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11 Best Websites Like Chatroulette To Chat With Strangers

The 21st-century world is a world that is greatly dependent on social media and the internet. People all across the globe use the internet for several purposes including entertainment and socializing with others.

Socializing is an important part of our lives and that’s how we get close to other people and establish relations and bonds with them. With the introduction of the internet, the world slowly realized that socializing can be done online as well, and that brought about a lot of revolutionary changes with it.

The introduction of social media platforms changed the world drastically, and these platforms gave a new meaning to socializing. Today there are hundreds of social media platforms out there that serve all kinds of purposes and not just socializing. One of these social media platforms is Chatroulette. 

Chatroulette is a popular website that lets its users connect with each other via video chat, and establishes an overall friendly environment for positive socializing.

People from all across the globe can video chat with others and have a great time hanging out together online. It is a really fun site to meet new people and make friends.

In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the best sites like Chatroulette. However, before that let’s learn a bit about Chatroulette.

Chatroulette: Everything you need to know

Chatroulette is an online popular website used by many users worldwide for connecting with each other and video chatting. You can chat randomly with strangers and get to know them on Chatroulette.

It is a platform solely meant for the purpose of meeting random strangers and having fun with them while getting to know them. One has the option available for ‘skipping’ a stranger if they don’t wish to talk to them or get to know them.

Chatroulette is a really fun way to spend quality time and relax. Talking with people you don’t know can get thrilling, and it has its own perks.

Lately, there has been a major spike in the popularity of Chatroulette and lots of new users are showing interest in conversing with random strangers.

This rising popularity of ‘interacting with strangers to start chat’ is one of the main reasons why there are now several alternatives of Chatroulette or sites like Chatroulette that aim at providing a more fun experience than Chatroulette itself.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best sites like Chatroulette, and we’ll also be discussing them in brief. So without any further ado, let’s proceed further.

Best sites like Chatroulette: Our Top Pick 👌👌

In this section, we’ll be taking a look at the best sites like Chatroulette. These sites, similar to Chatroulette, are social media platforms where we can meet and talk with random strangers from across the globe that shares common interests with us and spends quality time.

The best part about sites like these is that we don’t need to share any of our personal details such as our contact, location, and other crucial details. 

We can stay totally anonymous while talking with strangers. Platforms of such kind are truly meant to provide their users with a fun experience and quality time.

These social media platforms, besides being a hub for meeting strangers and spending quality time, are also a platform for many content creators. When it comes to platforms like these, all of it boils down to how a person decides to use them.

Today, many people use these sites to promote their arts, talents, even business, and stuff. Some of them play music or sing for the random strangers they come across, while some share their problems seeking advice, and some are there just to meet and befriend new people.

There are countless social media platforms of this type out there, and in this article, we’ve picked the best among them. Let’s now take a look at some of the best sites like Chatroulette.

1. Omegle

Omegle is a name known to almost everyone who has access to the internet. Just like Chatroulette, it basically is a platform for meeting random strangers and talking with them.

Omegle is easily the most popular social media platform that is intended for meeting strangers and having fun with them.

Best Sites like Chatroulette

Omegle was launched in March 2009, and since then it has continued to gain popularity and be in trend. It has been around for quite a while and is a great site for meeting strangers and learning about them.

One of the unique features Omegle offers is that it can be used in two ways, the first being a video chatting platform, and the second being a text-only platform for those who don’t wish to video chat with a stranger.

The text-only format of this platform is actually pretty convenient and texting for a long time has been a great way of holding conversations.

Other great features include of Omegle is that it asks you to add your interests, and it’ll match you up with strangers that share common interests with you so you can talk about them without any worries.

It is a great way to learn more about your interests as well. It has cross-platform support as well, which means that you can use it on your PC, laptop, and smartphone as well.

2. Camsurf – Video chat rooms

Camsurf is the second website on our list of the best sites like Chatroulette. As the name suggests, it is also a platform where you can meet strangers and chat with them.

Welcome to Camsurf

Just like Omegle, it is a cross-platform website, which means you can access it from your PC as well as your smartphone. It is often regarded as a website that is somewhat different from other sites where you can meet strangers.

The main reason for Camsurf being regarded as different is that it strikes down on illegal content being shared on its platform and has tons of filters for safety.

These filters make sure to restrict the use of strong language and other harmful gestures that might ruin the experience of other users. 

It is a great site for meeting strangers and talking to them about everything you want to talk about. Camsurf also has an Android application available for download on the Google Play Store.

Camsurf has also been around for quite a while and is pretty popular just like Chatroulette. It was launched in the year 2015, and since then its popularity has only seen an insane growth rate, which is still continued to this day.

