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15 Best Task Manager Alternative For Improved Productivity

Do you have the curiosity to know about the Best Windows Task Manager Alternative? 🤔 You can easily Find out now in this definitive list with our detailed review.

Without any further delay, let’s find out. 👓

A task manager is an essential tool for the Windows operating system. You can keep an eye on the happenings on your device without issues or hassle.

Task manager is the windows default tool to manage running processes in your windows pc along with CPU, a process used by each process.

You can also control the startup process in your windows startup along with logged-in users on the PC.

You get the idea that the task manager is bad or slow. No, it is not. It works just fine. However, just like in life, when you are provided with several options or alternatives, you use them or try them at least once.

The main problem is that it has limited features or kills the processes. Now, that is a huge letdown for users. Most importantly, you are not allowed or provided any control of the processes running on the device.

Importance of the task manager

In support of the task manager, we feel that the constant use of it leads to inadequate responses from it. However, that is not the way a tool or app must work.

The task manager also details your system’s devices, performance, and resources. 

For ages, the task manager has been our go-to man for running and working efficiently on our devices at home and in the office. It can terminate processes and kill slow-down applications. 

However helpful as that may seem, better and more powerful apps have come up. They are suitable alternatives for the task manager. 

We know that is what brought you here very well, and we promise not to disappoint you. The apps offer you many features and more control over the processes that run on your device. 

With this post, we monitor the performance of the task manager alternative to Windows’ built-in tool.

Task Manager Alternative – Our Top Picks 👌👌

1. Process Explorer – Top alternative to windows task manager

The Process Explorer is ranked 1st, not by us. But, by users who have given their verdict. It is without a doubt that this is the one.

It is efficient, works like a charm, and gets your job done before you even know it. 

This is something that many of us look for in an app. Process Explorer doesn’t fail to disappoint you. Sysinternals designed it. You can choose any of the 2 versions that the app comes in. 

The navigation process is quite simple because each method is coded with colors. You can keep an eye on the files that are currently locked.

Task Manager Alternative

You can set the level of priority you want on the standard for the processes, depending on your requirements.

Not to mention, you restart the processes and kill and suspend them too. Users are also provided with a real-time view of the RAM, GPU, and CPU usage. 

15 Best Task Manager Alternative For Improved Productivity

The best use we found in the Process Explorer app is that you can find details about the program you want to operate or run on your device. All you need to do is hold the icon and then use the program. 

Windows Task Manager’s greatest strength is its biggest weakness: it’s light on information and is best used for closing resource-hungry apps rather than studying your system in depth.

Process Explorer takes an alternative path. It does its best to squeeze all pertinent data into the main window by dispensing with most navigation tabs.

It’s a decent stab at increasing efficiency, but you might need a magnifying glass to make out the detail.

Replace Task Manager with Process Explorer Windows 10

Despite the sheer volume of data on display, Process Explorer never feels impenetrable. Each column is color-coded; you can add new ones like Command-Line and Windows Status and even alter fonts and colors.

One unique function is the ability to check the digital signatures of any executable file you’re running (you’ll need to switch on the Verify Image Signatures option manually).

We also liked having the ability to kill an entire process tree at once.

Download Here

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2. Process Hacker

The Process Hacker is ranked 2nd on our list, and rightly so. The features are similar to that of the Process Explorer. 

It comes highly recommended by users and has received excellent feedback from clients who downloaded it. 

15 Best Task Manager Alternative For Improved Productivity

You are provided with an overview of the system activities you are currently working on. In a sense, you can check for the programs that are working using the internet, come with active internet connections, show services, and others. 

15 Best Task Manager Alternative For Improved Productivity
See what programs have active network connections and close them if necessary.

You can also find the DLLs and handles on your device. Not to mention, you can control the services you feel are useless. In some cases, some of them might not be present on the standard services panel.

Process Hacker is like Process Explorer’s hip younger brother: it’s more refined and better looking. It offers similar performance and features but lacks the smarts and experience of its elder sibling.

One of the handiest features is ‘Scroll to new processes,’ which makes the system monitoring a breeze. However, Process Explorer is a superior tool.

It is more customizable, has network connections, and is ideal for disk activity, reverse engineering, and debugging. The Process Hacker should be downloaded and used on your system today itself. 

