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11 of The Best Reddit Alternatives You Need To Check Out

There isn’t anyone who would not like to keep up with what’s happening around the world. Whether it be about Cryptocurrency or simply anything generic.

For this, Reddit is one of the best platforms where you can discuss and learn more on social news, etc. However, if you are not satisfied with it much and are looking for the best Reddit alternatives, check out the list we have curated here.

Before we can simply head over to the list, you need to learn all the info you can get about Reddit so that you can compare all the alternatives likewise.

There is no doubt that Reddit is much bigger than any of its competitors or alternatives. However, you can choose among those that are decent and something different you can look forward to.

What is Reddit?🤔

Reddit is a social news aggregation and user-friendly platform meant to help its users be connected with the world in multiple folds.

You can join multiple communities or also known as subreddits where members share posts, links, images, videos, and much more in the form of information for discussion. It is addictive and you can easily spend the entire day on it without ever running out of content and information on any topic.

As per the popular journals, Reddit bags over 52 Million daily users. On average, there are over 450 Million plays monthly users and have been increasing in the past few months.

Furthermore, as per the reports, there are over 138,000 active subreddits with millions of users participating in the discussions on a daily basis. 

If you wish to learn more on the best Reddit alternatives, sites that are similar to Reddit, head over to the list given below.

Best Reddit Alternatives: Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. Quora

Quora is one of the best Reddit alternatives that have a similar interface as that of Yahoo. It isn’t exactly like Reddit but you can get all the answers on this site or even give your answers to other users.

Simply register on the platform and start answering questions you think might be the best of your knowledge.

Best Reddit Alternatives

The site allows you to follow experts and other users so that you can always keep in touch with all the content they share on the platform.

Adding more to this, Quora has a dedicated app for both iOS and Android, that is highly stable and easy to use as well.

Well, another interesting approach here is that even though you can use a search engine simply to get answers to your questions, they are not always the right way to go, hence people use Quora to get more genuine answers.

Moreover, you can even choose to select among different answers and solutions to which might be the right way to go on this platform.

Millions of users around the world use Quora to promote their brand or service by answering questions and recommending it while solving any queries. It has over 300 million users and is an exceptional place for marketers.

2. Digg

Here we have another alternative for all Reddit users who wish to try out something much more lite and easier to understand. Digg has a clear UI and the design speaks to all the users who have not been able to cope with the cluttered design on Reddit.

Best Reddit Alternatives 1

There is no doubt in the fact that it can be a little difficult for new users on Reddit to understand how things are carried out. Hence, Digg can be a good option to go with.

All you need to do is simply create an account on the platform and be a part of one of the largest communities around the world. You can choose to join multiple groups or communities such as Bitcoin, Tech, News, and much more.

Similar to what we have seen in Reddit, you can read the posts and comment on them to stay connected. If you like an influencer, there are several options to follow them too.

Not just this, you can go through hundreds of blogs and news based on what you like to keep yourself updated in the long run.

It is free of cost whether it be reading blogs or joining the community. Only make an account on this platform and get started. Furthermore, for instant connection, you can add Digg to your chrome extension.

3. Hacker News

If you have been looking for something that has zero complications on their site and is as simple as you can think of, Hacker News is the one you can go for.

To start with, the platform is available on Y Combinator and does not have its separate site. Well, above all, the site is meant mainly for tech enthusiasts, Entrepreneurs, geeks, and other people who crave to know more about technology.

11 of The Best Reddit Alternatives You Need To Check Out

The home page consists of all the top and trending questions that might interest you. It might not be as huge as Reddit but surely worth spending time on.

If you are new to this, it might take a while to understand how everything works. Moving on, the UI is pretty easy to understand and very simple as well. Also, there are multiple job opportunities too on the site you can find under the Job menu.

There is a special section where all the questions asked on the site are listed altogether so that it is easier to track down what you are looking for.

Once you have made an account and logged in, you can simply navigate the entire site likewise. Not only can you search for answers but also give yours too in whichever you feel you can contribute.

4. Product Hunt

Product Hunt is another brilliant platform similar to Reddit that helps users to market their product and get real reviews from their potential customers.

If you are a maker or a marketer and you are looking to launch a product very soon, there is no better place than to publish about it on Product Hunt. According to the study, the best day for this is on Tuesday where you will get maximum traffic.