Download the App on Google Play Store

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3. Paltalk

Paltalk is yet another sites like chatroulette for iPhone that makes it possible for users to come in contact with other users and chat with them. It is one of the leading sites when it comes to sites that are meant for strangers to interact with each other.

Best sites like Chatroulette 1

Paltalk has an insanely huge user base, and that is why no matter what time you visit the site, you’ll never run out of strangers to talk with. You’ll always find hundreds and thousands of people online all the time.

Best sites like Chatroulette

How Paltalk works is just like any other video chat site out there. There are thousands of chat rooms that exist at the same time without any issues. 

These chat rooms are made to bring together strangers that share common interests thus establishing an ideal environment for a healthy exchange of ideas and a quality conversation. Paltalk is available for all platforms out there.

The cross-platform functionality of such sites is one of the best things about them. In addition to downloading the software on your PC and Mac, you can also download the application for Android and iOS smartphones.

You also get the option of directly using the Paltalk Express in case you don’t wish to download any software or application for your convenience.

Download App on Google Play Store

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4. Chatville

Chatville is the fourth website on this list of the best sites like Chatroulette. It is an ideal alternative to Chatville, given that it offers quality features quite efficiently. It is a social media platform made for meeting strangers and talking with them.

Best Sites Like Chatroulette-3

One of the unique features that Chatville offers is that it also gives you the option of creating or joining an already created group chat room which can have up to 4 people at a time. It’s quite thrilling, to be honest. Besides that, you also can just simply look for a single stranger to talk to and have fun with. 

Just like any other website that allows strangers to meet and talk, Chatville also uses the interests of strangers to bring together strangers with common interests, hence creating an ideal environment for conversation.

You can easily connect to a video chat with a stranger and spend quality time talking with them about things you like and exchanging ideas and opinions.

You’ll need an account to use Chatville, which you can easily make by signing up on the website. It is a fairly easy process, and the website is completely safe to use as well.

5. Chatrandom

The name says all about it. Chatrandom is yet another site like Chatroulette. It is designed to bring together strangers that share common interests so they can chat with each other and exchange ideas.

Best Sites Like Chatroulette-4

Just like any other websites mentioned in this list so far, every user of this website has the option of staying completely anonymous while they encounter totally random strangers and hold conversations with them.

Anonymity is one of the most crucial things when it comes to meeting and talking with strangers and should be taken quite seriously. 

After all, we can never be too safe. With that being said, Chatrandom ensures the safety of its users by guaranteeing anonymity. It is one of the best chat sites out there designed for meeting strangers and is an ideal alternative to Chatroulette.

It has a huge user base and you’ll never face the scarcity of people to talk to. One of the best features about this site is that it also has the support for a group chat room, which no matter what anyone says, is always a lot of fun to be a part of. All of these features combined together make this an ideal alternative to Chatroulette.

6. Bazoocam

With an interesting name, Bazoocam is the sixth website on our list of the best websites similar to Chatroulette. It was launched way back in 2010 and is still used by a large number of people even today.

However, that was not the case back then when it was launched. Bazoocam was launched in French, and in the beginning, only French people used it. Later when it started gaining popularity, it spread to the other European countries as well.

Best Sites Like Chatroulette-5

It consistently continued to grow, and now it has a wide user base that is spread across the world. Although a large number of people are still French on Bazoocam.

Some might not like this part about this platform. Regardless of pointless things like that, Bazoocam is one of the best sites for meeting strangers out there.

You can easily connect cam to cam with a stranger that shares common interests with you and spend quality time exchanging thoughts and opinions with them.

One downside of Bazoocam is that unfortunately, over the past few months, a large number of fake accounts have taken over the site and you might stumble across a bot being used for advertisement.

It is not the only victim of that. Many other chat sites, even Chatrandom and Omegle aren’t safe from these elements.

7. Shagle

Shagle and Chatroulette are sites that can be called rivals of each other. They were both launched around the same time and have been gaining users and popularity since then.

It is a popular video chat site that is preferred by many people across the globe, making it one of the best alternatives to Chatroulette.

Best Sites Like Chatroulette-6

Shagle is known to have one of the largest user bases of all time when it comes to social media platforms like these where you can meet random strangers and talk to them.

It is an ideal platform for meeting strangers and bonding with them. Using Shagle is fairly easy. The user interface is pretty friendly and there are no complications whatsoever. The site itself is pretty well optimized and loads quite quickly. 

Over the past few years, this platform has been focusing on improvisations for a single purpose, and that is enhancing its users’ experience.

Shagle’s user base is pretty vast and is mostly spread across numerous European countries. This is precisely why the site has almost every European language to offer so that no users face any sort of inconvenience.

