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17 Stores like Urban Outfitters – Style on a Budget

When it comes to fashion, we all become some fashionista. With the advancement of modern science, it’s pretty cool to access many online clothing stores such as Urban Outfitters and many more stores like Urban Outfitters.

Urban Outfitters is a kind of all-in-one store that can provide you with a range of clothes, from skinny jeans to chic jackets, from a streamlined dress to casual outfits for a day, from chinos to fit jeans, from a normal t-shirt to a funky tee.

The urban outfitter is there to provide you with any outfit you want. 

Clothing Stores like Urban Outfitters – Our Pick👌

However, If what you are looking for does not end in Urban outfitters stores, some stores like Urban outfitters may help you find your perfect attire for a night party, a perfect date, or just a normal tee.

1. Forever 21

The first store fashionistas should check Forever 21. Forever 21 is a store like urban outfitter that can provide you with any clothing item you seek.

The name itself suggests its clothing offers as it provides you with dresses that are forever 21. 

Forever 21 is most known for its trendy fashion and classic looks at economical pricing, thus gaining fame in less time in the fashion industry.

FOREVER 21 | Premium Authentic Denim

The carbon copy of Urban outfitters, Forever 21, offers clothing items, irrespective of sex and age; it also allows users to look through different ranges from accessories to beauty products to home goods. 

Forever 21 sells women, men’s, and children’s accessories in the fashion industry, thus attaining the title of ‘stores like urban outfitters.

It is considered one of the most searched brands in the list of online clothing stores that offer its services at a pretty affordable rate, thus making it one of the most loved brands. 

When looking for clothing that contains modernity, western, and stylish essence in it yet is comfortable.

Forever 21 is the best store like urban outfitters, that endeavors to bring your 21 looks. If you are finding a replacement for Urban outfitters, then Forever 21 is the best-to-go store.

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2. Free people

In the early days, Urban Outfitters was named on the aim it wanted to broadcast. The store’s name was Free People, whose aim in the back days was to let people freely showcase their selves through their choice of clothes and accessories. 

Clothing Stores like Urban Outfitters

With the rapid growth, the branches changed their names to Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. Still, some original Free People workers wanted to work for their real aim: courage, spirit, and femininity. 

From there started the beginning of the Free People store, just like Urban outfitters. Urban Outfitters customers can also search for any clothing item from the root of Urban outfitters.

Women can especially surf Free People stores for bohemia fashion, thus expressing music, travel, and art along with their free sense of fashion.

Free People for the Creative Spirit with Indy Officinalis

It broadcasts the latest trendy and vintage collection for strong expressing independent women. So if you are looking for stores like Urban Outfitters, searching for clothing hitmen in its root, Free People, may help you.

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3. Anthropologie

The third place for a store like Urban Outfitter goes to Anthropologie. We all try to wear jubilant neon colors to feel the light breeze during the warmest season, summer.

If you are looking for bright, bold floral colors, Anthropologies is at your service. 

Clothing Stores like Urban Outfitters 1

It is one of the stores that took inspiration from Urban Outfitters but wanted to do something for women aged 30-45. Anthropologie’s founder wanted to create a shop that let women of any age express their fashion without worrying about society’s age boundary.

The clothing may not be as bold and low cut as the outfits offered by Urban outfitters, but it does not disappoint you in offering bold, stylish, jaw-dropping dresses in its stores for women of any age. 

One of the most important aspects modern women seek is the availability of plus-size dresses in such stores for expressing themselves.

Anthropologie is the best substitution stores like urban outfitters, that also fulfill the needs of women with young hearts and beautiful figures irrespective of their size.

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4. Tobi

Tobi is one of the stores like Urban outfitters that serves more than 100+ countries around the globe, thus acquiring the place of one of the most seller online stores.

It is one of the LA-based fast-fashion stores that offer women the dress of their imagination. 

Tobi’s sight is on attaining the titles of stores that provide customers with the latest fashion faster. The main aim of Tobi is to let the young girls feel confident in their skin by wearing the clothes of their choice and style as well as comfortable.

It has an umpteenth number of styles in its wardrobe, from bodysuits to chicky yet appealing crop tops, from little black dresses too classy and posh formal suits, to off-shoulder floral dresses, too flouncy rompers, to any dress your heart desires.

Tobi is the best store like Urban Outfitters, which serves women the best dressing style, leaving them satisfied and confident in their dresses.

