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19 Best Sites like Carvana For Online Car Shopping

Carvana is a rapidly growing and well-known technology firm created by Ernie Garcia and his son, both US citizens. The company’s headquarters are in Tempe, Arizona.

Carvana is an online “only-used automobile dealer” that operates exclusively in the United States and allows clients to finance, shop, and trade cars through their website.

If you’re looking for something similar but don’t live in the United States, here are more online sites like Carvana that might interest you. 

Customers can pick up their vehicle purchases at one of Carvana’s auto vending machine sites after making the purchase online or have them delivered nationwide!

Carvana was founded in 2012 as a part of the DriveTime Automotive Group, and it has had a lot of success in online used car sales.

Several other companies have saturated the market, posing to be sites like Carvana while also posing a serious threat to it.

Best Sites like Carvana – A Better Way To Buy a Car

Several other companies have entered the market, acting as Carvana competitors yet posing a severe danger.

If you’re looking to finance, buy, or trade-in your car, here is a list of the top sites like Carvana that might help you. 

1. TRED             

Tred is a peer-to-peer car-sale platform. You can use the site to buy a car, sell your automobile, or apply for finance.

It validates that the seller is the vehicle’s legal owner, checks for liens on the vehicle, and verifies the buyer’s identity and the transfer of payments.

Tred takes care of all the paperwork, so there’s no need to go to the DMV.

Best Sites like Carvana

The firm also collaborates with major banks to provide car financing and insurance. Unlike many other sites like Carvana, Tred allows you to speak with the seller to learn more about the automobile before purchasing it.

Tred users may be found all over the United States, and shipping fees apply if you find a vehicle that isn’t in your area.

Tred doesn’t have a return policy, so you’re stuck with the automobile you buy unless you can persuade the seller to take it back.

Tred lacks some of the more advanced tools and features found on other sites, but it does provide useful auto purchasing and selling advice as well as a What’s My Car’s Worth calculator.

2. CarMax

CarMax sells pre-owned vehicles such as SUVs, minivans, and various economical and opulent models. Unless otherwise stated, the corporation owns the automobiles it sells, and all cars are located at CarMax dealerships.

You may be pre-approved on the site and sell your automobile without buying one from them.

Best Sites like Carvana 1

Tips for first-time purchasers, a car payment calculator, and optional service fixes and warranties are just a few of CarMax’s helpful features.

The company has 224 sites across the United States, and most offer free home delivery within a 60-mile radius.

You will be charged shipping fees if you find an automobile in a remote location that needs to be sent.

CarMax also offers 24-hour test drives to help you decide if the vehicle is right for you. If you choose to return the automobile, it comes with a 30-day or 1,500-mile buy-back guarantee.

A 90-day or 4,000-mile guarantee is included, with extra warranties available for purchase.

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3. Kelley Blue Book

Everything you need to review a new, CPO, or used automobile, compare vehicles, find cars for sale, and make an informed selection is right here at Kelley Blue Book, a comparable site like Carvana.

It aids you in the purchase or sale of vehicles. It serves as a resource for all things automotive, from simply determining the value of your current vehicle to actively searching for a new vehicle or rapidly purchasing one.

Kelley Blue Book Channel Trailer

Kelley Blue Book’s biggest feature is that it isn’t only for cars; it’s also one of the most thorough internet databases for motorbike values.

Kelley Blue Book has been one of the most reputable names in the automotive business since 1926. Isn’t it true that it’s been a long since we’ve seen each other?

4. Cars.com

Cars.com is one of the top sites like Carvana since it is one of the most popular online car-buying sites, providing trustworthy and easy-to-understand data from customers and experts to help shoppers decide what to buy, where to buy, and how much to pay for a vehicle.

Best Sites like Carvana 2

Cars.com empowers automobile buyers by providing them with the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions.

It includes thorough pricing information, side-by-side comparison tools, photo galleries, animations, dealer ratings, unbiased editorial content, and a large selection of new and used automobile inventories, making it one of the best Carvana alternatives accessible.

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5. CashforCars.com 

Cashforcars.com is a project of Copart.com and is one of the best car-selling platforms on the internet.

CashforCars takes pride in seeing the true value of your car, so whether it is in excellent condition or totaled due to an accident, you can still get a valuation from CashForCars.

Do you have a car that is damaged beyond repair? Or a vehicle you have to bring to a mechanic repeatedly but can’t find a permanent solution for?

Just because your car is damaged does not mean you can’t sell it. CashforCars can send you an offer based on the current condition of your car and the quick payment process can be very helpful, especially if you need urgent cash.

CashforCars strongly focuses on making the entire car-selling process as easy as possible. They are doing this by offering free towing all over the country and offices in 200 nationwide locations.