Download Here

3. Wise System Monitor – A Simple & Yet Comprehensive task manager alternative tool

Wise System Monitor looks and feels like a task manager fit for modern PCs, which is something even Windows’ own Task Manager struggles to do.

Its smart design combines all the tools necessary to make performance monitoring comprehensive and accessible.

Each process has a large icon dedicated to it, while the information – which ranges from processor usage to send and received data counts – is given plenty of room, so you don’t have to squint and scroll to see what’s going on.

Task Manager Alternative

Two tick boxes at the bottom of the window let you filter out system or internet processes.

To see every running process, untick both boxes. Tabs across the top of the screen let you inspect the workings of your hardware and operating system in detail. An elegant touch marries hardware and software into a single task manager.

Locate the small down arrow to the far right of the process to kill any process stone, then choose End Process. Here you can also Block Network Access or view Detailed Info for a process.

Windows Task Manager lets you view properties with a right-click, but we prefer Wise’s streamlined approach. Close the main window, and the tool monitors processes in the background.

How to monitor your computer performance and hardware configuration - Wise System Monitor Tutorial

A floating window sits unobtrusively above the notification area, listing your ever-changing upload and download speeds, memory and processor usage, and hardware temperature.

You can control processes from here, too, quickly shutting them down if necessary.

It’s here that Wise excels because it lets you drill down on details in greater depth with just a flick of the cursor.

Download Here

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4. System Explorer

The System Explorer cannot be described enough because it is not your usual task management tool. 

Thanks to its old-school layout and long, ever-shifting list of processes, task manager veterans will feel at home with System Explorer.

As with Windows’ tool, you navigate using tabs spread across the top, although these can be customized, letting you add or remove 14 additional categories from Security Info to Drivers.

Task Manager Alternative

Hovering over the icon in the notification area reveals everything you might want to know.

You’ll also find some of this information at the bottom of the main window, but simply moving your mouse over the tray icon is useful when you don’t want to keep opening or tabbing across to the full tool.

Our favorite feature is ‘Click and drag to select window’. Click the Crosshair located beneath the Processes tab, aim it at any open window on your desktop, and System Explorer highlights the process onscreen.

You can then kill, suspend, restart or prioritize it without having to scroll and search for it in the list.

You can efficiently manage your programs using this app as soon as your system starts. You can also scan your computer for security flaws and find them. 

We recommend System Explorer because you can set the level of priority processes to manage the drivers, autoruns, and others. 

Download Here

5. WinUtilities Process Security

The WinUtilities Process Security is a common alternative for the task manager. It has a keen ability to manipulate and track services and processes. Several readers may have already used or read about it. 

Task Manager Alternative

Anyways, it is a robust and reliable app, hence the reason for its popularity. Users are provided with essential details on the running processes happening on the device.

Apart from that, the app also informs you of the apps that need to get running as soon as possible. 

Otherwise, your device may hang or slow down. Lastly, you can eliminate the processes you feel are not required at the moment. The security aspect of the app cannot be denied too. 

Malware and unwanted viruses are prevented from harming your PC or laptop. 

We would also like to mention that its user interface is much better than the rest. In a sense, even new users can get accustomed to the workings and processing of this alternative. 

The WinUtilities Process Security is easy to operate and is popular among users.

WinUtilities is more than just a task manager: it rolls all basic Windows utilities–such as disk cleanup, Registry backup, and an uninstall manager–into a single program.

WinUtilities also offers an insanely useful function, displaying the security level of every process running. The feature works, too, unlike System Explorer’s failed attempt.

As a dedicated task manager, WinUtilities is outshone by its rivals, but if you need an
all-in-one system tool, it’s well worth downloading.

Download Here

6. Task Manager Deluxe

Task Manager Deluxe or (TMX) has many features that make it an ideal choice for the task manager. It is the same as the Suite found in the MiTeC System Information Component. 

Task Manager Alternative

The app provides you with substantial enhancements and is a lightweight package. You do not have to install it anywhere, and no tracks are left behind. 

Users might want to try Task Manager Deluxe or (TMX) and learn about its abilities. You will not be disappointed. 