Best Reddit Alternatives 3

In order to get started and be a part of the community where you can launch your product, you need to make an account on it that might take about a week for approval.

Once you have had your product on the platform, you can get genuine reviews and feedback from potential customers so that you can make necessary changes to it. Something similar that you will find on Reddit where users post questions or queries and other users tend to solve it.

We love the UI and the entire design of the site. You can easily understand all the options mentioned here and do a lot of activities other than simply being involved in Q and As.

There are options to post a job, join communities, Whether you are a geek or simply a tech enthusiast who wishes to know more about different projects, can all be a part of Product Hunt.

5. 9Gag

Here we have another platform that is considered to be an exceptionally amazing Reddit alternative. You can download it on your smartphone either be it iOS, Android, or Windows-based.

Moreover, you can also use it on your browsers while working on a laptop. 9GAG allows its users to share content on its platform either be it memes, blogs, promotions, Q&As, or anything else.

11 of The Best Reddit Alternatives You Need To Check Out

It has become quite popular over special media channels especially Facebook and Instagram. This platform is everything you might have been missing on Reddit.

Users post tons of content every single day and share the same on their social channels. It is a great place to promote your brand or product as well since the site has a massive reach and millions of users on it. 

You can Sign up either through Facebook or use your Google Account. You can interact with people on a daily basis without having to worry about anything else.

The UI is pretty clean and brilliant too for both browsers as well as the app. All the categories are well organized and you can follow whichever feels right to you.

6. Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is very similar to Reddit and you can easily understand how things work out on this platform as well. It is a basic Questions and Answers-based website where you will get the topics on almost everything you can think of.

11 of The Best Reddit Alternatives You Need To Check Out

The platform is essentially built up and is perfect for all the programmers who are willing to learn and grow as well as for all the professionals in the field.

There are over 173 communities here with thousands of Q&As from millions of users. Moreover, Stack Overflow is a part of this site itself and has a total of around 100 Million developers participating to keep the flow of information continuing.

Unlike Reddit, Stack Exchange has maintained the quality of its content as the priority. To make sure that you get the answers to the questions you have asked, no user is allowed to have a conversation.

All you can do is directly post an answer and move forward with a different one. If your answer has received the most upvote, it will appear on the top as a priority. In fact, the person who has asked the question can even mark only a single answer as the chosen one or accepted.

7. Yahoo Answers

You might have heard of Yahoo or had used it earlier for your mails rather than Gmail. Well, Yahoo Answers is a part of it and very much similar to Reddit and all its functionalities.

There are millions of users asking and answering questions that are worth reading and knowing about. It can be about anything, simply post your content and within minutes you will have hundreds of users participating in the discussion.

11 of The Best Reddit Alternatives You Need To Check Out

This platform has hundreds of categories to look into such as Arts, pets, tech, entertainment, and everything else you can think of. It works best once you have signed up on the platform.

You can do a lot apart from simply asking questions or answering them. The person who has asked the question can make any answer that may seem perfect or else the one that has the maximum number of votes is auto marked as the favorite among all.

Furthermore, you can check out the trending questions and even save them to read on it later. All the answers are posted by genuine people and are more legitimate than ever.

It is a lot better than searching it on Google since this platform does not operate on SEO but rather simply on people’s opinions.

8. ASKfm– Ask Me Anonymous Questions

ASKfm or Ask Me Anonymous Question is an out-of-the-box Q&A-based app available on your smartphone. You can download it on your iOS or Android devices with just a single click.

Best Reddit Alternatives 7

All the services are free of cost and all you need to do is simply sign up on the platform to get started. You will love the design and UI of the app. Whether you are a newbie or a professional, everything seems pretty simple to understand.

You can either ask or answer Questions anonymously or reveal your identity whichever path you wish to take. A lot of users use the platform to ask for the deepest secrets or reveal secrets as anonymous users.

Currently, there are over 40 Million users on the platform participating each day. You can even make friends with strangers on the platform.

To add more to this, you can even earn coins while answering the questions as well as if your followers tip you. There are multiple opportunities to unfold using the coins on the platform that you might love. ASKfm also has a special opportunity for everyone willing to spend some money with a VIP program.