Inside CashForCars.com - Steps to Sell Your Car

Another aspect of how CashforCars makes it easier for users to sell their cars by providing them with a guaranteed quote for their car in less than two minutes. So you don’t have to wait long to get an offer.

There are two ways you can contact CashforCars. You can either call their helpline or fill out a form on their official website, after which you will be given a quote/offer for your vehicle.

Then you have to accept or reject that offer. If you wish to accept the offer, you will be paid within the next 24 hours. The payment is given when they come and pick up your car. It is just that simple.

Whether you have a normal sedan, an SUV, a motorcycle, a truck, or any other vehicle, if you want to sell it, then you can get it done through CashforCars.com.

You don’t even have to worry if your vehicle isn’t in an operable state. They will send their tow truck and bring it to the destination. The process is easy and safe.

The car buyers on Cashforcars’ platform have high expertise in the automobile industry. They know what a certain vehicle would be worth in a specific condition.

This is why you will always get an offer based on the said vehicle’s market price.

6. Vroom.com

Vroom.com, a New York City-based e-commerce company, was formed in 2013. Carvana has gone to the top of the chart for Sites like Carvana in less than a year. People can buy, utilize, and find cars online with just a few mouse clicks.

They only sell High Luxury vehicles that have passed various tests, ensuring you are getting the best of the best!

You can apply in minutes using their simple online loan scheme. Their lending partners would compete with you for a low-interest rate. You can have your car delivered to you or a nearby location anytime!

7. Autotrader

AutoTrader, founded in 1997 and the first nationwide online marketplace for new and used vehicles, is our top pick for the finest site overall because of its reputation, reach, and extensive research guides.

Three million vehicles are listed on the site, including thorough automobile reviews, buying advice, finance calculators, and other features. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has given AutoTrader an A+ rating, even though the company is not accredited.  

AutoTrader’s advanced search function is one of its best features, making searching through its millions of postings much easier.

Aside from the obvious make, model, and year, the site has precise filters that allow users to narrow their search results to practically any criteria, such as gas mileage, exterior, and interior colors, transmission type, technology, and so on.

AutoTrader also offers a variety of information for both buyers and sellers of automobiles.

Comprehensive how-to instructions, current automobile reviews, research and news articles, car payment and financing calculators, and even the opportunity to apply for a loan and shop for car insurance are just a few features.

On the other hand, those who wish to sell on AutoTrader will have to pay a fee. The service charges between $25 and $90 for three to 30 photographs, data showing how many people have visited the ad, and Kelley Blue Book simultaneous listings.

Extra services, such as a vehicle history report, premium ad placement, and additional photographs, cost $15 to $20 more. Ads can be renewed for free every 30 days after the initial payment.

8. TrueCar

This Carvana Substitute will never let you down! It displays how much others are willing to pay for the vehicle you’re considering. Truecar Certified Dealer rates are accurate because of this.

Then their dealers guarantee to save all True Car buyers who purchase a vehicle from this online car dealer. Finding the very lowest price on a vehicle, whether online or in-person, may be daunting.

Best Sites like Carvana 3

It’s impossible to know whether you’re getting a reasonable price. Unless, of course, you use a service like TrueCar. It makes getting total pricing that includes all costs simple.

TrueCar ensures that your price is lower than the MSRP and the industry average, which is better than the final price. The dealer’s upfront, discounted pricing includes commissions, accessory fees, and bonuses.

This is the True Car pricing and the price you can expect to spend. This site like Carvana also resembles it in appearance, but it ensures you never overpay.

TrueCar is a well-known online car-buying company partnered with several of the country’s top membership organizations, including USAA, Sam’s Club, American Express, and Chase.

When shopping for a car online, TrueCar is the greatest method to save money and ensure you receive the best bargain every time. Visit their website right now to view industry-low prices on incredible vehicles.

9. CarsDirect

CarsDirect makes it simple for automobile shoppers to compare listings from local dealerships. CarsDirect is our pick for the best basic used car site because of its clear website, simple search engine, and user-friendly car-buying advice.

CarsDirect created the first website to assist dealers in selling directly to clients online in 1998, similar to AutoTrader, which launched the first online automobile marketplace for private sellers in 1997.

Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co., which has an A rating with the BBB, owns CarsDirect. Because of its simple search engine and useful buyer information, it’s our pick for the best basic alternative.

On the other hand, CarsDirect offers more than simply providing listings from local dealers. It also highlights the greatest deals in a buyer’s area and forthcoming seasonal deals and pricing on new models to help auto buyers narrow down their options.

Although CarsDirect’s search parameters aren’t as comprehensive as AutoTrader, the site’s simple results page displays everything a buyer needs to know, including a CARFAX report and a “Check Availability” button that directs customers to the dealer’s website.