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When scavenger hunting for stores like Urban Outfitters, we can’t add ASOS. Like Tobi, Asos motivates its client to feel comfortable in their skin and flaunts its fashion trend with heads held high.

It wants its client to have freedom of who they are irrespective of some prying eyes and what is best other than expressing themselves through their choice of clothing.

Clothing Stores like Urban Outfitters 2

Asos does not let customers get disappointed because of their beautiful figures; it offers you your dream dress in any size you want.

It contains different outfit options ranging from a boho tee to a cute floral tee, plain jeans to rocking neon color jeans, and flowy gown to bodycon dress. It does not disappoint its customers in its style and fashion statement.

Site searching for stores like Urban Outfitters, Asos serves you both genders’ clothing items, from girls’ floral dresses and classy suits to men’s formal suits.

If not ASOS, fashion icons like you can also try Pretty Little Things, Amazon, and Newlook.

6. Mango

Like the tangy yet the sweet and fresh taste of mango, the Mango brand also offers fresh yet tangy dresses to make you a fashion statement.

Mango makes clothes that give remembrance of Mediterranean style and offer vibrant colors complimenting girls’ figures.


It aims at urban women aged 18 to 40. It has become one of the known brands in the textile industry. It shows a variety of dresses, whether it’s a skirt or any jeans, from chic trousers to sexy blouses, from expensive-looking pieces of jewelry to antique accessories.

One of the best specialties of Mango is its coat, and no one can find even a small mistake in it.

It is expensive yet offers the best quality of clothes with the perfect art of tailoring. Mango is one of the best stores like Urban Outfitters, that can give you a satisfying experience.

At the time of our research on Clothing Stores like Urban Outfitters, we found a video about “20 Amazing Tricks to Make Your Clothes Look More Expensive,” which is worth watching. 😎🤴

20 Amazing Tricks to Make Your Clothes Look More Expensive

7. Frank and Oak

Global Warming is a major problem we as humans face (and are creating). Frank and Oak are trying to reduce it by providing customers with sustainable clothing, thus gaining a name in the textile industry. 

Clothing Stores like Urban Outfitters 3

Frank and Oak are trying to reduce carbon emissions in their production activity, thus taking active participation in saving the world we live in.

Frank and Oak use practical methods in their shipping methods and in the production of the clothes and use better quality fabric in a trendy and quirky way.

It builds high-quality clothing that leaves less carbon imprint, thus helping to reduce the global environment.

Frank and Oak is a store like Urban Outfitters, but Frank and Oak is a more environmentally friendly company that offers steady clothes lasting longer and fight against time.

8. TopShop

British clothing store like Urban Outfitters and TopShop offers a wide range of options. People from any international country can shop for the topmost trendy clothes, irrespective of their country, as it has more than 500 shops worldwide.

TopShop ships online-bought dresses to your house, but they may take some time to reach you, so don’t lose hope if it takes more time to reach you than others.

Clothing Stores like Urban Outfitters 4

TopShop allows its customers to find any size they want, whether small or large. Many online shopping customers search for plus sizes of dresses but cannot get them.

TopShop has made different sections for tall, plus size, petite, and maternity, so there is no chance of you going without buying what you want.

Topshop is a store like Urban Outfitters with a range of dresses in their wardrobe and offers shoe wear, makeup, and accessories.

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9. Zara

Zara makes a style statement every time it launches a new edition, whether it is comfy-looking track pants with chick looking top or a mid-dress. When going out wearing any Zara outfit, your head will turn to look at you. 

Zara not only has a women’s wardrobe but also offers men’s and children’s clothing, which can be found in Zara kids.

Zara is known for fast fashion in the industry and contains various dresses ranging from clothing, accessories, shoes, swimwear, beauty products, and perfumes. 

Therefore, Zara is one of the largest companies in the largest apparel retailer, the Inditex group.

10. Reformation

If you are trying to find a cloth that will show your beauty and more charm to your figure, then Reformation is the best go-to place.

Clothing Stores like Urban Outfitters 5

The store says to make effortless silhouettes that celebrate the feminine figure, thus creating outfits that effortlessly make the figure like a goddess.

Reformation’s main aim is to make a cloth that may belong to a supermodel of height between 5’6 to 5’10, but it also has a clothing line for petite and size figures. 