9. Gurlic

If you are looking for a site that represents the Reddit community or anything that is close to it, Gurlic is the one you might love the most.

It is a perfect place where people on the internet can share their opinion with each other based on any topic they feel worthy of. The most common ones you will find here are based on Tech, Science, Arts, and much more.

11 of The Best Reddit Alternatives You Need To Check Out

You can tap on the Explore Communities option and choose to follow them based on your interest. There are tons of questions and discussions by the members on various topics.

Not only can you learn from it but also solve a lot of your own queries at the end of the day. The entire site has a pretty clean design and easy to navigate too.

The home page has a section where you can simply scroll through the timeline with random questions by the public. You are allowed to post links, images, and a lot of other media content that does not go against community standards.

Furthermore, if you are skilled or have an idea, you can also form your own community and keep the discussion going.

10. Lemmy

Lemmy is yet another one of the best Reddit Alternatives on the internet with millions of users. To create a post you need to sign up or log in on the platform which is needed for any site you will visit.

11 of The Best Reddit Alternatives You Need To Check Out

This way you can keep track of all the discussions you were a part of and keep yourself updated. It is an open-source platform so that you can give your suggestions and feedback to make it better.

The servers are pretty fast and also can handle users each day with zero lags. It is not just an alternative to Reddit rather an attempt for people to join more communities and create something worthwhile.

Some of the noticeable features you will find here are the mobile-friendly interface, user avatar support, get notifications on Q&As directly and even via mail, and a lot more.

Moving on, you can even choose to delete all the messages, comments, answers, and a lot more. Not only this, you can even use different themes such as Dark, Light, and Polarized. Furthermore, you can even acquire community support when needed.

11. Slashdot

Slashdot is an ideal Reddit alternative for all the tech enthusiasts who have been looking to learn more about technology and be a part of the community with like-minded people.

Just like any other site, you can simply create a profile and login to the platform to be a part of the hundreds of communities. You can keep up with the latest news and get a genuine reply from people all around the world.

Moving on, you can submit your posts on the site and create your own stories for other users. It does not have an app but using the website is as easy as any other app.

Each group or post is assigned with moderators so as to keep the integrity of the site and no one misuses the platform in any manner.

Slashdot claims to have over 3.7 million unique users each month which has increased a lot over the years. In fact, the site has won multiple awards as well for the Best News Site, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Reddit so popular?

There are multiple reasons for Reddit to become so popular. Apart from the content shared and the communities, one of the biggest reasons is that it is very easy to use and understand.

Everything is on point and no graphics or images are used that might be a little distracting to make it creative. However, Reddit is all about adding values to all the users on it and bringing in more spreading knowledge.

2. Is Reddit completely anonymous?

It depends entirely on the user. You can choose to either display your actual name or simply remain anonymous.

Well, we believe remaining anonymous is the best option on Reddit since you can post your questions as well as share your opinion without anyone judging. Yes, Reddit is mostly anonymous and for the greater good.

3. Can my Reddit account be traced?

You should know that Reddit is one of the safest sites there is on the internet. It is much safer than any other social media apps. No your name or any other info will not be traced by any user or simply any other person. Only your username is displayed on the site while you are posting or commenting on it.

4. Does Reddit cost money?

No, Reddit is free of cost and does not cost you a single penny. You simply need to sign up on a site that has no hidden charges whatsoever. However, you can check out the different membership plans that could be great for all the users who are regular here. 

The cost isn’t a lot to spend on one. Only if you are completely sure of spending the money, you can still choose not to and enjoy the freemium service. One of the very interesting features you can get on the Gold membership is that you can choose to give access to member-only communities and even turn off ads. 

Final Words

Here we are with everything you need to know on the list of the Best Reddit alternatives. We have to agree that it was not an easy task to look for better options than Reddit. All the sites mentioned are perfect and you can try them too. But these might not be as big as Reddit but each of them is worth mentioning.

The most common feature that you will see in all of them is that you need to sign up and then move ahead. The sign-up will help you to comment on the site and even add up your questions as well.

Other than this, there are multiple sites that are specifically focused on a certain group of people such as geeks, tech enthusiasts, and much more. You can visit them and be a part of your preferred community.