On CarsDirect, each ad includes a link to a quick four-step loan application that takes only 60 seconds to complete.

CarsDirect then submits the applications to its network of lenders, who respond with various financing alternatives and monthly payment estimates. Customers can also go directly to the dealer’s website and inquire about financing alternatives.

Reviews, automotive news, videos, reports, and a trade-in valuation tool provided by BlackBook are just a few resources available to car purchasers on CarsDirect.

Users can also store their favorite searches and set up email alerts for certain vehicles or deals.

10. CarGurus

CarGurus is a large online auto buying site that sells new and used cars, certified cars, financing, car prices, and the opportunity for dealers and individuals to sell their vehicles through the website.

Best Sites like Carvana 5

A site like Carvana also offers vehicle research, useful tools, suggestions, a large number of search possibilities, and information and videos on credit scores and auto purchases.

CarGurus offers new and used vehicles, unlike other sites like Carvana. CarGurus is not a dealership and does not own the inventory it lists. Dealers, however, pay a fee to have their vehicles listed on the website.

Its notable feature is its bargain ratings, which tell you whether the vehicle you’re interested in is regarded as a great, decent, or bad deal, which might help you avoid overpaying for a car.

You can be pre-qualified for a car with this site in just a few seconds without affecting your credit score. If approved, you will receive monthly payment information on the vehicles you’re considering.

Individual dealerships may also be able to assist you with financing. Return policies, transportation expenses, dealer fees, and test drives are all up to the dealer or individual selling the car.

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11. EBay Motors

Do you want to purchase a vehicle from a private seller? You might be able to get the car you want by bidding on it on eBay Motors.

For qualifying automotive purchases made on the platform, the site offers a nationwide range of vehicles and free vehicle purchase protection.

If your vehicle qualifies, your fees will be repaid if you never receive the vehicle you purchased or if the title has difficulties that were not disclosed. It also covers qualified damage to the vehicle’s transmission, engine, and body.

However, these safeguards will not cover everything that could go wrong with your purchase. You’ll have to cope with the effects outside of covered components.

12. AutoTempest

AutoTempest has been around since 2008 and has amassed a massive database of used automobiles from major websites such as Carvana, eBay, Cars.com, Craigslist, CarGurus, and others.

It aims at bringing in all the cars from across the internet searches together to save your time and effort.

Best Sites like Carvana 6

You may use this credible site to sell your car, look for cars, and read car reviews.

Its most impressive feature is its automobile comparison tool, which allows you to check costs across the country to ensure you’re getting the greatest deal on the make and model you choose.

You may also filter the available vehicles using AutoTempest’s search options based on location, mileage, and even specific sites. It also provides common searches to help you start if you’re unsure where to start.

It also includes buyer’s guides and tools for comparing shipping rates, insurance, and other aspects for first-time buyers. The organization does not assist in the purchasing process, so if you find a vehicle you like, you must work directly with the seller.

13. Shift

Shift attempts to eliminate the danger of purchasing and selling independently. Yes, there are still the tried-and-true techniques of contacting the number on a for-sale sign in your neighborhood or responding to an ad on Autotrader, Craigslist, or Facebook.

But buying from a private seller always comes with some risk. Shift aspires to be the buffer between you and that unidentified third party. 

You may choose, finance, and arrange delivery of a used car online, just like the other sites. Shift differs because its merchandise is sourced from private transactions rather than auctions.

Shift’s inventory is substantially smaller, and cars are only accessible in California and Oregon. You could still purchase afar, but you wouldn’t be able to schedule a test drive.

14. CarWow

CarWow is one of the exclusive sites like Carvana worth seeing if you’re in Europe. They provide a convenient option to buy and sell autos over the internet. The ability to compare deals from numerous sources is one of CarWow’s biggest features. 

You begin by locating the right car for your specific situation and then compare local and national dealership offers.

Find the finest rates for your financial position and choose the best one that fits your budget. CarWow is easy to use and is unquestionably one of the greatest Carvana alternatives worth your attention.

15. Web2Carz

Web2Carz is an online platform that provides you with a wealth of automotive information.

Web2Cars features their classified ads part for automobiles, their blog section, and the newest news on cars, including Tesla developments, new models, and all kinds of car reviews. 

You can rapidly locate new and used automobiles in your area with the features and trims you choose.

Additionally, Web2Carz specializes in bad credit vehicle loans, so if you need money to buy a new or used car but have a low credit score, you should look into Web2Carz.

16. NowCar

NowCar specializes in making it as simple as possible to purchase the car of your dreams. NowCar is the place to go if you’re seeking more sites like Carvana that specialize in buying new cars online.

They let you choose the features you want, the colors you want, the trims you want in any model, and much more. 