It seems Reformation shop is more worried about zero figures, but a girl with a petite figure can also find a dress that their heart wants, so Reformation is a store like Urban Outfitters.

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11. H&M

One of the best clothing companies that provide trendy clothes is H&M, and both women and men can use this trendy store for clothes.

H&M had a lot in their wardrobe, from a normal yet fashionable tee to a boho and graphic tee, from colorful dresses to little black dresses, and from skinny jeans to jeans shorts.

H&M Conscious Exclusive A/W20

H&M allows its customers to find cloth according to their choice in their own time and at a very low price.

H&M is a very known name in the textile industry for its fast fashion as it is a shop where anyone, women, teenagers, and even children, can find their attire at H&M.

H&M is also a store like Urban outfitters. Therefore, we recommend you to go and look out for the store.

12. Missguided

The sole reason behind the existence of Missguided is to empower women and to expand their ideology of Babe’s power.

Missguided, through its fashion platform, is trying to empower girls all around the globe. 

Clothing Stores like Urban Outfitters 6

Missguided wardrobes try to make girls confident in their skin and their choices. One of the best things about Missguided is that they listen to their clients’ pleas, requests, and opinions about the trending style.

It not only listens to its customer’s requests but also keeps in mind about fashion sense going on and what its customer would like, such as pop culture, street style, or just normal daily wear clothes. 

Fashion bloggers and fashionistas like ourselves can find any dress, from formal wear to quirky dresses, knee-length dress, and long flouncy gowns.

They can provide you with anything you want, whether a dress for your summer plans, swimwear for your pool party, or jeans for a party and casual date. Missguided is a store completely like Urban outfitters.

13. Madewell

Why worry when Madewell is there for the rescue when looking for the best denim jacket or jeans? Madewell is known for the best denim, jeans, or jackets in the textile and fashion industries.

Having a pair of jeans in the wardrobe is a must, so what’s better than having jeans from a specialized denim brand? Madewell is a brand originally made for people who love denim.

When we say that Madewell specializes in denim jackets, we don’t mean that it does not have other clothing items. 

how do madewell jeans fit? / the perfect vintage jean edition

You can find t-shirts for both men and women, rompers, tunic shirts, and maxi dresses. Women’s wardrobes consist of more clothing items than men’s, but don’t be disappointed as they still contain some pretty jeans, which they specialize in.

Madewell, in terms of women’s wardrobe, consists of the same as the urban Outfitter, thus becoming a store like Urban Outfitters.

Still, in a matter of men’s wardrobe, it has only specialized denim jeans and jackets.

14. Wildfox

If you are a person who likes sunbathing and going to beaches regularly, then Wildfox is the best place to search out and buy the appropriate dress.

Wildfox is one of the best stores for any dress related to the sea and the sun. 

It offers different ranges of swimsuits with different colors, from different styles of tops to variable bottoms, from different summer dresses to accessories like sunglasses and pendants.

It takes inspiration from vintage clothing styles and expresses that inspiration in its clothing items.

Selecting an outfit that matches your surrounding is very hard but Wildfox allows its customers to do so with the perfect airy style statement that can help you in catching eye.

It provides almost the same clothing with the same styling option, so Wildfox is the next store like Urban outfitters.

15. Nasty Gal 

In another store like urban outfitters, Nasty Gal is a clothing brand that makes a style statement out of edgy and dark dressing.

Just like Missguided, ASOS, and Tobi, the main aim of Nasty Gal is to make a style statement out of dark and geeky designs and patterns. 

17 Stores like Urban Outfitters - Style on a Budget

Owning what you are wearing is one of the things which needs a lot of confidence, which is the main aim of Nasty Gal. 

It was inspired by Killer vintage and is expanding at a now rapid rate. It is one of the best places to go if you are a die heart fan of dark theme dresses that will make a fashion icon. It offers meshy crop tops as well as black jeans to go with them.

When searching for a shop that can help you express your geeky side, Nasty Gal is the best option, just a store like Urban Outfitters.

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16. Lulus – home decor stores like urban outfitters

The next store that can surely guarantee you the same wardrobe as Urban Outfitters is Lulus. A Californian-based brand, Lulus, is available to almost all parts of the globe through the internet, thus providing its services to people in different cities. 

In the Lulus collection, we can see a wide variety of clothing items that their designers made in such an elegant, chic, yet modern way that anyone would melt after wearing them.

It offers perfect tailoring, and no mistake can be found in the tailoring to make your dress eye-catching. 