Download Here

7. Daphne

You will be proud that Daphne was Windows’s first open-source task manager alternative. You can configure the menu items using the list of associated processes and then terminate those you do not want using a single click. 

One of the critical features of the application is that you can kill the processes if you have scheduled them earlier.

Many users can set priority and affinity actions for the operations. You are also allowed to copy live operations onto your clipboard.

You can stop the running processes in 4 modes. You can do it right now, specify your timing politely or do it as you want to. 

However, when running the process is crucial for your device, you cannot close it. 

Some traps ensure you create them for a process. It is a set of rules implemented when a task is set to be done. It is useful when you need to stop a process but are unable. 

You can change the size of the Windows, move the processes to the back or the front, and set the alpha transparencies. The best way to conclude this fantastic app is that it is a killer. You want to do yourself a favor and use it today. 

Download Here

8. Security Task Manager

The Security Task Manager is also on our list because it is capable and comes with useful features for your device. You can efficiently control the processes that are running on your computer. 

Task Manager Alternative

The best feature of the app is that you can find out whether the running process is harmful to your device. If it is dangerous, it is removed immediately. 

Download Here

9. Task Manager Fix

The Task Manager Fix is on our list because, when you want a task manager alternative that is free and just about does everything it is assigned, then why not. 

When your task manager has been disabled due to a virus, then the Task Manager Fix can help your cause and solve the issue. You can quickly get the Task Manager fixed efficiently. The malware gets enabled on the Task Manager. 

Download Here

10. What’s Running

What’s Running is another alternative to consider, and we will tell you why. The best part about this app is that you can display a wide range of operations. To do that, all you need to do is click once. 

The CPU, I/O activity, RAM, and others are displayed immediately. The app’s main task is to catch programs that are taking unwanted space and occupying resources. 

You can run it on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. The process name is compared with a database that it has and provides you with the details. 

Snapshots are also offered for months, which lets you compare them. This way, you find out whether you have benefitted from it. 

You can view all the running processes provided with a tab display of the apps, startup items, and procedures. The app runs the killing process itself.

We highly suggest you use What’s Running at least once, given its powers. 

Download Here

11. Yet Another (remote) Process Monitor 

The Yet Another (remote) Process Monitor is another app that is an ideal consideration. One look, and you will know that it serves you more than task management uses. Its UI is something that many users have been complimenting it about.  

You can find several features on it that are required to monitor programs. So, we suggest that you please use Yet Another (remote) Process Monitor once today. 

Download Here

12. Free Extended Task Manager  

15 Best Task Manager Alternative For Improved Productivity

The Free Extended Task Manager is an excellent app that comes with all its features in it. Ideal for Windows 7, and you also get some other features inbuilt with it. 

A few include the performance tab, applications, processes, and services. Apps can also be stopped or killed by the task manager itself. These reasons are why you can try it today. 

Download Here

13. DTaskManager

We have DTaskManager on our list because it has a clean user interface and is exceptionally lightweight. Users will be delighted with its work. You do not require more than 500kb for installation use. 

That is commendable. Not to mention, it also comes with several other features that you will not find on the task manager. Some include Force Quit, End task, and others to quit a program. 

Do not be led astray due to its low rankings or few features; you may want to use it at least once and then decide. 

Download Here

14. iKnow Process Scanner

The iKnow Process Scanner is another candidate for replacing your task manager. Why, may you ask? It can display and scan the running process on your Windows without hassle. 

15 Best Task Manager Alternative For Improved Productivity

In a sense, you are provided with near-perfection scanning and display. You will also be glad to know that your device is safe because the security features are top-notch. The app deletes unwanted viruses and malware.

This is why you can consider the iKnow Process Scanner a suitable replacement for your PC or laptop for your use today.

Download Here

15. TaskInfo

TaskInfo is another useful alternatives. Do not be fooled by its low rankings on our list. Sometimes the best apps often come last.

It may not be a high-performance app like Process Explorer or Process Hacker, but it can get the job done for you. 

15 Best Task Manager Alternative For Improved Productivity

You are offered a set of system information tools enabling you to run the threads and processes. Not to mention you can also find out whether the processes that are running come with viruses. 

