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21 Stores like Revolve To Satisfy Your Fashion Cravings

Revolve is one of the most popular designer websites for trendy and contemporary clothing. It began as a joint venture between two friends.

Apart from its in-house collections, it has expanded significantly by cooperating with several well-known companies worldwide.

Revolve, currently based in California, is a socially conscious company. Its clothing is consequently suited for American youth who live a fast-paced and socially active lifestyle.

Revolve goes above and beyond by selling accessories, beauty, makeup, skincare essentials, purses, footwear, swimwear, loungewear, and so on, and a wide range of fashionable clothing.

Additionally, they have a section on their website called ‘Hotlists’ where you can shop the most popular and current clothing items and whole ensembles.

But giving other stores like Revolve a shot is always a must to help users explore more options and trends from across the globe. 

Other stores are listed below to give you more options because we all know there is never enough fashion apparel.

Check out this list of 21 top stores like Revolve worth trying and spending money on!

Top Stores like Revolve To Get Your Fashion Fix👌

1. Zaful 

Look no further than this excellent web store, one of the most fantastic fashion stores like Revolve, operating globally if you’re looking for stylish and fast fashionable clothing.

Zaful is your one-stop store for today’s most daring and edgy fashion wear.

Their women’s apparel designs are all about reinventing trends, creative intelligence, and excellent quality to meet the needs of any aspiring fashionista, all at cheap costs.

Best Stores like Revolve

Their unrivaled selection of prints, patterns, styles, and materials is worth considering. You won’t find almost anything at this online clothes company, from flowers to animal patterns, from formal dress to stay-at-home pajamas, from athleisure to lingerie, and from holiday wear to party costumes.

Also, don’t miss out on their extensive accessory selection, which includes sunglasses, hats, jewelry, scarves, bags, and footwear, among other things.

You can also browse products based on current trends while on their website.

2. Betsey Johnson 

Betsey Johnson is the fashion line of the same-named designer, which sells garments, accessories, prom basics, footwear, purses, cosmetics, skincare necessities, fragrances, and much more!

This is, indeed, your one-stop store for all things fashion.

Betsey Johnson Fall 2019

Casuals, formals, sleepwear, athleisure, loungewear, intimates, and a fantastic selection of winter coats can all be found in this exclusive apparel collection.

You can keep up with the latest fashion trends by visiting the Betsey Johnson website.

Their artistic jewelry collection, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, pins, and earrings, is worth checking out.

Furthermore, the brand provides gift choices as well as home décor items. Thus, it is a great option among all the available stores like Revolve.

3. Boohoo 

Boohoo, an online fashion store based in the United Kingdom, was founded in 2006 and added roughly 500 new products to its website every week. As a result, you’ll always have the most up-to-date styles at affordable prices.

They make fashion accessible and enjoyable for everyone, allowing each girl to design the wardrobe of her dreams by embracing her uniqueness. They have items starting at $10 and accessories starting at $4.

They provide a wealth of selections for you to pick from, with fresh collections and updated styles. You name it, and they have it!

They have everything from the gym to maternity wear, plus size apparel to casual daywear, and trendy tops to prom gowns! They have slots available for Express delivery.

As a result, you can expect your orders within four working days. They also provide a 45-day money-back guarantee and are thus among the highly preferred stores like Revolve to be available globally.

4. Chico’s 

Chico’s is one of the most popular fashion stores like Revolve because of its vibrant colors, bold designs, one-of-a-kind handcrafted details, problem-solving styles, and fantastic personal stylists that build lasting relationships with consumers.

Best Stores like Revolve 1

Apart from their 24-hour shopping internet, Chico’s has over 600 walk-in boutiques.

With body-enhancing technology and a fit that genuinely flatters, they create machine-washable styles, reversible items, and no-iron shirts. They also have styles for petite and tall, and curvy women.

There is no better location to satisfy your fashion needs than here, with everything from drool-worthy gowns to eccentric drape tops and accessories that will give your ensemble something extra.

And who can say no to shopping for luxury clothing when the costs are so low? So, with Chico’s fashion attire, walk out into your chic avatar.

Plus, they’ve got you covered if you’re looking for style inspiration for the day or a special occasion.

Join their mailing list for VIP access to new collections, unique promotions, and a 20% discount on your next order.

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5. Dress Lily

Dress Lily tagline is “Praise Every Body,” which perfectly encapsulates their idea of fashion for everyone, regardless of body shape or size.

They empower women to unleash their beauty with sophisticated tailor-made designs thanks to their economical designer women’s apparel.

Therefore, this is one of the best stores like Revolve for buyers.

They offer consumers globally, supplying them with attractive offers in fashion apparel, with unique floral, polka-dot, and plaid patterns and clothing to cater to occasional diverse demands and theme designs such as gothic dresses, retro and vintage dresses, and tops.