8. Tinychat

Tinychat is the eighth site on our list of the best sites like Chatroulette for meeting and talking to random strangers from across the globe.

It is one of those websites that go way back in time. Tinychat was launched before Chatroulette and is quite old, to be honest. However, that has never been an obstacle in the way of climbing up to the top.

Best Sites Like Chatroulette-7

Yes, that’s right. Tinychat is one of the fastest-growing websites out there that is similar to Chatroulette and Omegle. It is an ideal platform for bonding with random strangers from any part of the world. 

Tinychat has two ways of interaction that it offers. The first one is a chat room where you can find more than one person to talk to, it’s like a group chat room, and the second one being an individual chat room where you and a random stranger can talk to and get to know each other.

Tinychat doesn’t offer any special features and focuses on being simple, plain and lays emphasis on constantly improving the experience it provides to its users.

9. Meetzur

There’s a slight chance you might have come across the name Meetzur. The chance is slight as it is a newly launched website that serves the same purpose as the sites mentioned in this article so far do. Meetzur is a hub where you can find random strangers to talk to via video chat or plain texting.

Best Sites Like Chatroulette-8

However, it is a slightly different social media platform. The reason behind that is this platform isn’t a place only for meeting strangers.

Meetzur also allows its users to post comments and status, which makes it more like a proper social media platform similar to Reddit, Facebook, and other applications of the same sort. 

This is too big of a feature to be just called extra. Despite Meetzur being fairly new to the world, it is growing day by day at an insane rate and its user base is expanding rapidly.

The best part about newly launched websites such as this one is that they are really well optimized and more secure, so you are less likely to stumble across any bots, fake accounts, inappropriate advertisements, etc. 

All of these features when combined together make it a complete package that is much more than just another website for meeting strangers. You need an account to use Meetzur and you also have the option of signing in via your existing Facebook account.

10. Funyo

Funyo is yet another ideal sites like chatroulette for mac and is a great place to hang out with random strangers and find new friends. It is a social media platform equipped with features that intend to make your social networking experience an exceptional one.

Best Sites Like Chatroulette-9

The Funyo community is quite vast and boasts a huge user base. The website’s user interface is simple and beginner-friendly, and it offers various categories for browsing through strangers you can talk to anytime you wish. 

You get the option of being a part of a group chat room that can have up to four strangers at a time and you also get the option of talking to a single stranger in a private chat room made for only two people.

Funyo doesn’t hold back any cards when it comes to providing an ideal user experience and is quite popular worldwide precisely for that. 

You get several customization options that are intended for helping you find the right kind of stranger you’re looking for which is rare, even on websites of these types.

You can easily come across strangers that share the same interests as you using the unique features it has to offer. This makes Funyo one of the best alternative sites to Chatroulette out there.


Where can I chat with strangers?

There are multiple apps available on the web that allows you to talk to random strangers around the world. One of the most popular among them is Omgele which connects you with strangers with whom you can talk as long as you wish to or skip them for another.

Is there anything better than Chatroulette?

Yes, you can find a lot of apps that are better than Chatroulette. For example, Omegle, Hiyak, etc., are some of the most popular video chat apps for strangers that are much safer to use than Chatroulette and are less controversial.

Are Video Chat Apps safe to use?

Not all chat apps are safe or legit. However, some of these are tried and tested by millions of users all around the world who filter out offensive content and make it easier for users to chat with strangers.

How long has Omegle been around?

Omegle was launched in 2009 and has become popular in recent years. Users can chat with strangers from around the world through video chat as well as texting. You can keep your data anonymous, and no fee is charged. Furthermore, no sign up needed.

Does Omegle save all chats?

Omegle provides you with the option to save the chat log and even share it with other users if you wish to. Moreover, this platform saves all your chats on its servers along with the IP address you logged in to for around 120 days.

Is Chatroulette still available?

Yes, Chatroulette is still available for users around the world. You can use it to chat with random strangers via video calls as well as texting.


Chatroulette is a really good place to meet random strangers and it wouldn’t be a mistake to say that Chatroulette normalized meeting strangers out of the blue and befriending them online. Meeting absolute strangers and exchanging ideas with them has its own thrills and perks, and Chatroulette made us realize that. 

However, with passing time, a lot of new websites that serve the same purpose were launched and it became kind of problematic to decide which one of them should we use.

That is precisely why in this article, we presented to you some of the best sites like Chatroulette that you can easily access and spend quality time with strangers of your choice. Now, we’ll be concluding this article hoping that you liked this article and that we helped you in finding the right alternative to Chatroulette for yourself.