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Should I Remove Steamworks Common Redistributables?

Are you a PC gamer who has encountered issues running certain games on your computer? Perhaps you’ve seen error messages like “MSVCP140.dll is missing” or “VCRUNTIME140.dll was not found” when trying to launch a game.

These errors can be frustrating and confusing, especially if you don’t know how to fix them.

Many games nowadays rely on various libraries and frameworks to run smoothly, and one of the most common ones is Steamworks Common Redistributables.

This collection of files provides essential functions for games that use the Steam platform, such as networking, input, and graphics.

Some games may not launch without these files or suffer from performance issues, crashes, or glitches.

Fortunately, there are ways to install or repair Steamworks Common Redistributables on your computer, depending on the specific error you’re facing.

In this article, we’ll explain what Steamworks Common Redistributables are, why they matter, and how to troubleshoot common issues related to them.

Whether you’re a casual or a hardcore gamer, this guide can help you get back to playing your favorite games without hiccups.

So, let’s dive in!

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What are Steamwork’s common redistributables?💁

Let’s move on to Steamworks Common Redistributables now that we’ve gotten a basic understanding of Steam. Simply said, Steamworks Common Redistributables is a free software package that includes both tools and data.

Its purpose is to optimize game settings so that the gaming experience becomes as seamless as possible with just some files added to your Windows OS.

For Steamworks Common Redistributables to function properly, these files are required.

  • OpenAL
  • PhysX
  • Visual C++ (2010, 2013, 2015)
  • .NET Framework
  • DirectX Redistributable

Steamworks Common Redistributables combines all the files, making the game’s operation easier. The Steamworks Common Redistributables can be used to include any game or program.

The needed file in the library will be installed, allowing the game to operate and update whenever a new version is released.

Valve’s owner is responsible for keeping Steamworks Common Redistributables up to date. They also distribute it to consumers via OTA updates as soon as it’s ready.

Developers used to create script code individually before the advent of Steamworks Common Redistributables. These were formerly an integral component of the game and necessitated significant effort.

It took a long time to complete. Everything has gotten incredibly simple after the release of Steamworks Common Redistributables.

Steamworks Common Redistributables files allow you to save bandwidth and storage space while in use.

The appropriate Steamworks Common Redistributables files will be installed automatically when you install the game you want. There will be no roadblocks, as your game will operate smoothly.

Here is a table that provides information on Steamworks Common Redistributables:-

Redistributable Description Purpose
Microsoft DirectX A set of APIs for multimedia and gaming Provides low-level access to hardware devices
Microsoft .NET Framework A software framework for Windows Provides a programming infrastructure for developing and running applications
Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable A set of runtime components for Visual C++ libraries Provides essential components for running applications developed with Visual C++
Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office Runtime A runtime that allows Microsoft Office to run custom functions and add-ins Provides the ability to develop and run custom add-ins and functions within Microsoft Office
Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable A set of managed libraries for game development Provides a set of tools for developing games on Windows, Xbox 360, and Windows Phone
OpenAL A cross-platform audio API Provides audio capabilities for games and other multimedia applications
PhysX A physics engine developed by NVIDIA Provides realistic physics simulation for games and other applications
Visual Studio C++ 2015 Runtime A set of runtime components for Visual C++ libraries Provides essential components for running applications developed with Visual C++ 2015

Explaining the Components of Steamworks Common Redistributables


This is a cross-platform audio API. It’s made to produce multichannel three-dimensional positional audio efficiently. Its API and standards are designed to be similar to those of OpenGL.

OpenAL is a 3D audio library that simulates attenuation (sound deterioration over distance), the Doppler effect (frequency shift due to motion), and material densities to add realism to games.

OpenAL was intended to be an open-source and standard replacement for proprietary (and generally incompatible) 3D audio APIs like Core Audio and DirectSound.

Still, it has mostly been used as a wrapper around those proprietary APIs or as a proprietary and vendor-specific fork on various platforms.

OpenAL 3D Audio Tutorial 1: Introduction

Open-source alternatives such as OpenAL Soft exist even though the reference implementation was eventually made proprietary.


Nvidia’s GameWorks software package includes an open-source real-time physics engine middleware SDK called PhysX.

PhysX-enabled video games were supposed to be accelerated by the PhysX PPU initially, but this was not the case. Dedicated PhysX cards were abandoned once Nvidia acquired Ageia in favor of running the API on GeForce GPUs.

In each situation, hardware acceleration allowed the CPU to be freed from physics computations, enabling it to focus on other activities.