In addition, their web store has charming accessories and home décor basics. Dress Lily ships to over 100 countries globally, comparable to Revolve. They provide exclusive 15% discounts to all new users and up to 90% off on all sale items!

6. Forever 21

Forever 21 is one of the well-known stores like Revolve that has received a lot of attention from fashionistas worldwide.

As a result of the company’s success, the founders have opened physical Forever 21 stores in many places worldwide.

21 Stores like Revolve To Satisfy Your Fashion Cravings

It was founded in 1984 and now sells high-end fashion items such as dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, athleisure, sleepwear, and accessories for women and men.

They also have outfits based on the occasion to choose from formal, casual, party, and holiday attire categories. Forever 21 is known for its fashionable clothing at affordable pricing.

Aside from that, they recently launched Riley Rose, a beauty and cosmetics product line. While on their website, you may consult their fashion and beauty blog, Forever Yours, for advice on selecting an outfit or appearance.

This blog also finds beauty hacks, recipes, wellness ideas, and more. They have frequent promotions with steep discounts, so they regularly watch this online clothes company.

7. FORWARD by Elyse Walker

FORWARD, one of the top stores like Revolve, exceeds typical e-commerce with its first-class customer service, an elusive roster of designers, and high-end luxury labels, translating conventional brick-and-mortar boutique themes into a distinctive and exclusive online shopping experience.

This website is home to all the leading fashion names and an ever-changing statement of women’s apparel collections, ranging from iconic Maisons de couture to the latest emerging talents.

Top fashion labels such as Givenchy, Burberry, Gucci, Stella McCartney, and Isabel Marant are represented.

You’ll never run out of possibilities here; they have many clothing selections, like flowery dresses, denim skirts, fashionable tops, intimate wear, trousers, shirts, blouses, etc.

Aside from that, the website sells handbags, footwear, jewelry, hats, sunglasses, and skincare and beauty routine needs. Although the prices on this website are on the higher end of the scale, this is expected given that the clothing and accessories are from high-end brands.

You can, however, always wait for the products to go on sale when they are available at considerably lower costs and with significant discounts.

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8. Garage Clothing

This online clothing company is based in Canada and is a Group Dynamite subsidiary brand label. Garage Clothing, one of the famous stores like Revolve, is one of the most popular shopping websites because of its walk-in storefronts located worldwide.

It sells casual daytime attire that is effortlessly stylish and geared for free-spirited young ladies. The clothing they sell is frequently designer-inspired. Their pricing is consistently fair and economical.

Garage Clothing is a terrific place to go if you’re seeking fashion essentials to mix and match with different outfits. Graphic tees, tanks, denim shorts, ripped jeans, and crop cardigans are just a few options.

They have you covered for any season, occasion, and mood, from feminine florals to lovely small embellishments, cold and neutral tones, to fresh blasts of vibrant hues.

Their recently introduced Spring and Summer’s collection is worth checking since it features the season’s must-have trends. Furthermore, you will not be dissatisfied with the prices, which are sure to be much reduced!

9. Goodnight Macaroon

Goodnight Macaroon, like Revolve, is a classic and high-quality online clothing store with on-trend, kawaii, and casual apparel for ladies.

They have everything you need to look beautiful, from boots to bikinis to party gowns.

Their turtleneck sweater collection is well worth a purchase. And you get it all for a meager price. On their e-store, new products are uploaded daily, with over 100 goods added weekly.

You can also use this e-store as a gift-giving destination to send gifts to friends and relatives.

Goodnight Macaroon has handpicked looks in the Instashop category, one of their distinctive characteristics. As a result, you may get an entire outfit in one go, including accessories, clothing, and footwear.

You can search for products based on best sellers and most popular items. You may also get style advice and weekend outfit ideas on the website’s fashion and beauty blog.

10. Morning Lavender 

Morning Lavender is an adorable yet elegant online retailer known for its light and casual clothes collections featuring florals or cool pastels.

They offer bridal gowns that are both affordable and on-trend. Kim Le Pham, a wedding photographer and fashion blogger, founded this website with its ultra-feminine Couture.

They’ve created a vogue clothing collection that includes anything from flocked velvet bomber jackets to suede mules for under $100. Gowns, sparkly maxi dresses, tiny crop tops, and skirts are among the most appealing styles in this store.

Their apparel pieces and styles are handpicked and updated regularly for the modern woman on the run. As a result, their line is timeless, affordable, and feminine.

They do the searching and styling for you, making your outfits easier and more attractive, which will undoubtedly turn some heads.

10. Nordstrom

Initially, it was a little shoe store in Seattle. Nordstrom has become one of the world’s most significant fashion and lifestyle (in-store and online) shops.