This way, your device is kept safe from unwanted spyware and worms. You are also provided with data like the amount of memory used in there and the use of the CPU. 

You can consider TaskInfo for the reasons mentioned above. 

Download Here

Verdict on task manager alternative

So, which is your preferred alternative to the Windows 10 task manager? As you read above, it is a valuable tool for your operations. 

But, when you have several options, there is no harm in trying them out. When several thousand users have opted for other alternatives, then we see no reason why you, too, should not. 

We have listed some of the best Windows 10 task manager alternatives. We recommend you try them and decide on the one that suits your working style. 


Is there a better alternative to Task Manager?

Some popular alternatives to Task Manager include:-

Process Explorer:- It offers more details about the active processes on your computer and lets you see the resources they are consuming than Task Manager does.

Process Hacker:- With more tools for debugging and process analysis, this open-source task manager delivers many of the same capabilities as a Task Manager.

Activity Monitor: – You can examine and manage the processes running on your Mac using this included software that comes with macOS. It also has capabilities for detecting performance problems and tracking resource utilization.

System Explorer:- This application comprises tools for enhancing security and performance and offers a complete view of the resources and processes running on your computer.

CCleaner:- You can examine and control the processes that are now operating on your computer with the task manager included with this well-known cleaning and optimization program.

Your demands and tastes will ultimately determine the ideal Task Manager substitute. While some users might want a more feature-rich, sophisticated task organizer, others could favor a more user-friendly, straightforward utility.

It may be useful to test out a few different options to choose which task organizer works best.

What is the shortcut key for Task Manager?

“Ctrl + Shift + Esc” is the shortcut key in Windows for launching Task Manager.

Alternatively, you can access Task Manager by hitting “Ctrl + Alt + Delete” and then selecting “Task Manager” from the list of options that appears or by right-clicking on the taskbar and choosing “Task Manager” from the menu.

You can examine and manage the programs and services operating on your computer with the help of Task Manager, as well as view data on resource utilization and system performance.

It can help with problem-solving and performance optimization of the system.

Several more methods exist in Windows in addition to the shortcut key to enter Task Manager, including:-

From the Start menu:- By selecting the “Task Manager” application from the list of options after pressing the Start button and putting “Task Manager” into the search field, you can launch Task Manager.

From the command prompt:- By entering “taskmgr” and pressing Enter, you may launch Task Manager from the command prompt.

From the Run dialog:- By pressing “Windows + R” and entering the word “taskmgr” into the Run dialog box, you can open it.

From the Power User menu:- When you hit “Windows + X” and choose “Task Manager” from the menu, the Power User menu will appear.

How do I open Task Manager instead of Ctrl Alt Del?

Instead of pressing Ctrl Alt Del, you can access Task Manager instantly by pressing “Ctrl + Shift + Esc.”

Is Alt F4 the same as Task Manager?

The Task Manager is not the same as Alt + F4. The keyboard shortcut Alt + F4 closes the currently open window or application. The program associated with the active window will be dismissed when you hit Alt + F4.

What does Alt F9 do?

Toggle the display of field codes in Microsoft Word by pressing Alt + F9. When a field’s code is displayed, such as a page number or the date, you may see the code used to construct the field. The field’s output will be seen in the absence of field codes.

For instance, if you create a field for page numbers in your document and then hit Alt + F9, the field code “PAGE” will appear in place of the page number. To return the display to the page number, press Alt + F9 once more.

Alt + F9 is a helpful shortcut for editing and debugging fields in Word. It can facilitate editing or modifying fields by assisting you in comprehending how they are used in your manuscript.

It’s important to remember that Alt + F9 is exclusive to Microsoft Word and cannot function in other applications. Alt + F9 might not work or impact other programs differently.

Summing up Task manager alternative

There is no denying the fact that a task manager is a useful tool. It not only monitors the processes on your PC or laptop. 

But it also gets rid of the unwanted applications running in there. Luckily for you, there are some worthy alternatives to try and investigate. 

Though the task manager can look out for your system process, it is not the only tool that is currently available. 

You never know the app that might be the one for you, apart from the task manager. 

Once you have decided on the program you feel meets your requirements, please share your thoughts about it with us in the comments section below.

We will be delighted to hear and know about you.