Visual C++ (2010, 2013, 2015):-

Visual C++ is a Microsoft compiler that supports the C++, C, and C++/CX programming languages. Microsoft Visual C++ is a proprietary program that was first released as a separate product before being integrated into Visual Studio and made available as freeware and trialware.

.NET Framework:-

This is a Microsoft software framework that is specialized to run on Microsoft Windows. It comes with the Framework Class Library, a huge class library that allows it to function with various programming languages.

DirectX Redistributable:-

The Microsoft DirectX Redistributable package enables Windows to execute and show multimedia programs that include full-color graphics, 3D animation, video, and rich audio.

How Do Steamworks Common Redistributables Work?

You needed to install redistributables every time you downloaded a new game before Steamworks Common Redistributables was released.

This game likely needed the redistributables to run. Assume you want to play three different games and have them all downloaded.

This means your system must cope with three different Steamworks Common Redistributables files. However, once Steamworks Common Redistributables was launched, all that was required was to download the games, which would be installed immediately.

This also implies that Steamworks Common Redistributables will not be downloaded again if you get a second game. Every newly downloaded and installed game would recognize that you have previously installed the Steamworks Common Redistributables files.

Furthermore, you are not obligated to keep track of the updates to Steamworks Common Redistributables files. Steam is in charge of all updates, which occur automatically and do not take up more space than necessary.

Should I Remove Steamwork Common Redistributables?

The most obvious solution to this topic is that Steamworks Common Redistributables should not be removed. This is because Steamworks Common Redistributables is a required script for the game to operate properly and to be updated as needed.

However, if you do not want it, it is not recommended that you go to the extreme of deleting it. You may hide the Steamworks Common Redistributables from the library section instead. While you are playing or surfing, this will not create any interruptions.

As previously mentioned, Steamworks Common Redistributables saves you time and space after downloading any game.

It will check your system to determine if the files you desire are installed if you wish to download a new game. It will also search for more crucial files for the new game.

If you delete those files, you may encounter issues when starting or playing the game. The most intriguing fact is that if you delete the Steamworks Common Redistributables, they will be downloaded again when a new game is installed.

If you’re concerned about updating them manually, you won’t have to. They are often updated and optimized.

You may still wish to eliminate the Steamworks Common Redistributables despite the preceding arguments. If so, stay reading to learn more about the procedure.

What is the best way to Steamworks Common Redistributables?

As previously indicated, you will not need to remove Steamworks Common Redistributables. Deleting the game may have unforeseen consequences, such as the game not functioning correctly or crashing at some point.

As a result, you should conceal these files from the library section instead.

The methods for concealing Steamworks Common Redistributables files are straightforward. They are as follows:

Go to Steam and select the option to open the library.

Right-click the Steamworks Common Redistributables option.

Afterward, go to “manage” and “Hide this game.”

steamworks common redistributables

Wasn’t it much too simple? You won’t have to remove the files after all, and you’ll still be able to play a fun game.


Are Steamworks common redistributables required?

Steamwork’s common redistributables are required to run certain games on Steam that use specific versions of Microsoft Visual C++ and other libraries. Without these redistributables, some games may not launch or may experience errors.

What happens if you delete Steamworks?

Deleting Steamwork’s common redistributables or the Steam Workshop folder can cause some games to stop working or encounter errors. Deleting these folders is generally not recommended unless you are experiencing specific issues related to them.

Where are Steamwork’s common redistributables?

Steamworks common redistributables are typically in the “_CommonRedist” folder within the Steam installation directory. This directory contains subfolders for various libraries and runtimes that games may require to run properly.

here’s a table showing where Steamworks’ common redistributables can be found:-

Common Redistributable Location
DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010) Included in the Steamworks SDK at \redist\directx_jun2010
Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages Included in the Steamworks SDK at \redist\vc
.NET Framework Included in the Steamworks SDK at \redist\dotnet
OpenAL Included in the Steamworks SDK at \redist\openal
PhysX Included in the Steamworks SDK at \redist\physx
Nvidia Cg Toolkit Included in the Steamworks SDK at \redist\cg
Steamworks Common Redistribution Included in the Steamworks SDK at \redist\common

How do I disable Steamworks common redistributables?

There is no easy way to disable Steamworks common redistributables. If you are experiencing issues related to these files, it is recommended that you try repairing or reinstalling them instead of attempting to disable them.

Should I delete Steamworks common redistributables?

It is generally not recommended to delete Steamworks common redistributables unless you are experiencing specific issues related to them. Deleting these files can cause some games to stop working or encounter errors.

Do I need all the C++ redistributables?

Not all games require all versions of the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributables. However, some games may require specific versions of these libraries to run properly.

If you are experiencing issues with a game, it may be worth checking if it requires a specific version of the C++ redistributable.