Any normal person will have a pretty good experience that will leave you for coming back. It has a friendly atmosphere that encourages the designers to work more creatively and with an open mind. 

During the summer, we all search for clothing piece that is comfortable yet stylish, which will make us look like a floral princess and it’s very easy to find such summer clothes in Lulus.

Modern Love | Wedding + Bridesmaid Dresses at Lulus

What you as for, Lulus will give you, whether it’s swimwear, summer dresses ranging from floral to bodycon dresses, or loungewear to shorts, tees, and tops.

For summer fashion, Lulus is the best store like Urban outfitters that will help you to look like a goddess even after standing under the bright sun.

Lulus is the best store that any fashionista and fashion gurus like yours can look out if you do not want to go to Urban Outfitters for your summer fashion.

17. ModCloth

The other store like Urban Outfitters is ModCloth, which provides you with Urban Outfitters’ similar vintage retro type style. ModCloth is an online store offering a wide range of archaic dresses.

Clothing Stores like Urban Outfitters 8

It offers a mixed range of styling options; you can get a nice retro dress. Also you can get contemporary cloth articles that can make you a statement.

ModCloth is a store for women who want to break the barriers of normalcy. It is a close-knit family that supports women who want to express themselves and are not afraid to show it by wearing their own coordinated dresses. Doing so made them stand out in a sea of sameness. 

The best option ModCloth gives to its client is that they can not only check classic daily wear but they can also check wedding gowns and dresses from their large closet.

ModCloth wardrobes contain goofy graphic tees, critter prints, the latest loungewear set, and elegant wedding dresses. The clothes of ModCloth are for everybody and everybody, ranging from 00-28 and size.

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What type of style is Urban Outfitters? 

The Urban Outfitters brand caters to young adults with a product mix that includes clothing for men and women in the latest styles, footwear, accessories, activewear and equipment, housewares, and music, particularly vinyl records and cassettes.

The company’s wholesale business creates and manufactures many of goods under numerous private labels. 

Where can I get shirts like Urban Outfitters? 

Forever 21, Free people, Anthropologie, Tobi, ASOS, Mango, etc., are some major clothing stores like Urban Outfitters and allow you to buy shirts of similar quality, designs, and patterns.  

What age group wears Urban Outfitters? 

Urban Outfitters appeals to young adults between 18 and 28 with a distinctive product mix, enticing in-store design, social media, and third-party digital platforms, websites, and mobile apps. 

Is URBN the same as Urban Outfitters? 

Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People, FP Movement, BHLDN, Terrain, Menus & Venues, and Nuuly are all part of the portfolio of international consumer brands known as URBN. 

What type of aesthetic is Urban Outfitters? 

Urban Outfitters is a beast when it comes to affordable fashion, much like its brand cousins Anthropologie, Free People, Nuuly, etc.. Still, it’s also an aesthetic haven with (ready-to-ship!) furniture influenced by the ’70s, a variety of bedding options, artsy home decor, and more.

Additionally, the company is well known for its five upbeat home trends, which are all excellent for updating your home and battling those annoying cases of the winter blues. 

Who is Urban Outfitters owned by? 

Richard Hayne is the owner of Urban Outfitters.  

What clothing brand is BDG? 

BDG, a line of enhanced basics and exclusive denim from UO, gives classics a fresh spin.

The wardrobe essentials you’ll grab, such as oversized denim jackets, high-waisted jeans, ripped jeans, and cargo jeans with a workwear vibe, are waiting for you to discover on the official Urban Outfitters website. 

Is Urban Outfitters petite-friendly? 

BDG, a line of enhanced basics and exclusive denim from UO, gives classics a fresh spin. The wardrobe essentials you’ll grab for, such as oversized denim jackets, high-waisted jeans, ripped jeans, and cargo jeans with a workwear vibe, are waiting for you to discover on the official Urban Outfitters website. 

Are Free People and Urban Outfitters the same company? 

The portfolio of Urban Outfitters, Inc. includes FREE PEOPLE. Each brand is distinct and compelling, similar to a family.

Yet, they all place a similar amount of value on innovation and want to create a positive consumer experience. 

Wrap-up the stores like urban outfitters list

In this article, we have seen some stores like Urban Outfitters. They can make you stylish, but they have their signature style.

Therefore, you should go to all of them and curate an outfit you will be proud of wearing.