21 Stores like Revolve To Satisfy Your Fashion Cravings

Customers can choose from diverse clothing, shoes, and accessories for ladies, men, and children. Nordstrom designers claim to have a keen sense of style, and as a result, their products cater to individuals, assisting them in embracing their individuality.

From garments and accessories to home basics and designer collections, they have it all thanks to their brand and retail collaborations.

You’ll also find skincare and beauty products and items from high-end fashion labels like Gucci, Chanel, Nike, etc.

They also provide stay-at-home outfits, wedding outfits, formal, plus and little clothing, and nearly every piece of fashion you could want.

Other benefits include free shipping, free returns, and mobile shopping, all of which will make your shopping experience on the website unique and gratifying. Thus it is one of the highly preferred shopping stores like Revolve.

11. Pixie Market

This women’s apparel website is well-known for its environmentally friendly items and long-term sustainability. Natural fibers such as Tencel, Lyocell, Modal, Linen, and organic cotton are used.

Pixie Market carries the most up-to-date womenswear and high-quality accessories, all inspired by the latest trends.

You can go through their ever-changing variety of attractive tops, trendy dresses, fashionable purses, and jewelry, among other things.

They combine runway looks with the current trends from independent style influencers worldwide to create their looks. Furthermore, they constantly update their collections, ensuring you will always discover something new to complement your style.

You can show off your unique style without breaking the bank with jumpsuits, playsuits, tops, dresses, outerwear, skirts, and more.

Their Spring Sale is running, with a flat 20% discount on all products. So hurry up and acquire some of the best looks for the year. Pixie Market is, therefore, one of the best stores like Revolve.

12. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren clothes are undoubtedly in your thoughts if you are a fashionista. It is one of the most prestigious luxury fashion and design stores like revolve, having pioneered luxury fashion for both ladies and men.

Among their high-end luxury trends are polos to denim, bohemian dresses, feminine lace tops, formal wear, skirts, watches, jewelry, and bags. 

You can purchase at one of their freestanding locations or on their website, which also sells designer items from other businesses.

The Collective, Zalora, HBX, and others are among them. Ralph Lauren’s clothing and accessories are highly pricey due to its reputation as a high-end designer label. 

13. Reformation

Reformation, a trendy and recommended store like Revolve, provides high-quality fashion items and easygoing silhouettes for women who value femininity and elegance.

Fashion clothing is offered in a wide range of sizes here, making it accessible to people of all shapes and sizes.

They have it all to awaken the trendy diva inside you, from dresses that will surely make you appear gorgeous to shirts that will add charm to your appearance, denim jeans defining all your curves, to bridal wear for brides and their bridesmaids.

The brand is environmentally responsible, with various walk-in stores across the world in addition to a website.

They are constantly working on upgrading to more environmentally friendly processes and coming up with new ways to lessen the influence of fashion on the nearby environment.

Reformation also boasts of its one-of-a-kind feature: a wedding salon. Brides-to-be can contact their stylists, designers, and other professionals for personalized styles for their big day.

14. Shopbop

Shopbop, one of the best shopping stores like Revolve, is one of the top fashion websites. It features well-curated clothing and accessories collections from the industry’s most prestigious contemporary and designer companies.

21 Stores like Revolve To Satisfy Your Fashion Cravings

They have an extremely user-friendly website where you can locate precisely what you’re looking for. They feature an ‘Outfit Energizers’ section where you can select fashionable accessories for your clothes.

Other categories, such as Top 10 Looks of the Month, Most Hearted Styles, What’s New, Editor’s Picks, and so on, will allow you to choose the season’s newest must-haves.

Shopbop’s apparel assortment is so vast and constantly expanding that you’ll never run out of options when purchasing.

They have tops, dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, skirts, wedding necessities, and much more to suit everyone’s style. Additionally, their website features prominent designer collections. 

15. White House Black Market

One of the top alternative stores like Revolve, White House Black Market, is every trend-setter’s go-to destination.

It is filled with exclusive signature designs and specially curated collections to inspire you to celebrate the art of polished and refined style.

They combine excellent craftsmanship that reflects from fabric to color, from cut to distinguishing details that always stand out to create effortless, tailor-made fashion. Your day-to-day needs inspire their designs.

Step out effortlessly with exclusive, flexible attire from this brand from desk to dinner, workweek to weekend. Customers can also get individual styling services as a bonus when they shop on their website.

These stylists will assist you in expressing your style and embracing your femininity via clothing. 

16. ASOS

ASOS is like Revolve, one of the leading online fashion boutique websites, stocking designer wear and fashion items from diverse brands.

It has several styles that are similar to those on Revolve. They believe in diversity and fashion for everyone as a brand.

As a result, their items are available in more than 30 sizes. They’ve teamed with an LGBTQ organization to develop a gender-neutral fashion wear collection as a step toward inclusion. They also promote body positivity regularly.

Customers can shop for apparel, beauty, personal care goods, accessories, footwear, and activewear, among other things.