Everything from funding the automobile to filling out the paperwork may be done online. This avoids the need to deal with pushy salespeople and allows you to stay in the comfort of your home.

If you’re looking for a new car, check out NowCar; we guarantee you’ll have a good time.

17. Hemmings

From the 1930s to the 1980s, Hemmings was an online marketplace for antique vehicles and car parts. The website is a vintage vehicle lover’s dream.

Our pick for the finest website for buying and selling antique cars, thanks to its car enthusiasts’ blog, newsletter, and information about local auctions and car clubs.

Hemmings began as a four-page automobile magazine in 1954 and has grown into a renowned classic car website with 20,000 searchable car advertisements.

It tops our list as the best site like Carvana, for classic automobiles since it has a car parts marketplace and a wealth of classic car resources. The Better Business Bureau does not recognize the business but has an A rating with the organization.

Hemmings features several resources for true classic vehicle specialists and operates as an online marketplace for historic cars.

Pricing information, buying suggestions, virtual dealer and auction showrooms, a blog, email, and a variety of magazines for classic automobile enthusiasts, are all available.

Hemmings features a searchable database of historic automobile components for sale and its assortment of classic car die-cast models, clothes, books, wall calendars, and more. Hemmings offers a variety of advertising packages to suit each seller’s needs.

For $99.95, users can create a two-week auction listing that includes a professionally written ad, unlimited photographs and videos, a personal listing concierge, and six months of premium classified advertising.

Hemmings provides two pricing packages for individuals selling outright: Silver ($129.95) contains a tiny 35-word ad with up to 35 photographs, and Gold ($189.95) includes a large 75-word ad with up to 50 photos.

All advertising is published in Hemmings Motor News magazine for one month and online for six months.

18. Autolist

Autolist is a one-of-a-kind website that compiles listings from various used automobile applications and websites into one convenient location.

Its user-friendly app has been downloaded over seven million times and is among CNET’s top ten vehicle applications, making it the finest used car site for mobile consumers.

Autolist, which was founded in 2014 and had over 1.3 million unique monthly site visitors and 400,000 unique monthly users of its shopper-friendly mobile app, is our top pick for mobile. The company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, although it does have an A+ rating.

Autolist makes it simple for shoppers to search millions of used car listings culled from dealer websites and auto shopping applications.

Its website and user-friendly app provide useful information on each vehicle, including days on the market, price fluctuations, and the CARFAX report.

19 Best Sites like Carvana For Online Car Shopping

Autolist has a Listimate tool that analyses the price of a particular car to similar listings to ensure that buyers are receiving the greatest value.

Users can also set up vehicle email notifications based on specified search parameters by creating a free account. Autolist also evaluates bids from local, new car dealers to assist customers in saving money when purchasing a new vehicle.

CarGurus acquired Autolist in 2020, allowing owners to sell their cars online using an intelligence technology that estimates a realistic asking price based on similar vehicles in their area.

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19. Cars and Bids

Due to its simple listing process, automobile history reports, and inexpensive auction fees, Cars & Bids is our recommendation as the finest auction site for cars from the 1980s and newer.

Doug DeMuro, an automobile critic and YouTube personality, founded Cars & Bids in 2020 to enable modern car fans to buy and sell cars swiftly and safely.

Because of its ease of use and focus on protecting buyers and sellers, the site is our top pick for the finest auction site.

Unlike other auction sites, which might take weeks to get a seller’s auction up and running, Automobiles & Bids get cars listed as soon as possible and works with sellers to determine the optimum schedule.

The site also has an easy submission process that informs vendors whether or not their vehicle will be accepted fast.

Cars & Bids gives a free vehicle history report for every vehicle it auctions, rather than asking the seller to pay for one, to protect automobile buyers.

Doug DeMuro may periodically choose a listing to evaluate as a fun bonus, bringing additional eyes and purchasers to specific auctions.

Cars & Bids charge lower costs than other auction sites, ranging from $49 to $89 for each listing and a 4.5 percent buyer’s fee of $225 to $4,500.

The site also includes a full description of its purchasing and selling procedure and FAQs that guide buyers and sellers through each stage of the auction.

20. Carsumo

Because finding the car we required was too difficult, an online automotive sale site like Carvana was formed. For the founders, moving from one location to another and wasting hours looking for their dream car was uncomfortable and difficult.

Carsumo is an online automobile classified aggregator that gathers listings from the internet.

It compiles ads from major automotive classifieds sites such as cars.com, Craigslist, eBay, and others into one convenient location, making it much easier to find your ideal automobile at the right price. The “Kayak of automotive classifieds,” as Carsumo has been termed.

Final thoughts

Here’s how to identify the best automobiles to sell, buy, trade, or fund. Inspections, insurances, valuations, and comparisons are just a few of the many services offered by these top online sites like Carvana.