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She is a tech writer, and an avid learner. Apart from being a tech enthusiast she hopes to bring sense to what people read.

How To Use Split Screen on Mac [Step-By-Step Guide]

Split Screen on Mac
It is super convenient to use a desktop PC either be it Windows or Mac since you can do multiple tasks at once. You...

9 of The Best Maths App To Learn and Grow

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How To Delete Files on Mac The Easiest Way in 2021

How to delete files on Mac
It may sound like a pretty easy option when we say deleting files from a system. If you own a macOS, well you might...

9 Of The Best Architecture Websites in 2021 – Reviewed

Are you an architect or just a curious person who would love to know more about Architecture and designs? Well, we would love to...

13 of the Best Google News Alternatives You Can Rely On

Have you been using Google News to stay connected to the world? Well, it is an excellent way to keep yourself updated on what’s...