ASOS serves internationally and offers free shipping on orders over $40. They have a no-hassle return policy of 28 days.

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17. Lord & Taylor

Lord & Taylor is one of the oldest luxury department stores in the United States, with a long history of providing trendy merchandise to its consumers.

With a history dating back to 1826, Lord & Taylor knows a thing or two about running retail stores, such as quality, style, and service.

It also has a long history of firsts, including being one of the first businesses on now-famous Fifth Street, the first to have an elevator, and the first to have a female president.

You’ll have access to the Lord & Taylor fashion collection, which follows industry trends, whether you visit the flagship location in New York, one of the other 50-odd locations, or the internet store.

Clothing for men and women and things for the house are sourced primarily from American designers and blended with their product lines.

18. Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman is a ready-to-wear clothing line for ladies (dresses, shirts, bottoms, and jumpsuits) and swimwear, bridal, and various children’s swimwear options.

The line of apparel items provides a distinctive look that can be simple and showcase the feminine form while still being designed based on distinctive and distinct fabric prints. 

Mara Hoffman’s approach to garment manufacture, which ensures the planet’s sustainability, goes hand in hand with her easygoing and straightforward lifestyle designs.

Most focus on using approved products and recycling to reduce the environmental effect.

Meanwhile, Mara Hoffman is devoted to ensuring that the clothes workers are treated decently and that the designs are made with waste and material usage in mind.

The assortment of products sold at Mara Hoffman is great for beach hiking, going out with friends, beach weddings, and more for regulars to the beach or going out in the hot months.

19. Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller, named after its co-founder, sells high-end designer apparel in various styles.

Nicole Miller offers a little bit of everything for the keen-eyed fashion fan with artful, stylish, exotic, casual, fashionable, contemporary, and even resort/boho-influenced pieces.

Nicole Miller has grown the Nicole Miller brand from a tiny shop to a well-known brand name. She is known for her ability to develop timeless designs with a sense of modern basics.

Hundreds of featured products are accessible through the official Nicole Miller storefront, with a price range of several hundred dollars, serving essentially dresses with some separates and accessories. Items can also be purchased in person at California and New York locations.

20. Juicy Couture

Providing opulent stuff for women, Juicy Couture is known for bringing the lifestyle and flair of Los Angeles to the rest of the world.

Juicy Couture’s rise as a high-end designer brand has been continuous since 1997, concentrating on the dress and casual wear (modern). It is a popular and one of the top-rated fashion stores like revolve. 

Juicy Couture has grown from strength to strength with an expanded line that includes purses, swimsuits, shoes, baby gear, and its characteristic velour tracksuits.

Most products are mid-to-high-price, appealing to a celebrity and upmarket contemporary clientele. Juicy Couture had approximately 200 stores in the United States at its peak, yet these were gradually shuttered in 2014.

Items from Juicy Couture are currently primarily available online or through other merchants worldwide.


Which is the best quality online shopping?

Suppose you are looking for premium luxury items for shopping for clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. Net-A-Porter is the best. You will get the most extensive inventory of designer brands. From trendy to edgy, several styles are available.

What are some websites like Lulus?

Top online stores like Lulus are Missguided, Fashion Nova, ASOS, Mango, ZAFUL, Pretty Little Thing, Pixie Market, & Other Stories.

Which online clothing brand is best?

The top online sites for shopping include Ajio, Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon, LimeRoad, Tata Cliq, H&M, Zara, etc.

What are the three biggest online shopping sites?

Amazon.com, amazon.co.jp, and ebay.com are among the most significant sites for e-commerce shopping.

Which online store is the cheapest?

Amazon was launched in 2013 to sell books. Only later they started selling clothes, electronics, mobiles, furniture, and other products. Amazon has ranked among the cheapest sites for shopping.

Is Lulus cheap?

The brand considers itself an affordable option for luxury shopping. About 90% of the clothes sold on the site are exclusive.

Is Revolve fast fashion?

Revolve is an expensive fast fashion. You may get various brand options and pay more compared to its competitors.

What are other websites like REVOLVE?

Some popular options include:-

Urban Outfitters
Free People
Forever 21

What is the sister brand of REVOLVE?

The sister brand of REVOLVE is called FORWARD by Elyse Walker. It was launched in 2008 and is also an online fashion retailer focusing on designer fashion and luxury brands.


Because everyone buys from the same sources, shopping from the best fashion websites may be complex. Creating your distinct style and enhancing your personality might be a game-changer for fashion-conscious teenagers.

So, with this list of top shopping stores like Revolve, you’ll never run out of options for staying in style, being trendy, and flaunting your fashion sense.

Give a shot at the stores available in this list, which are also the top alternative stores like Revolve, to get the best fashion sense for your wardrobe and the trendiest outfits to style yourself.