Is it safe to delete Steam workshop?

Deleting the Steam Workshop folder can cause some games to stop working or lose access to user-generated content. Deleting this folder is generally not recommended unless you are experiencing specific issues related to it.

Will I lose everything if I uninstall Steam?

Uninstalling Steam will remove all installed games and their associated files. However, if you reinstall Steam and log in with the same account, you can redownload your games and retain your progress and save files.

Can you delete Steam workshop?

The Steam Workshop folder can be deleted, which may cause some games to stop working or lose access to user-generated content. Deleting this folder is generally not recommended unless you are experiencing specific issues related to it.

What games use Steamworks?

Many games on Steam use Steamworks for features such as multiplayer matchmaking, achievements, and cloud saves. Some notable examples include Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Portal 2, and Civilization V.

How much is the Steamworks fee?

There is no fee to use Steamworks as a developer. However, Valve takes a percentage of revenue from games sold on Steam.

Why is Steam download so slow?

Steam download speed can be affected by various factors, including network congestion, bandwidth limitations, and hardware issues.

Adjusting the download region in Steam settings, closing other bandwidth-intensive applications, and using a wired internet connection can sometimes improve download speeds.

What prerequisites do you need for Steam?

Steam requires a Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system and an internet connection to function properly. Some games may require specific hardware or software requirements listed on their store pages.

How do I stop Steam from running apps?

In Steam settings, you can disable the “run Steam when my computer starts” option to prevent Steam from launching automatically. You can exit the Steam client when you are not using it to free up system resources.

What do steamworks do?

Steamworks is a set of tools and services Valve provides to developers for use in their games. These tools include features such as matchmaking, achievements, cloud saves, and user-generated content through the Steam Workshop.

Steamworks also allows developers to sell their games on the Steam platform and provides tools for marketing and analytics.

When should I uninstall Steam games?

You may want to uninstall Steam games if you no longer play them or need to free up disk space. However, uninstalling a game will also remove all associated files, including saved data and mods.

Does Steam make Steamworks?

Steamworks is a set of tools and services provided by Valve, which operates the Steam platform. Steamworks is designed for developers to integrate their games with the Steam platform and its features.

Is it OK to delete Microsoft Visual C++?

Deleting any version of the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributables is generally not recommended unless you are experiencing specific issues related to them. Some games require these libraries to run properly, and deleting them can cause issues.

Is it OK to delete Microsoft C++?

Deleting any version of Microsoft Visual C++ redistributables is not recommended unless you are experiencing specific issues related to them. Some games require these libraries to run properly, and deleting them can cause issues.

Is it okay to delete Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable?

Deleting any version of the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributables is generally not recommended unless you are experiencing specific issues related to them. These libraries are required by some games to run properly and deleting them can cause issues.

Is Steam Workshop virus free?

The Steam Workshop platform is generally considered safe and virus-free. However, exercising caution and avoiding downloading and installing mods or content from untrusted sources is still important.

Does Steam Workshop scan for malware?

Steam Workshop does not scan for malware. It is up to the user to exercise caution and only download and install mods or content from trusted sources.

Does uninstalling Steam remove mods?

Uninstalling a game through Steam will also remove any mods or user-generated content associated with that game. However, some mods may be saved in separate folders and will not be removed by uninstalling the game.

What happens if I buy a game on Steam and uninstall it?

If you uninstall a game on Steam that you have purchased, it will be removed from your library and you can no longer play it. However, you can reinstall the game anytime by navigating to its store page and clicking “Install.”

Why did everything uninstall on Steam?

If all of your games and associated files have been uninstalled on Steam, it may be due to a technical issue or user error. It is important to ensure that you are not accidentally deleting important files or folders and to back up your game regularly saves.

Is it bad to uninstall and reinstall games on Steam?

Uninstalling and reinstalling games on Steam can sometimes help resolve game files or settings issues. However, doing so frequently may be time-consuming and could result in loss of progress or saved data.

How do I clean up my Steam Workshop files?

To clean up Steam Workshop files, navigate to the Workshop folder in your Steam installation directory and delete any files or folders associated with mods or content you no longer use or want.

Why do some games have Steam Workshop?

Some games have Steam Workshop integration, allowing players to create and share mods, custom maps, and other user-generated content. This can add additional replay value and customization options for players.

How do I clear Steam Workshop cache?

To clear the Steam Workshop cache, exit the Steam client and navigate to the Workshop folder in your Steam installation directory. Delete any files or folders associated with cached data.

How do I know if Steamworks own a game?

You can check if a game is owned by Steamworks by looking for the Steamworks logo on the game‘s store page on the Steam platform.

