the search section and access the application as well.

Open terminal using Search

4. Open Terminal on Mac via Siri

This is by far the easiest method to open the Terminal on Mac. Well, all you need to do is call out for Siri from the desktop. Simply press on the Siri icon on the screen. And do the needful.

Open Terminal in Mac

  • Click on the Siri icon on the top-right corner of the desktop to summon the voice assistant.
  • Use the microphone and say “Open Terminal”

Within seconds, the application will be right on your computer screen to enter the commands that you can learn and execute super easily now.

How to create a Terminal Shortcut?

Apart from all the methods above, there is an option where you can simply create a shortcut for the app on your desktop. With this, you no longer have to keep opening it again and again from the system.

Create Terminal Shortcut

  • Open Terminal from any of the methods above.
  • Now, right-click on the icon in the dock and select Options.
  • Choose the Keep in Dock option.

This will add the Terminal icon in the dock so that you need not access it every time using the methods above. You can do this with other apps too and remove apps that you hardly sue from the doc to keep it organized.

How to Open Terminal on Mac in Recovery Mode?

There are times when you need to run some system diagnostics and troubleshooting processes for which you need to access the recovery mode.

If you haven’t done it before or went into recovery mode, here are the steps you can follow and learn on how to open the Terminal as well.

How to open Terminal in Mac via Recovery Mode

  • Close and save all your files on your system and initiate Shutdown.
  • Now, Boot the macOS in Recovery mode by pressing Command + R keys during a system restart.
  • The system will now initiate into Recovery Mode.
  • Choose the language when prompted.
  • On the top header menu of the desktop, click on Utilities.
  • From the drop-down menu, select Terminal.

Well, the terminal command line here is not the same as the one you would run in the normal mode. These are fewer commands that are compatible to run to figure the error and proceed with the troubleshooting.

You may like to read our guide on Must Know Mac Terminal Commands And Their Functions.

Final Verdict

So, here we have the list of methods that will help you open Terminal on Mac. Well, the majority of the Mac users are still unaware of the potential of using this application and how much one can learn through it.

With a simple knowledge of commands, you can learn how to access the most important parts of the system in just a single click.

From accessing the files in the Finder to opening the list of actively running computer processes with very short commands. Also, it is recommended to create a shortcut for the application so that everyone does not need to use the methods above for any work. If at all you are unable to open the terminal due to some errors, let us know in the comments section below so that we can help you out.