Games that use Steamworks integration will typically have features such as achievements, cloud saves, and multiplayer matchmaking.

Do all Steam games have Steam Workshop?

Not all Steam games have Steam Workshop integration. However, many games on the platform do have support for user-generated content and mods through the Steam Workshop.

Are the steamworks random?

Steamworks is a set of tools and services Valve provides to developers for use in their games. Steamworks features are not random but are rather integrated into games by developers who choose to use them.

Is Steam a monthly fee?

Steam does not require a monthly fee to use. However, some games on the platform may have their subscription fees or require additional purchases to access certain content or features.

Is Steamworks net free?

Steamworks is provided to developers by Valve free of charge. However, Valve takes a percentage of revenue from games sold on the Steam platform.

Do Steam mods cost money?

Many mods on Steam Workshop are available for free, but some may require payment or be part of a paid content pack or expansion. It is important to check the mod’s page for pricing and payment options information.

Is Steam throttling my download?

Steam may throttle download speeds to prevent network congestion and ensure that other users on the network have adequate bandwidth. However, it is also possible that download speeds are being affected by other factors such as network configuration or hardware issues.

Can I force Steam to download faster?

Several ways to potentially improve download speeds on Steam include adjusting the download region, pausing other bandwidth-intensive applications, and using a wired internet connection.

What is a good download speed for Steam?

Download speeds on Steam can vary depending on various factors, but a good download speed is generally considered around 10-20 Mbps.

Why don’t more games use Steam workshop?

Not all games require user-generated content or mods, and some developers may use other platforms or methods for integrating such features into their games.

Is there a limit to Steam workshop?

There is no official limit to the amount of content that can be uploaded to the Steam Workshop, but some individual mods or items may have size or content restrictions.

How do I play Steam games without updating?

To play a Steam game without updating, you can disconnect your computer from the internet and launch the game offline. However, some games may not function properly without updates and patches.

Is Steam necessary for gaming?

Steam is not strictly necessary for gaming, but it is a popular platform for purchasing and playing games on PC. Some games may require Steam integration for features such as multiplayer matchmaking or achievements.

Do all PC games require Steam?

Not all PC games require Steam integration or use the Steam platform. However, many games on PC are available for purchase and play through the Steam storefront.

What happens if you delete Steamworks?

If a game developer removes Steamworks integration, the game may stop working as intended on Steam.

For example, the game may fail to connect to Steam servers, and features like achievements and cloud saves may stop working.

Steamworks cannot be deleted like a file or folder. Game developers must modify their game’s codebase to remove Steamworks integration.

Where are steamworks common redistributables?

Steamworks Common Redistributables is a software package for game developers provided by Valve Corporation. It includes libraries and tools for game development and deployment across multiple systems.

Access to the Steamworks Common Redistributables requires registration with Steamworks and obtaining the Steamworks SDK, which has a “redist” package that includes redistributable software for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Game developers can bundle the necessary redistributable packages with their game installation files, ensuring the game runs smoothly on players’ systems without any issues.

How big are Steamwork’s common redistributables?

The most recent Steamworks SDK version was 1.52, and the Windows “redist” package was approximately 291 MB.

However, the size may have changed depending on the Steamworks SDK version and included redistributable packages.

What are Steamworks for?

Steamworks is an essential toolset for game developers to integrate their games with the Steam platform and provide a better player experience while reaching a broad audience.

Is Steamwork’s common redistributables necessary?

Steamworks Common Redistributables are essential for game development and deployment on different systems.

For Steam releases, game developers must include required redistributable packages with the installation files.

Game developers must determine the required redistributable packages for proper installation on their intended platforms if not released on Steam.

Is it okay to uninstall Steamwork’s common redistributables?

It’s not recommended to uninstall Steamworks Common Redistributables as they’re critical for game functionality.

Uninstalling the packages could cause game malfunctions. To uninstall games that no longer require Steamworks Common Redistributables, they should be uninstalled through Steam.


In conclusion, Steamworks Common Redistributables are essential for game developers who want to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for their players.

By including these redistributables in your game package, you can save players the headache of downloading and installing them separately.

This streamlines the installation process and enhances the overall gaming experience by eliminating potential technical glitches.

Furthermore, Steamworks Common Redistributables are regularly updated, ensuring that your game remains compatible with the latest versions of Windows and other operating systems.

This means that your players can continue to enjoy your game without any interruption caused by compatibility issues.

So if you’re a game developer looking to provide a seamless gaming experience for your players, Steamworks Common Redistributables are worth considering.

By taking advantage of this powerful tool, you can improve the overall quality of your game and keep your players happy and engaged for years to come.